Lunar Festival 2019 Transmogs

The sweet Kam was so kind and inspire me to do a few transmogs for the Lunar Festival, so here they are.

Can I be so lucky and get a Kam-approved stamp, do you think? 😉

I just have three versions of the Crowns, I miss the last one, until next year, so three transmogs I made. Not a day too early to share these, I know, but better late than never!

The first one, the staff should be the Springrain one, as Kam suggested, but I forgot to take a new screenshot after the change! You can see it in the featured image of the post though.






Did you make any specific Lunar Festival transmogs, you´d like to share? Do you enjoy the new Hearthstone Toy? I sure do 🙂


A few thoughts


I genuinely hope you all are well, and happily gaming in World of Warcraft. In these times, we need people to stand together and be part of the solution.

We all want the game to succeed; players, developers, everyone.


We should do our best to remember, that a game such as World of Warcraft is meant to entertain us in so many different ways, and we cannot expect a fraction, of what we might favor, to be enough.


Take your time, do your best to spread the joy, be construtive and hopeful.

Write, share, participate, forge new bonds 🙂 Blog! Even just the smallest of posts might help you re-capture, what you once cherished about blogging about World of Warcraft, so let´s. We miss so many of you!

Once more: Here´s to a great year of World of Warcraft in 2019. 🙂

The “Happy Thoughts” Experiment – Day 9 (+ Off Topic: The loss of Toy Stores)

Let´s see, let´s see- I think I am doing fairly well myself with this experiment.

I find myself thinking more positive and I even enjoy blogging more too. Let´s see how I´ll feel, once this ends.
But today I shall share thanks for the Night Elven spotlight in Battle for Azeroth. The other side of me watched it differently up until now, but I want to try and be grateful of all the Night Elven themed things now. Such as the transmog from the Darkshore Warfront. I do cherish that.

I am confused though, how to obtain the other “tints” of it than the standard version, do you know?

Anyway 🙂 I just got a few pieces so far, but I had to create a transmog fitting for what I have obtained so far.



Oh, and Eppu asked for my Reindeer transmog, so here that is too 🙂



And then, allow me to go Off Topic for just a bit.

It´s something I rarely do. But I need an outlet for this, and so, here we go. You can just skip this part, if you rather stick to WoW related topics 🙂

But if not, I would love to read a tale from your childhood.




Toys ‘R’ Us and Fætter BR – the Toy Stores of Denmark closing their doors


Just yesterday, the news could inform us, that the toy stores of our country will no longer be around. From tomorrow.

In late November, it was announced, that they went under reconstruction and had six months to turn things around, but because of a dissapointing Christmas sale, the decision has been made to close it all together already. (Everyone who needs to exchange gifts must do so right away, and gift certificates etc. are now worthless.)

I am so very sad about this. More than I thought I would be. Sure, we do have a few toy stores here and there, which are all gems on their own, but there was nothing like a trip to Toys R Us with and for our son.


Breaking the news to our five year old boy left him in tears.


Then I followed.

These stores, in our city, have been more than just stores. It has been the chosen destination for him, since he could walk.

We have been blessed with a child, who never ever “begs” for things, when we are out, so I have had the luxury to enjoy these trips, just as much as he did, and it has given me an opportunity to see things through his eyes;


The magic he has felt, when gazing upon all the toys, he wanted to put on his wishing list.

The fun he had when trying out the trampoline and other activities inside.

The giggles we have shared, when we journeyed through the Halloween decorations/spooky playhouses that were set up in the stores.

The anticipation he had on the trips, where he had managed to save up just enough to buy that one sweet toy, he had wanted for ages.


Today, we payed it one last visit. He was allowed to spend all his savings for whatever toy he wanted, as a memory. He chose a very cool lightsaber.

I get it, this is just the internet claiming its next victim. And announcing the reconstruction right before Christmas surely did not help build trust amongst the customers either.

I made an effort and purchased all the toys we needed from the stores instead of online. But I understand, I belong to a minority.

Parents hand out tablets/electonic devices to their children so early now as well, that the interest for toys takes a backseat, unless we as parents guide them in the other direction.

I can still recall a memory from my childhood, where my dad gave me a gift, a board game, called Ghost Castle, and it was such a big thing for me, because I rarely got to go to the store and even more rarely did I get something. This was an early Christmas gift.

I used to work in Toys R Us as well, in two cities, one where I was just part time and another where I worked full time and had responsibility for my own “sections”.

Now, as a mother, I visited several times a month with our son.

The brand “Fætter BR” is Danish, and these stores have been around since 1950. Toys R Us arrived later, and where I know the end of these stores happened earlier in the US, we all remained hopeful in Denmark, that it wouldn´t happen here, since the way they were being run was different. (Sorry language barrier, it´s hard for me to explain in details and techy techy.)

I cannot imagine a world without these stores. A chapter ends tomorrow in the saddest way possible.


So to all the people that made the adventures and the magic we and our son has had through the last years possible;

I say thank you.


Thank you for always serving us with a smile, even when we bought nothing.

Thank you for the extra mile you went with all the decorations during holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

Thank you for all the memories you allowed us to make within the magic of your stores.


All the best wishes and hopes for those, around 3000 people, who have suddenly lost their job.

I hope for better times ahead for the concept of toy stores, and that we in the future will see some kind of rebuild. It can never be as it once was, but I am sure we can settle for just a fraction of it.

There was nothing like a visit to Toys R Us and Fætter BR.

Thank you.



Do you have any fond memories of visiting the toy store in your town, from when you were a child? You are so welcome to share them here.

Time to get creative #3 – Show me your Midsummer Fire Festival transmog

I have not got much time these days to game or blog, but surely, hopefully we all have time for enjoying Midsummer Fire Festival, just little bit 🙂

One of my absolute favorite Holidays in WoW.

So, let’s get together and share all our Midsummer Fire Festival Transmogs, because, of course, you made one – or several! – for the occasion, right? 😉

If you need inspiration, Kam’s blog is the place to be! Princess’ and Lord’s Transmog match posts are also filled with sweet transmogs, though not Fire Festival themed, they are all put together with passion and love for the game and never go out of style. (Marvellous Moggation Match)

I just have one rule, I’d love to see you follow; your transmog must reflect your class in game 🙂

Share them below, and I will add yours to the post!

Here is mine, just to kick this off.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.











Happy Midsummer Fire Festival to all of you gorgeous bloggers and visitors, and a happy summer in the real world as well 🙂 Battle for Azeroth is soon upon us, and I hope you all are taking this time to enjoy a pause from fighting all the bad guys, until we are hard at work again.

All the best, and thank you for sharing your transmogs – The more screenshots, the better 🙂





Wisteria’s Firefestival outfit



Firefestival outfit


The past weekend, Blizzard had free-to-play for players who have been offline for a while. I had not played since February, so I thought: “Why not try?”. And here I am now and have resubscribed… Like probably many others… Suckers! At least I payed with in game gold! Swedish currency has been going down a bit so it is getting a bit more expensive (we are charged in Euro).

Yesterday, when I was waiting for something (The World of Queueing) I decided to change my transmog I had for quite a long time, the Yellow Warlock. The weekend was midsummer, and I thought of something summerish, as in Sweden Midsummer is a big holiday, associated with flowers, and dancing and special food and (for some) drinking and … eum… fertility. But then realised it is the Warcraft Fire Festival. Since I am destruction specced something fiery would be nice. I have regularly used title “Flame Warden”.

I just read Alunaria’s Time to get creative #3 – Show me your Midsummer Fire Festival transmog, so I took some screenies, and here it is.

A collage of red and some orange. A few flames, and red hair, and…


I joined the festivities with my minion. Honestly, I do not use succubus very often, but I was just out of a battleground. Honestly.


Today I got a quest to travel to Silithus and I caught fire there!


There was a an explosion, I flew far far away, through rain that put out the fire and I wound up unscathed here:


I did leave. I felt like I was intruding.

And that’s the story! Believe it or not!


Made by Wisteria

Erik and Eppu’s Midsummer Fire Festival Transmogs


Midsummer Fire Festival Transmogs


Alunaria of Alunaria’s Avenue has proposed a new transmogging challenge: transmogs for the Midsummer Fire Festival that also fit with your class. We’re always up for transmogging fun, so here’s our ideas.

Erik here.

For my Tauren shaman, the Midsummer celebration is very important. It is a time to honor the spirits of the fire, which she does by dancing in her Flamedancer Regalia.

My Gnomish warlock is a different case. You see, when it comes to fire, warlocks are professionals, so the Fire Festival is a bit of a bus-driver’s holiday for her. It’s the one time of the year when people who don’t know what they’re doing try to set things on fire, so if she hung around the festivities she would just find herself screaming at everyone:

You’ve built that bonfire all wrong! There’s nowhere near enough kindling, the wood isn’t properly seasoned, it’s too close to the tent, and you put it upwind of the dance pole! Does no one here know what they’re doing but me!?”

So, for her, Midsummer is a time to get away from it all and go have her own private little fire way up in the snowy mountains where no one will bother her. She dresses appropriately for the climate in her Aurora-Seeker’s Garb.

Eppu here.

My fire mage’s hidden artifact appearance mog is already so gorgeous there isn’t really improving it, but I did change a few things to make it more Fire Festival-y.

WoW Fire Festival Fire Mage Braziers 2018

I was able to find a decently matching shirt, so it looks like the dress has sleeves (Elegant Robes plus Golden Filigreed Shirt). Otherwise, I pushed the accent colors (headpiece, boots, gloves, shoulders, cloak) more towards red and orange. Finally, I borrowed a red wand and a red flower (Flash Wand, Penelope’s Rose) from my arcane mage’s Love Is in the Air mog.

Now she’s ready to light up the town! 🙂


Made by Eppu & Erik



Dress-ed up in Kilts


Yes, I just need to make a post about this, even though the chance, that someone at Blizzard is ever going to see it or take it into consideration is small, but hey!

I have faith.

Though I do stay away from story spoilers, I have been closely following the looks datamined on Leather in Battle for Azeroth. Especially after Legion, which contained NO Leather kilts at all, whatsoever (Right?).

I need my Kilts. And if not, I need Chestpieces, that are Robes or Dresses.


I will not be unfair! A few normal Chestpieces for the Rogues and Demon Hunters and what not is fine, it’s all good.

But please. Give me a Kilt or two. A robe or two. Something new to wear with my antlers.


It’s really all I have to say.

It’s still early, I get it, BfA is months away, so let’s use our influence. At a time where there no longer will be any Class Specific Set Pieces, the fight for Leather Kilts and Robes AND Dresses is more important than ever!




Oh, while we are at it, Pleeease Blizzard, could we have a couple of Shirts with high collar? Great, thanks! 🙂


Here’s a screenie of a gorgeous location in Suramar, because you made it through this post! :p




Have a terrific Thursday!


I couldn’t help but wonder…Do you have any important fashion wishes for Battle for Azeroth? 🙂

Love Is In The Air (What a wonderful World of Warcraft; WoWable’s MMM#2)

What a wonderful World of Warcraft that surrounds us daily.


Do you ever stop to notice?

Something as simple as the shadows, when you get close to a tree..?



The lovely Lord of Icecrown and Princess of the Mists has challenged us once more in their Marvelous ‘Moggation Match #2

And they want to know…


What is World of Warcraft’s most romantic place?


To honor our latest expansion I wanted to find a place in Legion, that I thought would be perfect. It’s not hard to pick a gorgeous place in Legion. There are so many, I think. The attention to detail from the designer team has been nothing short of amazing.

Those who know me well, can probably guess the zone, I would choose.


Preferably a place with a little water too.

A small waterfall to provide the soothing background sound (turn up the ambience, and down with everything else!)

A Wild Dreamrunner or two.

Fireflies at night.

Exotic flowers.


Wooden architecture.



If you put all of that together?

You get this…















And at night…








As for the transmog…

Well, then.

I thought I had tomorrow to do this, but it turns out, the deadline is today. I am late, sorry. The quality must suffer, sadly.

I had a whole story planned for Alunaria, that would have included screenshots of her infront of a wardrobe in the Dreamgrove, trying to find something to wear, then tossing all her clothes on the ground in frustration over the fact, that she can only wear Leather. 😛

The lack of romantic kilts and dresses would soon discourage her, but she would do her best, and come up with an idea…

She would find one of her oldest kilts, which shows a little skin instead (with grace, naturally, in the most romantic way!).

She would adorn herself with her favorite gems,, and as high a collar as she could find, that would also make her look somewhat gentle.

She would find her most decorative jewelry chain, and she would top it all off with a few pieces to match her druidic soul.

And this is how she would look.














And the best screenshot for last. One of my finest ones this year so far, actually, I think, if I may say so myself;

I loved how it turned out. And I was so fortunate with the shadows at the hour, I was able to capture it, and the face, fireflies and Dreamrunners just all came together 🙂





Thank you for letting me participate, WoWable, it was great fun 🙂

I hope your imagination can carry you the rest of the way, with the story I had in mind, but bedtime has caught up with me, so off I go.
Good night every gorgeous one 🙂



Results can be found here. 🙂

Did you ever loot an item…



…That just made you want to level a new character, only to be able to wear that item?

It has not happened to me in many years, but this chestpiece sure does.





I am such a fan of the high collar look in World of Warcraft. I really wish they would make a shirt with it. I submitted the suggestion many times in game.


This chestpiece does not belong to a new set. Wowhead states, that it has been around since patch 1.11! I’m late to the party, or maybe I just never looted it before. It’s from the Overlord’s Plate set.


I have so many Plate items that take up bank space. (Unlearned appearances)


Maybe this is what I need, to finally make a Character that can wear them, and devote the time to level it this time. Or perhaps use the boost that Battle for Azeroth comes with, once I buy it. I never played a Plate character in my whole WoW career. Shield wearing neither!




How about you – do you have any transmog items you would find it hard to be without, or that you have built a whole character around? 🙂   (Shoot, can Plate Wearers wear antlers?)


Wishing you all a Wonderful Wednesday Evening!

Such a short post today, but I guess I am trying to break a pattern of too much silence 🙂


Here’s a a few treats from the Seacrew though!








Good night 🙂