Best of Blizzcon 2018 – Top 20

This post contains a few small spoilers for the story going forward in World of Warcraft.


This magical time of the year; Blizzcon 2018, has now come and gone.


Here is my top 20 🙂


1. Maryann Strossner – voice actor of Scrollsage Nola


I always love watching and hearing these actors bring the characters to life.

In particular, this year, seeing Maryann Strossner, the crowd reaction as well as the people on stage – just pure joy and smile and warmth as she said

“A turtle has made it to the water”

She is truly something. I wish the video from Blizzcon was up for all to see, I can almost guarantee, that you will smile widely.

Here is a video of her from not long ago too.







Edit: If you missed it from Blizzcon, it’s actually here:





2. The Terror of Darkshore cinematic



Even though I know this cinematic does not reflect the quests on 8.1, I just have to cling on to this one and hope that perhaps in 8.3 an onwards we might see a victory for the Night Elves. I can do nothing but hope. Until then, I shall rewatch this over, and over, and over.


3. How about that Terror of Darkshore cinematic?!


That moment, when Malfurion noticed the Troll behind him and the music caught on. So nicely made and what a build up.


4. Mike Morhaime on stage


It was great to see him again, and even though not a technical tribute, the way he spoke and then introduced J. Allen Brack as the new President…I am pretty sure, I even saw someone cry in the audience.

Oh, and that joke he made was brilliant, that one about J. Allen Brack “You may think you know J. but you don’t”, hah.

If you are unaware Brack became infamous for that saying, when someone asked for  Classic servers way back, when he said something along the lines of “You think you want that, but you don’t”


6. The Terror of Darkshore cinematic


Did I mention this one already? How about that moment, when Malfurion shifted and stepped into the character true to the Night Elves?


7. Mike and J. Allen Brack together


These two looked so moved by the whole “ritual”. J. Allen Brack being introduced as the new President, him saying to Mike “You made this”, as they looked over the audience. What an accomplishment.

I cannot imagine, how anyone can be overly and only critical of World of Warcraft, when they see the real people behind it, and realize, what kind of passion fuels it.


8. The Terror of Darkshore cinematic


That intense moment where the troll feared for his life, and Night Elves, if only for this second at least, no longer was the punching bag of the Horde.


9. A new Brawler’s Guild


Even though I cannot do it for a long while as a Healer, it is my hope I can make an attempt once the next expansion is close, and my gear is up to date, just like I did before. Managing it as a healer was a lot of fun and quite the challenge.


10. Playing Vanilla


I had a lot of fun playing the demo of Vanilla. The need for eating, drinking, buffing, grouping.

It was everything, I hoped it would be.


11. New Worgen and Goblin models


I do not play these, but on behalf on all of those who do, and seeing all the details on so many new Allied Races, this one certainly was due. I am happy for the Worgens, they sure waited long for this.


12. The Terror of Darkshore cinematic


The way the owl squints at Nathanos. Great detail. “We are coming”.


13. A Unicorn that swims?


A horse, that is also a unicorn that also is able to swim? Yes, please 🙂


14. The Terror of Darkshore cinematic


The way “Nightsong” started playing, as the camera flew with the owl to reveal Tyrande as the Night Warrior. I know this is just a leadup to the Warfront, that will not result in a victory for the Night Elves, but this is all I have!


15. PvP AI


As much as I am against AI on many other levels, they are so welcome for me in Island Expeditions. They give faster queues, and it somehow takes off the pressure too. To see them in PvP would be great for someone like me. And as Blizzard do say themselves “You’re welcome, Alliance”. Despite the Horde bias getting old, I agree.


16.  A Baby Naga




17. The Terror of Darkshore cinematic


The look in Tyrande’s whole posture, with Malfurion behind her…Thank you.


18. Mechagon


Where I am not fond of Gnomes or anything gnome related techy techy, I think this race really deserves some spotlight. And it seems Blizzard was aware of that too. I can be happy for the Gnomes.


19. Tauren Heritage Armor


Similar to that, I am also happy for the Taurens. They are left out in the cold, more or less, too, with all their frustration at Baine not acting as they wanted him to. I’m happy to see, they are next in line for Heritage Armor.


20. The Terror of Darkshore cinematic


The best of all of it, is what I end with. Despite that this cinematic is just for the Warfront and does not reflect the gameplay or the results of the quests of 8.1, it is my fragile hope, that we might see a victory for the Night Elves later on in the expansion, at least.

I will hold on to this cinematic.


I wanted to see more of Blizzcon, but for some reasons, the stream lagged terribly, and I didn’t have time yet.

But I really looked forward to see things such as the “Immersive Sounds of Azeroth”.

Did any one you catch that? I heard they would go into details with Drustvar.


How about you? 🙂

The posts on Blizzcon this year from the blogging community have been far less over the weekend than last time, but I guess a new expansion announcement always bring in far more. In general, actually, the blogging community seems to have been a lot less active compared to before Battle for Azeroth.

I hope to see more from you guys soon!


Brawler’s Guild as a Healer – Last Part



TL;DR – Brawler’s Guild is fun and challenging as a healer, and now is one of the best times to do it!



I wanted to finish my posts on doing Brawler’s Guild as a Healer. (As in, complete it entirely, not just reach rank 8)


Because, if there has ever been a time to do this, it’s now!





I imagine. that many are eagerly awaiting the new patch, and the next expansion, and have more or less “finished” what they want in Legion (Not me, for the record :p)


So healers; with the best gear this expansion has to offer (at least if you stepped into Antorus), journey to the Brawler’s Guild – also known as the DPS playground (Hah.) – and prove Blizzard wrong, when they during a Q&A stated:


“Brawler’s guild is about fighting, hitting things until they die. It’s not a good fit for tanks or healers.”


Stock up on every possible buff there is to get and use, and prove them wrong! Brawler’s Guild does not scale with your gear, so while you are at your very best this expansion, take advantage of that and succeed.





And if you still struggle, do not forget the buff from a flower, you can click on in Azsuna, during the PvP World Quest “Operation Murloc Freedom – which grants you 15% increase to all stats. (I THINK. I have not tested it. But it’s supposed to persist through deaths too.)

It’s called Timeworn Songflower and the buff is called Songflower Serenade.





Originally, after I reached rank 8, I thought I was “done”, but then I discovered, that by doing the “Random Mode” fights in there, one has the chance (100% it appears) to obtain nothing less than 20, TWENTY, gorgeous lookin’ shirts!

They drop from the bag, after winning – each “boss” has a unique shirt drop.

Then you get to stroll around Dalaran showing off all of these;

Brawler shirt1




After our buff to DPS as Healers a few patches ago (or more?), this is by far doable. What you lack in DPS, you make up for in survival.

I used Feral Affinity – but shifted out and Moonfired and Sunfired during times, where I  had to run away from or dodge various things. I couldn’t spare one moment of not DPSing on some fights. (The Blind Hero was by far the toughest one. I had to use everything I had, prepot, drums, you name it.)


Be sure to spend some of the Brawler Coins on purchasing items, that makes you able to resurrect inside the Brawler’s Guild (that saves a minute of corpse running) and purchase the Bag of Chipped Dice, that enables you to do Random mode, once you are ready for that.

WoWScrnShot_010718_191016    WoWScrnShot_010718_191022




The shirts were definitely worth the effort for me; some of them really can make an outfit come together. And it’s just fun!





You get cheered on by some NPCs, when you die, there are witty comments too – and sometimes NPCs come at you, because the fight didn’t go as they wanted.





Something worth to mention too, is the fact, that the Achievement called Deck Your Collection (Season 2) is still obtainable – again, through Random Mode, and fingers crossed for coming up against the enemies you need.





That will grand you this shirt:

Brawler shirt2




There are great guides all over the internet, so I won’t write one from scratch, that’s not what I do; I just offer a few tips written more in a “down to earth” manner. 🙂

(And while we are on the subject of challenges, for those who still lack it, the Mage Tower Challenge must be far easier now than once it was introduced, so don’t forget your gorgeous artifact tint from that one)






Don’t let people bring you down


Don’t let the audience in Brawler’s Guild get you down. I had various players, who kept criticizing my “low DPS”. (Most were great though, but on some days, some players were just plain rude and spiteful)

There even is an Achievement inside (called Educated Guesser), where you have to bet, whether the player or the “monster” will win the fight.

You get a buff every time you guess correctly. If you guess wrong, the buff gets removed. If you guess correctly 10 times in a row, you get the Achievement. (I never betted against the player, when I gave that Achievement a go. That says something about attitude, does it not.)

Needless to say, I felt quite good, when their “guess counter” kept getting ruined, because they kept betting against me – and then complained, when I succeeded, despite the odds.

I didn’t give into their way of acting, I just maintained a cheerful attitude, cheered them  on, when they won. I got MY Educated Guesser Achievement by doing so..!

That serves them right.





Have a wonderful day and start of the week everyone 🙂