An Ocean of Orcas





What’s with all the dust on this site lately!


I’m sorry about that…Busy times. Thank you for staying tuned 🙂


Right so, the Blog Challenge Topic this time around is to come up with my own Achievement. (I’m not late)


If you could add an achievement to World of Warcraft, what would it be and how would someone achieve it?


I would love more achievements that are helping us and encouraging us to actually slow down in the game. This is an example of that.


My achievement is called…



(Gosh, I know, something with Orcas, what a surprise!)


To be able to obtain it, one must track down all the Orcas in World of Warcraft. And swim alongside of them for a minimum of five minutes.



This would involve movement of your character (so you cannot go afk and just hang about while Netflixin´or whatever!), in the depths of the ocean – an environment that Blizzard spends more and more time on decorating, yet so few even so much as dip their toes in it these days.

It’s a shame and a waste, and there are so many wonders and untold stories waiting to be discovered there.



Instead of rushing through it all, it would help us notice all the details instead.

For example, did you know, that there are Orcas in no less than five locations in World of Warcraft? 🙂


This kind of achievement could easily involve other creatures or objects in game, as well. Hop alongside every bunny, waddle alongside every pinguin. You get the idea 🙂


That’s my take on it!



It has been great fun to read your idea for a new achievement too, and I hope you’re all enjoying Easter together with your loved ones 🙂