“Mumbo Gumbo!” – A roleplay event

From battling vs. AI opponents and to adventuring through sandstorm and desert in search of a rare flower, which can cause quite the burn injury!

The opportunities in World of Warcraft for entertainment sure are many.

The study of plantlife continues with another immersive event 🙂


A leaflet is neatly placed on the local billboard:

‘Not all plants grow in verdant landscapes. Some thrive amongst scalding dunes under the intense gaze of An’she, persistently adapting to their unforgiving surroundings. We are about to examine such herb with a little help from the race that knows it best. Once again we invite all able adventurers to join our leafy lectures. Get ready for some hot stuff!’

Quest Objective: Meet with The Botany Band in the greenhouse at the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran (Broken Isles) and receive further information.


The screenshots is a mix of my own as well as Dulvarinn´s (my early bedtime hinders me from staying until the end, shoot!)














WoWScrnShot_032519_205407-1This is my favorite shot of the night, there´s just something about the angle that enchances the feeling of the desert of Tanaris; endless.














Thank you again to everyone 🙂 I´ve been having such a good time in World of Warcraft lately and I am sure, that the roleplay enhances my gaming experience. It´s so nice to be a part of.


Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday 🙂

13 thoughts on ““Mumbo Gumbo!” – A roleplay event

  1. Your role play events you attend are great! The rpers are the ones that breath life into the game for me. I need to see if I can find a fun little adventure like this now.

    Love the night shots in the desert too. Theres one you put here of the group of you looking at the camera and the cam is angled up to see the sky over the desert sands behind you. That really gave me an adventure vibe.

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  2. Nice pictures of what seems to be a nice event! Adventure. Is “eventure” a word? Something exploratory, not extremely dangerous, and arranged. An eventure!
    You make b/w images capture places and modes. Somehow b/w can give a sense of authenticity.
    The title of this post rocks! Was that the name of the event(ure)?
    As a side note, I like the hunter’s style. The mog fits the pets, incl the companion pet. I think dark blue is rare on hunters?

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    1. Thank you, it sure was 🙂 Eventure sounds magical 😀 Thank you so much, it´s not often that black and white works for WoW screenshots. But sometimes they can enhance the picture. It´s something to do with colours not being a distraction, so the eye can easier focus on the portrait.

      It was the game, yeah 🙂 Clever names! I like that transmog too! I´d wear a kilt if I was a Hunter (surpriiiiise)

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      1. A children’s party could be a litttle eventure! I remember having pirate party for the kids. The willingness or ability to immerse varied among the kids lol. It wasn’t scary or anything, but a little sad some (rare) kids seem so uninterested in fantasy, storytelling etc.

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    1. Thank you, Wildeheart. I believe, that the fun I am having is starting to shine again, and I am so grateful for that. 🙂 It was in need of…is the term, being reignited?

      Do you roleplay anymore, or looking to get into it again, or?

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      1. I don’t often roleplay much in WoW. I struggle with reading and keeping up if things move fast since I process written words quite slow and when I do read everything else happening around me is blocked out. I do love roleplay though but it is difficult to organze pen and paper games these days or find groups that slow down enough for me to play with in text based RP games like WoW. 🙂

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      2. Oh alright, I can relate to that. Especially in roleplay where there is a lot to follow. I sometimes struggle with finding the right description on the spot due to the language barrier, but I sure learn a lot 🙂


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