The Alpha is here…What do you do? Go!


This post contains no spoilers, I repeat, NO spoilers.




A little different kind of post than normally this Friday, containing more words than screenshots!


But I genuinely really would like to know.


How do you guys go about the load of information, that will get thrown our way now, with the Alpha out?

I am so torn.

Well first, I had to stop visiting Twitter all together. The information there is all over the place, and it’s impossible to stay spoiler free. I really want to stay spoiler free, as best as I can.


But is that possible in 2018?

I want to keep blogging. Yet I had to unfollow a few bloggers, that are known for putting spoilers, not just in their posts, but in the very titel of their posts too, just bam! It’s there.


I stopped visiting the mainpage of WoWhead, Mmo-champion, and I stopped visiting the official Forums, but the information usually finds it’s way to me, no matter how I go about it.


I don’t want to stop blogging either.

But how does one stay spoiler free today? I want to participate in all the hype, yet I do not want the story spoiled before I get to play it out myself.

For the first time, I want to jump into a new expansion knowing absolutely nothing at all!



But how about you guys?

How do you go about it?

Are you the first one in line to analyze all the datamining, or are you the last one?

(In case you ARE into spoilers, I highly recommend checking out SPOILERS-SPOILERS-SPOILERS Kaylriene’s site. He’s great at warning, if a post contains spoilers too, so you are safe to cherry pick, what you want to read about)


Oh, and on a very positive note, I just discovered a new blog, Larchleaf’s, and it’s lookin’ good! (She’s playing a Druid, so how can it not be good?)

She’s even finding new styles to play the game, so check her out!

Welcome to Larchleaf in our wonderful blogging community – you can find her over at Wandering Through Azeroth 🙂






Enjoy your weekend everyone, and thank you so much in advance for leaving your thoughts on this 🙂