Auberdine Rebuilt

I am so grateful to see Auberdine rebuilt in Battle for Azeroth.

Have you made sure to take your time and notice all the small details, that makes it look so breathtakingly beautiful?

If not, here´s a good old fashioned plethora of screenshots 🙂






















Absolutely gorgeous rebuilt. The art team this expansion has outdid themselves over and over again.


What do you think, was all of this new Night Elven Architecture made / improved, just for the rebuild of Auberdine and the Warfront?

Or does a rebuild of Teldrassil and Darnassus awaits us, once Battle for Azeroth is over?

I believe!



Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone 🙂 Happy thoughts, continue and press on!

The “Happy Thoughts” Experiment – Final thoughts and Giveaway -Winner announcement

What a journey we´ve had with this “Happy Thoughts” Experiment

But…I know, that no one is going to read my words here – You´re all simply going to scroll down to see, who won the Vulpine Familiar, isn´t that so? :p

So I guess I´ll start with that 🙂

I chose to use the tool Random Name Picker. I didn´t even know such a thing existed, how fun!

Out of all those who participated, I counted a total of four bloggers, that qualifies for the Vulpine Familiar Giveaway with a minimum of 7 posts during the two weeks – the only criteria that had to be met (Correct me, if I am wrong, please, then it is not my intention!)


Wrath, Leto, Eppu and Erik.




I so wish I could have done a stream or some kind of live event with this, but I am low techy techy, I apologize.

But, let´s spin the wheel, shall we!







…Isn´t it exciting!






…And the winner is…











Get in touch with me and send me an e-mail at to begin the adoption!

…One would think, that that was it…Right?






Not at all. I am feeling generous, and because of that…


For everyone else who participated, who didn´t win the mount…No matter if you made your seven posts or not…For everyone who tried…







…For Kam at Kamalia et alia

…For Marathal at Deez Wurds

…For Wrath at Coffee Cakes and Crits

…For Eppu at Co-Geeking

…For Erik at Co-Geeking

…And to Grimgrog for his always encouraging comments and faithful readership…








… 🙂

I chose Cap´n Crackers, because everyone will be able to remember, which expansion he came from, and when we did this experiment. And I heard he will actually sit on your shoulder, if you /whistle at him. Pretty neat 🙂

I hope he will bring you joy. And if you ever find yourself feeling dragged down by the unconstructive negativity, just bring him out, and he will remind you, how powerful a positive mindset can be!


I hope none of you have him. If so, and if you are feeling generous yourself, you are more than welcome to pay him forward, of course. But I really hope none of you have him.

Get in touch with me at and inform me, if you wish to recieve a US or European code, and which e-mail I can use.

I discovered, you do not need to hand out your BattleNet info to me, if you feel uncomfortable with that; an e-mail will do just fine and the adoption is instant 🙂

Please let me know if you have any issues with it! It took me 4 conversations with Game Masters to get this to work, hah.

So I´d appreciate a headsup, also when it works, so I know it arrived safely.

The deadline for the adoption is one week from today, Wednesday, January 16th.


Final Thoughts


Here ends the “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment.

I am happy to say, that it had an impact of me, more than I thought it would, and I feel much more positive about the game now. Unfollowing a few YouTubers, staying away from all unconstructive negative comments and posts, carefully selecting how I spend my time, making small positive blog posts, read all of yours…It all contributed to a much greater positive mindset.

So thank you and enjoy your new companion, big or small!

Happy New Year and happy positive mindset 🙂



Look at Leto on this beautiful mount…

Absolutely gorgeous 🙂


And Grimgrog with Crackers

grimgrog crackers


Wrath with Crackers



Keep ´em coming – That sitting on the shoulder feature is beyond cool, hah 🙂

Why Druids are the best

…It´s been a while since one of these posts, and the screenshots are piling up, so I shall let them speak more or less for themselves… 🙂

In attempt to keep up a steady stream of blog posts, despite the – perhaps- lack of content they contain. Editting screenshots is always a joy for me.

Here goes!



“Deer lighting things on fire”



“Orca with wings getting chased by a mini Zeppelin”



“Bear with…Stuff”



“Warming up that fur”



“Casual stroll during Incursion. There is time for it all”



“Scenery turned into perfection, because, cute deer”




“Grizzly Hills music and atmosphere”



“Deer poking people with a needle”




“Most brutal high five ever given”



“Orca on land vs. Blood Troll 1-0”



How can you argue?! 😉


I sure look forward to picking a winner for the Happy Thoughts Experiment Wednesday –

Happy day everyone 🙂

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – The last day

We made it! Well, I did at least 😉 Did you?

14 days of my best behaviour, and my strongest attempt to stay clear of any negativity.

I made sure not to make negative comments and posts, I didn´t engage in debates shouting into the wind, and I did my best to be encouraging on all the blogs, that I followed.


Has the Experiment been successful?

I would say, that for me at least, it certainly has. Granted, I also picked the best time to do this, since it´s been the Holiday season and I haven´t had much time to play/read, but still, I feel a change in the way I think about World of Warcraft.

I also feel less drained, particularly because I didn´t engage in flame wars, debates or any of the likes at all. Especially not reading comments on sites like Wowhead, official forums etc. has meant a huge deal, since it´s so negative most of the time.

Youtubers who prowl around, hoping to be the fastest one to make the best click-baity thumbnail are around every corner today too, so not roaming around there played a role too, I believe

I want to continue doing this in the future.

When I make positive “light” posts myself, I also finds that it helps, so perhaps that is something I want to keep up as well.

But a balance is healthy too, so I shall try to find that. I do also like to participate and read posts, that are of constructive criticism.

I do need to keep in mind though, that I have changed too compared to just two years ago when Legion was new; I discovered, that I have far less time, than I originally thought, and most evenings, it´s only about half an hour of playtime now. I am sure that has an impact too, on the satisifaction I get out of the game; it´s just too little, and if I am not careful, I feel as if I never get anything done.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the experiment 🙂
I would have loved to see more bloggers participate; it saddens me, how many we have lost in Battle for Azeroth, but I hope to see a return of them again someday.

Enough about me though!

How about you?


Did you make it through?

What proved to be the most difficult?

Did you manage your minimum of seven posts?

Do you feel any different now?

If so, please be sure to leave your comments and thoughts in this post, so you have a chance, when I Giveaway a Familiar Vulpine mount 🙂

You have until Tuesday next week to do so. A winner shall be announced on Wednesday 🙂

If you tried, but didn´t make it, I welcome and encourage you to also leave your thoughts!


Happy weekend everyone. 🙂

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 13

…Also known as the almost last day of this experiment 🙂




So if you haven´t already and are getting close; be sure to get your minimum of seven positive posts out by tomorrow in order to be able to participate and be the lucky winner of the Vulpine Familiar gorgeous mount!




For me, my thanks go to the catch up-mecanics in place in World of Warcraft today. A hot topic for many, and one could easily argue on the other side, that these mecanics are doing the game no good, but for me, just me, I really like them.

Someone who is as casual as I am with very limited time to play; I feel as if I reach some kind of “checkmark”, whenever I get the best gear obtainable from World Quests/ LFD. I feel okay at my level, and I know, that eventually the item level will increase and I can once again get upgrades this way.

I particularly enjoy the parts in between, where I have a pretty-okay-decent item level, before the next PvP Season comes out, where all stats on monsters etc. will be upgraded too (right?)

Feeling a little closer to matching my opponent in the open world makes me feel good! OPness is welcome!



I call this picture…

“Curious eagle is curious”



Enjoy your evening everyone, and I sure look forward to hear how the experiment has worked out for you 🙂

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 11

On this, the 11th day of my experiment, I want to show appreciation for things in World of Warcraft, that remains the same.

When I first saw a datamined updated model of stags/reindeers, I was beginning to fear, that my favorite reindeer would have its model updated.

Granted, it might happen eventually, but until then, I am grateful to have Metzen look the exact same as he did the first time I helped rescue him in, was it Burning Steppes, back then?

So for all the things that still look the same, and bring back so many memories; for the soundtracks that have gone untouched to the few selected zones that, even if updated, has kept some of their original charm, thank you 🙂

It´s rare one is able to go back to the past in this way, and re-ignite the memories, but with World of Warcraft, and even more so, the upcoming Classic servers, we are able to re-visit, if just a fraction of everything we experienced so many years ago. And that is so precious to me.




Happy New Year, everyone 🙂

The “Happy Thoughts” Experiment – Day 9 (+ Off Topic: The loss of Toy Stores)

Let´s see, let´s see- I think I am doing fairly well myself with this experiment.

I find myself thinking more positive and I even enjoy blogging more too. Let´s see how I´ll feel, once this ends.
But today I shall share thanks for the Night Elven spotlight in Battle for Azeroth. The other side of me watched it differently up until now, but I want to try and be grateful of all the Night Elven themed things now. Such as the transmog from the Darkshore Warfront. I do cherish that.

I am confused though, how to obtain the other “tints” of it than the standard version, do you know?

Anyway 🙂 I just got a few pieces so far, but I had to create a transmog fitting for what I have obtained so far.



Oh, and Eppu asked for my Reindeer transmog, so here that is too 🙂



And then, allow me to go Off Topic for just a bit.

It´s something I rarely do. But I need an outlet for this, and so, here we go. You can just skip this part, if you rather stick to WoW related topics 🙂

But if not, I would love to read a tale from your childhood.




Toys ‘R’ Us and Fætter BR – the Toy Stores of Denmark closing their doors


Just yesterday, the news could inform us, that the toy stores of our country will no longer be around. From tomorrow.

In late November, it was announced, that they went under reconstruction and had six months to turn things around, but because of a dissapointing Christmas sale, the decision has been made to close it all together already. (Everyone who needs to exchange gifts must do so right away, and gift certificates etc. are now worthless.)

I am so very sad about this. More than I thought I would be. Sure, we do have a few toy stores here and there, which are all gems on their own, but there was nothing like a trip to Toys R Us with and for our son.


Breaking the news to our five year old boy left him in tears.


Then I followed.

These stores, in our city, have been more than just stores. It has been the chosen destination for him, since he could walk.

We have been blessed with a child, who never ever “begs” for things, when we are out, so I have had the luxury to enjoy these trips, just as much as he did, and it has given me an opportunity to see things through his eyes;


The magic he has felt, when gazing upon all the toys, he wanted to put on his wishing list.

The fun he had when trying out the trampoline and other activities inside.

The giggles we have shared, when we journeyed through the Halloween decorations/spooky playhouses that were set up in the stores.

The anticipation he had on the trips, where he had managed to save up just enough to buy that one sweet toy, he had wanted for ages.


Today, we payed it one last visit. He was allowed to spend all his savings for whatever toy he wanted, as a memory. He chose a very cool lightsaber.

I get it, this is just the internet claiming its next victim. And announcing the reconstruction right before Christmas surely did not help build trust amongst the customers either.

I made an effort and purchased all the toys we needed from the stores instead of online. But I understand, I belong to a minority.

Parents hand out tablets/electonic devices to their children so early now as well, that the interest for toys takes a backseat, unless we as parents guide them in the other direction.

I can still recall a memory from my childhood, where my dad gave me a gift, a board game, called Ghost Castle, and it was such a big thing for me, because I rarely got to go to the store and even more rarely did I get something. This was an early Christmas gift.

I used to work in Toys R Us as well, in two cities, one where I was just part time and another where I worked full time and had responsibility for my own “sections”.

Now, as a mother, I visited several times a month with our son.

The brand “Fætter BR” is Danish, and these stores have been around since 1950. Toys R Us arrived later, and where I know the end of these stores happened earlier in the US, we all remained hopeful in Denmark, that it wouldn´t happen here, since the way they were being run was different. (Sorry language barrier, it´s hard for me to explain in details and techy techy.)

I cannot imagine a world without these stores. A chapter ends tomorrow in the saddest way possible.


So to all the people that made the adventures and the magic we and our son has had through the last years possible;

I say thank you.


Thank you for always serving us with a smile, even when we bought nothing.

Thank you for the extra mile you went with all the decorations during holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

Thank you for all the memories you allowed us to make within the magic of your stores.


All the best wishes and hopes for those, around 3000 people, who have suddenly lost their job.

I hope for better times ahead for the concept of toy stores, and that we in the future will see some kind of rebuild. It can never be as it once was, but I am sure we can settle for just a fraction of it.

There was nothing like a visit to Toys R Us and Fætter BR.

Thank you.



Do you have any fond memories of visiting the toy store in your town, from when you were a child? You are so welcome to share them here.

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 8

Today, I give thanks for…Flynn Fairwind.


Hah, I know. But I think this character in Battle for Azeroth is so well written, so charming and with so much humor, that he deserves a spot here during the experiment.


The quests he is involved in always turn out to be really entertaining and it makes me chuckle, when I imagine those who were responsible for writing the story.


I like a lot of the new characters this expansion, their voice overs and lots of different personalities, really.


Do you have a favorite character from Battle for Azeroth? 🙂

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 7

Today I want to appreciate the Companion App. Sure it came from Legion, but it made its return in Battle for Azeroth, and as someone with very little in game time, it helps me out so very much.

I reached Revered with all factions not long ago, except the Tortollans.


“And I have not even done a total of 100 World Quests in Battle for Azeroth.”



It´s just great, and I like the version of the Mission Table this expansion, where it´s not absolutely needed in order to progress through quest lines.

It´s the Mission Table in Legion + listening to feedback, executed in the right way.

I also like how I have Shandris as a follower 🙂

And I have found, that if I just do the Warfront Quests in Arathi once pr…4 week, is it? I can almost keep up with the War Ressources I use on the App. Minimum effort, Maximum results, time efficiency benefits.


Do the Darkshore Warfront Scenario not offer the same, by the way, I wonder?


How do you guys “gear up” your followers? Any specific way to get those…Things…That increase the chance for success?


I do wish to reach 200% success chance, but it´s not always the case.
That was all I had today 🙂 I hope you all have gotten through Christmas, just as you wished ♥

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 6

This day, I want to highlight the fine music of World of Warcraft, more specifically, the music of Winter Veil.


I have this running during December every year, since the very first day I discovered it. It already puts me in a Christmas-y nostalgic kind of mood. Especially around 13:00 in the video; what a wonderful tune.

And if that is not enough, one can always visit the Dwarves above Ironforge having a great time with their sleighs.

Do you remember? 🙂




This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I cherish all these small details in World of Warcraft so much. It´s time to remember it´s these small things that count.


I hope you are enjoying the Holidays, where ever you are 🙂


Oh, and Bryssa is back! I am grateful for that too 😀



Enjoy your evening, all of you 🙂

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 5

Happy Holidays, everyone 🙂

Today, I´d like to show appreciation for, let´s see…How about that Darkshore Warfront, eh!? (Gosh, something Night Elvish, I know.)

I love that one. Arathi not so much, but Darkshore! It feels so much more engaging for me, I love seeing Thisalee again, as well as Jared and so many other familiar faces. The transmogs are more Night Elven than anything, I have seen in this expansion too. (Robe and Dress AND Kilt now, please.)

I also love, how I can heal the NPCs 🙂

We didn´t always used to be able to do that. (Who remembers escorting that sleepy Bear in Darkshore?)



And doing World Quests there, having Tyrande hand them out is very cool too. A part of me wonders, if I should really be playing an All Night Elven game, hah.



Did you manage to try the Darkshore Warfront yet? 🙂

And maybe more importantly…

How are you doing staying clear of all the negativity?

I´m actually doing well, it´s like the withdrawals vanished quite fast. Hoping it will last, and very curious to see, how I feel after the two weeks have passed.

Merry Christmas Day everyone ♥

The “Happy Thoughts” Experiment – Day 3

Today, I´d like to take a moment to appreciate something more class-personal in Battle for Azeroth.

That is my ability to be able to both be an Orca, as well as a Cheetah or a Doe at the same time.

The Glyphs that changd our Travel form used to be exclusive with each other. You could not moderate it into more, it was either a version of On-Land-Travelform or In-Water-Travelform etc.

We Druids have been wanting this for so many years, and in Battle for Azeroth our wish finally came true. 🙂



Do you have any class specific stuff you appreciate in Battle for Azeroth? 🙂


Happy little-Christmas-Eve everyone (as we call it here!)



Posts today are… (updating)





The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 2

Today, I want to share all the things, I liked about levelling in Battle for Azeroth.

Here goes 🙂


The sounds of the loading gun (Did you notice that?!)

How Island Expedition Quest sends us to the ‘old’ world

How NPCs during escorts are able to stealth with you. Talk about a quality of life improvement here!)

The Drustvar Zone buffs, that unlock during quests. It really made it feel like a good process

The voice overs. Maryann Strossner, you are an inspiration

The new NPC poses. Gimme!

How NPC escorts actually interact with other NPCs, when you accept their quests

The open spaces – the sense of adventure it gives

How areas you were in earlier change, when you come back and made progress

How you can climb the mountains to the very top

The storytelling (on its own, not seen together with the Faction War)

The marshmallows! (I wrote that one down a while ago, and forgot all about these, where did I see them again..?)

The ambience and music sounds. Do yourself a favor. Try an evening where you play with nothing but ambience sound. Then another evening with just the music. Really notice it.

The NPC dialogues and chit chats, as well as their accents

Multi-loot (it’s not new, but let’s not forget to appreciate it) A part of me sometimes toggle off auto loot actually, to slow myself down. Remember back in the day where you´d click each individual item and really go through, what the mob dropped?

Shared tagged loot and quest objectives

The art work – if there is one team who has overdone themselves, it’s the art department

The jokes during quests

Cutscenes staring – ME!

NPC quotes. In particular, the “Times were simpler once”.

Flynn Fairwind. How much charisma can a new character have?! I like all the fun, lighthearted talk, he does


There´s a lot more to appreciate in Battle for Azeroth, but this is what I have from my levelling experience, that I wrote down during. It sounds to have been a good adventure – and a good thing to include in this experiment 🙂


Anything I forgot to include? What is on your list?


Happy Saturday, everyone 🙂



Posts from today are… (updating)







The “Happy Thoughts” Experiment – Day 1

(That´s right. Another screenshot from the Darkshore scenario. One would almost think, that I like it! 😉 )


I wanted to start this positive-thinking – what to be grateful for – experiment, with all the things I liked about levelling in Battle for Azeroth.

But Marathal inspired me to start elsewhere, so here is the poem I sent to Blizzard, as sweet as can be, to encourage them and wish them a joyful Holiday and New Year.

To everyone who makes World of Warcraft possible, to those who provide us with another place to call home; a place to meet friends for life in, a place I found my spouse in.

Thank you, Happy Holidays and New Year, Blizzard.


HappyHolidays, Blizzard 2018.jpg


Happy Friday Evening, and happy blogging 🙂



Posts from today are… (updating)

Visit them, comment, like, share the joy!


Erik at Co-Geeking 1

Erik at Co-Geeking 2

Marathal at Deez Wurds

Wrath at Coffee Cakes and Crits

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Preparations

Okay then! The experiment starts today, and I am feeling very motivated and confident I can manage it. I hope you will join me. You can read more about it in my earlier post here. 🙂

So, to prepare for this, I am making a list of sites, I can safely visit without comming across any rant-kind of videos, posts, articles, comments.

I think I´ll just gather them all here, for easy access for myself – please feel free and more than welcome to chip in.


YouTubers, that are “safe” to follow (sure, some may achknowledge when there are real issues, but it´s always with a positive spin on things):


Taliesin & Evitel Do Games





This can´t be all…Any suggestions?



Wowhead etc., really? (without reading comments)
I´m banning WoW Forums all together, since headlines alone can be so off-putting and drag you down.

A part of me wants to ban Wowhead etc. as well, to step off this “must get info straight away, no matter if it´s confirmed or not, and has no impact on me!“- train. Hm.


“What happened to the days, where I just used to read Patch Notes, once the patch was set in stone?”



Bloggers who want to participate in this so far are:









We sure are missing a lot of once-active fellow bloggers after Battle for Azeroth launched…Here´s to hoping to see a return of so many soon.


“To go all in on this experiment, I will only read the posts from the bloggers, who participate during these two weeks. Maximum positive attitude and all! I am very curious to see, how this will go.”



My list of things I´d love to do in these two weeks are…

(I am trying to stick to Battle for Azeroth content. It is my hope, I can try to highlight, that so many things work well in this expansion)


Pet Battles vs. Trainers. I hardly did any. I think I did one in total…Can I use those to level my pets, do you know?

The new Pet Battle Dungeon

The Raid

More Dungeons

An Incursion/Invasion

Island Expeditions (I SAW THERE IS A LEATHER ROBE ON THE LOOT TABLE!? First one in BfA! Is it RNG?)

Darkshore Warfront, Darkshore Warfront, Darkshore Warfront! I love this one already.

Ocean Adventure around Kul Tiras

Unlocking some Flightpaths in Zandalar

Warmode. Not tried at all.

Try to find a way to earn some Gold. And War Ressources.

Try to look into guaranteed goals, and steer clear of RNG related things

Make a better list..! Also it´s time to make a list of all the mounts and pets and what not, I want to collect.


Those are just on the top of my mind.


“Do you have a list?”


Happy blogging and positive gaming, and happy Holidays to all of you 🙂

And thank you, sincerely, to those, who want to take part in this experiment.

The “Happy Thoughts” Experiment – Can we control it? + Vulpine Familiar Giveaway

During the upcoming Holiday, I would love for all of us to participate in this. I realize it will be tough for some, but take of this what you are able to, and see where it leaves us in January. 🙂

It´s no secret, that Battle for Azeroth is not in the best state (yet…But we are getting there.)

That all might be different in a year, but right now, there appear to be a lot of negativity circling around it.

It could be the expansion, it could be us, it could be the gaming industry as a whole, it could be the people, we surround ourselves with.

No matter what, social media and the constant ‘need’ to stay in touch and debate/argue is larger, than it was just a year ago, two years ago, fourteen years ago, when World of Warcraft launched.

I´d like to explore more, what this means.


“In particular, I´d like to explore, how the negativity  on social medias today; how checking wowhead daily, reading through all the comments, how doing the same on WoW forums, how watching YouTubers, Tweets – how all of this might add to the negativity, and – essentially – tip you over the edge and pull you down, when all you want is to stay above.”


Negative posts/videos/articles generate a lot more traffic than positive. I witness that first hand on my site and others too.

We appear to feed on the drama, some relish in the downfall of others. Whether we are part of the solution or not, I have nothing to lose in trying this experiment, so here goes. 🙂

What better time to do this than during the Holiday. Who wouldn´t want to feel better about their favorite game.


The Experiment will last for two weeks and start this Friday, December 21.

It ends Friday, January 4.




Once the experiment is over, a random winner will be picked. The price I have decided on is the new mount from the Blizzard Store, the Vulpine Familiar.

This mount has, if anything, caused a riot amongst players, and words like corporate greed, microtransactions is ruining everything, and so on are entangled into a lot of posts recently. The timing could have been better.

I could share the same similar view with ease, but I want to put a stop to that.
Instead I want to view this as a way to simply keeping the motor running, and keeping WoW alive. We cannot avoid it anyway. It´s how the gaming industry is today.


“At least World of Warcraft only has cosmetic items in their Store.”


And the mount is so gorgeous – at least I think so. Never have I wanted a mount more. (Just for the record, I will not be able to win it myself, hah, don´t worry 😉 )
So the meaning of this Giveaway is to congratulate the winner on being able to put a positive spin on their gaming, their view on things, and their ability to share the joy of their passion with their fellow bloggers.

If you have the mount already, you are more than welcome to pick another reward from the Blizzard Store, if you are the lucky one.

Do note, that the winner would have to share their BattleNet info with me, and be on my friendlist for three days, before they are able to recieve the mount. I was just in contact with Blizzard today, and they have introduced this change not long ago.

They did also confirm, that I am able to gift this to someone from the US as well, so everyone is welcome! 🙂


Guidelines (Not rules)


1. You need to have a blog.

Screenshots or quick words on Twitter, Instagram, etc. sadly do not qualify this time around.

We need you guys to return to your blogs, we miss you!


2. You have to do your best to avoid reading comments on various WoW sites.

Wowhead, or the Wow forum, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Blogs, you name it. No comments, no reading or participating in the negative, unconstructive debates. I realize, that for most, staying off social media is close to impossible, and if that is the case, just try to be more aware, of what catches your attention.

Steer in the other direction! Don´t let it drag you down. Don´t click that bait, don´t watch that video you know, will be nothing but a rant. Don´t get upset about things in the game, that cause trouble for others, but cause no trouble at all for you.

We all want to feel joy about World of Warcraft. And the one thing we can change, is how we perceive things ourselves, especially if we surround ourselves with like-minded people.


3.  You can only read/watch positive or neutral posts/videos about World of Warcraft during the duration of the experiment.

Bookmark all the negativity for later – or not at all.


4. Each day of the experiment, you have to (try to) make a blog post, sharing one positive thing from your gaming session in World of Warcraft of the day. And be sincere and genuine.

Granted, this is the Holiday season, and some of us (myself included) might not be able to play each day, but then, just do your best. These are guidelines, not rules.

All it has to be is a simple screenshot, a word, a tune from the game, not much. Something joyful to share with your fellow bloggers.

*This is the only real rule; a number of at least SEVEN positive posts has to be made in order to enter the Giveaway of the Vulpine Familiar*


5. Each day of the experiment, you have to do your best in order to leave positive comments about the game on your fellow bloggers blog.

Nothing forced of course. Genuine. Assemble all your energy and positive thinking, as best as you can! Share something positive you might have experienced similar, to what they just shared. Or simply show appreciation.


6. Whenever you log into World of Warcraft during these two weeks, try hard to evaluate, how you spend your time.

Do you do things out of habbit without enjoying it? Then stop!

Do something completely different. It would be great, if it was something from Battle for Azeroth, so we can highlight all the good things about this expansion, but if you struggle, any content will do, of course.


7. Link back to this post in each of the posts you make during the two weeks.

I will be sure to include them all in the recap post, after the experiment is over. And I need to keep count, if you want to have a chance at the Vulpine Familiar 😉


8. Once the experiment is over, please come back and tell me, if this has had any kind of impact on your gameplay; the joy you got out of the game, and how you felt and thought.

Were you able to stay away from the negativity? Did it change your blogging/reading/gaming style? I will put up a post in the end, where we can collect all our thoughts.


9. Respond to this post, if you are interested in participating, and I shall spotlight.

Any other handy things to include in these guidelines? Just say so 🙂



Tip: If you find it difficult, try to imagine, that Blizzard would announce a complete shutdown of World of Warcraft and all servers in the beginning of 2019. Think about what you would miss.

Tip2: Think ahead on how you would like to spend these two weeks; if you are the type of person, that would benefit from a list, then go for that – a list of joy 🙂


“I´m not naive; I understand, that some of the deeper issues of BfA cannot be solved with this. But perhaps it´s possible to look at it a lot brighter, when those around you are doing the same. We are in control, of how we think.”


If I end up being all alone in this experiment, then that is okay too, but anyone willing to participate, I will be grateful for.

The more the merrier – it is a much bigger challenge to hand out joy on your own, than it is sharing it together. Let´s make it easy for each other.

You do not have to follow the guidelines religiously, except the one about the minimum post requirements; besides that, just pick from this whatever fits you best. Your happy thoughts are the most important 🙂

I obviously cannot check how well you do on this, it´s up to you. I have faith you can manage!


Happy Holidays everyone ♥

How would you play…With an hour a day?


There has never been this must dust on my blog…


At least this little guy is having a blast.


Truthfully, I have not been playing much. At all. A few times a week, at best. It is my hope, that the hype for this expansion can be re-discovered along the way, as the patches unfold, so;


“Until the hype has been restored, can I ask for your help, insight, tips and knowledge on your gaming style?”


And any shortcuts you might have found in Battle for Azeroth?

I will try to gather them all in this post. Perhaps a list is what I need! (Even though I´ll probably end up living in Darkshore from tomorrow and onwards 😉 )

You are more than welcome to include things from 8.1 as well, if you are up to date on that 🙂


Having fun, efficiently


As much as I adore to wander off and explore, swim further than any Orca has ever done before, be Shadow on a raft while fishing, I also used to like to get things done in World of Warcraft.




Check, Ding, 10 points, raise Professions, you name it. Collect things, Pets, Mounts, Gold! “Done” with this and that. It´s nice to look back on Legion and feel as if I did it all (except raids and such)

But with so little time to do it, it´s important to stay time efficient.

So how to go about it?




Like doing 1 Timewalk Dungeon for 500 Timewarped Badges and forget about the rest.

Doing just the Island Expeditions for the Azerite and nothing more?

Things like that. I used to be pretty okay at that.

But Battle for Azeroth has become an expansion that appears so unknown to me, perhaps especially because of the three Horde zones, I almost feel no connection to at all. Playing so little surely is not helping me either. (I am currently levelling an Undead, but she´s years away from being big enough to visit Zandalar.)

So if you have any helpful ideas, please share them here, and I shall be very grateful.
Thank you 🙂

I´ll try to divide it into sections. I hope others will benefit from our exchange on tips too.


The list below is my own draft – you can probably see how little I know, despite BfA being 4 months old by now. Perhaps it could even be divided into daily/weekly activities.


Gathering Currency

– such as Timewarped Badges, Pet Charms and the likes.

War ressources (Who else is short on those all the time?) = Do the Warfront Quests and sometimes Weekly Quest (20 World Quests done) for 1k War Ressources. Those generally last quite long for me (because I forget my Companion App…)

1 Timewalk Dungeon = 500 Timewarped Badges (skip the rest)

Check the Mission Table on mobile for Polished Pet Charm Missions

Do Island Expeditions for the Seafarer Dubloons.


Raising Reputation (for Flight first)


Wait until Darkmoon Faire, WoW Anniversary, Pilgrim´s Bounty, for the extra % Reputation buff

Purchase the Azeroth Contracts that grants 10 reputation with the selected faction pr. World Quest done (?)

Stick to Emmisaries – perhaps even saving two to do them at once, if they allign.


Obtaining the best gear possible (for a casual player)


Take note of the Warfront status, and participate in a win for a guaranteed item level 370 (?) Just do it once (?)

Target specific World Quests for the gear slots you are in need of. Stop at 325. (340 in 8.1?)

Do the Weekly World Boss

Settle. You don´t need the best gear anyway.


Maintaining your Heart of Azeroth necklace


Visit Magni at Friendly, Honored, Revered and Exalted for a +15 item level increase quest (Silithus)

Do…World Quests for Reputation with Champions of Azeroth? Island Expeditions for Azerite?


Participating in the Raids


Do it on Wednesday for the biggest chance of success?

Pick up the quest from Darkmoon Faire to collect 250 Grizzly Trophies “Test Your Strength? (Does it work in Raids?)

Visit Hazelnuttygames on Youtube for the best, most time efficient guide possible?



Optimizing World Quests


Get an AddOn that easily filters through, what you need. Never do one just for the pure grind of it.

Raise your reputation until Revered, then wait with the rest, until you get flight, to be as time efficient as possible.


Collecting of Pets and Mounts (And Gold)


Stick to those that are guaranteed. Stay clear of RNG ones – more so than ever, these is not for the time poor.

So essentially…Raise Reputation and farm Pet Charms? Is that all in BfA, or?

As for Gold, I do not know, really. Emmisaries?




Here…I am clueless. Professions have taken a backseat entirely in BfA.

Any tips? I have Enchanting and Tailoring. Cooking and Fishing needs love too. ‘

Maybe the best thing to do would be to skip these entirely – or is there still any benefit in having professions at all?

I´m not sure it´s worth the time and effort anymore. I kept Tailoring for RP purposes for First Aid, but everyone can use bandages, and I hardly RP anymore at all, since the Burning of Teldrassil.


Achievements (for fun)


Look into that, once you have flying. (Or play Classic, because those two things will probably happen around the same time..!)


Travelling Tips


Handy advice to easily get around in Battle for Azeroth? I guess I am quite blessed being a Druid, with access to our Emerald Dreamway.

I still have not figured out the easy way to get from Zandalar and back to Boralus – is there one?

Getting the Whistle helps a lot, of course.


Any categories I am missing?


Hm, Holidays in WoW, perhaps? I´ll include those when I get home tonight.







I just found another time efficient thing, when it comes to Warfronts; Don´t hop in to hunt rares at first, if you plan on doing the World Quests there. Do the World Quests and on the final day the Warfront rares are active, THEN do them. That way, you have already done some of them for the Quests and won´t do double work 🙂


Thank you so much in advance 🙂


On another positive note, a new blogger has found his way into my list.

Uthric Unrated

A well written, dedicated and very pleasant blogger to come across, so be sure to pay him a visit. 🙂


An updated list of Blogs I follow can be found here.


Oh, and one last thing, my blog domain now is, as simple as can be:



Anyway, Happy Holidays everyone and thank you for all the blog posts in the last month 🙂

Despite not writing much on my own blog, my activity has not dropped on all the blogs I follow.

Here´s to hoping to see many of us return to be more active in the next year. 🙂

Happy Patch Day tomorrow!


Best of Blizzcon 2018 – Top 20

This post contains a few small spoilers for the story going forward in World of Warcraft.


This magical time of the year; Blizzcon 2018, has now come and gone.


Here is my top 20 🙂


1. Maryann Strossner – voice actor of Scrollsage Nola


I always love watching and hearing these actors bring the characters to life.

In particular, this year, seeing Maryann Strossner, the crowd reaction as well as the people on stage – just pure joy and smile and warmth as she said

“A turtle has made it to the water”

She is truly something. I wish the video from Blizzcon was up for all to see, I can almost guarantee, that you will smile widely.

Here is a video of her from not long ago too.







Edit: If you missed it from Blizzcon, it’s actually here:





2. The Terror of Darkshore cinematic



Even though I know this cinematic does not reflect the quests on 8.1, I just have to cling on to this one and hope that perhaps in 8.3 an onwards we might see a victory for the Night Elves. I can do nothing but hope. Until then, I shall rewatch this over, and over, and over.


3. How about that Terror of Darkshore cinematic?!


That moment, when Malfurion noticed the Troll behind him and the music caught on. So nicely made and what a build up.


4. Mike Morhaime on stage


It was great to see him again, and even though not a technical tribute, the way he spoke and then introduced J. Allen Brack as the new President…I am pretty sure, I even saw someone cry in the audience.

Oh, and that joke he made was brilliant, that one about J. Allen Brack “You may think you know J. but you don’t”, hah.

If you are unaware Brack became infamous for that saying, when someone asked for  Classic servers way back, when he said something along the lines of “You think you want that, but you don’t”


6. The Terror of Darkshore cinematic


Did I mention this one already? How about that moment, when Malfurion shifted and stepped into the character true to the Night Elves?


7. Mike and J. Allen Brack together


These two looked so moved by the whole “ritual”. J. Allen Brack being introduced as the new President, him saying to Mike “You made this”, as they looked over the audience. What an accomplishment.

I cannot imagine, how anyone can be overly and only critical of World of Warcraft, when they see the real people behind it, and realize, what kind of passion fuels it.


8. The Terror of Darkshore cinematic


That intense moment where the troll feared for his life, and Night Elves, if only for this second at least, no longer was the punching bag of the Horde.


9. A new Brawler’s Guild


Even though I cannot do it for a long while as a Healer, it is my hope I can make an attempt once the next expansion is close, and my gear is up to date, just like I did before. Managing it as a healer was a lot of fun and quite the challenge.


10. Playing Vanilla


I had a lot of fun playing the demo of Vanilla. The need for eating, drinking, buffing, grouping.

It was everything, I hoped it would be.


11. New Worgen and Goblin models


I do not play these, but on behalf on all of those who do, and seeing all the details on so many new Allied Races, this one certainly was due. I am happy for the Worgens, they sure waited long for this.


12. The Terror of Darkshore cinematic


The way the owl squints at Nathanos. Great detail. “We are coming”.


13. A Unicorn that swims?


A horse, that is also a unicorn that also is able to swim? Yes, please 🙂


14. The Terror of Darkshore cinematic


The way “Nightsong” started playing, as the camera flew with the owl to reveal Tyrande as the Night Warrior. I know this is just a leadup to the Warfront, that will not result in a victory for the Night Elves, but this is all I have!


15. PvP AI


As much as I am against AI on many other levels, they are so welcome for me in Island Expeditions. They give faster queues, and it somehow takes off the pressure too. To see them in PvP would be great for someone like me. And as Blizzard do say themselves “You’re welcome, Alliance”. Despite the Horde bias getting old, I agree.


16.  A Baby Naga




17. The Terror of Darkshore cinematic


The look in Tyrande’s whole posture, with Malfurion behind her…Thank you.


18. Mechagon


Where I am not fond of Gnomes or anything gnome related techy techy, I think this race really deserves some spotlight. And it seems Blizzard was aware of that too. I can be happy for the Gnomes.


19. Tauren Heritage Armor


Similar to that, I am also happy for the Taurens. They are left out in the cold, more or less, too, with all their frustration at Baine not acting as they wanted him to. I’m happy to see, they are next in line for Heritage Armor.


20. The Terror of Darkshore cinematic


The best of all of it, is what I end with. Despite that this cinematic is just for the Warfront and does not reflect the gameplay or the results of the quests of 8.1, it is my fragile hope, that we might see a victory for the Night Elves later on in the expansion, at least.

I will hold on to this cinematic.


I wanted to see more of Blizzcon, but for some reasons, the stream lagged terribly, and I didn’t have time yet.

But I really looked forward to see things such as the “Immersive Sounds of Azeroth”.

Did any one you catch that? I heard they would go into details with Drustvar.


How about you? 🙂

The posts on Blizzcon this year from the blogging community have been far less over the weekend than last time, but I guess a new expansion announcement always bring in far more. In general, actually, the blogging community seems to have been a lot less active compared to before Battle for Azeroth.

I hope to see more from you guys soon!


My wish list for Blizzcon 2018

Just in time, not a moment too early, I want to make an attempt of a wish list for Blizzcon 2018, just like I did last year. It’s shaping up to be completely different than most, I imagine. But hey 🙂

For fun, I tried to revisit the wish list from 2017, and see what came true, if not out of Blizzcon, but in Battle for Azeroth.

Wishes that came true since last Blizzcon 2017

A stat squish

Garrison/ Class Hall/ Missions removed

Bigger and less crowded zones


That is something 🙂

A stat squish we got. It needs polishing, but it’s there.

Sure we did not get the whole Mission table removal, but this time around, it’s not involved in questing at all, it’s there, if you want it, but you are not pressured into doing it. Which actually rings true for many of the systems in World of Warcraft right now, and that is something I like, even though, I can relate to the enormous player crowd, who wish there was more ‘reason’ to do them.

The zones of Battle for Azeroth on their own feel bigger and less crowded, I think. Sure, not everywhere, some places are packed with mobs still, but there are times, where I can ride and enjoy the scenery. I love, how I can climb almost every mountain to the top!



This time around though, as far as a wishlist for Blizzcon is concerned, I struggle.


“I struggle to stay positive about the game in Battle for Azeroth, but I make a very strong attempt to do so.”

– Alunaria


This wish list is so different than last year.

I actually enjoy Island Expeditions and Warfronts and what not, and I am hardly affected by the whole Azerite system at all. The Dungeon and Raid encounters are engaging and new; I am amazed, at how they can keep coming up with new things. The zones of Kul Tiras are, on their own, magnificient; the art team has outdone themselves.

So my wish list is actually centered around a single thing;

the story and the telling of the story. Because I play first and foremost, for the story and lore of the game. It branches into different aspects of it.

Let’s see what I’d love to get out of Blizzcon…



Blizzcon 2018 Wish List


I’d love to see an Alliance cinematic, like Old Soldier, involving Night Elves. I think the time has come. Any cinematic will do, I’m not asking for a high-quality one even.

I’d love for the quests in the new patch to leave us with a sense of accomplishment, a step forward, and not another brutal defeat or “fake victory, which essentially is a loss”. A clear victory for Night Elves. Not “For the Alliance as in Anduin and his human crew”.

I’d love to see more story told inside the game, instead of outside of it. At least when it comes to crucial character development

I’d love to see, that the “GOTCHA”-moment is finally up; we will have revealed, why the actions of many characters are so inconsistent, based on the last many years of lore.

I’d love to see, that we will have revealed, that it has not been for nothing; it has not been done for the shock effect alone.

I read an interview, where a Blizzard developer said:


“The goal is to watch people have a visceral reaction, and care about what happen, and even argue with each other.”

– Blizzard, september 2018


I obviously disagree, and I find it so wrong, especially in 2018, to make this the goal of your storytelling.

I do not need this in my game.


“I am not asking for Unicorns and Rainbows. But I much rather fight a dragon, than have this kind of “our leader is insane, I hate all of you for following him/her, much rage, much hate, much seperation, death to all of you, ongoing meaningless war (but we have no choice)” – emotion to creep into the game, I play to have fun in.”

– Alunaria


It’s just not for me.

I realize, I am the minority with these thoughts, possibly, and that’s okay. But I need to get it out there. There’s no need to convince me; I realize this probably comes from playing nothing but a Night Elf for 14 years ( which more or less is my entire adult life), and always being more fond of that race and their zones, than any other race in the game.

I should have juggled all possible races instead; thatmight have made this kind of expansion a lot more “digestible”

It is my hope, and I make a choice to believe in this;

that at Blizzcon 2018 things will make sense soon, and we will come out of Battle for Azeroth with a feeling, that it worked out well, not just at the very end, not just on the last page of the book, but before that, too.

I want to be entertained without being clueless during the telling of the story too. Not just at the end of it.

I think that the overall story of Battle for Azeroth looks great on paper. But having it play out in the game, in forced chapters, with the abrupt ‘endings’, that is nessesary because of time gating, but then not executed with dedication, makes it appear worse.

I’d also, obviously love to see a rebuild of Teldrassil. Perhaps not now. But we did see the burning of it at Blizzcon 2017, teased many months before it actually happened.




“I’d love to see a glimmer of hope for the Night Elves.”

– Alunaria


I’d love to see changes to the Darnassian Refugees in Stormwind.

And Mia Greymane, did you notice her health is jumping up and down in the Cathedral?  Last I checked, she was at 60%. She has been at 70% and 80% too. Perhaps there is a reason?



Billedresultat for mike morhaime

I’d also really love to see a Mike Morhaime tribute up on screen. Unlike my other wishes, this one, I am almost sure we will get.

I never did get around to make a post about him stepping down.


The way, Mike Morhaime has helped shape the genre worldwide, the gaming, how he and the team has provided us with such a magical world to immerse ourselves in, to bond long lasting friendships in…To find our spouse in!

We owe him so much gratitude.

I hope he knows that.

– Alunaria


J. Allen Brack has large shoes to fill as the new President of Blizzard Entertainment, and I wish him the best of luck. 🙂



I’d also love to see the WoW Classic experience going well, of course. But I do notice, how this part of all the wishes actually came last. Those who know me know, I am so hyped for Classic WoW, more than anything else. But that obviously does not mean, that I do not care what happens to the story in the current version of the game.



I could go into more detail and expand and easily come up with more wishes, but it genuinely was not my intention to be negative in this post.

I think it’s just a reflection of the inner conflict as of late.

And I do not think that is positive, despite what Blizzard claims with their goal of having us feel this like this; their goal to have us argue with each other.

Even though I just play a few times a week now, I really want World of Warcraft to succeed.


“I want to want to log in, as often as I did in Legion.”

– Alunaria


So here’s to a fantastic Blizzcon, that will blow us all away!


See you on Monday, where we all will say “They did it, I can’t wait!” 🙂

Let’s Craft #6: “Moontouched Feather”

This one is for the oldtimers of World of Warcraft.

Back in Vanilla, there was a Quest to gather Moontouched Feathers scattered across Winterspring.

Back then, I met someone in the game, who was hunting for these feathers, while I was slowly making me way through the zone on another quest.

He had to cut his hunt short, because of a raid starting soon. I remember being so impressed of the thought; going to a Dungeon with 39 other people? Wow!

We talked a little back and forth, and then said farewell. But then I came across a feather and whispered him right away, and then we added each other to our friend lists.

We still know each other today, he was there at mine and hubby’s wedding, and have been over to visit us several times.

In a way, because of that Moontouched Feather, we became friends. How magical is that? 🙂

He visited us this weekend again, and I got this idea to make the most personal gift, I could ever think of; a symbol of how our friendship started.

So I decided to bring a Moontouched Feather to life.




It took far longer, than I expected, but I think, that it turned out so lovely, and it sure brought a lot of joy.

Here it is:




I used 5 different types of blue/green, and added “glitter glue” to get that “sparkling in the snow”-effect, the Moontouched Feather used to have.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I placed it in a box, that I decorated with the background of Winterspring.



This is what makes World of Warcraft so magical to me. How you can connect with someone from a whole other continent of the world and become so close friends.

It is real magic.


I hope this can inspire you to come up with ideas to show, how much you appreciate the people in your life – It already inspired me to work on the next 🙂

Joyful day everyone 🙂


Thank you to the Death Knight in my amusement park


…Oh, you know I love these titles 😀

I had another cool encounter in the real world, I want to share.

We had a friend visiting, and went to the amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen together. While our son was trying out a ride, I found myself standing alone, just observing (inspecting, cough) people around me…

And I saw a guy infront of me, wearing a jacket that said “Fight for the Alliance”.

He was standing in a crowd, that all spoke English, but I could not help myself; I had to interrupt, and ask, if he would allow me to take a picture of it. So I did. And we got talking, and I said like “So, for the Alliance, eh? Which server?”, and people around us were just clueless, hah.

We did speak about how everyone else in the park could technically be playing; but it was just neat, how he displayed it, and he said, that’s what he was trying to do! We agreed on “Death to the Banshee Queen!”. Hm…Hidden meaning in that sentence, I wonder? (Just for the record, I am not at all fond of the faction war in Battle for Azeroth, but I do try to just fake it till I make it, and remain positive about the ongoing story)

I even found out he plays on Argent Dawn – EU, which is a server. I played on a while back too 🙂

A Death Knight tank, called something with “Mo…”. it sounded like Moroes. I sadly did not catch his entire name.

So if you ever pass by him, please give him a high five from me!

Here is the picture of the jacket.


Very cool!

I love these encounters in real life.

Do you own any World of Warcraft clothing? I want to craft something myself with the Night Elf Crest now…Am I even allowed to use that, copyright and all?

Or, I know, with this:



Have a warm Wednesday everyone 🙂

The World of Warcraft “You’re wrong!”- Challenge

Let’s have a Challenge!

Hopefully it will breed some positive thinking (Is that a correct expression even?).


I hope you will participate. And be at your best behaviour 😉


Basic rules are…


You mention something you dislike about World of Warcraft right now. It can be aaanything, anything at all.

Someone else then has to tell you, that you are wrong, and explain why the thing you mention is actually good for the game and the players.

Then they proceed and list a thing they dislike about the game, and await for the positive spin on that from someone else. And so on.


As an example:


“I hate the Azerite Necklace and how we cannot interact with it at all, like we could with the Legion Artifact Weapon.”


And answer to that could be:


“But my darling Alunaria, you could not be more wrong. The Azerite Necklace is genius, and it’s great, because we no longer have to chase AP endlessly, or click AP 100 times a day.”



Don’t make it too tough to argue 😉

And add rainbows and unicorns for fun, if you want. You can exaggerate for chuckles to get your point across too.

This is meant as a little, lighthearted sidekick post, because we all would love to have a positive mindset about things in the game, right? After all, we play it for enjoyment, and negativity rarely changes anything.

Some even say it’s a choice. I want to be more positive, and who knows, maybe this post will rub off on your mindset too. And mine 🙂

If not many respond, I will just have a monologue, I don’t mind! I’ll challenge myself every day then. You are more than welcome to do that yourself as well! :p



Alright, I will start easy.


“I hate how there is so much to do in WoW these days, I always feel as if I never finish anything!”


If no one responds within 24 hours to a statement, I will do it on my own!


The more positive spins the better though.



Enjoy your weekend and thanks so much for participating 🙂



A journey through Zandalar


I finished my War Campaign last week, and with that, the final Chapter of my levelling experience through Battle for Azeroth;

A journey through Zandalar is done.

Or also known as Shandris Feathermoon-often-in-my-shots, apparently. 😉


You there! Check out that noise!



Priceless expression. I’m not sure why. I like boating!



Oh, all the chuckles the Quests has brought. 🙂



People say these are the new Alliance Allied Race. What do you think?



Can you look more superior than this? That lean pose. I want it.



<Bulletproof Bear Snout>. Patent pending.



The butterflies of BfA have even more detail than those from Legion. Did you notice?



Random, silly shots we must have.



Snake psychology at its finest.



One of the best moments in Battle for Azeroth. Can you see the /awe?



Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…



Fighting for the greater good, in hopes of a better <Axe> drop for our dear Brann.



To the right – Shandris Feathermoon. To the left – her biggest fan.



This was a great moment for me too. I have been looking very much forward to see this in the game “live”.


WoWScrnShot_091118_102526I couldn’t even zoom out far enough to get the whole dino in one shot!



That was unexpected and cruel 😦



I’m not sure. Fun expression!?



Totally not staged.



Me and Shandris? No way!



Night Elves…A rare kind these days.



Badass team. And I am part of it /nods.



I found my Halloween costume early this year.



“You will know my sister’s names before you fall, monster.”



Finally! Who else missed him!?



Another gorgeous dino. Only 4,7 million to go.



I don’t mind this position…



Also not staged or frozen in time.



Sigh. War…



My favorite shot of them all.



That was really all I had 🙂
Did you guys enjoy your War Campaign I wonder?

I obviously adored that I was with Shandris Feathermoon, can you tell? 🙂

Wishing you all a joyful Wednesday.



Don’t forget, it’s almost Halloween!

A journey through Drustvar

Here we go, rounding up the discovery route of Battle for Azeroth and Kul Tiras, saving my favorite zone, Drustvar, as the last one.

Just the horde area remains then!

A screenshot says more than words, and I do believe it’s time for picture overload and less text, right 🙂

So, in no particular order…



…I am here to remind you to appreciate the cuteness.



…I am here to remind you to look up.



…I am here to remind you to enjoy all the new poses, we get to see our characters in.



…I am here to remind you to notice the great details in the open world.



…I am here to remind you to learn how to gun.




…I am here to remind you to never forget to compliment.


“A few words you say, might make someone’s day”

-Alunaria 2018



…I am here to remind you to go underwater.



…I am here to remind you to make new transmogs that fits the zone you are questing in!



…I am here to remind you to stay long enough in each area, so you won’t miss out on the story.



…I am here to remind you to enjoy the engaging cutscenes, now staring – us!



…I am here to remind you to remember what we lost, and what we need to regain.



…I am here to remind you to appreciate, when a stranger aids you.



…I am here to remind you to take part in even the most gruesome quests.



…I am here to remind you to adopt a gryphon today.



…I am here to remind you to spend an entire hour getting a screenshot just right, because reasons.



…I am here to remind you to notice the whole environment of Drustvar, the light details and how they reflect.



…I am here to remind you to climb every mountain that you come across. How high can you go?



…I am here to remind you to delay quest completion, because you need the quest item to stand in a specific pose.



…I am here to remind you to write to the Postmaster. Seriously, we all have to let him know, what is worth shipping and what is not!



…I am here to remind you to use your toys. Mini bear wins.



…I am here to remind you to remember the amount of work gone into creating the new zones. (and who it is done for)



…I am here to remind you to ice skate in bear form.



…I am here to remind you to write a little bit in your journal every day.



…I am here to remind you to have a roaring contest. I win, Lucille!



…I am here to remind you to stop every now and again to notice the shadows and improved fire.



…I am here to remind you to make absolute use of every single quest item you come across.



…I am here to remind you to get your action shot -just- right.



…I am here to remind you, that if you are feeling watched, you probably are.



…I am here to remind you to think back on Legion and the best of it. /hugs G’Hanir.



…I need no words for this, I think…



…but I am still here to remind you to appreciate the sky.



…as well as the entertaining quest texts.



…I am here to remind you to tell the NPC, that they will simply have to wait, until it’s their turn. First the right impression, then I can be a savior.



…And finally, I am here to remind you to have a staring contest with a teddy.



I am now done with all the quests in Battle for Azeroth, that do not require World Quests or reputation!




Thank you so much for always stopping by, wishing you all a joyful Wednesday afternoon 🙂


Is there such a thing as getting too old for World of Warcraft?


A rare post has made its way to the Avenue today. It is my genuine hope, you will read it, add your thoughts and contribute to it.

I know, that it won’t just take a few seconds to read – and that many of my blog posts, that have a lot of writing in them, might tend to get skipped.

But I will really appreciate your input, so if you could just bookmark this for a dull moment during your Monday, then I hope my gratitude for you taking your time, will be worth it. 🙂




This is not a post made to criticize World of Warcraft and the current state the game is in. This is meant to get us talking; and to make myself wiser, on what is going on behind the scenes of Blizzard, and maybe in particular, behind the scenes of me. And you.


A feeling of disconnection


I’ve been thinking for a while, why I have felt so disconnected, when playing World of Warcraft lately.

Legion captivated me enormously; I cherished the whole theme of it, the zones, the Dungeons, my Class Hall, the story lines in particular – and those, the stories, are what keeps me playing the most. (I had long periods of breaks from MoP and through WoD, but both expansions had their moments.)


“But lately, starting with the pre-patch of Battle for Azeroth, I’ve started to loose interest.”


I feel no real “drive” to log on and play; in fact, some evenings I prefer to just keep my computer off.

But why? I have not been able to put my finger on it, precisely, at all. And that is rare. Granted, the story of the Burning of Teldrassil was not easy to digest; it still is not. But I made peace with it, I moved on, and I hoped into Battle for Azeroth with a positive mindset.



What’s wrong?


What is at play here exactly?

The stories of Battle for Azeroth – seen on their own – are nothing short of great. Immersive and clever, they are engaging and entertaining, especially Drustvar as a zone, interesting and captivating.

I still enjoy my Restoration Druid, as a Class.

The new zones are possibly more breathtakingly beautiful, than any other zone, I have ever seen in World of Warcraft.

The Dungeons are fantastic, the encounters are well thought of, and the Raids too (I have not raided myself though.)

The music is okay, though I feel it lacks the touch of Russell Brower, but maybe I just have not listened to it well enough, since the CD no longer comes with the Collector’s Edition.

So what is missing?

I could go into great depth discussing the systems of Battle for Azeroth and how I feel they lack “refinement”, how getting an upgrade should never leave us confused, and I could go on about how communication from game designers and to players could be done differently.

The launch of Battle for Azeroth could have been handled in another way too, but the last days of activity and the last two videos released were really positive for me, so the past is in the past, and I believe great things are to come, concerning those systems, azerite and what not. I want to believe, I choose to believe.


“We all learn from experience, Blizzard does too. I have empathy, for how hard they must be at work right now, trying to figure this out. No company is interested in alienating themselves from the player base.”


So no, I will not go into depth on that, but instead, I am trying to take a different approach.



Another store encounter


I had an experience in a store in town the other day, where I observed a bunch of teenage boys – my guess is they were around 15 years of age. They were there to purchase a keyboard, and searched for it.

They joked about it, stating it must be very “rare”, or even “epic”, since they couldn’t find it in the store. I chuckled to myself and my inner nerd, because I instantly knew, what they were referring to; the quality of items in World of Warcraft.

I stealthed around them a bit to listen (in Cat Form, obviously), and I discovered, that two of them had just started playing the game in the last year.

This really made me think, in the days that followed.

Those boys. They play the same game I do. Some children might have started playing this game, when they were 3 years old, sure. But let’s pretend they didn’t. Chances are they started a few years ago; that was the impression I got, from the chat they had. Maybe even later.

So here you have me, an almost 36-year-old woman (who played the game for 14ish years)

And you have a 15-year-old boy (who played the game for 1-2 years)


“How on earth do you tell a story – and design a game, that appeals to these two player segments at once? And which player segment is going to bring you the most income to your game? Which one should you focus on the most?”


I am genuinely asking.



Player segments / Target audience


So, is that, really, what is at play here? Have I simply moved away from one of the player segments; the target audience of Blizzard Entertainment – when it comes to their storytelling?

If you are an author, and you write Children’s Books for a living. It is not expected of you, that your writing develops with your readers. You are not expected to suddenly start writing for teenagers later on.

And if you write for teenagers, chances are, not many adults will enjoy your books. And you are fine with that, because, it is not your target audience.

Many authors stick to one target audience, and that really makes sense, because we appreciate different things, depending how much we have matured, and where we are in life.

I realize age does not define that on its own, but, you know.

When you make a movie, rarely is the sequel to that movie aimed at viewers in a completely different phase of their lives, than the viewers you had in mind, when you made the first movie.

A book I read, when I was in the beginning of my 20s, might not be a book I enjoy now, that I am close to 36. The same thing can be said about movies, theater plays, anything, really.


“How many of the things I enjoyed 14 years ago, are things I continue to enjoy today?”


Yet I keep circling around World of Warcraft.

Creating a game, that appeals to many different player segments at once must be close to impossible. I have thought of systems in WoW lately, a lot. Many I have not experienced fully, because I have signed them off as too RNG – and with my limited time to play, it’s not for me.

But what about the story?

It puzzles me, why I have not thought about the story of World of Warcraft from this perspective until now, but I am beginning to feel, as if this is one of the main reasons for me to feel so disconnected.



Being selective made impossible


I always looked at various things in WoW made to appeal to many different players.

You have Mythic+, you have Looking For Group, you have gorgeous zones to Explore, you have Achievements, you have hardcore Raiding in bigger groups, you have Pet Battles, you can engage in PvP or PvE, you can be casual, free of choice – and you can just have fun, with whatever you want.


“One thing never rules out another – the World of Warcraft is yours to conquer in any way, that you want.”


I select carefully, what I spend my time on, because of limited time, but also because of what I find enjoyable.

If I do not like the speed of M+ and if I am not fond of World Quests? Simple, I just don’t do them.

But what happens, if the story gives me the same feeling? I have played one race from the very beginning. My “relationship” with them, but also in general with the Alliance, the Horde, the zones of World of Warcraft, the NPCs, the important leaders of both factions is many years old.


This brings me back to those teenage boys, I saw in the store. Who have been playing for a few years at best.

They cannot be expected to feel the same way about the game as a whole, as I do. Perhaps even the contrary. Quite possible, even the contrary;

they might have relished in all the “drama” as of late. In the stories. They like it, when old NPCs gets “spiced up”, perhaps they even took joy in the genocide, that happened, because it fits their mentality more, maybe they liked how NPCs that play an enormous part of roleplay and story are killed off, reanimated, then killed off, risen as undead, and so forth. They might not search for deeper meanings with all of it; they just go with the flow.


“They naturally do not have the same connection to the game, as I do; who have played it since the beginning.”


They probably do not care much about zones being destroyed, because, let’s face it, how much time do they really spend in zones not from the current expansion?

Times were a lot different, back when we used to hang around in main cities, in search of a group. We naturally spent a lot more time in every single zone of the game too, because of the slow paced questing, and our curiosity and exploration-desires. In general we were a lot less focused on achievements, because of the 10 points they give today; we did it for the experience (not the XP, but the experience), and we spent a lot more time “bonding” with the story of the NPCs we quested for, because of that.

So maybe that is what is at play here?


“Without realizing it; Does the story told in World of Warcraft no longer appeal to me, because of how long, I have played this game?”


Do I just care too much? Am I just “getting too old for this shit”?

Or is the story no longer the core of the game, but has been developed into something, that comes later on in the game-making process, to fit the systems of World of Warcraft instead? Something minor, to make it sound “cool”? I feel a change in the overall theme.



Faction War and reactions


The teens I observed in the store, appeared much more “right in your face” tossing around swear words, and had a much more direct, yet obscure behavior, than I do.

I imagine, that they find the “Faction War” much more captivating and “awesome”.

Whereas someone like me; I really dislike it. I particularly hate, what it is doing to people;


“I hate seeing players fight each other on social media, making the Faction War personal.  Granted, that does say a lot more about the players on their own, but is there really any reason to light the fuse?”


I hate how a small, small part of me have this feeling of “unfairness”, and the only way to make things even between the Alliance and Horde would be, say, to…



Kill off “Zappy Boi”


See what I did there? I just mentioned this as an example, but am I not right in assuming, that the idea of that alone;

the idea of the Alliance slaughtering Zappy Boi – Zekhan, just for the sake of it, just for the “let us cause an uproar, just wait and see, it will make sense in years ” plot, is causing a reaction on your side?

Let there be no doubt, that I adore this troll! I just used this example to highlight, what the Faction War might trigger, when it comes to emotions, in the players, who engage in it daily. Because it involves our race, our alliances, our faction, our zones. Not just hostile NPCs we have no deeper connection to; not just a supporting role actor.


“Is it positive?”


I think there is a chance, we react this way, because we are not standing together in overcoming a joined foe, but instead we deal with meaningless slaughtering, while we “wait”.

Perhaps the reason beind all of this is to make us hunger so much for the hostility between us to be over, so that it will fill us with enormous relief once it ends, and we will be able to play across factions. But is the journey to this a good experience?



The stronger the feeling, the better the reaction?


“At Least It Made You Feel Something” – was a good read for me, over at Co-geeking.

“Feeling something” is not always a measure for succes, I think. Sometimes things need hard work, in fact, most things worth going for, does. A feeling of relief, immersion and joy can only happen, if there is drama somewhere along the lines, I get that. We need excitement, so we do not find it dull. We need to be hooked, we need to care.

But isn’t it about the right balance?

Isn’t it about the journey, and not so much about the destination, where it all – apparently – finally makes sense?


“If I feel disconnected to a movie, I stop watching. If I feel disconnected to a book, I stop reading. I need to feel enjoyment, while I watch, I need to feel it while I read. – and not just in the last part of the movie, or on the last page of the book.”


If I do not enjoy it, I simply just say “Okay, hey, this is not for me, it’s for another type of viewer/reader”.

But what of the story of World of Warcraft?

I feel as if, it is a whole other thing to not chose the story of the game. I cannot avoid choosing the story, since it is the core of the game. (Is it?) And I do not want to either.

I frequently see this meme around, with words similar to “The less I care, the more happy I am.”

Is that the solution? Can I pull it off?



Trimming Target Audience


Are Classic servers meant as a salvation for those of us, who feel this way?

And us going there, will make it easier to focus on fewer player segments in the future in the current version of the game?

I said it before; We all know the rose-tinted goggles are strong, there is clearly a market for it, but releasing Classic servers is not just about listening to the devoted fans, who have played on Illegal servers since Cataclysm. Something larger must be at play.


“Are we seeing a shift in more and more aspects of the current version of the game, optimized to appeal to fewer and fewer player segments, that are more likely to finance the game best?”


“Spreading yourself too thin” is never a good idea, so it might be what is happening? (Right expression?)

I mean, trying to please multiple target audience at once must be getting harder and harder, when we all mature, age, grow up, while also seeing new players, teenagers, entering the scene.

I do know and realize, that many still enjoy the game, so:

Is it my age or is it how my personality has developed since the launch of the game first and foremost, that plays a part, in how I view the ongoing development of World of Warcraft – and hinders me in enjoying the story of the game anymore?

Note, I use the word hinders, because I sincerely want to get back to a much greater feeling of immersion, than I have right now.

But down to my very core, I feel a disconnection to the ongoing story; it’s simply not for me.

And even if it turns out, that two years from now, Chromie appears and just manages to rewind time two years, or everything suddenly makes sense, and we find out, that everything had to happen for a reason – I just want to emphasize, that for me, it is the journey that matters.


“Just like an end to a great show, like How I Met Your Mother, can taint the entire show, if it goes against all of the development of the characters up until that point – just as well can an ongoing story taint the end of that same story, even if the end is extraordinary.”


It goes both ways.



Just for the record; I am still enjoying myself in Battle for Azeroth – mostly because of the friends I play and talk with, and I have several very positive “Look how great this World of Warcraft is!” and “Choosing to stay positive; How it helps in the game” posts ahead of me. This time of year is where I craft my annual “Well done” poster to Blizzard as well. Again, this post is not a “flame war” towards the game.

But this subject has been on my mind for so long, that I needed to get it out there.

I am more than open to the fact, that it is my head, that is on backwards.





“And today, more so than ever, do I wish I had the intelligence and ability to bring this discussion on a much greater level and add much more depth to it, than I am able to. I wish I could toss in a lot of facts, charts and what not, to support what I say.”


So many of you blow me away with how structured and straight to the point your posts and thoughts are, I am in awe.

I did my best though, so thank you so much for sticking with me all to the end of the post!


What are your thoughts on this?


I am sincerely interested in everything you have to say.
Merry Monday to all of you wonderful bloggers and readers, and thank you again, so much, in advance. 🙂



A journey through Stormsong Valley

My goodness, the amount of days between my posts are far too many. I am just so busy in the real world these days. I hope that is changing sometime soon.

Until then, know, that I’m enjoying all of your blog posts on Battle for Azeroth and beyond, so another sincere thank you again for keeping me updated and entertained! I can’t express how much I appreciate it; reading things on your personal blog is so much better than a datamining site. Thank you 🙂

And if I follow your blog, that is none WoW related, then thank you for enriching my life too 🙂


Okay so, I have now quested through all the Alliance zones there is, though I have not done the Jaina quest chain. I can’t progress on it, since my reputation bar is stuck from my lack of doing World Quests (Remember my fondness for World Quests, and “The Tale of “She Who Said No To World Quests”?)


But, I made it through Stormsong Valley and have picked my top Screenshots, so here they are 🙂







Hm, not sure if this is from that song, actually?







Random bonus info. I am scared of turtles this size. Hold on, I will explain this in a future post!





…And the level of details. Is that a glass eye!?





I had to screenshot this. I’m quite impressive!





[Orca Splash] – the newest datamined ability for Druids!















Being able to still repair someone elses equipment, despite lying down – I admire that.













And here is a special piece on…


Alunaria vs. Quilltop


Seriously. Whoever came up with this place…This takes the price for the most frustrating cave-system to date. Ever. (Ever, ever, ever!)

A tragic story told in screenshots

SPOILERS: I never go there without my Hearthstone off cooldown.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Oh, well 🙂

I also really want to participate in Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge, despite being late for it. I’ll just start small with Topic 38: How do you level in Battle for Azeroth 🙂

I thought about skipping that challenge, since I imagine, I have nothing exciting to say on that one, I imagine, but Z and Cinder wants to know, how I level in Battle for Azeroth 🙂

I honestly just takes it as it comes. Quests first, everything else, later 🙂

None-repeatable quests that tells a good story is my biggest drive in the game; it’s the one thing I look forward to the most. I used to be hunting for pets, mounts, explorations, achievements, you name it, in the past, but I haven’t got the time to devote myself to that anymore. Quests and story is my top priority and what I find the most enjoyable.

Having so little time to play the game sometimes works in my advantage; I arrive so late to the party, that so many things have been fixed, once I get there. Often I am not affected by all the commotion, bugs and imbalance, that is taking place at the beginning of a new expansion. Always look at the bright side 🙂




I hope you are continuing to enjoy Battle for Azeroth and the good sides it has.

Wishing you all a tranquil Tuesday 🙂

The Battle for Lordaeron


Oh, I know, this is old news, but I think the scenario still deserves a post on it’s own on my blog. It’s easy to “miss out” on the details of it, as one can risk going into it with a little “Let’s get to BfA already!”, and while I slowly make my way to 120, I thought it’d be nice to get these shots out there. (Edit: Update! Just hit 120!)

I will let them stand alone to tell the story.

























Though I went into this scenario with sadness (since I felt the story leading up to it was not well handled), I think that the scenario itself is extremely well made.

I did it several times to get the best shots, and track down all the Night Elves I could find, to help the race feel more present in this entire storyline.

The battle scene at night using the Inky Black Potion, where Blight is claiming the lives of so many Alliance soldiers, was particularly tough to get right – I wanted to capture Alunaria’s expression to reflect on how fast it was spreading – and how important it was to hold ones breath and go on.


I hope all of you are enjoying yourself in Battle for Azeroth, no matter what keeps you busy – and I hope to be back soon with a few (hah) shots from Stormsong Valley 🙂



Ande’thoras-ethil to all of you, with a heartfelt thank you for all the great blog posts on Battle for Azeroth content already, helping me get an idea of what awaits 🙂



Screenshot from the Horde scenario, kindly submitted by Zeshio 🙂



The Seacrew visits Kul Tiras

The Seacrew is an ongoing series here at the Avenue, bringing you all the silliest puns and jokes on a variety of themes.


By popular demand, The Seacrew has returned! (Also known as, why Alunaria is level 115 instead of 116)

Zeshio originally chose Pandaria as the setting and theme, as a reward for participating in my Toy Challenge a while back, but he has agreed to changed the theme to something more…Battle for Azeroth fitting 😉



So, naturally, the Seacrew is now in Kul Tiras, and what better topic for the Comedy Night than…

Pirates! Arrrr!


Here we go 🙂
















Me and my Sea lion balloon cruisin’ the Boralus.




Have a happy day, everyone 🙂






Ps. I spent like half an hour being unsure of the use of “visit”. Is the Seacrew counting as “one”, so it’s the Seacrew visits, or are they counting as “they”, so it is the Seacrew visit? I was so unsure! Thanks for helping me out 🙂

Sassy Sunday: We have rainbows!

Sassy Sunday is a new ongoing series, meant for the little things in World of Warcraft, that makes me keep playing. If you ever come across anything, I encourage you to share it 🙂

-“Joy shared is twice the joy. Sorrow shared is half the sorrow.”


My goodness. Who makes a blog post about a rainbow? Me. Because, we do, we do have rainbows! Look up!

Old news to most perhaps, but new news to me. Must make post.

As I was preparing to journey to the next zone, I came across, for only a moment, a rainbow in World of Warcraft. I have never seen that before. (Except those we make ourselves with the toy, of course)

It was not very noticeable at all – I had to do some editting to these to highlight it better, but I loved it.

I might be critical here and there, and I might not be all ‘rainbows and unicorns’ (hah) all the time, but I am also easy to please with these things.

I mean, rainbows!





Have you seen them yet? Show me! As soon as I ran towards it, it dissapeared. Aw. This is such a cool addition to the weather effects.

Also, those new darker evenings? Who loves those? I sure do.


Also, that face…



Curious bird is curious.



Alunaria as Balance Specced. #NotDoingItRight. (Mourning Glory)



Superior stag glidin’ on.



One of my very favorite things so far though; those new couches. It makes sleeping look so much more natural. So sweet.



All curled up after a long day…





(Yes, every single time)



Enjoy your Sunday everyone 🙂

A journey through Tiragarde Sound

Well, I am not half way through it yet, but the screenshots are piling up, and picking just 5 for Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge sure is difficult – and it runs until tomorrow, so I best tackle this now!

“First impressions count and a new expansion brings a host of new zones to explore and new NPCs to meet. Come and share your first impressions or favourite locations you find over the first fortnight of playing by showing us your favourite 5 (or more if you can’t choose) screenshots.”


Okay. 5 screenshots. Five.

Let’s see now…



These quests were hilarious. I love all the new looks of NPCs, how they can lean, carry things and what not. And +Flynn drunk, hah.



This made me laugh out loud. Why is he sitting on such a small chair? I could hardly see him when I entered the room, lol.






This guy obviously hates his job. That finger drumming on the table and lost look in his eyes. It’s the postal office.



Too Cute. Must be in the post.


That’s 5 already? Okay, I can’t do it, I tried, but no, it’s too hard, sorry!




Funny reference to Lord of the Rings 🙂 (Right?)



This I really like. A soaking wet bear seeking shelter in a cave, while it rains.



Too. Funny. 😀



I cherish all these things that puts a smile on my face.



The water calls…(Not the most exciting underwater scenery yet, but perhaps later on)



Who here adores all the cut scenes?



I took this screenshot, because at this exact location, the music Jaina´s Homeland is playing. I love that piece.



I just finished watching the movies The Shallows and 47 Meters Down- so this scared me!



Such a great update to the horse model. I brought out my old Pinto for comparison. I wonder if they will get updated as well?



More cutscenes. Much love for those. Look, there’s me!



So good lookin’! I want to be able to have our characters pose like that. The models are in the game now. So why can’t we?



Spooooky underwater rare mob.



These boat rides. I love those. They make me slow down. If they added that calming sound of the ocean, it would be perfect.



That view from that mountain I had to climb.



When can I have this pet?



I like all the added dialogue options with NPCs. Even when I bore them, apparently!



How awesome to see a witch like that in WoW!



One of my favorite parts of Battle for Azeroth is helping those you pass by. Those side quests. It makes me feel as if I am back in Duskwood, just a traveller passing by, instead of the all mighty ArchDruid that everyone needs.



Merciful Elune, please bless the fallen.



I had to cut this quite small, but it’s the bear and dog crew together. Too important to miss.



I adore horses. And the new model in WoW is gorgeous, I think.



A mage buffed me!



That new dance looks so great too. When can I do that!?



Size does not matter.



Helping this guy overcome his fear of riding? Top 10 quest material 🙂



Underwater breathing buff on an Orca…



A dear friend gave me this. A mount I didn’t know existed, to keep me company until we meet again. Sweet, adorable and cherished gift ♥




One of my best action shots yet! Jumping Bear vs. Parrot? (The space bar is the first one to go on my keyboard)



I saved this one.

My favorite screenshot


This. I love how this turned out.



What a journey. Half way through Tiragarde Sound and halfway though level 112. So much to look forward to in Kul Tiras.





Wishing you all a fantastic weekend ahead!

Do you have a favorite screenshot so far? 🙂



The Reining Champion, Show Me What You’ve Got & Best in Show

Funny how this is my first post after Battle for Azeroth launched! That was not my intention. But oh, well.

I have a collection of screenshots stored from my journey in Tiragarde Sound so far, but that will have to wait until the next post 🙂

Marathal first made a post on this quest some days ago, and I didn’t know it then. I have a friend in game, who then also said she struggled with it due to health reasons, and in general she is not very comfortable with these “on vehicle” quests.

So once I came across it in game myself, I made her a guide, which helped her overcome it, complete the quest, and be able to move on. We were able to be in a group too, and she could see my attempt on it live.

So I decided to share the images and guide here, hoping it might help others out there, because I can easily relate to how frustrating it must be, to have things locked behind not being able to do it. Eespecially since it’s so different compared to playing your character with their own normal spells.



Alright. Horse show! Good fun. It begins in Norwington Estate, in Tiragarde Sound, after you speak with Lord Aldrius Norwington. He has a bunch of quests for you to do, that involves scoring 150 points first, then 300 points, by jumping over fences and harpoon jabbin’ and bola throwin’ the right targets (gnolls and paper zeppelins)

The quests are called Show Me What You’ve Got and Best in Show. The achievement is called The Reining Champion. (The achievement is not needed)

Whenever you jump over a fence, you get a boost to your score, when you hit the targets.



It has been difficult for my friend to get it done in time – you really do not have much time to accomplish it, if you are a keyboard turner or just in general struggle with these kind of different “on vehicle” quests.

So this is what you need to do. Hop up on Cooper, your horse, and let’s begin.



This screenshot speaks for itself, I guess, but still.

The first two rounds, you focus on building up your stacks, by jumping over as many fences as possible, as fast as you can. Follow the Green path – hit the gnolls you run into. On the remaining rounds, follow the Pink path, and maintain your stack, while also making sure you hit every single gnoll, there is in your way.




Pay close attention to how you address the fence jumping while aiming for the gnoll in the middle on the pink rounds. Here is another angle showing it.



And the last one, showing the angle from the other side, on which you jump over the two fences in the middle. I did experiment with including the gnoll in the middle in round 2 and onwards; some times it worked, others, it did not. RNG is somewhat related, I think – there have been a few reports stating, that it is bugged a tad. Give it a try and see what you are most comfortable with.



Your (1) button is Rabid Dash, which makes your horse go faster. Only use it at these two places, click it where the arrow points to. It makes turning difficult, and you might miss out on your fence-jumping stack, if you use it elsewhere during your rounds, and that just can’t happen. Never let it drop.



Important Tips and Tricks


While maintaining your rounds the way I have shown above, you also have to be aware, of when the Paper Zeppelin spawns. Lord Aldrius will yell something along the lines of “Zeppelin out!”.

When he does yell, just relax. No need to hit it straight away. Let it come to the middle. Jump over more fences, hit gnolls, while you wait. This way you obtain a bigger score, once you do hit the Zeppelin.

It is important to have a macro ready. /Target Paper Zeppelin. Have it on a secondary actionbar, not on your main actionbar, because that gets overwritten with the vehicle interface (I think).

Do that, when it spawns, and have “Target shown” enabled on your minimap, or just look around, while still focusing on your round and keeping your Style buff on. Just take notice, of where it spawns.

Once the first Zeppelin reaches the middle, toss your bola towards it (3).

The next Zeppelin is treated in the same way. You should have your 300+ points now for sure.

Now, this is the important part if you are here for the achievement; the last Zeppelin. It is vital for you to hit, to get a score of 600 (so if you are just here for the 300 score, skip this part).

I chose to keep going, because I am so damn stubborn (sigh!), and if there is a system/achievement in place, I want to beat it.

Anyway, the last Zeppelin spawns just a few seconds, before the timer runs out. So you have to be very quick. And you also have to rely a tad on RNG, because chances are, it might spawn in one of the other corners, and be out of range to you. And sometimes, it spawns a few seconds later, so you miss out on it, no matter what you do.

Just keep trying. RNG will be in your favor eventually.

You have to attempt to place yourself in the middle of the area, a few seconds before the timer runs out, and be quick on your macro and bola toss. Keep jumping fences too.




And there you have it. I really hope, this will help out those, who struggle with the quests. It’s perfectly alright, not to be able to get these things done right away, don’t let it bring you down. 🙂 We all have our own achilles heel (right expression, I hope.)

And I hope all of you are enjoying Battle for Azeroth 🙂 It’s been great reading all your posts on it so far, especially when I’m so far behind, it’s a treat, that you all keep it story-spoiler free, so thank you for that 🙂


“Adorned in armor”

I hope to be able to dive into Battle for Azeroth tomorrow. Until then… 🙂




“The time has come for an attempt to move on…



…and as I challenge myself, my armor I adorn.”



“A clear head I will need, as sharp as my claws…



…and never lose sight of why I fight – or of my cause.”



“I practice my spells, offensive or not…



…recall all I have learned, everything I’ve been taught.”



“I try to be calm, yet watchful and alert…



…without dwelling too much on all of the hurt.”



“Finding meaning in the chaos is my biggest challenge of all…



…I question if we can make a difference, even when we feel so small?”



“I think back on Teldrassil; beauty, from it’s roots to the sky…



…but most of all I think of my people, I think of the Kaldorei”



“Children of the Stars, our Goddess is near…



…gather your courage to fight, for all we hold dear”



“So find me on the battlefield, just look for the moon…



…I will be there to heal, morning, night or noon.”



“Let us look forward, and never again be pushed back…


…Kaldorei, our time is now, so for the Goddess – attack!””



The above scenes were shot in Feralas at Feathermoon Stronghold.

Did you know, the orignal music from Teldrassil is playing there?

If anyone is interested, the transmog is this…

Headpiece: Conqueror’s Nightsong Headpiece, Shoulders: Mantle of Gnarled Overgrowth, Cloak: Dreadlord’s Tattered Wingcover, Chest: Imp-Overseer’s Vest, Shirt: The Very Best Shirt (because, fun), Tabard: Tabard of the Dreamweavers, Bracers: Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Bindings of Meditation, Gloves: Insulated Wirer’s Gloves, Waist: Hozen-Speed Waistband, Leggings: Kilt of Immortal Nature, Boots: Ruthless Gladiator’s Footguards of Alacrity and Weapon: Explorer’s Walking Stick.

I simply love how the knives and other details of the Imp-Overseer’s Vest now go through the tabard. And that collar. I like the collar look 🙂


I wish all of you the best time ahead in Battle for Azeroth 🙂

I probably won’t be blogging all that much the following month, since my time is short, I have to divide it carefully between my blog and the game. I can blog while on the bus and out with deliveries, but I can only game at home in the evening. But I’ll try to be around here and there 🙂

Safe journey everyone!

Thank you to the Tauren in my grocery store…


…Is a title someone never used before!


I had to go pick up a package yesterday. Sadly postoffices are more and more a thing of the past, so it had to be picked up at a grocery store. I had no idea what it was, there was no sender on the message I got.

But off I went, and when the sales person found it, it was enormous. I could quickly feel that most of it inside was bubble wrap, because it weighted way less than the size of it indicated, so I asked if they could discard the packing material for me, since I was with the bus. I opened it, and to my big surprise, it was the Collector’s Edition of Battle for Azeroth. (Which I ordered ages ago, and didn’t expect before way into next week)

I cancelled my account a few weeks ago, knowing fully well, that it would be a phase, I had to go through in relation to how poorly the War of Thorns event was handled by Blizzard. (I have had trouble getting any kind of hype back for BfA though.)

But little did I know, that what would play out in the following moments would make my long lost hype for the expansion return, at least a little bit…



The sales person looked down on the Collector’s Edition, I had just placed on the counter, as I was getting ready to tuck it into my bag.

He looked up at me and asked “Wait…Is that for you?”

I tend to get that question a lot as a female gamer.

“Yep!”, I responded.

“How cool! New expansion and all!” – he said and then continued “Wait…Horde or Alliance?”

Then out of no where, I had one of my geekiest moments yet, where I almost shouted, right there, in the middle of the store “Gosh, FOR THE ALLIANCE, of course!”

Then he asked me to leave the store. Lol. He was obviously playing Horde.

I went on and then said “Are you kidding me? Your Warchief is an absolute lunatic, no matter what her intentions are. Which class and race are you playing anyway…”

“Hm.”, he said. “I used to play an Orc Warrior. Now I’m a Tauren Druid though”.

I sighed with relief and retracted my claws. “Ah, okay. That’s a different story then. I main a Druid too. Keep your Warchief in a leash – I shall see you in Moonglade then.”

“You shall.”, he said, we chuckled, and then I left the store.

It was obvious he was an old school player, since he clearly knew, how Moonglade was such a sanctuary to us back in Vanilla, and how both Tauren and Night Elf Druids rarely engaged in combat with each other.



That was one awesome moment to me.

Out of no where, despite everything, my faithful readers know I have struggled with the Burning of Teldrassil, that it happened and in particular with how it was handled. I have been wondering so much, how to get back on the hype train of BfA. I had almost given up. But then this happened. It was so cool.

I do not see it as a success with the “rally our gamers to pick a side and fight each other”, because I dislike the concept so much in general  – but as two fellow gamers, sharing the same passion for a game, who randomly just ran into each other.

We never know, if the person we pass on the street, have the same interest as we do!


Thank you, Tauren in my grocery store. Through a combination of happenings, you played a part in having me return and overcome the loss of Teldrassil and move on.


(I’m not really moved on. One more post on the subject, THEN I’ll move on, I promise. To try.)


Unwrapping the Collector’s Edition helped too, of course…(And getting it before the release date!)












The one thing I really missed more than anything, was the CD case. Getting just a thin piece of paper with a code on was just not for me. I get it; many do not use CDs anymore, but I still do, and it has been a long tradition here, listening to it the very moment we get it. But having to log in, download, do the whole computer thing, means, we have not even listened to it. (We probably can’t access it yet either)

I miss the artbook a lot too, but I look forward to read the stories on my couch instead of online. There’s just something about sitting with a real book.

I did scout the box for the name of Russell Brower, and it is there, but maybe it is an honorable mention. I have not found anything with his name on yet, but granted, I have not listened to the music either.

Overall, you can certainly get the “quality item feel” when you unbox this. The coin is heavy, shines a tad less than what I saw on other images though, but that’s not nessesarily a bad thing. The stand is made of plastic, I tried to show that on the image above, but it’s alright.


PS. Did I just have a Saurfang/Sylvanas/random encounter to change my mind – moment?



Wishing you all a sassy Sunday 🙂


Funny Stats of Legion

Yesterday I said I wanted to share a few funny stats of Legion, so here they are 🙂

Let’s see if you guessed correctly…

The stats are possible to keep track of under your Statistics- Achievement panel, a IF you kept record of them earlier on, before going into Legion.

The reason I can – is the term – pinpoint – exactly what I did in Legion, is because Alunaria was created for that expansion. (I have a lot of Druids. Sometimes I have rerolled another, if there is a huge overhaul to their gaming style – or if I have been on a long break.)

But you can easily do this for yourself once Battle for Azeroth ends – just take screenshots of all your statistics now, and revisit them then 🙂




Wildeheart guessed on 324 hugs. I’m sorry – You  must have underestimated my will to cuddle!

Minimalistway guessed on 100-150 facepalms. Again, am sorry – I am way more overbearing, than you thought I was, it seems!

Wrathofkublakhan took at shot and guessed nothing less than 320,420 hugs. I guess I am letting you down now, because not even I have the time to hug 450 people a day!



But let’s have a look at a few random statistics of Legion, an expansion that lasted around …710ish days?


  • Gold spent on barber shops 3020 gold
  • Need rolls made on loot 504
  • Gold looted 153.838 gold
  • Gold spent on travel 1606 gold
  • Gold spent on postage 3 gold (This can’t be right, lol?)
  • Total healing done in Legion 133066842668 (What number does it even say here?)
  • Critters killed 7025 (Gosh. And not one of these was on purpose.)
  • Total Honorable Kills 2472
  • Creatures killed 264239
  • Total deaths 1017 (That’s over 3 deaths a day, what the heck.)
  • Deaths from drowning and fatigue 17 (I’m surprised this isn’t more.)
  • Deaths from falling 75 (I am looking at you, hidden hole on Mac’Aree…)
  • Deaths from fire and lava 3
  • Quest completed 9743
  • Total 5 player dungeon entered 822
  • Total 25 player raids entered 178
  • Fish and other things caught 15.345 (Seriously? This can’t be right either, hah. No wonder I never get anything done – It’s 21 fish and other things a day.)
  • Flight paths taken 1239
  • Mage portal taken the most – Portal to Darnassus
  • Highest score on Endless Damage in Proving Grounds 3320
  • Highest score no Endless Tanking in Proving Grounds 3015
  • Highest score on Endless Healing in Proving Grounds 32126
  • Class Hall Missions completed 1919 (Horray for the Companion App.)
  • Epic items acquired 8295
  • Number of times hearthed 350
  • Number of hugs 890 (N’awww.)
  • Total facepalms 3
  • Total times LOL’d 455
  • Total cheers 379


So to sum up;


…I spent Legion sending far too little mail. Though I did heal a huge bunch and sure travelled a lot. Tons of Critters were accidentially harmed in the process. My ocean adventures were resulting in far fewer deaths, than I thought they would! I got my hair cut all the time it seems (Good thing there is no track record of gold spent on transmogrification…)

I stood in the fire three times too many, but I made sure to cheer and laugh a lot, while it happened. And I gave almost 3 hugs a day!

Overall a pretty good expansion based on these numbers, don’t you think? 😉



I toyed around with the Call to Arms – create your own party portrait function. It is a tad buggy, not all my characters would load, and some are in the wrong armor, wearing just a class set they do not even have the right level to put on, hah.

And you can’t download the results right now either (more bugs), so you have to manually screenshot and copy it to Paint for example. But I figured it would be fun to have all my characters together before the expansion ends.

My Characters


That was all – I would love to get a peak into your Fun Stats of Legion 🙂


Have a joyful weekend everyone 🙂

Farewell to Legion


As we are near the end of Legion, Z and Cinder are back with another challenge. 🙂

Topic 36 from Z and Cinder’s Blog challenge is divided into two parts.


Part 1 – What were your top 3 moments in Legion?

Part 2 – What are you most looking forward to about Battle for Azeroth?



Part 1 – What were your top 3 moments in Legion?



Val’sharah (and the Druid Class Hall) as a zone was, despite its story, a fantastic zone for me. My favorite of Legion, easily. I know it’s not exactly a “moment”, but it needs to be in the spotlight, because of how much I cherished it. Night Elves, Druids, Dreamrunners, Wisps, forests, beautiful waters too.

The storytelling of Legion overall has been so appealing to me too, well tied up, and it’s the reason I returned to the game after my long break.

I also liked the Gilnean part in Val’sharah over at Bradensbrook – it gave such an old school Westfall-y feeling 🙂



Another great moment was the challenges I managed to overcome; Brawlers Guild as a Healer, and the Mage Tower Challenges for all my specs. Especially completing the Restoration Druid challenge just a few weeks after it was released was an adrenaline rush, I have not had since I raided.

I like solo challenges in the game a lot now, and doing them in ways, that was not the intention. Due to limited gametime compared to years ago, before we became parents, it means something to be to be able to accomplish these, just to show myself, I still got it.


Khadgar GD.jpg

The third moment I have picked is killing Gul’dan (just the LFR version), that moment when Khadgar arrived and yelled to rally us; that was really something for me. Very epic feeling 🙂

Gul’dan was a bad guy done the right way, I think; the way he was built up, the way he was made important, and the way we took him down. Great immersion for me at least 🙂

I played the Anduin Theme every time I did the encounter, it just seemed so fitting.


Honorable Mention – Canticle of Sacrifice


I think the music piece Canticle of Sacrifice deserves to be mentioned here. It is so beautiful. (A version of it is played, when you are near Lion’s Rest in Stormwind)
The work of Russell Brower will forever be missed in World of Warcraft. The singer Nella was a perfect fit for this song.



Part 2 – What are you most looking forward to about Battle for Azeroth?


I am skipping this part for now, since I’m not that hooked on Battle for Azeroth anymore.

But instead I have looked into a few Fun Statistics from Legion, that I will have up tomorrow 🙂
Can you guess how many hugs I gave in Legion? 😉

Hidden stats.jpg


Cheerful day to all of you I wish 🙂

War of the Thorns: When the story of a game is not in it

As someone who cares deeply about immersion in a game, the War of the Thorns has left me so disappointed. I had another post in the making about the event, but it turned into such a rant, that I cancelled it, because my site is normally a joyful place.

However, since wowhead released an insight into the novella, that will come with the Collector’s Edition, it has ignited my need to address this subject again, and so I will.

You can find the info on wowhead here.



screenshot from


I play Alliance. Night Elf. I see the in game events and stories from this side, and this side alone – except perhaps a few YouTube visits to follow the Horde development. After the burning of Teldrassil, my will to log in and play has suddenly gone from ultra-super-mega hyped for Battle for Azeroth to none existing.

I have given it some days to reflect upon, but it was not until the insight into the novella Elegy, that I realized, what troubles me the most.

See, I knew the burning of Teldrassil was coming. We all knew, right? I was well prepared for that. It was not exactly spoiler-alerted at BlizzCon. And even if I felt upset by it, I could always toggle on an earlier version of the game, right? (Although it is not the same) Yet still, it left me feeling as above.

At first, I thought the reason for me feeling this way, was caused by losing the home of all my Night Elves (I only play that race), it was losing a lot of the levelling zones I played through, since I began in August 2005.

But I now realize, it is the way, it is being told, that really adds to this frustration.



To my Night Elf in game, the burning of Teldrassil was heart wrenching. Granted.

But the story told in game has so many holes, compared to what we read in the novella, that it is bizarre.

I am not asking for a cinematic in game. I am not entitled to ANYTHING AT ALL. I just play the game, and if I do not like it, I can quit. I get it.

I know, that Blizzard have other people from “above” breathing down their necks, pushing them to release unfinished stuff.

But would it have taken SO much more development power, to at least add a few emotes explaining where Tyrande was, while the burning of Teldrassil took place? Explaining the thoughts that ran through her head? Explain the turmoil she went through, from a distance?

I would even have settled for a simple Kaldorei NPC in Stormwind, that merely had a few things in /say, to let us know, once we arrive in Stormwind. But there is nothing. Nothing at all.

All we see is Tyrande suddenly popping up to save Malfurion, using her bow to threaten Saurfang (while in the novella, that also goes down completely different), and then she uses the Hearthstone Anduin has given her, to get back to Stormwind.

As a player, after desperately trying to save the civilians of Darnassus, having to portal to Stormwind, only to deliver the quest to Anduin (What is the reason for not speaking with Tyrande?) is bizarre, because it is followed of the fact, that…

Malfurion suddenly is back at 100% health (from 1%)

Both he and Tyrande has not gotten a single line of dialogue, when you try to speak with them. They are not even placed in a way, that shows Tyrande trying to mend his wounds. They just stand there.

There is no reaction from the two of them. Nothing shows us their sorrow at all. You could argue, they are leaders, and should have a certain professional pose, but come on. We are heroes, that have aided them so much over the years, you’d think we have gone pass that by now.

This, is what irritates me the most. I have visited them daily since Wednesday, because a part of me believed, it would have to be a bug. But nothing.



It makes this whole event feel so strange, and it really hinders the immersion, on a disturbing level.

It is times like these, I wish I was better with words in English. But you have to settle for the explanation I try to give, when I compare WoW to a movie.

If I am going to watch a movie, where I have to rely on external sources to get it told, to get even crucial important facts (that changes the whole meaning of the story) – to even understand it, it is not a good movie.

If I watch a movie, where I first get told 5 minutes in “real time”, then the movie skips the next 10 minutes, and I see the next 5 from a different perspective, then it skips important facts of the ongoing events, then it skips back. It is not a good movie.

And if the whole plot of the movie will not make sense until way down the line, and the instructor asks you to just “wait and see”, it is not a good movie.

Not to me. And reading the novella has granted me the clarity I needed, in order to see what is troubling me the most.

This event seems unfinished. You can argue, it is indeed NOT finished. It is only just getting started.

But as I stated above, good story telling does not hinder immersion in the way, we see it in the game right now.


I find it such a shame. It could have been so great.

I love reading lore about World of Warcraft. I look forward to the novellas. But some of what is told in them, should have been in the game. Not next week, not in six months. Now.

Again, and I cannot stress this enough; I am not asking for cinematics. I am not even asking for cool in game effects. I am just asking for a consistent story to be told, without the need to minimize my game, and get it told elsewhere.

One simple NPC in Stormwind to catch us up with nothing but a few lines in /Say or /Emote would have been enough.


Books, movies, interviews, wowhead, You Tube, Twitter, you name it.

It can all be used to enhance our in-game experience.

But we should not rely on it, for the story to make sense.


Thank you for reading through my entire post. I hope it does not come off as a completely rant; I genuinely tried to address this as best and constructive as I could.


I know this subject divides us.

What’s your view?


Happy week to everyone 🙂

Let’s Craft #5 World of Warcraft – Teldrassil and Darnassus

If you are not going to rebuild it…I am.




This has been my biggest project ever. It took over an entire week, and was done in many, many stages. But I have worked very intensely on it in the last 24 hours

I’ll try to make an easy go to-guide!



I really wanted to craft my own Teldrassil and Darnassus, and originally the idea was “just” a few trees, colored in the same way.

But inspiration suddenly got a hold of me, and I started making the iconic tree in Darnassus, adding details like a mailbox, a gryphon, the Temple of the Moon, a boat, a small part of the dock, a Moonwell, profession signs, the Cenarion Enclave and The Howling Oak (People seem to forget a little about the Worgens these days).

I went on a tour and picked “a few” of those things that resembles all the time spent there in the past. I made the Night elf crest, Darnassus Banner and Druid crest too.

It turned out way better, than I thought it would. (I genuinely thought I would have to place and replace the trees over and over to get it right! But first attempt was successful)


Let’s get started 🙂

Gather materials! You are going to need…

Fake flowers/trees, depending on your budget. Fake trees are way more pricier, than I thought! So I had to go with fake flowers and added real tree stumps instead

Some old tree stumps

Paper to print on (printer, of course, too)

Take screenshots, edit and print the images you want to add

Spray paint – Purple (or normal, but spray paint worked great). Normal dark brown paint.

Normal paint – I think I went with acrylic? Not sure it matters. I’m not a pro painter at all whatsoever! – Dark brown

A brush

Toothpicks to secure the trees, buildings and boats etc.

That flower “spunge” kind of material. Is it called flower oasis in English too?

A pot/jar of some kind to place it all in

Small ‘metal chain’ to use to hang the lanterns and profession signs in


Super glue

Normal glue

Double sided tape


That’s I think 🙂



Spray paint the flowers outside. This worked so great. I thought I’d have to paint over the purple with green, but the spray was landing in all the right places, and really made it look Teldrassil-y to me, with a little green here and there.

I originally was planning to add yellow to the top of them – a lot of the trees in Teldrassil have (had… 😦 ) that – but I think the results looked good without, and I did not want to jeopardize that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Paint the tree stumps and tooth picks. I thought, that I would use the tree stumps, as they were, but they looked way better with paint up against the fantasy trees, I think.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Tuck in the spunge oasis thing in the pot/jar.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Print the images you want. I made my screenshots into more painted kinds of images – it just seemed to make a better fit. Add a little extra carton on the lower part of the back center piece (The Temple of the Moon in my case), so you can stick it into the flower spunge thing.

Do not be confused about the screenshots; some of these images were not used. It got too crowded, I feel, so I had to be selective.

And oops, our sons little hand is in one of the screenshots ♥

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Paint the flower sticks, so it looks like wood.

Add the screenshot of grass/Moonwell, whatever you pick as “ground”, and tuck it around the flower spunge oasis thing 🙂 I secured it with toothpicks in the sides, but I really didn’t have to. There will be plenty of toothpicks to secure it with from all the trees/decorations later on!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This little piece was the most time consuming for me; The iconic tree in Darnassus at the bank. (It’s also in northern Teldrassil though)

I painted the wood, and cut a little piece of cartoon to look like the wings of the bird. I was really lucky to find a piece of tree stump, that looked like the tree in Darnassus. At least I think it does 🙂

I cut out the bear and bird and painted over them, just a little, to make them blend more into the wood and look more natural.

Lots of super blue and double carton to secure it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Glue the metal chains onto the profession signs and lanterns.

Cut out the remaining decorations and glue the toothpicks on to their back. The Druid and Night Elf crest and Darnassus Banner are not getting a toothpick, as they will be placed up in the trees

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Put it all together! This is the satisfying part 🙂

Start with the center piece in the back (Temple of the Moon)

Then add the big trees.

Then the “bouquets” of flowers.

Then  the decorations and buildings.

Finally, the lanterns in the trees, the profession signs and the crests and banner.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


There you have it 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.