Did you ever loot an item…



…That just made you want to level a new character, only to be able to wear that item?

It has not happened to me in many years, but this chestpiece sure does.





I am such a fan of the high collar look in World of Warcraft. I really wish they would make a shirt with it. I submitted the suggestion many times in game.


This chestpiece does not belong to a new set. Wowhead states, that it has been around since patch 1.11! I’m late to the party, or maybe I just never looted it before. It’s from the Overlord’s Plate set.


I have so many Plate items that take up bank space. (Unlearned appearances)


Maybe this is what I need, to finally make a Character that can wear them, and devote the time to level it this time. Or perhaps use the boost that Battle for Azeroth comes with, once I buy it. I never played a Plate character in my whole WoW career. Shield wearing neither!




How about you – do you have any transmog items you would find it hard to be without, or that you have built a whole character around? 🙂   (Shoot, can Plate Wearers wear antlers?)


Wishing you all a Wonderful Wednesday Evening!

Such a short post today, but I guess I am trying to break a pattern of too much silence 🙂


Here’s a a few treats from the Seacrew though!








Good night 🙂