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I have grown to love the WoW-blogging community; it has such diversity. No matter which mood I am in, I always look forward to checking my WordPress Reader, in hopes that a fellow blogger has published something for me to enjoy.

If I am in the mood for captivating stories I just head over to Wowstorylines,  The Dancing Hare as well as Alltherestwow, Jaeyn, Dreamberry’s Inn, and Jaellynn.

If I come across something in WoW that makes my mind wonder, I make sure to stop by Eom at WoW-stories, because chances are, he wrote about it and can provide me with the insight I want and more, as well as captivating stories to share.


It it also great to get a little history of the other side of WoW, as I have never played Horde. Coupled with inspiring screenshots, it is a joy to visit Letoand Video Game Tourist.

It also makes me smile to watch friends join the community too, such as my faithful friend Mr Suj.

I always enjoy coming across blogs I have not seen before, that I find interesting.

Some appear inactive, but you never know, if they might return and find passion and inspiration for writing again, if you encourage them and take the time to leave them a word or two 🙂

A few of my latest discoveries include Jod’s Blog, You Yank It, You Tank It, Ikralla, Siccothermaplugg, Neondwarf, Kaylriene and Your Quest Log is Full.

Then there are those sites, that combine it all, and offer a unique view into the game and the way they play it, such as Amerpriests Blog, Elfi’s World, Reputation Grind, Heals n Heels, Harpy’s Nest, Cinder says and Tome of the Ancient.

And let’s not forgetNotAllHunters, Rokk TalkAnnInWonderland in Azeroth, Gnomecore and Bryssa – the latest also features a very unique story about all our favorite NPCs in game, and explores what happens, if they move into a house together; The Warcraft Big Brother series – be sure to check it out here!

For me, without time to raid anymore, it is great to visit those, that are more focused on raids, since it grants me some insight into how it is “up there” these days, so thank you to people such as Cinder says , Zeirah, CoffeeCakesandCrits and The Daily Frostwolf – the last three are even Restoration Druids like myself, so that’s such an extra bonus!

When a couple joins together and share a blog, a fantastic result can happen too, and if you are lucky, they might even throw in a Feathermane or two; So be sure to visit The Brutes  – And don’t miss the chance to see brave Gamrok live – And stay tuned for the next part of Sisqi’s Azeroth Safari!

Another gorgeous blog to visit, also hosted by a couple, is the one where Princess of the Mists and Lord of Icecrown is at. You find them over at Wowable.

Stop by Mr and Mrs WoW as well – and do not forget to check out the Community Project 2017; Couples Who Slay Together! – which I know Mrs. WoW spends very long on putting together (thank you from all of us)

Meeting fellow WoW moms can be great as well; with the limited game time being a parent comes with, it’s just sometimes nice to speak with those in the “same boat”, especially when you have a common interest and hobby – So I am very glad that I have found MotherlyMage, as well as the aforementioned Mr and Mrs WoW, and Kamalia too – who I also go to for inspiration on transmogs, scenery and selections, she has it all!

Or how about a wonderful family blog hosted by a daughter and father? It’s right here over at Growing up in Azeroth.



Then there are the sites, that might not be all that pleasing to the eye with a lot of screnshots visually, but they do wonders for me and opens up my sight on the entire WoW world.

They make me question things, think deeper about certain subjects, and provide insight into a lot of stuff, I normally don’t know much/think much about (One even offers me plenty of gifs – and who does not like those!)

This includes Marathal at Deez Wurds, Misdirections as well as Alternative Chat, andCoffeeCakesandCrits– the last also features a lot of inspiration to my Class as well as neat toy macros and ideas; they are all, without a doubt, worth to visit!

It is also great to visit fellow Druid blogs, such as Zeirah, Falling Leaves and Wings, The Scruffy Druid, The Daily Frostwolf, as well as Syrco Owl and The Dreamgrove.

The Dreamgrove offers a very unique insight into how one can play without hands too, using voice recognition, and it is hosted by Phaelia, who used to have Resto4Life – a popular Druid blog years and years ago 🙂

Derpkitty is simply too adorable to leave out of this list, too.

Then there are a few blogs, that are not WordPress, but also plenty of useful things and entertainment to be found there; Perks N Peeves(all about pet battling), WowRareSpawns, Warcraft Less Traveled, Adventures In Skywall, Traveller of Azeroth(gifs, gifs, and more gifs) and World of Artcraft (even more gifs).



My list of blogs I visit on a weekly basis also include some, that are not all about wow, but still a great pleasure to visit, such as Ann In Wonderland (not in Azeroth), Gwendlyn D, Inscius, Regie’s Blog, Melbrankin, Strumpet’s Life, and My Kitchen in Holland.


Some of the inactive blogs I still want to include are Flask Half-Empty, Now I Am Tree, Pugnacious Priest, Wowsugar, Tastes Like Battle Chicken, The Big Bear ButtAmerpriestblog, BlogoftheTreant, Sprowt, Cynwise  ,Vault of Light, and Bodhi Rana.

Who knows – Maybe this pingback will inspire them to get back to writing 🙂 And reading them, despite being inactive, can still provide great insight as well as entertainment.



Note: The list might not be 100% updated – some bloggers suddenly vanish, you know, how it is 🙂



New bloggers who found their way since this post was made, are…

Azerothian Life

Leo’s Life


Diary of a Guild Leader

Feed the Horde

Nerd Rooted

Alternative Chat

The Gold Queen



Aventures of a Phearal Drood

Uthric Unrated

Fel Fashion





If you want your blog mentioned, just leave me a note 🙂


Last updated January 2019

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