Thank you to the Death Knight in my amusement park


…Oh, you know I love these titles 😀

I had another cool encounter in the real world, I want to share.

We had a friend visiting, and went to the amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen together. While our son was trying out a ride, I found myself standing alone, just observing (inspecting, cough) people around me…

And I saw a guy infront of me, wearing a jacket that said “Fight for the Alliance”.

He was standing in a crowd, that all spoke English, but I could not help myself; I had to interrupt, and ask, if he would allow me to take a picture of it. So I did. And we got talking, and I said like “So, for the Alliance, eh? Which server?”, and people around us were just clueless, hah.

We did speak about how everyone else in the park could technically be playing; but it was just neat, how he displayed it, and he said, that’s what he was trying to do! We agreed on “Death to the Banshee Queen!”. Hm…Hidden meaning in that sentence, I wonder? (Just for the record, I am not at all fond of the faction war in Battle for Azeroth, but I do try to just fake it till I make it, and remain positive about the ongoing story)

I even found out he plays on Argent Dawn – EU, which is a server. I played on a while back too 🙂

A Death Knight tank, called something with “Mo…”. it sounded like Moroes. I sadly did not catch his entire name.

So if you ever pass by him, please give him a high five from me!

Here is the picture of the jacket.


Very cool!

I love these encounters in real life.

Do you own any World of Warcraft clothing? I want to craft something myself with the Night Elf Crest now…Am I even allowed to use that, copyright and all?

Or, I know, with this:



Have a warm Wednesday everyone 🙂