The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Preparations

Okay then! The experiment starts today, and I am feeling very motivated and confident I can manage it. I hope you will join me. You can read more about it in my earlier post here. 🙂

So, to prepare for this, I am making a list of sites, I can safely visit without comming across any rant-kind of videos, posts, articles, comments.

I think I´ll just gather them all here, for easy access for myself – please feel free and more than welcome to chip in.


YouTubers, that are “safe” to follow (sure, some may achknowledge when there are real issues, but it´s always with a positive spin on things):


Taliesin & Evitel Do Games





This can´t be all…Any suggestions?



Wowhead etc., really? (without reading comments)
I´m banning WoW Forums all together, since headlines alone can be so off-putting and drag you down.

A part of me wants to ban Wowhead etc. as well, to step off this “must get info straight away, no matter if it´s confirmed or not, and has no impact on me!“- train. Hm.


“What happened to the days, where I just used to read Patch Notes, once the patch was set in stone?”



Bloggers who want to participate in this so far are:









We sure are missing a lot of once-active fellow bloggers after Battle for Azeroth launched…Here´s to hoping to see a return of so many soon.


“To go all in on this experiment, I will only read the posts from the bloggers, who participate during these two weeks. Maximum positive attitude and all! I am very curious to see, how this will go.”



My list of things I´d love to do in these two weeks are…

(I am trying to stick to Battle for Azeroth content. It is my hope, I can try to highlight, that so many things work well in this expansion)


Pet Battles vs. Trainers. I hardly did any. I think I did one in total…Can I use those to level my pets, do you know?

The new Pet Battle Dungeon

The Raid

More Dungeons

An Incursion/Invasion

Island Expeditions (I SAW THERE IS A LEATHER ROBE ON THE LOOT TABLE!? First one in BfA! Is it RNG?)

Darkshore Warfront, Darkshore Warfront, Darkshore Warfront! I love this one already.

Ocean Adventure around Kul Tiras

Unlocking some Flightpaths in Zandalar

Warmode. Not tried at all.

Try to find a way to earn some Gold. And War Ressources.

Try to look into guaranteed goals, and steer clear of RNG related things

Make a better list..! Also it´s time to make a list of all the mounts and pets and what not, I want to collect.


Those are just on the top of my mind.


“Do you have a list?”


Happy blogging and positive gaming, and happy Holidays to all of you 🙂

And thank you, sincerely, to those, who want to take part in this experiment.