“Saving Little Wing” – a roleplay event

Once more, a roleplay event founds its way to the Avenue. This is no ordinary roleplay event though, no. This is my very first attempt on hosting an event myself.

It took me countless of hours to plan and execute it, in the way that I wanted it to (my attention to detail, how I cherish you) – but I made it, a lot of lessons wiser.

Here we go 🙂


This is the text written prior to the event


Saving Little Wing

Posters with the following text have been (gently) nailed to every single tree in every single city imaginable, without exception.


Below the short text, you´ll find a picture of an adorable – if not the most adorable – Hippogryph Hatchling, with feathers brighter than the sun.

Forget about The Old Gods…
Forget about saving Azeroth…
And forget about wanting the head of someone on a stick.

Get your priorities straight!

Little Wing, one of the most aspiring Hippogryph Hatchlings, has gone missing and it up to you to make sure, he is brought back safe.

So bring your weapon, wisdom and wildflower, for you might need it all, when The Botany Band adventure deep into the lush jungle of Feralas.

In search for both Little Wing and a cure for the taint of corruption, that has been inflicted upon Feralas for far too long, we might deal with both a…Flying fox and a Ferocious ogre…? – some of them rumored to not even be wearing a shirt.

If you are an experienced botanist, gathering of the following will absolutely benefit us on our adventure.

(Having prepared them beforehand into both salve, potion and elixir will be greatly appreciated too; it is the intention for this event to ‘just’ last around two hours.)

– The Emerald Shimmercap

An eerily-glowing green mushroom whose surface shimmers with the energies of the Emerald Dream.
Found at the green pools of Felwood.
This fungus is infused with the magics of the Emerald Dream, and does not feed from the fel of the pools, but rather works to cleanse it. It can be consumed as a mushroom paste as well to cleanse fel taint from those afflicted.

– Aloe Thistle
Spiked, thick green leaves growing in clusters.
Found at Karnum’s Glade in Desolace.
The liquid within this may be used for burns, infections and other skin issues.

– Fuming Toadstool
A sickly yellow cap with a cream stalk.
Found at the damp areas among the crumbled stones of the Ruins of Lornesta in Darkshore. (If you are bringing your Horde character, this is your time to shine, given you have easier access to this one right now. Seize this opportunity, it might have an immense impact on restoring the faith between the factions.)
The Fuming Toadstoool can be mixed into a salve, which will close wounds and lessen pain.

– The Moonleaf
There appears to have been left out information on this one. Intentional? Should it have been on the list?

– The Moonpetal Lilies
White lilies with tall golden pistils, and bright magenta and flame-colored interiors.
Found at Water’s edge in Shadowglen (Only those who have compressed, dried specimens will be able to bring this. It is no longer possible to obtain, since replanting it outside of Shadowglen has proving unsuccessful up until now.)
Their residue is potent enough on its own to create an antidote against the poisonous spiders of Feralas, should we need it.

– Crying Violet
Small, delicate purple blooms with yellow eyes.
Found in Felwood.
These flowers, which shiver their petals at the slightest sound, can be used to purify corrupted Moonwell water, if infused properly.


And here are the screenshots; not as carefully taken as usual, I was kinda busy! 😉

So thank you to everyone who were kind enough to spend their time supplying me with the screenshots, that you took.



Let´s just start with one of me in stealth, calming my stage fright. 😉 What a turn up.



And here is the OOC (Out of Character) Moose Guide that helped me get a few things out of the way, before the event really started.


Great. Here we go, then!







































Two more, these are from Ethan



For those interested, here is the list of toys I used:

Whole-Body Shrinka’

Ravenbear Disguise

Foxicopter Controller

Odd Polished Stone

Cozy Bonfire

Elune´s Lantern

Path of Elothir

Mylune´s Call

Tol Barad Spotlight

Kovork Kostume

Chain Pet Leash

Magic Pet Mirror

Bubble Wand

Green Balloon

Toy Train Set

Tiny Green Ragdoll

Foul Belly

Chalice of Secrets

The Heartbreaker

Fruit Basket

Turnip “Paint” Gun

Tiny Blue Ragdoll

Worn Doll

Angry Beehive


What a ride. It was remarkable to see an event, that I spent so much time on, coming alive; everyone who participated did so actively and I am so grateful for that.

Thank you so much.

13 thoughts on ““Saving Little Wing” – a roleplay event

      1. Thank you! I’ve wanted that weapon for a long time because it’s what the Druids of the Talon at Aviana’s Shrine in Mount Hyjal carry. Now I know why I’d never been able to find it in the “uncollected” section of the Appearances catalog — it’s Alliance-only and I was always looking on a Horde character. It’s been a couple of years since I did any raid farming, but maybe this summer I’ll start trying for this glaive. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yes that is true. I always wanted that other weapon that is only for the Horde, the one that is looking like antlers!

        Exactly, Alunaria uses this one every time she is in need of a “real” weapon, it’s so fitting for a druid 🙂

        Good luck getting it!


  1. Its been a while since I last checked out blogs. But in glad to see this event went well. It looks like you really planned it great. So much attention to detail and all those cool descriptions really helped set it up.

    Also I know the stage fright feeling. When I went to my first few events. Even the big ones whwre I was just a spectator I got this weird stage fright feeling.

    Glad to see how your event turned out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Grimgrog! I too, am somewhat inactive these days. I apologize for the delay. Thank you for paying attention to the details and for visiting again, I always appreciate you stopping by, know that 🙂

      Oh, glad to hear, that I am not alone with the stage fright feeling! Does it fade away, the more events you host? 🙂


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