“For Ythisens”

These are grim times for the gaming industry.

I went to bed yesterday preparing to wake up to the news of Activision “cutting costs”. I hoped for a maximum of 200 employees, I feared 700. It’s 775.

But, for when I tried to reassure myself, that better times would be ahead for the game, for the company…

Do you want to know which thought popped into my head?


“Well, at least they will keep people like Ythisens around”.







If you are not someone, who visits the WoW forums, Ythisens is (was…) a very beloved Community Manager. He was welcomed into the community in 2017,  and he was the kind of person, who gave us hope. Always active, respectful, and blunt – a mix of qualities that are not easy to come by.

So wakening up to the news, that even Ythisens have been laid off, leaves me with little ability to defend these actions. With little hope.


“Building your way up to the reputation and respect Ythisens had is no easy task.”


Laying off someone like Ythisens at a time where we now more than ever need clear communication is nothing short of bizarre. I cannot help but fear, that this is a very clear sign, a symbol, of what is to come. And I struggle to remain hopeful for the game, because of that.



But despite it all, I am still as naive as can be, and I will at least make an attempt to have this desicion revoked.

I know there are so many employees that have lost their job overnight, and it´s not like Ythisens, is the only one I care about, please believe me.

But for me, he was the shimmer of hope, a shining star, always there with a spot on response. Actively communication with the player base.

Fighting for him to get his position back, is a symbol of not accepting the way, things have changed. Despite how foolish and unfruitful it may be.




Ythisens being laid off is such a clear statement, and I will not have it, until I have done what I can to change things around.

A part of me wonders, if this is just a cruel trick. Laying off someone Activision knows, that the community actively will recognize and miss deeply, then revoking the decision and come out looking like heroes.

Gosh. Look at how quickly hope and naivity can turn into speculation and pessimism. Press on!


But enough about that, for now. That was not the intention of this post.

So, for you, Ythisens…


To everyone else who have been laid off, despite no personal note to you, please know, that my thoughts are with you, just as they are with Ythisens.

Thank you for all that you contributed with to enrich the company, we once knew.


“Do you want to show your support?

Bring out your Zao, Calfling of Niuzao today and rename it Ythisens.

It´s the least we can do, for all who just lost their job.

Let your voice be heard.”





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9 thoughts on ““For Ythisens”

  1. Not saying what they did was right. However Ythisens was an assistant CM, and I recall from years ago talking to Netharea that the CM position is not their job. Their main job involves other work at the company. If he was a part of a team with too many people then he was probably cut because of seniority and whether or not there was somewhere else they could move him too.

    I don’t particularly agree with what they did, but they are looking to what is coming as far as work load for 2019 and beyond. CEO and management get compensated as a part of their position. There are a whole set of rules that corporate officers have to follow. They have bonuses tied to all aspects of the company meeting bench marks. It doesn’t matter if a division or two falls short, they still get their bonus. It sucks, but it’s part of the job they are hired, or have been promoted to do. The only good thing is they kept 8,800 jobs, and if it came down to choosing between someone that had been there 15 years with a home and kids, and someone for 3, they would certainly look at the two and have to make the tough call. I’ve personally known people that have had jobs for 30 years in my line of work that were great at what they did, but the company looked at do we need 6 people doing this work when 5 can now.

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    1. Thank you for putting things in respective. I can see sense in what you are saying.
      I just can’t for the sake of it read Activision state, that they want to get better at communicating, only to lay off those who have been trying to do just that.

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      1. I am sure that like most corporate officers, they are disconnected from their consumers. They deal with numbers and rules that make my head spin and I have a glimmer of an idea what they are talking about. When you start looking at the rules for US GAAP, and compound the issues with the reporting requirements for countries in Europe and China, the constant changes to what is required to report, it is amazing any company gets any work done.

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      2. They sure appear to be. For me it just seems so bizarre, that I have a hard time believing, that they can be so tone deaf. As if PR all together is worth nothing. Maybe it’s just that it cannot be measured…
        Today is not the time to be naive and positive, it seems!

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      3. Here’s an interesting comment from an article about Atari.

        Not only was Atari struggling to replicate the success of its first home console, the company was suffering from quite the image problem. Programmers were becoming disgruntled over the firm’s failure to credit them for their work and many left to form their own independent ventures, the most successful of which was Activision.

        Atari has a run of about 12 years and was the company on top that everyone wanted to bring down. A few bad decisions did them in. For an industry like gaming, the chances you will have a job more than 10 years are slim. It may be a career choice people make because of a passion, but at the end of the day having a passion for the work won’t pay your bills forever. If I was one of those spared, I would be looking at how to make sure I am safe in the future, or to have a backup plan.

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      4. I just read that earlier today too, something I was not aware of.

        I wonder if one can even do as you say in that industry then. I guess I am far too low techy techy to even grasp it and the requirements to stay “updated” as one searches for new work.

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  2. Well put Alunaria, remember well when the previous big lay0ff of around 600 in 2012 I believe it was and I could not understand it, for me this one is even more shocking than the previous one.
    I do not visit the forums anywhere near as much as I used to do back in BC and Wrath, but Ythisens was pretty bang on as a CM. I think the days of communication when Neth, Bornakk, Zarhym, Eyonix and Tseric were all posting and even GC popped in on a regular basis are well gone.
    It is a shame really, as they were all very good communicators in their own style. OK Neth and Tseric were poles apart in style but they got the message across, something that is sadly lacking, hopefully, things can change but I am not confident.
    I have said it many times, the biggest loss by far that WoW has ever had is Greg Street, great designer and brilliant communicator who could handle the community. Riot completely lucked out on that one.
    So, for all the CM’s we have lost, you are definitely missed and to everyone that was laid off, I really hope that you find something quickly.

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    1. Hey Rob, thank you so much for visiting my site and especially for taking the time to share your thoughts, I appreciate that.

      You are so very right about that. Gosh, yes those names. Those were times. As said it takes years to build up the reputation they had. The European forums have also lost their most respected Community Manager.

      How they decide to lay them off… yes, I am still puzzled.

      Similar to you, I do not visit the forums a lot either, but when I did/do, and the selective posts I read, I always saw a mature, well put together and the-right-kind-of-blunt answer from Ythisens.

      You must have been around WoW for very long too, then? 🙂

      It was a very big loss losing Greg for sure. Putting yourself out there addressing all the concerns the community has today is no minor task either.

      I try to wrap my head around it and how it will help Blizzard improve communication.

      Perhaps they want to change all together, how they will address things in the future.

      I hope for some kind of clarification info some day. One can hope.

      Thank you again for your input. 🙂


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