Love Is In The Air (What a wonderful World of Warcraft; WoWable’s MMM#2)

What a wonderful World of Warcraft that surrounds us daily.


Do you ever stop to notice?

Something as simple as the shadows, when you get close to a tree..?



The lovely Lord of Icecrown and Princess of the Mists has challenged us once more in their Marvelous ‘Moggation Match #2

And they want to know…


What is World of Warcraft’s most romantic place?


To honor our latest expansion I wanted to find a place in Legion, that I thought would be perfect. It’s not hard to pick a gorgeous place in Legion. There are so many, I think. The attention to detail from the designer team has been nothing short of amazing.

Those who know me well, can probably guess the zone, I would choose.


Preferably a place with a little water too.

A small waterfall to provide the soothing background sound (turn up the ambience, and down with everything else!)

A Wild Dreamrunner or two.

Fireflies at night.

Exotic flowers.


Wooden architecture.



If you put all of that together?

You get this…















And at night…








As for the transmog…

Well, then.

I thought I had tomorrow to do this, but it turns out, the deadline is today. I am late, sorry. The quality must suffer, sadly.

I had a whole story planned for Alunaria, that would have included screenshots of her infront of a wardrobe in the Dreamgrove, trying to find something to wear, then tossing all her clothes on the ground in frustration over the fact, that she can only wear Leather. 😛

The lack of romantic kilts and dresses would soon discourage her, but she would do her best, and come up with an idea…

She would find one of her oldest kilts, which shows a little skin instead (with grace, naturally, in the most romantic way!).

She would adorn herself with her favorite gems,, and as high a collar as she could find, that would also make her look somewhat gentle.

She would find her most decorative jewelry chain, and she would top it all off with a few pieces to match her druidic soul.

And this is how she would look.














And the best screenshot for last. One of my finest ones this year so far, actually, I think, if I may say so myself;

I loved how it turned out. And I was so fortunate with the shadows at the hour, I was able to capture it, and the face, fireflies and Dreamrunners just all came together 🙂





Thank you for letting me participate, WoWable, it was great fun 🙂

I hope your imagination can carry you the rest of the way, with the story I had in mind, but bedtime has caught up with me, so off I go.
Good night every gorgeous one 🙂



Results can be found here. 🙂