I want to share a list of the AddOns that makes my life easier in WoW 🙂


Especially since I hope it might help someone else. I´m not too fond of AddOns that take a long time to configure, and I like to keep it simple. But I am so satisified with what I have achieved, even though I somehow ended up with 54 AddOns!

So I hope it can be an inspiration.




For now, I want to highlight one AddOn, caled Storyline because it has improved my questing on so many levels. More than any other AddOn ever has. I´m one of those that really cherish to immerse myself into the lore and quests. And StoryLine has taken that to a whole other level. It replaces your Quest window (without any hassle or need for configuration)

You can find it here:


I plan to talk a little bit about the rest of my AddOns in the future.


Any AddOns that I missed, that you cannot live without? Do share 🙂





6 thoughts on “AddOns

  1. Addons I always have active:

    Advanced Interface Options
    Bank Items
    Can I Mog It
    Deja Character Stats
    Map Coords
    Move Anything
    Shadow Unit Frames
    The Undermine Journal

    Addons I activate when needed:
    Atlas Loot
    Battle Pet Breed ID
    Gathermate + Routes
    Pet Battle Master
    Pet Journal Quick Filter
    Wardrobe Sort

    And some simple ones I built such as hiding social icon in chatbox, hiding circular white aura on minimap, making chat lines disappear faster, displaying item level on non-gear items, logging what items I acquired.

    I am glad the developers added “open all mail” function with latest patch, hence allowing me to get rid of one addon. Hopefully they will continue with such improvements.

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  2. Hey Eom, thank you for the inspiration! I´ll be sure to look into those 🙂

    Yes, I too was glad to be able to uninstall the AddOn to open all mail. For one who like to run with as few AddOns as possible, I am surprised I somehow ended up with that many!

    Can I lure you into taking a screenshot of your UI? 🙂


  3. Thank you so much for your comment, I spend long finetuning my UI, but it´s nice once it´s done. Just a pleasure to log into 🙂

    That AddOn is great! It is the one called Minimap Button Frame.

    It´s odd, the comments on Curse shows sign of it not working as it should (it´s not updated to 7.2 at all), but it works fine for me. Hope it will for you too, I really like a cleaner map 🙂 ) But if not, I think there are other Map AddOns that might be able to do the work for us.


  4. I can wholeheartedly recommend Total RP 3. It adds a tool to enhance and expand visible information about your characters and to some degree compensates for the fact that World of Warcraft is not strictly designed for roleplaying.

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    1. Oh my, this section has a lot of dust on it, thank you for reminding me to update at some point 🙂

      And thank you for the recommendation; I used to use MyRolePlay years ago. I´ll look into RP3 instead then 🙂


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