Let’s get crazy: World of Warcraft Toy Combinations + Toy Challenge!

Let’s get a little crazy and have fun with the enormous amount of toys WoW has these days! 🙂


Which kind of crazy combination can you come up with?


I’ll start.

How about….



with Fluttering Leaves around him,

wearing a couple of Blazing Wings,

paying a tribute to the Moonkins by wearing a few feathers as decoration,

getting a visit from Ysera,

while he is dressed as a Doomsayer,

shimmering with all the colours of the Rainbow,

representing Brewfest,

enjoying a birthdayparty, where he brought his own Balloon,

while Feeling Pretty,

wearing the most beautiful Ring,

ready to go on a Picnic,

if he and the Lovefool can agree on the terms,

to share the Love Seat,

before they make an attempt to open the Chest, that keeps on giving,

while secretly working for Darnassus,

getting a visit by Archmage Vargoth,

in between testing their skills versus the poor Puntable Marmot and Scarecrow,

munching on a Banana,

with the Spotlight on them,

giving into their inner child to play with a Toy Train,

before they dive in to give a few punches to the Punching Bag,

warmed by the Cozy Bonfire and Little Wickerman,

kicking a Fish around,

and petting a few Wild snakes,

before they decide to Adopt a bunch of puppies..?












A shot from behind the scenes – of a mini version of me, but the ring stays the same size, hah, good fun 😀




Not all buffs are shown above, but so far, without too much dedication, my total Toy buff count went up to around 30 on another silly attempt! I’m sure I can get higher…




But…The question is…


Can you?




Can you beat me?

And also come up with a combination of toys, that makes us chuckle?

If you participate, you get to decide a topic for one of my blog posts!

Participate in my Toy Challenge, and you get to select between the Seacrew, fun facts about Alunaria – or the person behind Alunaria, let’s swim, explore, fly or dive, – whatever you decide, whatever area you want explored, whatever you want to know – the sky is the limit. (almost 😉 Well, that, and the invisble walls in WoW…)


Respond to this post with a link to your screenshots, or to your blog post with your toy-combinations, and be sure to let me know, which topic you’d like me to write about 🙂


I know many are away on vacation, so this contest will run for four weeks, until Monday, August 6th.


Happy summer holidays everyone 🙂




Alunaria’s Avenue will be hibernating on and off until August 🙂






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