Which NPC has the worst job in World of Warcraft?


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So, which NPC has the worst job in World of Warcraft?

Well, not technically a job, but on my yearly visits to the Elders of the Lunar Festival, I came across this poor Night Elf…Elder Meadowrun.



And I really thought to myself, that she must have one of the worst jobs as an NPC in World of Warcraft.

Not because of what she does, but more in particular, where those above have decided, she should hang out during the Festival!


At first sight, I suppose, the cave does not look like such a dreadful place? (You know, looking aside the fact, that it is in the Plaguelands)




And Elder Meadowrun is so fair and gentle…

When you speak with her, she offers words of wisdom, and shows no bitter feelings towards whoever decided the place she has to hang out in for two weeks straight…



Yet this…!



…Is what this cave holds. This is where she has been told to stay. At least it is not forever, but two weeks inside such a gruesome cave?!

I cannot even begin to imagine the horrible experiments that has gone on here. (And I cannot remember questing there, so I guess, I have something in store…)





And do not even get me started on the layout of the cave! It’s as Vanilla as can be. It has no map of it either, so when you press M, this is all you see!




At least, Elder Meadowrun is standing somewhat close to the entrance. (I discoved, after spending 10 minutes inside it..), so she can get a sense of some fresh…well air.

If those spooky I do not even know what to call them-monsters allows her to!


(I am on my mage here, a rare sight)


So do me a favor, if you decide to fly by her in the Plaguelands and you find a cave called the Weeping Cave.

Even though you might hesitate to go inside, thinking to yourself, that no Elder could possible decide to set up camp there, pay her a visit.

Consider donating some money so send her on a well earned vacation after this!

She needs our support.



I couldn’t help but wonder…


Have you found an NPC, whos job you thought worthy of the title “Worst job in World of Warcraft”?



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