“Saving Little Wing” – a roleplay event

Once more, a roleplay event founds its way to the Avenue. This is no ordinary roleplay event though, no. This is my very first attempt on hosting an event myself.

It took me countless of hours to plan and execute it, in the way that I wanted it to (my attention to detail, how I cherish you) – but I made it, a lot of lessons wiser.

Here we go 🙂


This is the text written prior to the event


Saving Little Wing

Posters with the following text have been (gently) nailed to every single tree in every single city imaginable, without exception.


Below the short text, you´ll find a picture of an adorable – if not the most adorable – Hippogryph Hatchling, with feathers brighter than the sun.

Forget about The Old Gods…
Forget about saving Azeroth…
And forget about wanting the head of someone on a stick.

Get your priorities straight!

Little Wing, one of the most aspiring Hippogryph Hatchlings, has gone missing and it up to you to make sure, he is brought back safe.

So bring your weapon, wisdom and wildflower, for you might need it all, when The Botany Band adventure deep into the lush jungle of Feralas.

In search for both Little Wing and a cure for the taint of corruption, that has been inflicted upon Feralas for far too long, we might deal with both a…Flying fox and a Ferocious ogre…? – some of them rumored to not even be wearing a shirt.

If you are an experienced botanist, gathering of the following will absolutely benefit us on our adventure.

(Having prepared them beforehand into both salve, potion and elixir will be greatly appreciated too; it is the intention for this event to ‘just’ last around two hours.)

– The Emerald Shimmercap

An eerily-glowing green mushroom whose surface shimmers with the energies of the Emerald Dream.
Found at the green pools of Felwood.
This fungus is infused with the magics of the Emerald Dream, and does not feed from the fel of the pools, but rather works to cleanse it. It can be consumed as a mushroom paste as well to cleanse fel taint from those afflicted.

– Aloe Thistle
Spiked, thick green leaves growing in clusters.
Found at Karnum’s Glade in Desolace.
The liquid within this may be used for burns, infections and other skin issues.

– Fuming Toadstool
A sickly yellow cap with a cream stalk.
Found at the damp areas among the crumbled stones of the Ruins of Lornesta in Darkshore. (If you are bringing your Horde character, this is your time to shine, given you have easier access to this one right now. Seize this opportunity, it might have an immense impact on restoring the faith between the factions.)
The Fuming Toadstoool can be mixed into a salve, which will close wounds and lessen pain.

– The Moonleaf
There appears to have been left out information on this one. Intentional? Should it have been on the list?

– The Moonpetal Lilies
White lilies with tall golden pistils, and bright magenta and flame-colored interiors.
Found at Water’s edge in Shadowglen (Only those who have compressed, dried specimens will be able to bring this. It is no longer possible to obtain, since replanting it outside of Shadowglen has proving unsuccessful up until now.)
Their residue is potent enough on its own to create an antidote against the poisonous spiders of Feralas, should we need it.

– Crying Violet
Small, delicate purple blooms with yellow eyes.
Found in Felwood.
These flowers, which shiver their petals at the slightest sound, can be used to purify corrupted Moonwell water, if infused properly.


And here are the screenshots; not as carefully taken as usual, I was kinda busy! 😉

So thank you to everyone who were kind enough to spend their time supplying me with the screenshots, that you took.



Let´s just start with one of me in stealth, calming my stage fright. 😉 What a turn up.



And here is the OOC (Out of Character) Moose Guide that helped me get a few things out of the way, before the event really started.


Great. Here we go, then!







































Two more, these are from Ethan



For those interested, here is the list of toys I used:

Whole-Body Shrinka’

Ravenbear Disguise

Foxicopter Controller

Odd Polished Stone

Cozy Bonfire

Elune´s Lantern

Path of Elothir

Mylune´s Call

Tol Barad Spotlight

Kovork Kostume

Chain Pet Leash

Magic Pet Mirror

Bubble Wand

Green Balloon

Toy Train Set

Tiny Green Ragdoll

Foul Belly

Chalice of Secrets

The Heartbreaker

Fruit Basket

Turnip “Paint” Gun

Tiny Blue Ragdoll

Worn Doll

Angry Beehive


What a ride. It was remarkable to see an event, that I spent so much time on, coming alive; everyone who participated did so actively and I am so grateful for that.

Thank you so much.

“Herbal Hangout #01” – a roleplay event

Oh, gosh, has it really been an entire week since my last post? Someone is busy planning their own event, leaving very little time for my cherished blog. I shall soon return!

Until then, we had our first Herbal Hangout event yesterday, what an opportunity for some interesting interaction across the factions, I greatly enjoyed it. 🙂


A leaflet is neatly placed on the local billboard:

‘All herbal heroes are hereby invited to our Greenhouse for an evening of verdant veneration. It will be an opulent opportunity for all bodacious botanists to get ardently acquainted and compare chlorophyllic collections. We may even feel the Greenhouse Effect!’













Thank you to everyone for showing up; we really had some experienced roleplayers, I could sense; what an inspiration and chance to learn more. 🙂

Beloved bloggers; thank you for keeping me updated from the World (of Warcraft) outside of roleplay with so many news, that has been thrown our way this last week!

Happy Easter, everyone 🙂

“Come Wheat May” – a roleplay event


Another round of screenshots from a roleplay event- with clever hints and parallels, which just makes it even better. I´m so happy I got back into roleplaying; it really sparked the joy for the game again. Here we go 🙂


A leaflet is neatly placed on the local billboard:

‘Shady rumours claim that the Proudmoore Admiralty is considering a referendum that could make Kul Tiras abandon The Alliance. Such disastrous event, that some diplomats already now refer to as ‘The Kulmination’, must be prevented at all costs! However, one single plant could turn the tide. Thus all bodacious botanists are hereby invited to a leafy lecture that will require our full audacity. We may break the rules. Even run through the fields of wheat! Nobody is ever perfectly behaved are they? What’s the naughtiest thing you ever did?’










Have a joyful day 🙂

“Moonrise” – a server wide roleplay event by Nataari

Why stop the steady stream of screenshots now – here is another round from one of the most cherished events; the Moonrise.

Leaflets are pinned to some houses of Stormwinds various districts and woodlands. Approaching one of the announcements, it is visible that the text is held both in Common as well as in Darnassian.

“Ishnu’Alah, Kal’Dorei brethren and friends and citizens of Stormwind!

Back in the past years, the Nightelves of Kalimdor have invited your allies and kinsman alike to join the old Kal’Dorei custom of the monthly Moonrise, to share your friendship and your praises to Elune. In the light of recent events, your homelands became contested, with many of you finding refuge here on the other side of the world, which was surely no easy choice for you.

Now we invite you to continue your custom, here in Stormwind, in the circle of your friends and allies. Your homelands may be far away and troubled these days, but we are all gazing upon the same moon.

Be welcome to join us on the 1st sunday of this month, and every month, by the old grove above Stormwind Harbour, to share an evening of kinship and reminisce. There will be food and drink, and Cherwina will hold the prayer when it is time to receive the Goodnesses blessing.

The festivities will commence an hour before Moonrise, and everyone is welcome! Leave your grudges and your weapons behind, and enjoy with us a peaceful celebration of Elune, of kinship and of the beauty of the rising moon.

We are looking forward to see you there!”












Phfew, I got through all 200+ I had taken. Thank you so much for the wonderful event!

Enjoy your Monday 🙂

A tribute to Mike Morhaime

Today, on the 7th of April 2019, Mike Morhaime will officially be stepping down as a strategic advisor – a role be picked up after stepping down as CEO. That means, that his days with Blizzard will be over.

I cannot let this day go by without a tribute to him. What a legacy he leaves behind.

He was not alone in this accomplishment, I am aware of that, but today, it shall be all about Mike.

So, thank you, Mike.

Thank you for every memory you made possible for us players to create together.

Thank you for all the stories you have told, for all the music and for all the hours we have been able to spend in the company of epic adventures.

Thank you for all the ideas of yours, that have enriched our lives in way, we cannot even describe.

Thank you for always appearing so welcoming during each Blizzcon.

Thank you for giving us a magical platform, where we form friendships, that might last us a lifetime.


We are sad to see you go. But know, that what you created, will stay with us forever.

We wish you all the best ahead.

What an emotional moment at BlizzCon 2018, where you passed the torch to J. Allen Brack.

And what a clever intro;We may think we know J. but we don’t!” Genius! 🙂

We are confident, that he will do his best to fill those enormous shoes.

And to quote J. Allen Brack: “You made this.”

(Around 1:06)


And Mike…If you should ever find yourself in doubt…

I invite you to stop by and look at my Wall of World of Warcraft. (Which is just about the most geekiest thing, I have ever made!)



To Mike!


“Prodigal Son” – a roleplay event

Here we go again, this time a roleplay event hosted by Ethan Redwood.

Thank you so much for putting it together!

It took place in Gilneas – a zone in World of Warcraft that really echoes with atmosphere- and even involved cross-faction roleplay, made possible by the elixir called Elixir of Tongues, which added such a cool aspect to it.


What’s it about? Well, when the Alliance and Horde left Draenor at the end of Warlords of Draenor and all the portals were closed, Ethan was left behind. When the Horde champions returned not long after to retrieve the mag’har, over 30 years have passed on Draenor in the meantime as it caught up to the present. In that time, the young hedge wizard turned into a middle aged man now older than his mother and lived an entire life in the savage world. In that time, he romanced a Blackrock orc and had a son – a half-orc named Galgar Flamehair. When the mag’har, including Galgar, escaped Draenor, Ethan stowed away and some of you had the pleasure to meet him literally just after he got back to civilization. [Point of note, this is based on the character being literally left aside since Warlords, so I decided to incorporate this into his backstory]

Galgar joined the Horde and fought for it for some time, until he was captured by the Alliance in Stormsong Valley. When Ethan learned of it, he started regularly visiting his son to try to mend their relationship. However, the half-orc would not let himself stay a prisoner, as his orcish sense of honor would not let him. He eventually escapes and that’s where you come in.

Ethan has taken to calling some of you friends after the past few events. So he’s asking you for help in finding his son and whatever troubles result from it. Because the son is a half-orc (and in game terms, a Horde character) it involves cross faction RP.


Here we go 🙂





























I hope the pictures managed to tell a story on their own – Happy weekend to all of you 🙂





“Fortune Favours The Gold!” – A roleplay event


Here we go again, another immersive event to enhance our joy in World of Wacraft 🙂


A leaflet is neatly placed on the local billboard:

‘Many races are prone to regard certain plants as omens for better or worse. Scholars mostly dismiss this as superstition, but throughout the ages there are certain plants that continuously have been connected to curious rumours across different cultures. One such herb shows golden promise. As we once again invite all able adventurers to join our leafy lectures, you have got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do you?’


As last time, not all screenshots are mine, since I am not able to stay until the end, but they are editted by me, so I guess that´s something! Dulvarinn was kind enough to share those, from when I am not there.

I wish I was able to write a nice recap, in the best of roleplay-ways imaginable, but I do screenshots, that´s my thing. Let´s just say, the introduction to our Guild Bank was remarkable and very unique! And we were quite lucky 😉


There are a lot of screenshots this time around. I blame the gorgeous horses!

First, a screenshot behind the scenes though, that made me laugh out loud.

We had to come to the aid of a few who were joining, who couldn´t come to Dalaran on the Broken Isles. A kind Warlock offered to summon them.

In one of these “I totally forgot I am supposed to be In-Character, because I am so focused on assisting, so I´ll make one of the most rookie RP mistakes-ever”– moments, I just had the Warlock place their enormous Summoning Stone/Portal thing (when did that get an upgrade?!) right in the middle of the Greenhouse, where the event is suppose to start. (For those unaware, these things are not exactly something, that Druids are fond of, that is an understatement) I think Dulvarinn said something along the lines of this never being acceptable!

Sigh, Alunaria.

But what do you say – you hardly notice it, do you?



Anyway. Here we go 🙂













Thank you so much to Dulvarinn for hosting the event. I do not know, how you do it, it would take me a week worth of playtime to be able to put such an event together, with all those small details, and they just keep coming! Thank you to everyone who participated, it´s been great fun and entertaining to see the personality of your characters expanding and evolving, my own included 🙂 A life of their own. Looking forward to next time!


Wishing you all a joyful Tuesday 🙂

Do you ever take a moment to…#2

It´s been a long time, since I did one of these, and with the new Patch 8.1.5 (well it´s new to me, hah), I figured, that it´s time for another episode 🙂

So. Let´s play…

Do you ever take a moment to…


Do you ever take a moment to be super much, genuinely excited over the fact, that Leather robes, ROBES, people, ROBES, seem to be making a comeback?

They took my suggestion! Finally. This is the first one to arrive in Battle for Azeroth, instead of just pants, pants, pants and a chestpiece. Sure it´s not that druidic, but I take what I can get! Also, there is one from Battle of Dazar’alor as well. Joy!WoWScrnShot_030419_202110


Do you ever take a moment to mess around, and face Jaraxxus…as Jaraxxus?! Then he can know what it´s like. This has absolutely nothing to do with the new Patch, but be sure to mix up your game play!WoWScrnShot_030719_201626


Do you ever take a moment to visit those poor citizens of Boralus, that cannot even afford chairs, that match their size?WoWScrnShot_031819_104421


Do you ever take a moment to notice the quest dialogue and how entertaining it is, and how sweet it can be?WoWScrnShot_031819_105011.jpg


Do you ever take a moment to see how badass you look!?WoWScrnShot_031419_202410


Do you ever take a moment to offer help to even the most unlikely of creatures?WoWScrnShot_031819_105914


Do you ever take a moment to be grateful for the introduction of player choice (even though it does not technically change anything, it´s still nice, I think)WoWScrnShot_031819_114427


Do you ever take a moment to have fun with the top-notch disguises, that the Alliance have at their disposal?WoWScrnShot_031419_201559


Do you ever take a moment to adore the new horse model? Really, adore? Oh, I cherish these so much. (This screenshot really took long to get just right.)WoWScrnShot_031819_102422


One of my favorite music tracks of all time…


Do you ever take a moment to enjoy all the aspects of World of Warcraft, be it PvP, Roleplay, PvE or Collections, or something entirely different? WoWScrnShot_032619_214530.jpg


Do you ever take a moment to take advantage of all the new possible character poses, that makes for great screenshots?WoWScrnShot_031819_104701


Do you ever take a moment to goof around with it too? A log carrying a log. Hah, I couldn´t help myself there 🙂WoWScrnShot_031819_104800


Do you ever take a moment to immerse yourself in the quest lines, even though they might not always involve your favorite race – they are still really good?WoWScrnShot_031319_200109


Do you ever take a moment to be Queen of the world?WoWScrnShot_030619_110256


Do you ever take a moment to appreciate the new horse model? Oh, what, did we do this one already? Well, it´s absolutely gorgeous!WoWScrnShot_031819_102855


What have you taken a moment to appreciate in World of Warcraft lately? 🙂


Have a joyful weekend, everyone.

“Mumbo Gumbo!” – A roleplay event

From battling vs. AI opponents and to adventuring through sandstorm and desert in search of a rare flower, which can cause quite the burn injury!

The opportunities in World of Warcraft for entertainment sure are many.

The study of plantlife continues with another immersive event 🙂


A leaflet is neatly placed on the local billboard:

‘Not all plants grow in verdant landscapes. Some thrive amongst scalding dunes under the intense gaze of An’she, persistently adapting to their unforgiving surroundings. We are about to examine such herb with a little help from the race that knows it best. Once again we invite all able adventurers to join our leafy lectures. Get ready for some hot stuff!’

Quest Objective: Meet with The Botany Band in the greenhouse at the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran (Broken Isles) and receive further information.


The screenshots is a mix of my own as well as Dulvarinn´s (my early bedtime hinders me from staying until the end, shoot!)














WoWScrnShot_032519_205407-1This is my favorite shot of the night, there´s just something about the angle that enchances the feeling of the desert of Tanaris; endless.














Thank you again to everyone 🙂 I´ve been having such a good time in World of Warcraft lately and I am sure, that the roleplay enhances my gaming experience. It´s so nice to be a part of.


Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday 🙂

The Artificial Intelligence of World of Warcraft


I have genuinely been having a great time in World of Warcraft these days, with the new Battleground Brawl called Comp Stomp.


It takes place in Arathi Basin, and instead of Horde, we now fight Artificial Intelligence opponents.

It has been quite fascinating to participate in since Wednesday, especially since the AI opponents seem to be learning.


It´s a lot harder than it was just a few days ago;

They now CrowdControl extremely well and their Silence is spot on and chained, They never leave a node undefended.

You cannot just lure them away and kite them around.

Often their Druid and Rogue pair up and stealth around to cap. The same team avoids getting camped, so you cannot just farm them at their graveyard.

They never place themselves to be easily tossed out from the hills of Lumber Mill either.

Their damage input has increased, and as soon as they spot a Healer, they all go for her (Trust me..!)

That being said, it´s not all that difficult, and I won every battle, which made me keep going. Some were close though, with a score around 1400 vs 1500, and some were not, with a score around 800 vs 1500.

It is possible to predict some of their behaviour, but not all.

Some laughs during the Brawl included witnessing the AI opponents acting exactly like players; if they would arrive to a contested point, where the Alliance outnumbered them, they would simply turn around and flee the scene!


I´m very curious, where this might lead us in the future.

If there is a faction imbalance, perhaps AI opponents comes to the rescue?


I also wonder, how the Horde has experienced the Brawl this week? Are the AI opponents harder to beat than real Alliance players, given the note at the announcements of these at BlizzCon? 😉 (You´re Welcome, Alliance)


Will we see them in more Battlegrounds soon, such as Alterac Valley?

Unlike Warfronts, which feels a bit “flat” to me, this kind of AI in Arathi Basin seem way more intelligent.

Do not get me wrong, I do like the set up of Warfronts, especially Darkshore; it´s easy for me to engage myself in. And especially as a time-poor player, the fact that it´s a guaranteed win makes me participate, since I generally have stopped playing content, where I can risk walking away half an hour later with nothing.


I even had a moment in Arathi Highlands, where an enormous wave of NPCs and myself took down a boss all on our own, it was epic!

So these AI opponents are very welcoming for me, in the state they are in right now. One can argue, it´s not real PvP, and that is true, it´s not.

But because we know we can win, and we do, this has been an opportunity for me to…


…see Arathi Basin again in its new upgraded version. It looks beautiful.

…gain reputation with The League of Arathor, all the way to Exalted (Working on 100 reputations)

…gather a good amount of Marks of Honor for transmogrification gear

…obtain some of those Captured Insignias as well as Fallen Adventurer´s Journals to hand in at the Darkmoon Faire for Tickets for all the Mounts, Pets and Toys I want

…participate in organised gameplay with friends that I rarely have an opportunity to group with, because I am so time poor (a win can take as little as 10 minutes)

…get items that I can disenchant so I can level my Enchanting and begin on the quest soon

…witness the Alliance winning, for once. Sure, it might be against “easy bots”, as some might argue, but perhaps it sparks a little motivation and belief, that through organising, Alliance can once again win more often in the “real” kind of PvP

…loot fish from the box after each victory, to help me level Cooking

…earn a little extra cash, around 200 gold pr. win



Look at that list!

If there is one thing I like, it´s double bonus results, just like doing Incursion and Emmisary at the same time. Time efficiency is a joy.


A part of me worries, though, that AI opponents might end up doing more harm than good, depending on where they will be used, and how much Blizzard intends to use them.


Perhaps Artificial Intelligence will be “The New Big Thing” of the next Expansion?



I can see many things, it would be excellent for. Imagine a better escort quest, where the NPC are way more ‘clever’ than today.

Or Scenarios, where Tyrande, Malfurion and Nathanos would fight in a more “real Player vs Player” kind of way, instead of the ‘a-little-bit-awkward manner’, that we are used to?

Or how about the “average mob you have to kill for a Quest Objective” suddenly being able to predict your every move, Silence and Crowd Control you, forcing you to stay sharp throughout the questing experience?

Or new versions of the Mage Tower Challenge?

Time will tell.


What do you think, Artificial Intelligence Opponents  in World of Warcraft – good or bad?




Happy day everyone 🙂

“A fungus among us” – A roleplay event


I hope you all are enjoying the new patch 🙂

I was lucky enough to participate in another roleplay event hosted by Dulvarinn Moonwalker.


A dried silverleaf adorned with moonglow ink writing is neatly placed on the local billboard:

‘It is a well known fact that the ecosystem of Azuremyst Isle and Bloodmyst Isle suffered heavily from the crash of the Exodar. Reports of an invasive fungus on Bloodmyst Isle has reached the Kirin Tor and rumours also circulate that one of the best mycologists of the Cenarion Circle has gone missing while investigating the matter. Once again we call on able adventurers to help solve the mystery.’

Quest Objective: Meet with Kuhuine Tenderstride and Dulvarinn Moonwalker in the greenhouse at the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran (Broken Isles) on Monday the 18th of March at 20:00 CET and receive further information.










Roleplaying really makes the World of Warcraft feel more alive, and these events are being planned down to the smallest detail, using so many neat tricks and toys to make it such a joy to be part of.

Thank you to everyone who participated and to Dulvarinn for all the effort and passion thrown into it – it shows! 🙂

“How do you like them apples?” – A roleplay event


This is just me hawking my blog to post screenshots today. I was fortunate enough to be able to participate and get engaged in roleplay again – for the first time in years. I stayed up way too late, and got way too little sleep, but it was worth it.

Hosting RP events can take a lot of preparation and I am grateful for the dedication Dulvarinn showed. I got invited through an unexpected letter in the mail, and on the billboard a note was placed saying the following:

“A note with additional contact information is neatly placed on the local billboard: ‘All capable travellers with a green thumb is hereby invited to help solve a mystery regarding a special kind of apples with an extraordinary rich taste and delicacy. So far we have nothing but a few samples and a single indication to the origin of the fruit and thus we require assistance in order to investigate the matter further. The apple never falls far from the tree.’

Quest Objective: Meet with Kuhuine Tenderstride and Dulvarinn Moonwalker in the greenhouse at the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran (Broken Isles) on Monday the 11th of March at 20:00 CET and receive further information.”


I won´t go too much into details of the whole event, after all, it was not my creation 🙂 But I took the time to edit screenshots from it, that I want to share here as a thank you to all who participated and to Dulvarinn for making it come alive. 🙂

It was such a pleasant, immersive experience.



















I used to do portraits for my old RP guild years and years ago, perhaps I´ll pick that up again – this is just a raw draft 🙂



Happy Almost Patch Day everyone!

Let´s Craft #7: The World of Warcraft Night Elf Crest

Months of work on this has finally paid off.

I rarely use the word “proud”. But I am, I am so proud, that I was able to make this piece come together, in the way that it has. That I didn´t give up mid way, but I saw it all the way through.

Ever since my Illidan’s Warglaive made out of beads, I had this idea for the Night Elf Crest. Me and hubby are slowly making a Wall of World of Warcraft things, and I needed a masterpiece. My masterpiece. And it finally hangs on the wall, finished.

The pattern was the biggest accomplishment, by far.

One thing is following an already-made-pattern, but another is coming up with it, as I go along, and still have it turn out okay. That is what took me the longest.

The entire thing took almost two months of working on it a little bit by bit every day.

I´m happy to share the progress pictures down below. And I will try to include a few helpful tips, if you ever want to make something this large in beads yourself.


Night Elf Crest 1.JPGI´m slowly getting started. I printed out a picture of the Night Elf Crest, and then I enlarged it, and printet out another in several Word Documents. (I´m that low techy techy, I know)

I heard, that you can use some kind of program to make these into more pixel-friendly versions, but I didn´t have it.


Night Elf Crest 2.JPGThen I just began, little by little, one pegboard at the time. You can see how I cut out the Night Elf Crest and placed it on the boards, then made a “line” and worked from there. The above picture is a raw draft, without shadows being added – that was an idea I got later on.



Night Elf Crest 3.JPGWhenever I wasn´t working on it, I would cover it with baking paper- to prevent dust. I knew it would have to lie there for months – and with the paper, it also prevented the beads from falling apart, if I would touch it accidentially. (We just have one table, so I used our dining table, which luckily is a very large one!)



A few more showing the process. First one shows the shadows being added. I use a pair of tweezers most of the time, especially for things like that.



To make sure that each part of the glaive was equal in length, I used a measuring tape. Even though i followed the picture I printed out in size, sometimes, I had to cut corners or enlarge bits here and there, to make a nicer looking detail come to life. So it wasn´t 100% accurate to the printed version.


night-elf-crest-9.jpgWhen you are making something this large, it actually helps to take a step back (stand above it) and take a picture with your phone or camera. The project just somehow “shows” itself a lot better like that, and getting a picture helps you spot “weak areas” you might want to improve. (Tip. Do not be a perfectionist!)


Night Elf Crest 10.JPGTry to cover all angles. It´s easy to miss “stray” beads, with a project this enormous!


Night Elf Crest 13.JPGTake pictures of it up close; especially if you are using beads of colours similar to each other. Then you can spot the wrong ones a lot easier.


night-elf-crest-11-1.jpgDone, before ironing.


Now cover it up with “paint tape” – It´s called Masking Tape in English I think? So you can flip it and iron it without doing it on the pegboards.


Night Elf Crest 15.JPGFlipping it was no easy task. This is where I went wrong; I should have had some kind of large “metal base” underneath it, and then flipped it over. All I had was carton, but it turned out okay. It was a two person job though. If you need more details on this, let me know, and I will try to find a video that describes and shows it better!

I have no pictures of the flipping process, too much panic for that! I was being so focused/holding my breath-not knowing if it turned out okay-mode in the picture removing the pegboards, I didn´t even notice the picture being taken.


Night Elf Crest 16.JPGSlowly removing each pegboard, hoping the masking tape keeps all the beads in place.


Night Elf Crest 17.JPGWhat I especially like about the masking tape is, that after removing the pegboards, you can now place each bead differently, if you need. So no beads are “floating” far from the other. That gives a far better finished project.


night-elf-crest-26-e1551549608987.jpgAnd here we go, flipped and pegboards removed. The angle is a little off here, because I had to stand high on a chair to take this picture! And it´s mirrored, since it´s the backside showing.


I forgot an important detail. A way to hang this on the wall that is more sturdy than just a bead or two. So I made these two “hangers” in a colour that matches our wall the best.

I left out four beads, so there was plenty of room for the screws. Making these on the masking tape afterwards was not the easiest of things, so don´t be like me, but remember it beforehand instead 😉


Night Elf Crest 31.JPGLet the ironing begin. Do not have it on carton, like I had to. It behaves weird from the heat. I made it work, but it could have been easier.


Night Elf Crest 32.JPGDuring ironing, I tried to create a little 3D-like effect, by carefully bending the beads while they were hot.


Night Elf Crest 34.JPGUse books for the parts of if, that you want to have “flat”. Others, you can bend, carefully, to make them pop, like I show above. I did that to the feathers and leaves and the end of the glaives 🙂


Night Elf Crest 33.JPGBefore I started hanging it on the wall, I used a bit of thread to make sure, that the arrows would not be too heavy and break.

The real thread being used now is more see-through than this. I recommend, fish line? I believe? I haven´t got it myself yet. I added two more of the threads I do have though, to be sure.



And that was it.

Night Elf Crest Finished.jpg


Before I end, I want to include the very first version I made of this too. It was made to figure out the right colours and such. Quite fun to see it now, compared to what came out of it, hah 🙂



Night Elf Crest 39.JPG

Total bead count: Around 32.000

Colours used: Shiny Green, Dark Green, Light Green, Black, Light Purple, Purple, Dark Purple, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Gold, Bronze, Silver, Light Grey, Grey, Dark Grey, Pale Grey, White and Pearl White.

Bead brands used: Hama and Nabbi

Number of pegboards needed: 42


I hope this can be an inspiration to someone – I searched long for it myself, but never did manage to track down something similar to help me get started.

So happy crafting out there, everyone – and a joyful weekend to all of you 🙂





Other Let´s Craft Projects


Moontouched Feather

Darnassus and Teldrassil

Illidan’s Warglaive

Halloween Decorations

Christmas Calendar with gamer quotes

Treasure Chest

The Voice Actors of Battle for Azeroth

One of my biggest joys, when I do Incursions in World of Warcraft these days (when I get the chance, those timers…), is Grumbol Grimhammer, the dwarf who is quite happy, with when we stomp the Horde flat!

I think he deserves the spotlight today, so here we go 🙂


If the name of Grumbol rings a bell, it´s because he actually is the Alterac Valley Battle-Master (In Hillsbrad Foothills).

I find it so nice to see, how Blizzard brings in our old timers to newer expansions and roles 🙂 He has been in the game since 2005!

The voice actor did an amazing job portraying a true Dwarf. All the lines he says are gathered in this video.




Listen and smile 🙂 I can´t even decide which quote is my favorite!

It must be the one with the lily-livered, it reminds me of Phoebe´s line from Friends, hah 🙂 (It´s at 1:00)


Although the way he says “bearded noses” is just genius!


I discovered, that it´s André Sogliuzzo (link to him here) who is behind the voice of Grumbol Grimhammer.

Billedresultat for André Sogliuzzo

What´s funny is, he is also labelled as Voice Actor behind World of Warcraft – Allaris Narassin, Arluin as well as Advisor Vandros! Talk about variety in voice skills 🙂


A cool overview here with pictures on who else André has lend his voice to, what an arsenal.


Battle for Azeroth has a lot of details and joys, and it´s easy to feel the passion behind the expansion. If one wants to see it.

Obviously, there are are a lot of other Voice Actors, who nailed their character! This is just one of them 🙂


Which Voice Actor has made an impression on you in this expansion?


Patty Mattson Picture

Patty Mattson (Voice Actor of Sylvanas) is a long time favorite of mine – have you heard her songs outside of World of Warcraft?



The Voice Panel of Blizzzcon always has me smiling. I find it so fun to hear the character´s voice brought to life – live, so to speak 🙂


There are so many Voice Actors worth mentioning, it´s hard to single one out. I just felt like shining the spotlight on Grumbol Grimhammer today 🙂


Which Voice Actor has made an impression on you in this expansion?


Have a joyful day, everyone 🙂

Remember the good, old days? – Why does it matter?

Pausing the Happy Thoughts for a moment today, and hoping for a constructive discussion.

Thank you so much in advance for getting involved 🙂


Remember back when you would play a video game, and that would be it?

You wouldn´t even know, who made it, you only cared, if it was good.

You didn´t connect and discuss with people online. You didn´t hear news of the company behind the game. All you were interested in was if the game provided you with the entertainment you expected.


I can still remember playing The Lost Vikings 20 years ago – yet it was only a few years ago, that I discovered, who was behind the game.



Those days are gone.

What happened?

Is is “just” the arrival of internet (and social media), or did we change, too?

Is it mostly us as gamers or the world around us?

Perhaps it is the level of greed, that plays a larger role now, when it comes to the reputation of a company. Yet, we would be kidding ourselves, if we didn´t admit, that of course they are here to make money. It´s not just about making games for “fun”. Still, gaming companies need to adapt and stay updated.

So why does it matter to us now?

I would appreciate to get your view and thoughts on it.







It´s not often, that Chris Metzen gets involved in discussing the state of Blizzard anymore.





Player Segmentation


As for Blizzard, Activision, World of Warcraft: I fear, that what we witness in these times is, that the player segment, that gets the most focus no longer are those, who cherish the Warcraft franchise. We do not bring in enough cash.

I have played World of Warcraft for over 14 years, since I was 22 years old. I never did try Warcraft, but naturally, I have a different “connection” to Blizzard, than a 15 year old who just arrived to the game would have. I knew Blizzard before Activision arrived. I belong to the player segment, who cherish the Warcraft franchise.


Is the cost of pleasing our kind too high?


What are we asking for? Are we impossible to please, do we play too little?

Does a company really has to rely on microtransactions to make it work today?

Why is a game of good quality, a finished game, no longer the goal?

Was that not what Blizzard was known for?

Is there any Blizzard left?

I imagine, that the average age of purchasing microtransactions is probably closer to 15 than 50 too.



I hate how the cynical part of me imagines, that all the mentioned developer-power Blizzard wants to add to their team, after they laid off 800 people, will go straight to their mobile games.

Because we all have phones, don´t we?


What´s the deal?

Will those of us, who are long time-fans be forgotten, out with the old, in with the new?

Will we have to settle for Classic, and Warcraft Remastered? Is that the explanation behind the timing and reason for those? Because surely it is not the plan to add microtransactions to them?




The loss of a good corporate image


I keep circling back, to what Blizzard admitted earlier;

that “they want to improve their communication with their passionate player base.”

Yet going through this post makes it difficult to see, how laying off people, that help them do just that, will help to achieve the goal of better communication. Building a solid reputation as a Community Manager can take years.

One could argue, that, after all, it´s better to have a stronger, more finished game (hiring more developers), instead of communicating.


Perhaps the goal is to get rid of communication all together, since the success of it – apparently – cannot be measured?


Perhaps times were better, back when players had no “need” for updates and communication –  or even more so, had no way of keeping updated, no place to come together.

No place to discuss their class – if you like it, great, if not, move onto another game. No “expectations”, that your voice can have an impact, that it can help change things. Perhaps those timers were simpler, easier. Just accept it or move on.





I miss Alunaria the Gullible. Where is the hiding?

Do I need to blog through this, for her to come out again?

If only I didn´t care. After all, the less I care, the more happy I am?


Blizzard. You matter to us. We want you to succeed.


Saving Sharpbeak1.jpg






“For Ythisens”

These are grim times for the gaming industry.

I went to bed yesterday preparing to wake up to the news of Activision “cutting costs”. I hoped for a maximum of 200 employees, I feared 700. It’s 775.

But, for when I tried to reassure myself, that better times would be ahead for the game, for the company…

Do you want to know which thought popped into my head?


“Well, at least they will keep people like Ythisens around”.







If you are not someone, who visits the WoW forums, Ythisens is (was…) a very beloved Community Manager. He was welcomed into the community in 2017,  and he was the kind of person, who gave us hope. Always active, respectful, and blunt – a mix of qualities that are not easy to come by.

So wakening up to the news, that even Ythisens have been laid off, leaves me with little ability to defend these actions. With little hope.


“Building your way up to the reputation and respect Ythisens had is no easy task.”


Laying off someone like Ythisens at a time where we now more than ever need clear communication is nothing short of bizarre. I cannot help but fear, that this is a very clear sign, a symbol, of what is to come. And I struggle to remain hopeful for the game, because of that.



But despite it all, I am still as naive as can be, and I will at least make an attempt to have this desicion revoked.

I know there are so many employees that have lost their job overnight, and it´s not like Ythisens, is the only one I care about, please believe me.

But for me, he was the shimmer of hope, a shining star, always there with a spot on response. Actively communication with the player base.

Fighting for him to get his position back, is a symbol of not accepting the way, things have changed. Despite how foolish and unfruitful it may be.




Ythisens being laid off is such a clear statement, and I will not have it, until I have done what I can to change things around.

A part of me wonders, if this is just a cruel trick. Laying off someone Activision knows, that the community actively will recognize and miss deeply, then revoking the decision and come out looking like heroes.

Gosh. Look at how quickly hope and naivity can turn into speculation and pessimism. Press on!


But enough about that, for now. That was not the intention of this post.

So, for you, Ythisens…


To everyone else who have been laid off, despite no personal note to you, please know, that my thoughts are with you, just as they are with Ythisens.

Thank you for all that you contributed with to enrich the company, we once knew.


“Do you want to show your support?

Bring out your Zao, Calfling of Niuzao today and rename it Ythisens.

It´s the least we can do, for all who just lost their job.

Let your voice be heard.”





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Lunar Festival 2019 Transmogs

The sweet Kam was so kind and inspire me to do a few transmogs for the Lunar Festival, so here they are.

Can I be so lucky and get a Kam-approved stamp, do you think? 😉

I just have three versions of the Crowns, I miss the last one, until next year, so three transmogs I made. Not a day too early to share these, I know, but better late than never!

The first one, the staff should be the Springrain one, as Kam suggested, but I forgot to take a new screenshot after the change! You can see it in the featured image of the post though.






Did you make any specific Lunar Festival transmogs, you´d like to share? Do you enjoy the new Hearthstone Toy? I sure do 🙂


A few thoughts


I genuinely hope you all are well, and happily gaming in World of Warcraft. In these times, we need people to stand together and be part of the solution.

We all want the game to succeed; players, developers, everyone.


We should do our best to remember, that a game such as World of Warcraft is meant to entertain us in so many different ways, and we cannot expect a fraction, of what we might favor, to be enough.


Take your time, do your best to spread the joy, be construtive and hopeful.

Write, share, participate, forge new bonds 🙂 Blog! Even just the smallest of posts might help you re-capture, what you once cherished about blogging about World of Warcraft, so let´s. We miss so many of you!

Once more: Here´s to a great year of World of Warcraft in 2019. 🙂

Auberdine Rebuilt

I am so grateful to see Auberdine rebuilt in Battle for Azeroth.

Have you made sure to take your time and notice all the small details, that makes it look so breathtakingly beautiful?

If not, here´s a good old fashioned plethora of screenshots 🙂






















Absolutely gorgeous rebuilt. The art team this expansion has outdid themselves over and over again.


What do you think, was all of this new Night Elven Architecture made / improved, just for the rebuild of Auberdine and the Warfront?

Or does a rebuild of Teldrassil and Darnassus awaits us, once Battle for Azeroth is over?

I believe!



Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone 🙂 Happy thoughts, continue and press on!

The “Happy Thoughts” Experiment – Final thoughts and Giveaway -Winner announcement

What a journey we´ve had with this “Happy Thoughts” Experiment

But…I know, that no one is going to read my words here – You´re all simply going to scroll down to see, who won the Vulpine Familiar, isn´t that so? :p

So I guess I´ll start with that 🙂

I chose to use the tool Random Name Picker. I didn´t even know such a thing existed, how fun!

Out of all those who participated, I counted a total of four bloggers, that qualifies for the Vulpine Familiar Giveaway with a minimum of 7 posts during the two weeks – the only criteria that had to be met (Correct me, if I am wrong, please, then it is not my intention!)


Wrath, Leto, Eppu and Erik.




I so wish I could have done a stream or some kind of live event with this, but I am low techy techy, I apologize.

But, let´s spin the wheel, shall we!







…Isn´t it exciting!






…And the winner is…











Get in touch with me and send me an e-mail at alunariasmail@gmail.com to begin the adoption!

…One would think, that that was it…Right?






Not at all. I am feeling generous, and because of that…


For everyone else who participated, who didn´t win the mount…No matter if you made your seven posts or not…For everyone who tried…







…For Kam at Kamalia et alia

…For Marathal at Deez Wurds

…For Wrath at Coffee Cakes and Crits

…For Eppu at Co-Geeking

…For Erik at Co-Geeking

…And to Grimgrog for his always encouraging comments and faithful readership…








… 🙂

I chose Cap´n Crackers, because everyone will be able to remember, which expansion he came from, and when we did this experiment. And I heard he will actually sit on your shoulder, if you /whistle at him. Pretty neat 🙂

I hope he will bring you joy. And if you ever find yourself feeling dragged down by the unconstructive negativity, just bring him out, and he will remind you, how powerful a positive mindset can be!


I hope none of you have him. If so, and if you are feeling generous yourself, you are more than welcome to pay him forward, of course. But I really hope none of you have him.

Get in touch with me at alunariasmail@gmail.com and inform me, if you wish to recieve a US or European code, and which e-mail I can use.

I discovered, you do not need to hand out your BattleNet info to me, if you feel uncomfortable with that; an e-mail will do just fine and the adoption is instant 🙂

Please let me know if you have any issues with it! It took me 4 conversations with Game Masters to get this to work, hah.

So I´d appreciate a headsup, also when it works, so I know it arrived safely.

The deadline for the adoption is one week from today, Wednesday, January 16th.


Final Thoughts


Here ends the “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment.

I am happy to say, that it had an impact of me, more than I thought it would, and I feel much more positive about the game now. Unfollowing a few YouTubers, staying away from all unconstructive negative comments and posts, carefully selecting how I spend my time, making small positive blog posts, read all of yours…It all contributed to a much greater positive mindset.

So thank you and enjoy your new companion, big or small!

Happy New Year and happy positive mindset 🙂



Look at Leto on this beautiful mount…

Absolutely gorgeous 🙂


And Grimgrog with Crackers

grimgrog crackers


Wrath with Crackers



Keep ´em coming – That sitting on the shoulder feature is beyond cool, hah 🙂

Why Druids are the best

…It´s been a while since one of these posts, and the screenshots are piling up, so I shall let them speak more or less for themselves… 🙂

In attempt to keep up a steady stream of blog posts, despite the – perhaps- lack of content they contain. Editting screenshots is always a joy for me.

Here goes!



“Deer lighting things on fire”



“Orca with wings getting chased by a mini Zeppelin”



“Bear with…Stuff”



“Warming up that fur”



“Casual stroll during Incursion. There is time for it all”



“Scenery turned into perfection, because, cute deer”




“Grizzly Hills music and atmosphere”



“Deer poking people with a needle”




“Most brutal high five ever given”



“Orca on land vs. Blood Troll 1-0”



How can you argue?! 😉


I sure look forward to picking a winner for the Happy Thoughts Experiment Wednesday –

Happy day everyone 🙂

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – The last day

We made it! Well, I did at least 😉 Did you?

14 days of my best behaviour, and my strongest attempt to stay clear of any negativity.

I made sure not to make negative comments and posts, I didn´t engage in debates shouting into the wind, and I did my best to be encouraging on all the blogs, that I followed.


Has the Experiment been successful?

I would say, that for me at least, it certainly has. Granted, I also picked the best time to do this, since it´s been the Holiday season and I haven´t had much time to play/read, but still, I feel a change in the way I think about World of Warcraft.

I also feel less drained, particularly because I didn´t engage in flame wars, debates or any of the likes at all. Especially not reading comments on sites like Wowhead, official forums etc. has meant a huge deal, since it´s so negative most of the time.

Youtubers who prowl around, hoping to be the fastest one to make the best click-baity thumbnail are around every corner today too, so not roaming around there played a role too, I believe

I want to continue doing this in the future.

When I make positive “light” posts myself, I also finds that it helps, so perhaps that is something I want to keep up as well.

But a balance is healthy too, so I shall try to find that. I do also like to participate and read posts, that are of constructive criticism.

I do need to keep in mind though, that I have changed too compared to just two years ago when Legion was new; I discovered, that I have far less time, than I originally thought, and most evenings, it´s only about half an hour of playtime now. I am sure that has an impact too, on the satisifaction I get out of the game; it´s just too little, and if I am not careful, I feel as if I never get anything done.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the experiment 🙂
I would have loved to see more bloggers participate; it saddens me, how many we have lost in Battle for Azeroth, but I hope to see a return of them again someday.

Enough about me though!

How about you?


Did you make it through?

What proved to be the most difficult?

Did you manage your minimum of seven posts?

Do you feel any different now?

If so, please be sure to leave your comments and thoughts in this post, so you have a chance, when I Giveaway a Familiar Vulpine mount 🙂

You have until Tuesday next week to do so. A winner shall be announced on Wednesday 🙂

If you tried, but didn´t make it, I welcome and encourage you to also leave your thoughts!


Happy weekend everyone. 🙂

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 13

…Also known as the almost last day of this experiment 🙂




So if you haven´t already and are getting close; be sure to get your minimum of seven positive posts out by tomorrow in order to be able to participate and be the lucky winner of the Vulpine Familiar gorgeous mount!




For me, my thanks go to the catch up-mecanics in place in World of Warcraft today. A hot topic for many, and one could easily argue on the other side, that these mecanics are doing the game no good, but for me, just me, I really like them.

Someone who is as casual as I am with very limited time to play; I feel as if I reach some kind of “checkmark”, whenever I get the best gear obtainable from World Quests/ LFD. I feel okay at my level, and I know, that eventually the item level will increase and I can once again get upgrades this way.

I particularly enjoy the parts in between, where I have a pretty-okay-decent item level, before the next PvP Season comes out, where all stats on monsters etc. will be upgraded too (right?)

Feeling a little closer to matching my opponent in the open world makes me feel good! OPness is welcome!



I call this picture…

“Curious eagle is curious”



Enjoy your evening everyone, and I sure look forward to hear how the experiment has worked out for you 🙂

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 11

On this, the 11th day of my experiment, I want to show appreciation for things in World of Warcraft, that remains the same.

When I first saw a datamined updated model of stags/reindeers, I was beginning to fear, that my favorite reindeer would have its model updated.

Granted, it might happen eventually, but until then, I am grateful to have Metzen look the exact same as he did the first time I helped rescue him in, was it Burning Steppes, back then?

So for all the things that still look the same, and bring back so many memories; for the soundtracks that have gone untouched to the few selected zones that, even if updated, has kept some of their original charm, thank you 🙂

It´s rare one is able to go back to the past in this way, and re-ignite the memories, but with World of Warcraft, and even more so, the upcoming Classic servers, we are able to re-visit, if just a fraction of everything we experienced so many years ago. And that is so precious to me.




Happy New Year, everyone 🙂

The “Happy Thoughts” Experiment – Day 9 (+ Off Topic: The loss of Toy Stores)

Let´s see, let´s see- I think I am doing fairly well myself with this experiment.

I find myself thinking more positive and I even enjoy blogging more too. Let´s see how I´ll feel, once this ends.
But today I shall share thanks for the Night Elven spotlight in Battle for Azeroth. The other side of me watched it differently up until now, but I want to try and be grateful of all the Night Elven themed things now. Such as the transmog from the Darkshore Warfront. I do cherish that.

I am confused though, how to obtain the other “tints” of it than the standard version, do you know?

Anyway 🙂 I just got a few pieces so far, but I had to create a transmog fitting for what I have obtained so far.



Oh, and Eppu asked for my Reindeer transmog, so here that is too 🙂



And then, allow me to go Off Topic for just a bit.

It´s something I rarely do. But I need an outlet for this, and so, here we go. You can just skip this part, if you rather stick to WoW related topics 🙂

But if not, I would love to read a tale from your childhood.




Toys ‘R’ Us and Fætter BR – the Toy Stores of Denmark closing their doors


Just yesterday, the news could inform us, that the toy stores of our country will no longer be around. From tomorrow.

In late November, it was announced, that they went under reconstruction and had six months to turn things around, but because of a dissapointing Christmas sale, the decision has been made to close it all together already. (Everyone who needs to exchange gifts must do so right away, and gift certificates etc. are now worthless.)

I am so very sad about this. More than I thought I would be. Sure, we do have a few toy stores here and there, which are all gems on their own, but there was nothing like a trip to Toys R Us with and for our son.


Breaking the news to our five year old boy left him in tears.


Then I followed.

These stores, in our city, have been more than just stores. It has been the chosen destination for him, since he could walk.

We have been blessed with a child, who never ever “begs” for things, when we are out, so I have had the luxury to enjoy these trips, just as much as he did, and it has given me an opportunity to see things through his eyes;


The magic he has felt, when gazing upon all the toys, he wanted to put on his wishing list.

The fun he had when trying out the trampoline and other activities inside.

The giggles we have shared, when we journeyed through the Halloween decorations/spooky playhouses that were set up in the stores.

The anticipation he had on the trips, where he had managed to save up just enough to buy that one sweet toy, he had wanted for ages.


Today, we payed it one last visit. He was allowed to spend all his savings for whatever toy he wanted, as a memory. He chose a very cool lightsaber.

I get it, this is just the internet claiming its next victim. And announcing the reconstruction right before Christmas surely did not help build trust amongst the customers either.

I made an effort and purchased all the toys we needed from the stores instead of online. But I understand, I belong to a minority.

Parents hand out tablets/electonic devices to their children so early now as well, that the interest for toys takes a backseat, unless we as parents guide them in the other direction.

I can still recall a memory from my childhood, where my dad gave me a gift, a board game, called Ghost Castle, and it was such a big thing for me, because I rarely got to go to the store and even more rarely did I get something. This was an early Christmas gift.

I used to work in Toys R Us as well, in two cities, one where I was just part time and another where I worked full time and had responsibility for my own “sections”.

Now, as a mother, I visited several times a month with our son.

The brand “Fætter BR” is Danish, and these stores have been around since 1950. Toys R Us arrived later, and where I know the end of these stores happened earlier in the US, we all remained hopeful in Denmark, that it wouldn´t happen here, since the way they were being run was different. (Sorry language barrier, it´s hard for me to explain in details and techy techy.)

I cannot imagine a world without these stores. A chapter ends tomorrow in the saddest way possible.


So to all the people that made the adventures and the magic we and our son has had through the last years possible;

I say thank you.


Thank you for always serving us with a smile, even when we bought nothing.

Thank you for the extra mile you went with all the decorations during holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

Thank you for all the memories you allowed us to make within the magic of your stores.


All the best wishes and hopes for those, around 3000 people, who have suddenly lost their job.

I hope for better times ahead for the concept of toy stores, and that we in the future will see some kind of rebuild. It can never be as it once was, but I am sure we can settle for just a fraction of it.

There was nothing like a visit to Toys R Us and Fætter BR.

Thank you.



Do you have any fond memories of visiting the toy store in your town, from when you were a child? You are so welcome to share them here.

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 8

Today, I give thanks for…Flynn Fairwind.


Hah, I know. But I think this character in Battle for Azeroth is so well written, so charming and with so much humor, that he deserves a spot here during the experiment.


The quests he is involved in always turn out to be really entertaining and it makes me chuckle, when I imagine those who were responsible for writing the story.


I like a lot of the new characters this expansion, their voice overs and lots of different personalities, really.


Do you have a favorite character from Battle for Azeroth? 🙂

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 7

Today I want to appreciate the Companion App. Sure it came from Legion, but it made its return in Battle for Azeroth, and as someone with very little in game time, it helps me out so very much.

I reached Revered with all factions not long ago, except the Tortollans.


“And I have not even done a total of 100 World Quests in Battle for Azeroth.”



It´s just great, and I like the version of the Mission Table this expansion, where it´s not absolutely needed in order to progress through quest lines.

It´s the Mission Table in Legion + listening to feedback, executed in the right way.

I also like how I have Shandris as a follower 🙂

And I have found, that if I just do the Warfront Quests in Arathi once pr…4 week, is it? I can almost keep up with the War Ressources I use on the App. Minimum effort, Maximum results, time efficiency benefits.


Do the Darkshore Warfront Scenario not offer the same, by the way, I wonder?


How do you guys “gear up” your followers? Any specific way to get those…Things…That increase the chance for success?


I do wish to reach 200% success chance, but it´s not always the case.
That was all I had today 🙂 I hope you all have gotten through Christmas, just as you wished ♥

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 6

This day, I want to highlight the fine music of World of Warcraft, more specifically, the music of Winter Veil.


I have this running during December every year, since the very first day I discovered it. It already puts me in a Christmas-y nostalgic kind of mood. Especially around 13:00 in the video; what a wonderful tune.

And if that is not enough, one can always visit the Dwarves above Ironforge having a great time with their sleighs.

Do you remember? 🙂




This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I cherish all these small details in World of Warcraft so much. It´s time to remember it´s these small things that count.


I hope you are enjoying the Holidays, where ever you are 🙂


Oh, and Bryssa is back! I am grateful for that too 😀



Enjoy your evening, all of you 🙂

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 5

Happy Holidays, everyone 🙂

Today, I´d like to show appreciation for, let´s see…How about that Darkshore Warfront, eh!? (Gosh, something Night Elvish, I know.)

I love that one. Arathi not so much, but Darkshore! It feels so much more engaging for me, I love seeing Thisalee again, as well as Jared and so many other familiar faces. The transmogs are more Night Elven than anything, I have seen in this expansion too. (Robe and Dress AND Kilt now, please.)

I also love, how I can heal the NPCs 🙂

We didn´t always used to be able to do that. (Who remembers escorting that sleepy Bear in Darkshore?)



And doing World Quests there, having Tyrande hand them out is very cool too. A part of me wonders, if I should really be playing an All Night Elven game, hah.



Did you manage to try the Darkshore Warfront yet? 🙂

And maybe more importantly…

How are you doing staying clear of all the negativity?

I´m actually doing well, it´s like the withdrawals vanished quite fast. Hoping it will last, and very curious to see, how I feel after the two weeks have passed.

Merry Christmas Day everyone ♥

The “Happy Thoughts” Experiment – Day 3

Today, I´d like to take a moment to appreciate something more class-personal in Battle for Azeroth.

That is my ability to be able to both be an Orca, as well as a Cheetah or a Doe at the same time.

The Glyphs that changd our Travel form used to be exclusive with each other. You could not moderate it into more, it was either a version of On-Land-Travelform or In-Water-Travelform etc.

We Druids have been wanting this for so many years, and in Battle for Azeroth our wish finally came true. 🙂



Do you have any class specific stuff you appreciate in Battle for Azeroth? 🙂


Happy little-Christmas-Eve everyone (as we call it here!)



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The “Happy Thoughts” Experiment – Day 1

(That´s right. Another screenshot from the Darkshore scenario. One would almost think, that I like it! 😉 )


I wanted to start this positive-thinking – what to be grateful for – experiment, with all the things I liked about levelling in Battle for Azeroth.

But Marathal inspired me to start elsewhere, so here is the poem I sent to Blizzard, as sweet as can be, to encourage them and wish them a joyful Holiday and New Year.

To everyone who makes World of Warcraft possible, to those who provide us with another place to call home; a place to meet friends for life in, a place I found my spouse in.

Thank you, Happy Holidays and New Year, Blizzard.


HappyHolidays, Blizzard 2018.jpg


Happy Friday Evening, and happy blogging 🙂



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Erik at Co-Geeking 1

Erik at Co-Geeking 2

Marathal at Deez Wurds

Wrath at Coffee Cakes and Crits

The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Preparations

Okay then! The experiment starts today, and I am feeling very motivated and confident I can manage it. I hope you will join me. You can read more about it in my earlier post here. 🙂

So, to prepare for this, I am making a list of sites, I can safely visit without comming across any rant-kind of videos, posts, articles, comments.

I think I´ll just gather them all here, for easy access for myself – please feel free and more than welcome to chip in.


YouTubers, that are “safe” to follow (sure, some may achknowledge when there are real issues, but it´s always with a positive spin on things):


Taliesin & Evitel Do Games





This can´t be all…Any suggestions?



Wowhead etc., really? (without reading comments)
I´m banning WoW Forums all together, since headlines alone can be so off-putting and drag you down.

A part of me wants to ban Wowhead etc. as well, to step off this “must get info straight away, no matter if it´s confirmed or not, and has no impact on me!“- train. Hm.


“What happened to the days, where I just used to read Patch Notes, once the patch was set in stone?”



Bloggers who want to participate in this so far are:









We sure are missing a lot of once-active fellow bloggers after Battle for Azeroth launched…Here´s to hoping to see a return of so many soon.


“To go all in on this experiment, I will only read the posts from the bloggers, who participate during these two weeks. Maximum positive attitude and all! I am very curious to see, how this will go.”



My list of things I´d love to do in these two weeks are…

(I am trying to stick to Battle for Azeroth content. It is my hope, I can try to highlight, that so many things work well in this expansion)


Pet Battles vs. Trainers. I hardly did any. I think I did one in total…Can I use those to level my pets, do you know?

The new Pet Battle Dungeon

The Raid

More Dungeons

An Incursion/Invasion

Island Expeditions (I SAW THERE IS A LEATHER ROBE ON THE LOOT TABLE!? First one in BfA! Is it RNG?)

Darkshore Warfront, Darkshore Warfront, Darkshore Warfront! I love this one already.

Ocean Adventure around Kul Tiras

Unlocking some Flightpaths in Zandalar

Warmode. Not tried at all.

Try to find a way to earn some Gold. And War Ressources.

Try to look into guaranteed goals, and steer clear of RNG related things

Make a better list..! Also it´s time to make a list of all the mounts and pets and what not, I want to collect.


Those are just on the top of my mind.


“Do you have a list?”


Happy blogging and positive gaming, and happy Holidays to all of you 🙂

And thank you, sincerely, to those, who want to take part in this experiment.

The “Happy Thoughts” Experiment – Can we control it? + Vulpine Familiar Giveaway

During the upcoming Holiday, I would love for all of us to participate in this. I realize it will be tough for some, but take of this what you are able to, and see where it leaves us in January. 🙂

It´s no secret, that Battle for Azeroth is not in the best state (yet…But we are getting there.)

That all might be different in a year, but right now, there appear to be a lot of negativity circling around it.

It could be the expansion, it could be us, it could be the gaming industry as a whole, it could be the people, we surround ourselves with.

No matter what, social media and the constant ‘need’ to stay in touch and debate/argue is larger, than it was just a year ago, two years ago, fourteen years ago, when World of Warcraft launched.

I´d like to explore more, what this means.


“In particular, I´d like to explore, how the negativity  on social medias today; how checking wowhead daily, reading through all the comments, how doing the same on WoW forums, how watching YouTubers, Tweets – how all of this might add to the negativity, and – essentially – tip you over the edge and pull you down, when all you want is to stay above.”


Negative posts/videos/articles generate a lot more traffic than positive. I witness that first hand on my site and others too.

We appear to feed on the drama, some relish in the downfall of others. Whether we are part of the solution or not, I have nothing to lose in trying this experiment, so here goes. 🙂

What better time to do this than during the Holiday. Who wouldn´t want to feel better about their favorite game.


The Experiment will last for two weeks and start this Friday, December 21.

It ends Friday, January 4.




Once the experiment is over, a random winner will be picked. The price I have decided on is the new mount from the Blizzard Store, the Vulpine Familiar.

This mount has, if anything, caused a riot amongst players, and words like corporate greed, microtransactions is ruining everything, and so on are entangled into a lot of posts recently. The timing could have been better.

I could share the same similar view with ease, but I want to put a stop to that.
Instead I want to view this as a way to simply keeping the motor running, and keeping WoW alive. We cannot avoid it anyway. It´s how the gaming industry is today.


“At least World of Warcraft only has cosmetic items in their Store.”


And the mount is so gorgeous – at least I think so. Never have I wanted a mount more. (Just for the record, I will not be able to win it myself, hah, don´t worry 😉 )
So the meaning of this Giveaway is to congratulate the winner on being able to put a positive spin on their gaming, their view on things, and their ability to share the joy of their passion with their fellow bloggers.

If you have the mount already, you are more than welcome to pick another reward from the Blizzard Store, if you are the lucky one.

Do note, that the winner would have to share their BattleNet info with me, and be on my friendlist for three days, before they are able to recieve the mount. I was just in contact with Blizzard today, and they have introduced this change not long ago.

They did also confirm, that I am able to gift this to someone from the US as well, so everyone is welcome! 🙂


Guidelines (Not rules)


1. You need to have a blog.

Screenshots or quick words on Twitter, Instagram, etc. sadly do not qualify this time around.

We need you guys to return to your blogs, we miss you!


2. You have to do your best to avoid reading comments on various WoW sites.

Wowhead, or the Wow forum, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Blogs, you name it. No comments, no reading or participating in the negative, unconstructive debates. I realize, that for most, staying off social media is close to impossible, and if that is the case, just try to be more aware, of what catches your attention.

Steer in the other direction! Don´t let it drag you down. Don´t click that bait, don´t watch that video you know, will be nothing but a rant. Don´t get upset about things in the game, that cause trouble for others, but cause no trouble at all for you.

We all want to feel joy about World of Warcraft. And the one thing we can change, is how we perceive things ourselves, especially if we surround ourselves with like-minded people.


3.  You can only read/watch positive or neutral posts/videos about World of Warcraft during the duration of the experiment.

Bookmark all the negativity for later – or not at all.


4. Each day of the experiment, you have to (try to) make a blog post, sharing one positive thing from your gaming session in World of Warcraft of the day. And be sincere and genuine.

Granted, this is the Holiday season, and some of us (myself included) might not be able to play each day, but then, just do your best. These are guidelines, not rules.

All it has to be is a simple screenshot, a word, a tune from the game, not much. Something joyful to share with your fellow bloggers.

*This is the only real rule; a number of at least SEVEN positive posts has to be made in order to enter the Giveaway of the Vulpine Familiar*


5. Each day of the experiment, you have to do your best in order to leave positive comments about the game on your fellow bloggers blog.

Nothing forced of course. Genuine. Assemble all your energy and positive thinking, as best as you can! Share something positive you might have experienced similar, to what they just shared. Or simply show appreciation.


6. Whenever you log into World of Warcraft during these two weeks, try hard to evaluate, how you spend your time.

Do you do things out of habbit without enjoying it? Then stop!

Do something completely different. It would be great, if it was something from Battle for Azeroth, so we can highlight all the good things about this expansion, but if you struggle, any content will do, of course.


7. Link back to this post in each of the posts you make during the two weeks.

I will be sure to include them all in the recap post, after the experiment is over. And I need to keep count, if you want to have a chance at the Vulpine Familiar 😉


8. Once the experiment is over, please come back and tell me, if this has had any kind of impact on your gameplay; the joy you got out of the game, and how you felt and thought.

Were you able to stay away from the negativity? Did it change your blogging/reading/gaming style? I will put up a post in the end, where we can collect all our thoughts.


9. Respond to this post, if you are interested in participating, and I shall spotlight.

Any other handy things to include in these guidelines? Just say so 🙂



Tip: If you find it difficult, try to imagine, that Blizzard would announce a complete shutdown of World of Warcraft and all servers in the beginning of 2019. Think about what you would miss.

Tip2: Think ahead on how you would like to spend these two weeks; if you are the type of person, that would benefit from a list, then go for that – a list of joy 🙂


“I´m not naive; I understand, that some of the deeper issues of BfA cannot be solved with this. But perhaps it´s possible to look at it a lot brighter, when those around you are doing the same. We are in control, of how we think.”


If I end up being all alone in this experiment, then that is okay too, but anyone willing to participate, I will be grateful for.

The more the merrier – it is a much bigger challenge to hand out joy on your own, than it is sharing it together. Let´s make it easy for each other.

You do not have to follow the guidelines religiously, except the one about the minimum post requirements; besides that, just pick from this whatever fits you best. Your happy thoughts are the most important 🙂

I obviously cannot check how well you do on this, it´s up to you. I have faith you can manage!


Happy Holidays everyone ♥