Sassy Sunday: We have rainbows!

Sassy Sunday is a new ongoing series, meant for the little things in World of Warcraft, that makes me keep playing. If you ever come across anything, I encourage you to share it 🙂

-“Joy shared is twice the joy. Sorrow shared is half the sorrow.”


My goodness. Who makes a blog post about a rainbow? Me. Because, we do, we do have rainbows! Look up!

Old news to most perhaps, but new news to me. Must make post.

As I was preparing to journey to the next zone, I came across, for only a moment, a rainbow in World of Warcraft. I have never seen that before. (Except those we make ourselves with the toy, of course)

It was not very noticeable at all – I had to do some editting to these to highlight it better, but I loved it.

I might be critical here and there, and I might not be all ‘rainbows and unicorns’ (hah) all the time, but I am also easy to please with these things.

I mean, rainbows!





Have you seen them yet? Show me! As soon as I ran towards it, it dissapeared. Aw. This is such a cool addition to the weather effects.

Also, those new darker evenings? Who loves those? I sure do.


Also, that face…



Curious bird is curious.



Alunaria as Balance Specced. #NotDoingItRight. (Mourning Glory)



Superior stag glidin’ on.



One of my very favorite things so far though; those new couches. It makes sleeping look so much more natural. So sweet.



All curled up after a long day…





(Yes, every single time)



Enjoy your Sunday everyone 🙂