A journey through Stormsong Valley

My goodness, the amount of days between my posts are far too many. I am just so busy in the real world these days. I hope that is changing sometime soon.

Until then, know, that I’m enjoying all of your blog posts on Battle for Azeroth and beyond, so another sincere thank you again for keeping me updated and entertained! I can’t express how much I appreciate it; reading things on your personal blog is so much better than a datamining site. Thank you πŸ™‚

And if I follow your blog, that is none WoW related, then thank you for enriching my life too πŸ™‚


Okay so, I have now quested through all the Alliance zones there is, though I have not done the Jaina quest chain. I can’t progress on it, since my reputation bar is stuck from my lack of doing World Quests (Remember my fondness for World Quests, and “The Tale of “She Who Said No To World Quests”?)


But, I made it through Stormsong Valley and have picked my top Screenshots, so here they are πŸ™‚







Hm, not sure if this is from that song, actually?







Random bonus info. I am scared of turtles this size. Hold on, I will explain this in a future post!





…And the level of details. Is that a glass eye!?





I had to screenshot this. I’m quite impressive!





[Orca Splash] – the newest datamined ability for Druids!















Being able to still repair someone elses equipment, despite lying down – I admire that.













And here is a special piece on…


Alunaria vs. Quilltop


Seriously. Whoever came up with this place…This takes the price for the most frustrating cave-system to date. Ever. (Ever, ever, ever!)

A tragic story told in screenshots

SPOILERS: I never go there without my Hearthstone off cooldown.

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Oh, well πŸ™‚

I also really want to participate in Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge, despite being late for it. I’ll just start small with Topic 38: How do you level in Battle for Azeroth πŸ™‚

I thought about skipping that challenge, since I imagine, I have nothing exciting to say on that one, I imagine, but Z and Cinder wants to know, how I level in Battle for Azeroth πŸ™‚

I honestly just takes it as it comes. Quests first, everything else, later πŸ™‚

None-repeatable quests that tells a good story is my biggest drive in the game; it’s the one thing I look forward to the most. I used to be hunting for pets, mounts, explorations, achievements, you name it, in the past, but I haven’t got the time to devote myself to that anymore. Quests and story is my top priority and what I find the most enjoyable.

Having so little time to play the game sometimes works in my advantage; I arrive so late to the party, that so many things have been fixed, once I get there. Often I am not affected by all the commotion, bugs and imbalance, that is taking place at the beginning of a new expansion. Always look at the bright side πŸ™‚




I hope you are continuing to enjoy Battle for Azeroth and the good sides it has.

Wishing you all a tranquil Tuesday πŸ™‚

A journey through Tiragarde Sound

Well, I am not half way through it yet, but the screenshots are piling up, and picking just 5 for Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge sure is difficult – and it runs until tomorrow, so I best tackle this now!

“First impressions count and a new expansion brings a host of new zones to explore and new NPCs to meet. Come and share your first impressions or favourite locations you find over the first fortnight of playing by showing us your favourite 5 (or more if you can’t choose) screenshots.”


Okay. 5 screenshots. Five.

Let’s see now…



These quests were hilarious. I love all the new looks of NPCs, how they can lean, carry things and what not. And +Flynn drunk, hah.



This made me laugh out loud. Why is he sitting on such a small chair? I could hardly see him when I entered the room, lol.






This guy obviously hates his job. That finger drumming on the table and lost look in his eyes. It’s the postal office.



Too Cute. Must be in the post.


That’s 5 already? Okay, I can’t do it, I tried, but no, it’s too hard, sorry!




Funny reference to Lord of the Rings πŸ™‚ (Right?)



This I really like. A soaking wet bear seeking shelter in a cave, while it rains.



Too. Funny. πŸ˜€



I cherish all these things that puts a smile on my face.



The water calls…(Not the most exciting underwater scenery yet, but perhaps later on)



Who here adores all the cut scenes?



I took this screenshot, because at this exact location, the music JainaΒ΄s Homeland is playing. I love that piece.



I just finished watching the movies The Shallows and 47 Meters Down- so this scared me!



Such a great update to the horse model. I brought out my old Pinto for comparison. I wonder if they will get updated as well?



More cutscenes. Much love for those. Look, there’s me!



So good lookin’! I want to be able to have our characters pose like that. The models are in the game now. So why can’t we?



Spooooky underwater rare mob.



These boat rides. I love those. They make me slow down. If they added that calming sound of the ocean, it would be perfect.



That view from that mountain I had to climb.



When can I have this pet?



I like all the added dialogue options with NPCs. Even when I bore them, apparently!



How awesome to see a witch like that in WoW!



One of my favorite parts of Battle for Azeroth is helping those you pass by. Those side quests. It makes me feel as if I am back in Duskwood, just a traveller passing by, instead of the all mighty ArchDruid that everyone needs.



Merciful Elune, please bless the fallen.



I had to cut this quite small, but it’s the bear and dog crew together. Too important to miss.



I adore horses. And the new model in WoW is gorgeous, I think.



A mage buffed me!



That new dance looks so great too. When can I do that!?



Size does not matter.



Helping this guy overcome his fear of riding? Top 10 quest material πŸ™‚



Underwater breathing buff on an Orca…



A dear friend gave me this. A mount I didn’t know existed, to keep me company until we meet again. Sweet, adorable and cherished gift β™₯




One of my best action shots yet! Jumping Bear vs. Parrot? (The space bar is the first one to go on my keyboard)



I saved this one.

My favorite screenshot


This. I love how this turned out.



What a journey. Half way through Tiragarde Sound and halfway though level 112. So much to look forward to in Kul Tiras.





Wishing you all a fantastic weekend ahead!

Do you have a favorite screenshot so far? πŸ™‚



Farewell to Legion


As we are near the end of Legion, Z and Cinder are back with another challenge. πŸ™‚

Topic 36 from Z and Cinder’s Blog challenge is divided into two parts.


Part 1 – What were your top 3 moments in Legion?

Part 2 – What are you most looking forward to about Battle for Azeroth?



Part 1 – What were your top 3 moments in Legion?



Val’sharah (and the Druid Class Hall) as a zone was, despite its story, a fantastic zone for me. My favorite of Legion, easily. I know it’s not exactly a β€œmoment”, but it needs to be in the spotlight, because of how much I cherished it. Night Elves, Druids, Dreamrunners, Wisps, forests, beautiful waters too.

The storytelling of Legion overall has been so appealing to me too, well tied up, and it’s the reason I returned to the game after my long break.

I also liked the Gilnean part in Val’sharah over at Bradensbrook – it gave such an old school Westfall-y feeling πŸ™‚



Another great moment was the challenges I managed to overcome; Brawlers Guild as a Healer, and the Mage Tower Challenges for all my specs. Especially completing the Restoration Druid challenge just a few weeks after it was released was an adrenaline rush, I have not had since I raided.

I like solo challenges in the game a lot now, and doing them in ways, that was not the intention. Due to limited gametime compared to years ago, before we became parents, it means something to be to be able to accomplish these, just to show myself, I still got it.


Khadgar GD.jpg

The third moment I have picked is killing Gul’dan (just the LFR version), that moment when Khadgar arrived and yelled to rally us; that was really something for me. Very epic feeling πŸ™‚

Gul’dan was a bad guy done the right way, I think; the way he was built up, the way he was made important, and the way we took him down. Great immersion for me at least πŸ™‚

I played the Anduin Theme every time I did the encounter, it just seemed so fitting.


Honorable Mention – Canticle of Sacrifice


I think the music piece Canticle of Sacrifice deserves to be mentioned here. It is so beautiful. (A version of it is played, when you are near Lion’s Rest in Stormwind)
The work of Russell Brower will forever be missed in World of Warcraft. The singer Nella was a perfect fit for this song.



Part 2 – What are you most looking forward to about Battle for Azeroth?


I am skipping this part for now, since I’m not that hooked on Battle for Azeroth anymore.

But instead I have looked into a few Fun Statistics from Legion, that I will have up tomorrow πŸ™‚
Can you guess how many hugs I gave in Legion? πŸ˜‰

Hidden stats.jpg


Cheerful day to all of you I wish πŸ™‚