War of the Thorns – Chapter 2: Arriving in Stormwind

Where does one go from here, after such a horrific event last night..?

I am not sure. I’m not as great with words and analyzing as the rest of you guys.

A few of todays great blog posts include Marathal, Gnomecore and Kaylrieneย – Thank you, guys ๐Ÿ™‚

For now, I just want to lend my aid to those in need, the refugees in Stormwind.

I have begun visiting places, that are bound to look different after Chapter 2 of War of Thorns.

My journey to Stormwind showed, that a lot of Darnassian and Gilnean Refugees are found around the city now (Grimmtooth spotted that). They all appear so sad, many of them are crying. I can relate.



Outside of Stormwind.



A Stormwind City Clerk is answering questions from the refugees (not known to players what they are saying though)



Tyrande and Malfurion still are not saying anything, not even a word.



Inside the Cathedral though, you find Mia Greymane (Not fully healed yet) mending the wounds of survivors.




I wish Blizzard would add a few World Quests, that could involve aiding the refugees in Stormwind. Lend your healing skills to Mia Greymane in the Cathedral.

That would be great to do now.

Something to keep us going until next Wednesday, right?

It does not have to be much or be complex, just a simple – “tend to 5 refugees today” – kind of quest? Make them some food, take care of their children while they rest, heal them. You know? Perhaps I could even play the part as one of those refugees.

Look at me,


I surely have gone mad! (Send help now!)



At the docks, that used to be where you went to board the ship to Darnassus, Perrin Moontear now stands, offering you a portal to Darkshore instead.



Not everyone is caught up with recent events though…!



They are taking good care of the sabers, that made it through.

Our Quartermasters are now in Stormwind.

Druids are helping the Ancients.

And our Owl Trainer has made it to the city as well…


Yet still…This haunts me.



I hope the remaining citizens of Darnassus and Teldrassil will show up soon.

Mathrengyl Bearwalker, I am still searching for you.



Have you spotted anywhere else, that has changed?



I hope to have more time tomorrow!

And to have lots of positive energy and all that soon again – I realize this post lacks a certain of the usual Alunaria-flair! (That’s allowed to say, right?)

Anyway, still wishing you a joyful Thursday evening and night ๐Ÿ™‚

When there are…No words.

This post contains screenshots of what is happening during and after War of Thorns: Chapter 2

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sadness GIF



…All my Characters are Night Elves. I levelled in Teldrassil more times, than I can count. Since 2005. I Roleplayed there for an entire year…

I feel like walking away from all of it. I cannot stress enough, how I do not mean this to come off as some kind of drama queen, waving the “omg, I unsub, Blizz!11!!”-flag. That is not the intention. I trust, that those that know me, knows and have faith in my nature.

I’m just…sad. Which outlet can I use. How do I describe it, without sounding as if I don’t know, this is just pixels, in a game.

I have no interest in playing. I’ve felt that way for a few weeks now, since this event started.

But today that feeling got way worse. I can’t put it into words. I tried.

Wisteria did an excellent job doing that for me here. I hate the way the story is being told right now. I had enough of war and hatred and meaningless slaughtering of innocents in real life.

But I know. This is World of WARcraft. But this…

There are many excellent posts on this subject. Mature, well gathered thoughts (Unlike the official forums and social media- I have heard).

To name a few other than Wisteria, Fiannor and Video Game Tourist. already have put together well written posts on the subject. I am really happy about our blogging community. I look forward to hear from the rest of you, and what thoughts you have to share.

In two years from now, I hope to see Teldrassil and Darnassus rebuilt. But will we be so lucky? Look at Loch Modan. Still not finished since Cataclysm’s destruction. What does the future hold? Will it all make sense years from now? Will I look back at this moment and think “If only I had known”?

…I have nothing left to say right now. A hug would be nice ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



Press on, heroes. Attack for the goddess…


War of the Thorns – Chapter 1: Are you feeling it?


I need to get something off my chest. Maybe it’ll just be for the future me, when I read this blog 10 years from now, so I know what was going on behind the scenes. But hey. Let’s see.




I finally had an hour to play and, though very reluctant, I went to defend my Kalimdor. My forests. my Darkshore. My Teldrassil.

I am normally great at immersing myself, cherishing the quest lines and stories told, and I easily get carried away. Yet this. War of Thorns – Chapter 1.

I’m not feeling it. At all.

Granted, I know how it ends, and I hate that, so that might play a role. But we just spent the last expansion, Legion, standing somewhat, at least a little united, the Horde and the Alliance, a shared enemy.

I cherished my Class Hall, a new place for us Druids to unite, just as Moonglade. Always sacred.

I still look back with fondness to Vanilla, where Druids used to salute each other, and never attack another Druid.



What happened? What is causing the Horde to follow Sylvanas, without questions, suddenly wanting to rid the world of Malfurion? To secure the Azerite? I hate that word. Azerite. We do not even know what it is. It’s sacred, since it’s coming from Azeroth and the enormous damage done to her already. Yet we do not know it’s potential.

The new War Mode granting honor. But I see no honor in this.

All is fair in love and war, I get that, but where is the memory of the latest expansion and it’s story development? Why is Malfurion just “there”?




Killing Wisps, really?



Druids killing Druids?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s me. I just feel so disconnected to the story right now. Not feeling it. I hope the next chapter might help. A part of me wonders, if waiting to do the quests until all the chapters are released, would be better.

Easier to immerse without the timegating. Hm.

Maybe I got too spoiled with cinematics, that I have started to need those in order to feel involved? That surely can’t be it.



How about you guys?

Thanks for the input in advance. ๐Ÿ™‚ At times like this, I wish we could have some kind of chat function on WordPress.

Happy day, everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ And For the Alliance, naturally, of course, despite it all! For Azeroth. For Teldrassil.



Loving the new Night Elf NPC armor, in style with the classic cinematic from Vanilla days. For more positive things about 8.0, this is the place to go!