Time to get creative #3 – Show me your Midsummer Fire Festival transmog

I have not got much time these days to game or blog, but surely, hopefully we all have time for enjoying Midsummer Fire Festival, just little bit 🙂

One of my absolute favorite Holidays in WoW.

So, let’s get together and share all our Midsummer Fire Festival Transmogs, because, of course, you made one – or several! – for the occasion, right? 😉

If you need inspiration, Kam’s blog is the place to be! Princess’ and Lord’s Transmog match posts are also filled with sweet transmogs, though not Fire Festival themed, they are all put together with passion and love for the game and never go out of style. (Marvellous Moggation Match)

I just have one rule, I’d love to see you follow; your transmog must reflect your class in game 🙂

Share them below, and I will add yours to the post!

Here is mine, just to kick this off.

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Happy Midsummer Fire Festival to all of you gorgeous bloggers and visitors, and a happy summer in the real world as well 🙂 Battle for Azeroth is soon upon us, and I hope you all are taking this time to enjoy a pause from fighting all the bad guys, until we are hard at work again.

All the best, and thank you for sharing your transmogs – The more screenshots, the better 🙂





Wisteria’s Firefestival outfit



Firefestival outfit


The past weekend, Blizzard had free-to-play for players who have been offline for a while. I had not played since February, so I thought: “Why not try?”. And here I am now and have resubscribed… Like probably many others… Suckers! At least I payed with in game gold! Swedish currency has been going down a bit so it is getting a bit more expensive (we are charged in Euro).

Yesterday, when I was waiting for something (The World of Queueing) I decided to change my transmog I had for quite a long time, the Yellow Warlock. The weekend was midsummer, and I thought of something summerish, as in Sweden Midsummer is a big holiday, associated with flowers, and dancing and special food and (for some) drinking and … eum… fertility. But then realised it is the Warcraft Fire Festival. Since I am destruction specced something fiery would be nice. I have regularly used title “Flame Warden”.

I just read Alunaria’s Time to get creative #3 – Show me your Midsummer Fire Festival transmog, so I took some screenies, and here it is.

A collage of red and some orange. A few flames, and red hair, and…


I joined the festivities with my minion. Honestly, I do not use succubus very often, but I was just out of a battleground. Honestly.


Today I got a quest to travel to Silithus and I caught fire there!


There was a an explosion, I flew far far away, through rain that put out the fire and I wound up unscathed here:


I did leave. I felt like I was intruding.

And that’s the story! Believe it or not!


Made by Wisteria

Erik and Eppu’s Midsummer Fire Festival Transmogs


Midsummer Fire Festival Transmogs


Alunaria of Alunaria’s Avenue has proposed a new transmogging challenge: transmogs for the Midsummer Fire Festival that also fit with your class. We’re always up for transmogging fun, so here’s our ideas.

Erik here.

For my Tauren shaman, the Midsummer celebration is very important. It is a time to honor the spirits of the fire, which she does by dancing in her Flamedancer Regalia.

My Gnomish warlock is a different case. You see, when it comes to fire, warlocks are professionals, so the Fire Festival is a bit of a bus-driver’s holiday for her. It’s the one time of the year when people who don’t know what they’re doing try to set things on fire, so if she hung around the festivities she would just find herself screaming at everyone:

You’ve built that bonfire all wrong! There’s nowhere near enough kindling, the wood isn’t properly seasoned, it’s too close to the tent, and you put it upwind of the dance pole! Does no one here know what they’re doing but me!?”

So, for her, Midsummer is a time to get away from it all and go have her own private little fire way up in the snowy mountains where no one will bother her. She dresses appropriately for the climate in her Aurora-Seeker’s Garb.

Eppu here.

My fire mage’s hidden artifact appearance mog is already so gorgeous there isn’t really improving it, but I did change a few things to make it more Fire Festival-y.

WoW Fire Festival Fire Mage Braziers 2018

I was able to find a decently matching shirt, so it looks like the dress has sleeves (Elegant Robes plus Golden Filigreed Shirt). Otherwise, I pushed the accent colors (headpiece, boots, gloves, shoulders, cloak) more towards red and orange. Finally, I borrowed a red wand and a red flower (Flash Wand, Penelope’s Rose) from my arcane mage’s Love Is in the Air mog.

Now she’s ready to light up the town! 🙂


Made by Eppu & Erik