Funny Stats of Legion

Yesterday I said I wanted to share a few funny stats of Legion, so here they are 🙂

Let’s see if you guessed correctly…

The stats are possible to keep track of under your Statistics- Achievement panel, a IF you kept record of them earlier on, before going into Legion.

The reason I can – is the term – pinpoint – exactly what I did in Legion, is because Alunaria was created for that expansion. (I have a lot of Druids. Sometimes I have rerolled another, if there is a huge overhaul to their gaming style – or if I have been on a long break.)

But you can easily do this for yourself once Battle for Azeroth ends – just take screenshots of all your statistics now, and revisit them then 🙂




Wildeheart guessed on 324 hugs. I’m sorry – You  must have underestimated my will to cuddle!

Minimalistway guessed on 100-150 facepalms. Again, am sorry – I am way more overbearing, than you thought I was, it seems!

Wrathofkublakhan took at shot and guessed nothing less than 320,420 hugs. I guess I am letting you down now, because not even I have the time to hug 450 people a day!



But let’s have a look at a few random statistics of Legion, an expansion that lasted around …710ish days?


  • Gold spent on barber shops 3020 gold
  • Need rolls made on loot 504
  • Gold looted 153.838 gold
  • Gold spent on travel 1606 gold
  • Gold spent on postage 3 gold (This can’t be right, lol?)
  • Total healing done in Legion 133066842668 (What number does it even say here?)
  • Critters killed 7025 (Gosh. And not one of these was on purpose.)
  • Total Honorable Kills 2472
  • Creatures killed 264239
  • Total deaths 1017 (That’s over 3 deaths a day, what the heck.)
  • Deaths from drowning and fatigue 17 (I’m surprised this isn’t more.)
  • Deaths from falling 75 (I am looking at you, hidden hole on Mac’Aree…)
  • Deaths from fire and lava 3
  • Quest completed 9743
  • Total 5 player dungeon entered 822
  • Total 25 player raids entered 178
  • Fish and other things caught 15.345 (Seriously? This can’t be right either, hah. No wonder I never get anything done – It’s 21 fish and other things a day.)
  • Flight paths taken 1239
  • Mage portal taken the most – Portal to Darnassus
  • Highest score on Endless Damage in Proving Grounds 3320
  • Highest score no Endless Tanking in Proving Grounds 3015
  • Highest score on Endless Healing in Proving Grounds 32126
  • Class Hall Missions completed 1919 (Horray for the Companion App.)
  • Epic items acquired 8295
  • Number of times hearthed 350
  • Number of hugs 890 (N’awww.)
  • Total facepalms 3
  • Total times LOL’d 455
  • Total cheers 379


So to sum up;


…I spent Legion sending far too little mail. Though I did heal a huge bunch and sure travelled a lot. Tons of Critters were accidentially harmed in the process. My ocean adventures were resulting in far fewer deaths, than I thought they would! I got my hair cut all the time it seems (Good thing there is no track record of gold spent on transmogrification…)

I stood in the fire three times too many, but I made sure to cheer and laugh a lot, while it happened. And I gave almost 3 hugs a day!

Overall a pretty good expansion based on these numbers, don’t you think? 😉



I toyed around with the Call to Arms – create your own party portrait function. It is a tad buggy, not all my characters would load, and some are in the wrong armor, wearing just a class set they do not even have the right level to put on, hah.

And you can’t download the results right now either (more bugs), so you have to manually screenshot and copy it to Paint for example. But I figured it would be fun to have all my characters together before the expansion ends.

My Characters


That was all – I would love to get a peak into your Fun Stats of Legion 🙂


Have a joyful weekend everyone 🙂