Do you ever take a moment to…


Finishing Legion, for many, can mean tying up loose ends, working towards being “done”. So this post is a reminder, because…


Do you ever take a moment to…


…embrace your inner geek so much, that you actually log on so early, even before the sun rises, just to do that one World Quest for that one mount for that one PvP Achievement you need? (Get lost, Darkbrul Arena spawn times)



…notice all the ridiculously fun references and dialogues?



…appreciate the strong lore characters and story told in Legion?



…chuckle at all the humor some of the quests have?



…take in the level of atmosphere, that sometimes is so heartwarming, that it makes you sit down for a while, before you continue with the quest you were doing?



…find out, just exactly what happens if you use Orb of the Sin’dorei first.

Then Narcicca’s Mirror.

Then Magical Pet Biscuit.

Then Red Wooden Sled?

Apparently, once your “pet” is on the sled, it no longer has interest in you, and any member can just drag it away from you! (Which explains Alunaria’s tears in this screenshot)



…notice the very first hint of a couple in World of Warcraft, who is of the same gender?



…to make sure to go back to older continents and assist the fallen heroes of the past?



…to be included in an important piece of lore?



…to think about just how much time an artist designer spent on getting whatever is in front of you perfect?



…explore the older dungeons, and every corner, because chances are, you have missed something as your group was rushing through it all.



…Enjoy the scenery, as you do your archaeology, turning it from a chore into an adventure; a chance to relax, knowing how far you have come.



…to take a screenshot, just because a beloved blogger loves the nasty creature you pass by?




Enjoy your week and time spend in WoW and the real world, and take good care of each other đŸ™‚