The Voice Actors of Battle for Azeroth

One of my biggest joys, when I do Incursions in World of Warcraft these days (when I get the chance, those timers…), is Grumbol Grimhammer, the dwarf who is quite happy, with when we stomp the Horde flat!

I think he deserves the spotlight today, so here we go 🙂


If the name of Grumbol rings a bell, it´s because he actually is the Alterac Valley Battle-Master (In Hillsbrad Foothills).

I find it so nice to see, how Blizzard brings in our old timers to newer expansions and roles 🙂 He has been in the game since 2005!

The voice actor did an amazing job portraying a true Dwarf. All the lines he says are gathered in this video.




Listen and smile 🙂 I can´t even decide which quote is my favorite!

It must be the one with the lily-livered, it reminds me of Phoebe´s line from Friends, hah 🙂 (It´s at 1:00)


Although the way he says “bearded noses” is just genius!


I discovered, that it´s André Sogliuzzo (link to him here) who is behind the voice of Grumbol Grimhammer.

Billedresultat for André Sogliuzzo

What´s funny is, he is also labelled as Voice Actor behind World of Warcraft – Allaris Narassin, Arluin as well as Advisor Vandros! Talk about variety in voice skills 🙂


A cool overview here with pictures on who else André has lend his voice to, what an arsenal.


Battle for Azeroth has a lot of details and joys, and it´s easy to feel the passion behind the expansion. If one wants to see it.

Obviously, there are are a lot of other Voice Actors, who nailed their character! This is just one of them 🙂


Which Voice Actor has made an impression on you in this expansion?


Patty Mattson Picture

Patty Mattson (Voice Actor of Sylvanas) is a long time favorite of mine – have you heard her songs outside of World of Warcraft?



The Voice Panel of Blizzzcon always has me smiling. I find it so fun to hear the character´s voice brought to life – live, so to speak 🙂


There are so many Voice Actors worth mentioning, it´s hard to single one out. I just felt like shining the spotlight on Grumbol Grimhammer today 🙂


Which Voice Actor has made an impression on you in this expansion?


Have a joyful day, everyone 🙂

13 thoughts on “The Voice Actors of Battle for Azeroth

  1. Oh, the voice actor panels at Blizzcon are amazing! I’ve been to a few of them in person and the energy is always so infectious. I think my favorite (Blizzard) VA is probably Darin De Paul – an easy answer, but I didn’t know until the last year that he voiced Blackhand in WoD, and the amount of range he has is great. Plus, as a person, he is just so kind and fun!

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  2. This actually came up in conversation with my good wife last night, she is pottering along, getting very frustrated with Resident Evil 6. All of a sudden in the midst of all the complaints about the game is “damn, I know the woman doing the voice on this character but just can’t place it”.Anyway lo and behold, I have a listen and it turns out to be Laura Bailey who is obviously the voice of Jaina. After a bit of research, it seems Laura has a very large portfolio covering many games. Laura has a fantastic voice so, long may it continue.

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    1. That must have been fun to discover! I hear you, I was surprised to find out, that the voice of Sylvanas is also the voice of a cartoon character from one of our sons favorite shows! Small world 🙂

      I agree, I adore the voice of Jaina as well, it´s somehow so hunting, in the best of ways.

      Thank you for stopping by, Rob 🙂


      1. It was funny because it was like an hour’s complaining about the game, and then this softly spoken “I know that voice, but I just can’t place it”. It was very amusing.

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  3. I love the voice acting and the lines of Grumbol. I’ve even thought myself of writing about him, but I seem not be able to pull myself together yet. On Horde side his corresponding leader is Usha Eyegouge. She is totally over the top. She is so aggressive it is quite comical.
    Somehow she reminds me of a more serious version of Ammonia Pine from Darkwing Duck (I have not heard the original voice acting, only the Swedish one, so maybe my association is odd).

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