The Seacrew visits Kul Tiras

The Seacrew is an ongoing series here at the Avenue, bringing you all the silliest puns and jokes on a variety of themes.


By popular demand, The Seacrew has returned! (Also known as, why Alunaria is level 115 instead of 116)

Zeshio originally chose Pandaria as the setting and theme, as a reward for participating in my Toy Challenge a while back, but he has agreed to changed the theme to something more…Battle for Azeroth fitting 😉



So, naturally, the Seacrew is now in Kul Tiras, and what better topic for the Comedy Night than…

Pirates! Arrrr!


Here we go 🙂
















Me and my Sea lion balloon cruisin’ the Boralus.




Have a happy day, everyone 🙂






Ps. I spent like half an hour being unsure of the use of “visit”. Is the Seacrew counting as “one”, so it’s the Seacrew visits, or are they counting as “they”, so it is the Seacrew visit? I was so unsure! Thanks for helping me out 🙂

Have you ever really noticed…The waters of Suramar


Oh, finally I am back and make time for another ocean adventure. 🙂

One that has been sitting on my list for months and months, even.

So let’s just get started and dive straight into…




The waters of Suramar


In particular the area near Jandvik, when you swim past the questing area.

Because, have you ever really noticed…


The gorgeous colours of the underwater area close to the coast…?



Or the amount of details on the bottom of the sea..?



Just how perfect this place is to play Hide and Seek..?



Or how about the fact that, when you swim close to the Sea Turtles down there, they actually change direction to swim around you..? Much like the NPCs does in Dalaran.



Did you swim further to the east, and notice how the entire atmosphere change..?



And did you notice all the remains of enormous sea creatures..?



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Did you ever swim alongside the rays long enough to notice the way they move in the water..?

And did you notice their funny looking smiles from underneath? 🙂



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Do you also make sure to stop by and say hi to the Sea Lions from time to time?



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…Okay, this one was not intentional. Those sharks freak me out – Look at that flexible neck!



It just ambushed me as I was screenshotting. Keepin’ it cool, though, with time to pose for the camera and all.



…That was just a few of the details of the ocean of Suramar just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed 🙂


Okay, this next part is a little whacky, but I have come across two toys to help me swim further than I ever have before.

One is the Darkmoon Cannon (WHY is it not a real Toy!?), and the other one is Falling Flame.

They both shoot me far into the distance, faster than I can swim, so I figured, they could give me a head start, as I was attempting to make a piece on…


Let’s swim from the Broken Isles to Eastern Kingdom!


We start here…



And the goal is to end up near Tirisfall Glades. Okay.


This is just, where the Fatigue Bar starts ticking down…



Ever wondered what an Orca building a cannon looks like?



And off we go…




Falling Flame activated too…



And back to Orca…



As soon as the Fatigue Bar ends, I have to use every single HoT I have in order to survive.



I made it quite far..!



…But not far enough.

At all.




Aww…I didn’t hit an invisble wall though, that’s new. And I came across this odd looking stream. I do not know what that can be!



What a sight. Very odd that it appears as if I did not die from downing this time. Because I sure did.



I carry a Mourning Glory with me, which makes a flower appear near my corpse…Nice detail it is above the water. 🙂



Oh, well. I guess the distance was too far, and I was too optimistic. Next time!


I wish you all a joyful day and hope, that this will encourage you to stop and notice the details in depth, while we all wait for Battle for Azeroth 🙂



Oh, my, it’s a tiny visit by the Seacrew!





If you had to choose the ONE toy, that says the most about you…Which one would it be? (+The Seacrew stops by!)

In World of Warcraft today, our Collection is larger than ever before.

But how many of those toys do you actually use? How many are not just added to your collection for the sake of it?

For me, all toys gets tested out.

If they are fun, they get added to an actionbar!

If they are zone specific, I sigh and forget about them, in most cases.

I macro a few of them. For the best guide on how to have the most fun with toys and macro, be sure to stop by Wrath over at Coffee Cakes and Crits!

Some toys I use everyday. Especially those with a short cooldown (Oh, please, Blizzard, reduce the cooldown on most toys.)

But the toy chosen for this, is one of those, with a very long cooldown, yet I use it every day, when I log in, and when I log out. The cooldown is an hour, which is fitting, since that’s the amount of gametime I have on most days. So in a way, it works as a reminder too 😉 And it’s a nice way to say thank you for playing and goodnight!



It’s called Mylune’s Call. It is from doing the dailies at The Molten Front (Cataclysm)

The grind is on, but it is worth it.

When you use it, this is what you will see…

Teeny drops of water will begin to fall down from the sky…



Forest animals – rabbits, squirrels, a few fawns, soon accompany you…



And then flowers will start to appear…



I chose this Toy, because I think it simply is gorgeous. It reflects, how I feel about nature. The serene feeling it can give, the power it holds, how important it is to watch over and protect it, my love for animals. And it sure is fitting as a Druid, too.



As for the effect in game – I really cherish the ambience sound it comes with as well. If you pay close attention, you can hear its gentle and soothing sounds in the background…

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I couldn’t help but wonder…

How about you, which toy would you pick, and why? 🙂

Care to share a screenie or two of it?

I hope to hear!

Wishing you all a joyful weekend 🙂



My goodness, would you look who just came by out of nowhere!

It’s the Seacrew!












That’s all, folks 😉