World of Warcraft Classic: I am home

Hello everyone. It sure has been a while. How are you all doing? 🙂

You have been so sweet and the messages from you, both on the blog and in my mail, nudged me to write an update today. Thank you.

Because yes. With World of Warcraft Classic, I am truly home.

To set foot on the grass of Teldrassil again…Was nothing short of amazing.

The launch of Classic was a night to remember. It´s hard to put into words, the level of “hype”, that went before it.

So many of us stayed up late, to log in at midnight to rush to secure our Guild name right away. Everyone made Night Elves, and started the grind for 10 silver to purchase the Guild Charter.

Our Guild Nighthaven is brought to life. And I am so grateful to everyone who made it come together. It is truly a unique and wonderful place to be.

We are having the best of times, playing in Classic.

What a community, what a game.


The slow pace, the old quests, the excitement over looting a bag! Seeing everyone buff each other. Old character models. Old spell effects. The music, the ambience, the water, the adventures.

I am level 16 now, and taking it slow. (Well, I haven´t got much time to play, what else can I do, one might say :p )

We settled down on the PvE server Pyrewood Village.

Those names of the Classic Servers though…Not a fan! But oh, well. The queues in the beginning were several hours. But now I am able to log in straight away in the evening 🙂

Oh, right, Alunaria´s Avenue was meant to be about pictures more than text. Here we go!

The beginning. 00.01. So. Many. Nightelves.



My beloved Teldrassil.









Aaand we are up and running, as one of the very first Guilds on the server 🙂





I find, that I am noticing so much more this time, compared to 14 years ago. The joy of returning must enhance my senses.



Getting lost in the very first cave I entered. Oh, yes. Now I remember 😉



Visiting my Class Trainer. What a joy to do that again, instead of having my spells just magically appear on my action bar.



The old water effect. Gorgeous.







Doing Druid Class Quests. More joy. Joy, joy, joy!




Inventory management is real. People cannot spend precious bag slots on carrying around things to make their own campfire! So we camp (hah) near the NPC made ones, to level our cooking.





Rain over Auberdine.






Even something as simple as waiting for the boat turns into a social get together with strangers, with buff exhanges and advice. 🙂





The long awaited run from Wetlands to Ironforge. The memories!









Look at that beautiful light reflecting in the snow.







I know that, the current version of World of Warcraft is so much prettier, in the eyes of many. But I just adore Classic. Look at the shadows of Northshire Abbey. Beautiful.



That was it, for now 🙂

I wonder, if any of you are playing Classic, and having as wonderful a time as I do? I sure hope so.

And if not, I hope you are enjoying the current version of the game instead. And that the real world is treating you well!

I haven´t been kept up to date with World of Warcraft outside of Classic, so thank you for making that easier for me too, with your devoted blog posts 🙂

And thank you again to those who have been writing me, it means a lot to me to know, that you did not forget about the Avenue, despite my silence.

Take good care, and may today treat you with kindness 🙂

An update on the Avenue

Wooosh, away with the dust.

Remember me?

I almost vanished there!

Marathal was sweet to write and check up on me, which made me realize, that an update is in order, because vanishing without a word really is not my thing.

I hope, that all of you beloved bloggers are well. I am not neglecting my blog or you, because I lost inspiration, but I am simply so busy elsewhere.

And one must go where the passion carries them, right 🙂

Those of you who know me, also know, that I very much anticipate the arrival of Classic World of Warcraft. I thought I would just play it next to the Current version of the game, yet now, I am not so sure.


It feels as if it came out of nowhere, but the Officers and some of the Members in the Guild I led in the past, have suddenly started coming together, with all of their joy and excitement.

And so, the rebuild of my beloved social Guild has begun. I am beyond thrilled.

I have been blessed with the most amazing Officer team, I have ever had in my 14 years of playing World of Warcraft, and I am so grateful for them. Being able to rebuild what we had, before the Classic game has even launched, provides us with such a solid foundation, and it is where I now spend almost all of my spare time – and happily so.


As for the Current version of World of Warcraft, I hardly play anymore. I have roleplayed the last couple of months, but the activity was starting to drop at the same time, that my beloved members came together, so it makes it feel as if things happen for a reason;

I am now meant to draw on my 14 years of World of Warcraft and Guild experience to really make this Classic journey absolutely amazing.

I feel as if this Guild will be the culmination of everything, that I have learned in the past, and it is my hope, that Classic will make it easier to appeal to potential members, since I imagine, that players with a similar mindset to our own, will be drawn to Classic.

I am excited for the times ahead, and I look forward to the gameplay, that Classic has to offer. It just appeals so much more to me, and I cannot wait to slow down 🙂


Alunaria´s Avenue is here to stay though, and once the roots of my Guild have grown strong, I will mix in a little blogging, when time allows for it. That is my hope.

Until then, I wish you all so well, and hope, that you still find joy in World of Warcraft.

Always remember to take a moment and appreciate all the little things, such as the gryphons in Battle for Azeroth and the way they drink water from time to time. 🙂 There is beauty all around us.



Have a fantastic – not too hot – not too cold – not too rainy – not too humid – not too dry – but just right – summer, and thank you for still visiting me here.

I will look forward to catch up 🙂

~ Alunaria