“Come Wheat May” – a roleplay event


Another round of screenshots from a roleplay event- with clever hints and parallels, which just makes it even better. I´m so happy I got back into roleplaying; it really sparked the joy for the game again. Here we go 🙂


A leaflet is neatly placed on the local billboard:

‘Shady rumours claim that the Proudmoore Admiralty is considering a referendum that could make Kul Tiras abandon The Alliance. Such disastrous event, that some diplomats already now refer to as ‘The Kulmination’, must be prevented at all costs! However, one single plant could turn the tide. Thus all bodacious botanists are hereby invited to a leafy lecture that will require our full audacity. We may break the rules. Even run through the fields of wheat! Nobody is ever perfectly behaved are they? What’s the naughtiest thing you ever did?’










Have a joyful day 🙂

14 thoughts on ““Come Wheat May” – a roleplay event

      1. Not poorly. I have been leveling a rogue and continuing to raid as a Retribution Paladin. I have struggled with my healing spec as of late, so the change to DPS might help liven things up a bit. I’m excited to hear what Ion has for us tomorrow with the 8.2 information stream!

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      2. Oh, I see. Yeah, I often spec to dps when questing, at least; the nerf to damage output as a healer in BfA hurts.

        Ooh, what, is that tomorrow? I´m so out of the loop with news,t hank you for letting me know!


    1. I know! I am in awe, really. Did you see this?

      Hah 🙂
      Some events even have some of my favorite words in it, like, I love the song Come What May, and the fields we arrived in was called Evermore Fields, like the song from Beauty and the Beast! I realize that´s just a coinsidence, but it´s just so entertaining to be a part of.

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      1. It was so fun to watch. Why is it that a British accent just makes it even better! Yeah. I´m supposed to plan an event now; I´ll never make it all the way up to that level of everything coming together, hah.

        At least my adventure will involve someone called McNoShirt. Can you beat that? 😛

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      2. Trampling on wheat (or the like) is not popular, but it is not the worse I’ve done. Tho when I was a kid. me and friends got a round of stern words when we had crawled around in a field sneaking around (don’t remember what sort of adventure we made up) and had made a pretty strong “impression” on the field. Sort of irregular crop circles before that was a thing. Lesson learned…

        “McNoShirt” haha. I can think of a silly thing in that eventure… 😉

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  1. How fun!
    I’m impressed by the group of people wearing the same clothes — I’m guessing that’s one of the common quality (non-moggable) cloth sets that can be bought from the armor vendors in the big cities? Was that part of the event storyline?

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    1. Good eye! Yeah, we had to go undercover and steal things! We even had to change our looks, hair cuts etc. Which is why Alunaria looks different now, I realized I have spent no less than 7500 gold in the barber shop, hah. But it fits with her story, to change, so it’s okay, just, those statistics…fun what they keep track of!


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