My To Do List



Well this is just for myself, pretty much. But if you have any ideas, you are so very welcome to post them!

But gosh, do I need a place to put all the things I am trying to focus on…Because I fail. At the focus. Yep, not good at it.

Gotta narrow it down too with my limited time to play – besides all my exploration and swimming and all that.




WORK IN PROGRESS for Battle for Azeroth!



Any suggestions are more than welcome 🙂

3 thoughts on “My To Do List

  1. Gosh, go me!
    And thank you Wrathofkublakhan for liking this, since it dusted off the list a bit, and made me realize, there are actually several things I have managed now – My first “check-I have done it” -move.

    That feels sooo good!


  2. There are many to-do’s there that I also want! Pet battles are pretty interesting, but I’m also (maybe in a couple of years I’ll be able to finish it xD) trying to collect them all. I also did all of Pandaria… ALL OF IT! I think it’s the best expansion. The stories are wonderful. Do it! You won’t regret it! Have you done the achievement in the Jade Forest in the exact location of the cinematic? I cried when I accidentally did it 😀 Restore Balance, I believe it’s called.

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    1. Gosh, this list. Dust off! There are so many things I want to work towards. Like…Maintaining my To Do List too :p

      I hear you; Pet Battles, wow. Those will take me years too! Right now Im just slowly levelling a pet one at the time, in Shadowmoon Valley Draenor.

      I am not quite there yet, but working towards MoP and it is growing on me – Thank you for the recommendation:)


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