Let’s Craft #6: “Moontouched Feather”

This one is for the oldtimers of World of Warcraft.

Back in Vanilla, there was a Quest to gather Moontouched Feathers scattered across Winterspring.

Back then, I met someone in the game, who was hunting for these feathers, while I was slowly making me way through the zone on another quest.

He had to cut his hunt short, because of a raid starting soon. I remember being so impressed of the thought; going to a Dungeon with 39 other people? Wow!

We talked a little back and forth, and then said farewell. But then I came across a feather and whispered him right away, and then we added each other to our friend lists.

We still know each other today, he was there at mine and hubby’s wedding, and have been over to visit us several times.

In a way, because of that Moontouched Feather, we became friends. How magical is that? 🙂

He visited us this weekend again, and I got this idea to make the most personal gift, I could ever think of; a symbol of how our friendship started.

So I decided to bring a Moontouched Feather to life.




It took far longer, than I expected, but I think, that it turned out so lovely, and it sure brought a lot of joy.

Here it is:




I used 5 different types of blue/green, and added “glitter glue” to get that “sparkling in the snow”-effect, the Moontouched Feather used to have.

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I placed it in a box, that I decorated with the background of Winterspring.



This is what makes World of Warcraft so magical to me. How you can connect with someone from a whole other continent of the world and become so close friends.

It is real magic.


I hope this can inspire you to come up with ideas to show, how much you appreciate the people in your life – It already inspired me to work on the next 🙂

Joyful day everyone 🙂