Healers and Addons – A hand, please?


My go-to favorite healing raid frame Addon has long been in need of love, but now, after over 10 years of using it, it appears to have been abandoned and completely broke down in 8.0.

So. The time has come to to move on, browse, and get comfortable and a lot of muscle memory before Battle for Azeroth. (Are we there yet?)


I realize it’s the holiday season, but maybe just a few of you have time to share which Addons, you can’t live without, in particular those, that would be handy for HoT tracking? Without taking up my entire screen space. Easy to configure?


I tried the standard Blizzard raid frames and that just isn’t for me at all. I wanted to play with a minimum amount of Addons, but some seem impossible to be without!

I’d appreciate that so much. Thanks a lot in advance and happy holidays, everyone 🙂