As much as the World of Warcraft is rich in environment, making it the perfect setting for stunning  screenshots, it contains some of the most amazing music as well.

Here I share some of my favorites.


Vindicaar Music

Such beautiful and peaceful music – I often stayed on the Vindicaar to listen to it.




Canticle of Sacrifice

A truly magnificient piece of music to honor our fallen hero and King, Varian Wrynn




























Jaina´s Homeland

I came across this when deciding to do Isle of Thunder for the first time. Incredible.




























Thaurissans Reach

So incredibly epic, this one.


























Lament of the Highborne

No words needed…
























Stormstout Brew

Does it get more cheerful than this?
























Extended version, because you can never get enough of Nightsong, can you?




















Anduin Theme

My absolute favorite from Legion is this one. It´s so powerful to me, and reminds me of the battlefield upon Varian´s sacrifice. I always have this last one on when fighting Gul´Dan!































Grizzly Hills

Some of my most treasured memories is from WotlK.















The story behind it is so captivating.










Scholazar Basin

Music by day







Why Do We Fight

See, cinematic songs sometimes drown in all the action, but not like this





Fit for battle,

Alliance and Horde Battle Music, from Warlords of Draenor






More to come 🙂


What is your favorite music?




From July 24, 2017 – My tribute to Russell Brower – over a decade of gratitude



17 thoughts on “Music

  1. Hey Eom, thank you for stopping by!
    I´ve actually never heard much of the Mist of Pandaria music, so thank you for the link – I didn´t know of the Tavern Music. Very peaceful.
    The Northrend /Transport-Night is a stunning piece of music as well, I agree.
    There is just something about the WotlK music for me.
    Thank you for your comment 🙂


  2. Oh, it’s so hard to pick just a few favorites because there are so many great pieces. Invincible, Grizzly Hills and Nightsong are on my top 10 list 🙂 Other favorites have to be the Karazhan, Ulduar and Icecrown Citadel music, all of it 😀

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    1. Oh, I know! I´m hunting a few “new” favorites. These days I tend to play more with ambient sound than music, so wondering if I am missing out! Thanks for the favorite-shares, Syrco 🙂


  3. The Mists of Pandaria soundtrack has great songs, and so does the Warlords of Draenor (I don’t remember the names of the songs, but I’ll ask my better half).
    This has got to be one of my absolute favourites: Dark Ironforge [Thaurissan’s Reach]. I think it’s on the Cataclysm Soundtrack, but it’s also the song on the Ulduar Raid in Northrend 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share one of your favorites, that is truely a magnificient one, and is now added to the list!

      Thank you for dusting off this corner of my blog too 😉

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      1. When I saw you had a section just for music, I thought it was such a cool idea. It’s so nice to see another WoW player that loves the amazing soundtrack of the game, that I had to share one of the songs I love too.
        I hope you keep discovering the great surprises hidden in WoW soundtracks 😉
        (To this day, I still like relaxing to the song of the ferry arriving in Howling Fjord)

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      2. I am very glad to hear! And yes, oh, gosh, that tune when arriving with the ferry. Its like, is the expression balm for the soul? I am so grateful for all the passion that has gone into creating such a magnificient soundtrack.

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  4. I loved your choices as they are awesome and diversified! I love every single music WoW has to offer, but I have to admit Warlords of Draenor came out incredibly epic! The Invencible and Nightsong are also some of my favourites. If I had to mention others, I’d probably say Why do We Fight? from Mist of Pandaria (and Stormstout Brew always puts me in a good mood) and Lament for the Highborne is absolutely magical!

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    1. Thank you for visiting my corner over here 🙂

      See, I have to admit, I sort of missed out on WoD, as well as MoP. So I never really discovered the music while playing. Things to look forward to though 🙂 I do like that music in the Halfhill Market Inn – it is so cheerful hah. Oh wait a second…Thats the one you mentioned too! No idea, what it was called, added to the list right away 🙂

      Lament of the Highborne, that sneaky video must have been stealthing, it sure belongs here too.

      Ah, Why Do We Fight, yes. That cinematic movie sometimes can escape many peoples awareness, because cinematics often are short and packed with action. Thank you for mentioning that.

      The more I speak of all this music, the more of a puzzle I am left with to solve; How Blizzard could determinate the position of Russell Brower. I know he works with a team, and they are more than one musician on board, but that man is a pure musical genius. Did you manage to catch him at Gamescon?


      1. BRB *writing a comment on the link you shared*
        I left my Monk Gnome in Pandaria indefinitely in order to do everything-Pandaria! (I just love Pandaria, I can’t get enough of it). I regularly go to Halfhill Market and surroundings to complete the dailies and quests and hidden things. Whenever I think I know everything about that market and its quests, they show me I’m wrong, which is great! From time to time, in that market, you can find a band playing! You give them gold and you can hear a different song! It’s awesome!

        I have no idea about that, I just know he must stay working with them forever!!!
        Unfortunately I didn’t go. But there are always Blizzcon’s virtual tickets ;D

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      2. Heh, yeah, my HS is set to Halfhill 🙂

        Oh, yes, I did notice the band last time! Makes it feel much more alive, that it sort of changes from time to time, for sure.

        Sadly, Russell Brower no longer works at Blizzard, since they eliminated his position. An act I find it hard to forgive them for…

        But there is a chance he will do freelance work for them.

        Oh, yes, that Virtual Ticket…So tempting… 😉


    1. It´s been a busy weekend, but I am back now!

      What wonderful music pieces you suggested there.

      It’s fun; sometimes, watching on tv (/listening to) them outside of the game can make me appreciate it so much more;

      without any visual input, but just the music on its own. I tend to notice far more detail in each of the instruments that way.

      I have never played Horde, so the music for their Garrison was something I never heard before. Both are beautiful and really fit for battle! How fitting, considering Battle is approaching…:)

      Thank you so much for sharing!

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