Your First Dungeon


While we eagerly wait for Battle for Azeroth, how about looking back to the very first time, we sat foot inside a Dungeon?

I am sure many recall their first one. I think a post Leto did a while back inspired me to do this, so here we go!

Recently Z and Cinder also asked about our most bad-ass moment in the game, which did happen in my very first Dungeon as well, so I want to combine these two 🙂 (My first bad-ass moment, at least)

It involved ninjapulling, several deaths, corpserunning, respawns, using all cooldowns to stay alive, and ninjalooting too (by mistake…) – the whole package.

You guessed it; I played during Vanilla. As a Night Elf, somewhere in my level 20s, I found myself with a bunch of Quests in my log labelled <Dungeon>. They were Orange, too. (Remember back then? Anything that was not Yellow or Green was very intimidating.)


But off I went. After finding a group in the LFG channel, and after a long walk to the place…



Our journey began. Not inside the Dungeon though, no. That was back when most Dungeon entrances were guarded by Elite mobs, so you could not just hop in. You had to meet outside, with the rest of the group.



But so I did, and we had our first deaths already. Those pesky Nagas flee at low health, pulling multiple friends.


The update to the Naga model is amazing.


You know the stories, you heard them already. And my blog is about the screenshots and pictures, less about walls of text (or so, I’ll have you believe…)



Getting to the entrance back then was an accomplishment on it’s own.



Much like navigating inside, without falling down…




I can hardly recognize these creatures anymore. It sure has been a while, since I was there the last time.





A lot sure has changed. The altar, that provides the players with a significiant buff, is now placed earlier in the Dungeon.



So many new details has been added…







But, anyway! Throughout the entire Dungeon, I really had to learn how to play.

I was there as a Healer, my very first time doing so.

I can still recall the exact spot, I used Tranquility and Rebirth and saved the day.

It was my first time using it, since I learned it. Back when Rebirth had a 30 minute cooldown and Tranquility had a 10 minute cooldown, and was the only healing spell I had, that healed multiple targets.

Z and Cinder asked – and this was my first bad-ass in the game. This was it. Rebirth on the Tank, Tranquility on everyone, saving the group from disbanding, since we had respawns behind us.



I was playing alongside a friend back then, and I can still recall him turning to me with a “Wow, what just happened?!” – because the group went from dead tank, everyone else low on health, near another corpse run – to being on top of things. I was so new to the game. I felt great! And I have been healing ever since. Once a Druid, always a Druid.

But to finish the story;

In the mayhem of Nagas, Cultists and fleeing Murlocs, we managed to get all the way to the end. Doing every quest there was.

I got no upgrades, but I accidentially rolled Need on a Mail chest piece. I felt horrible. But the group knew it was a mistake and we carried on, and our tank got another upgrade later in the run.

Thinking back on that really helps to remind me, that everyone was a beginner once.



A new story telling in taking place in Blackfathom Deeps these days . No doubt Old Gods are lurking.




In the end, I was so relieved seeing the dwarf NPC, that suddenly appeared. I had dreaded the long walk back. All the respawns, that was behind us already. But there he was, ready to teleport me all the way to Darnassus. What joy.

Today though, the dwarf is no longer around. But the NPC from the beginning arrives.





Too much text! But I hope the screenshots made up for that 😉

Now, tell me, I couldn’t help but wonder…


Can you remember your very first Dungeon experience?


Wishing you all a wondrous week – I hope this post reminds you to slow down, even inside Dungeons – and remember, that everyone was a beginner once 🙂