Do you ever take a moment to…#2

It´s been a long time, since I did one of these, and with the new Patch 8.1.5 (well it´s new to me, hah), I figured, that it´s time for another episode 🙂

So. Let´s play…

Do you ever take a moment to…


Do you ever take a moment to be super much, genuinely excited over the fact, that Leather robes, ROBES, people, ROBES, seem to be making a comeback?

They took my suggestion! Finally. This is the first one to arrive in Battle for Azeroth, instead of just pants, pants, pants and a chestpiece. Sure it´s not that druidic, but I take what I can get! Also, there is one from Battle of Dazar’alor as well. Joy!WoWScrnShot_030419_202110


Do you ever take a moment to mess around, and face Jaraxxus…as Jaraxxus?! Then he can know what it´s like. This has absolutely nothing to do with the new Patch, but be sure to mix up your game play!WoWScrnShot_030719_201626


Do you ever take a moment to visit those poor citizens of Boralus, that cannot even afford chairs, that match their size?WoWScrnShot_031819_104421


Do you ever take a moment to notice the quest dialogue and how entertaining it is, and how sweet it can be?WoWScrnShot_031819_105011.jpg


Do you ever take a moment to see how badass you look!?WoWScrnShot_031419_202410


Do you ever take a moment to offer help to even the most unlikely of creatures?WoWScrnShot_031819_105914


Do you ever take a moment to be grateful for the introduction of player choice (even though it does not technically change anything, it´s still nice, I think)WoWScrnShot_031819_114427


Do you ever take a moment to have fun with the top-notch disguises, that the Alliance have at their disposal?WoWScrnShot_031419_201559


Do you ever take a moment to adore the new horse model? Really, adore? Oh, I cherish these so much. (This screenshot really took long to get just right.)WoWScrnShot_031819_102422


One of my favorite music tracks of all time…


Do you ever take a moment to enjoy all the aspects of World of Warcraft, be it PvP, Roleplay, PvE or Collections, or something entirely different? WoWScrnShot_032619_214530.jpg


Do you ever take a moment to take advantage of all the new possible character poses, that makes for great screenshots?WoWScrnShot_031819_104701


Do you ever take a moment to goof around with it too? A log carrying a log. Hah, I couldn´t help myself there 🙂WoWScrnShot_031819_104800


Do you ever take a moment to immerse yourself in the quest lines, even though they might not always involve your favorite race – they are still really good?WoWScrnShot_031319_200109


Do you ever take a moment to be Queen of the world?WoWScrnShot_030619_110256


Do you ever take a moment to appreciate the new horse model? Oh, what, did we do this one already? Well, it´s absolutely gorgeous!WoWScrnShot_031819_102855


What have you taken a moment to appreciate in World of Warcraft lately? 🙂


Have a joyful weekend, everyone.

32 thoughts on “Do you ever take a moment to…#2

  1. Actually all of this 🙂

    Sometimes I spin my camera for a frontal close-up on my toon – to admire how cool she is when fighting. Yes, during raids, and yes, even during tanking!

    I appreciate leather robes – can’t wair for my monk to be available for SoO transmog, this white robe is so gorgeous and pure.

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  2. I’ll love take a moment to…
    Just a moment, gotta do these world quests and farming (on the farm) and collect and honor grind and … Just a moment! 😉
    There are so many nice details, and npc convos and what not.
    Re: the log picture. It is even a (web)log of a log carrying a log! (And now I sort of logged the fact that you logged a log that carries a log…) Infinity and beyond!
    That tree camouflage I have never seen, I think. It is awesome. Gnomish, of course.

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    1. ps, my LW might be able to make some old crafted robes. Well, the robe would be brand spanking new, but the patterns would be old. Btw, if one has pattern and materials, one can always make the item. No sewing mishaps, or anything like that. Perfect result every time. It must be magic…?

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    2. Haha, gosh, classic you 🙂 Thank you!
      I find, that the more moments I take, the less I care about all the progress 🙂
      Oh I think that tree camouflage is also used during the first Death Knight Quests!

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      1. Very nice screenie of the horse, too. Very nice models of them. (I like the old ones too). I just remembered when back in vanilla I saw an night elf on a horse, and was really stunned. “How is that possible???!”. Later I saw the same elf on a ram! There were some crazy players back then, uh? 😉

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      2. :)) Awwww. I so wish I had my old screenshots. I can still recall the exact place I stood, outside of the Blackrock Mountain, when a Game Master whispered me congratulations! ❤

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  3. In Legion Dalaran, in the dungeon their, if you get Millificent Manastorm as a boss then try using Manastorm’s Duplicator, it’s amusing 🙂

    And in real life, if you get a chance to be in a boat, always go to the front, there is a chance to see dolphins playing.

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  4. I take lots of moments to appreciate aspects of the game every time I play. It seems like there’s always something new to discover and elements I haven’t seen before. I imagine that’s one reason why I have so many alts, to see things from many different perspectives. Great post! 😊

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