The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 7

Today I want to appreciate the Companion App. Sure it came from Legion, but it made its return in Battle for Azeroth, and as someone with very little in game time, it helps me out so very much.

I reached Revered with all factions not long ago, except the Tortollans.


“And I have not even done a total of 100 World Quests in Battle for Azeroth.”



It´s just great, and I like the version of the Mission Table this expansion, where it´s not absolutely needed in order to progress through quest lines.

It´s the Mission Table in Legion + listening to feedback, executed in the right way.

I also like how I have Shandris as a follower 🙂

And I have found, that if I just do the Warfront Quests in Arathi once pr…4 week, is it? I can almost keep up with the War Ressources I use on the App. Minimum effort, Maximum results, time efficiency benefits.


Do the Darkshore Warfront Scenario not offer the same, by the way, I wonder?


How do you guys “gear up” your followers? Any specific way to get those…Things…That increase the chance for success?


I do wish to reach 200% success chance, but it´s not always the case.
That was all I had today 🙂 I hope you all have gotten through Christmas, just as you wished ♥

6 thoughts on “The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 7

  1. At most now I will send out a mission for pet charms. I have exalted with everyone, the gold missions are not worth what effort it takes for getting resources. I believe I looked at making upgrades for my followers with Enchanting I think. The materials needed just made me forget about it. I have not used the app this expansion, and come to think of it, not many times in Legion. I am glad you are having a lot of success with it. I think I got frustrated with it logging me out. I would look at it in the morning, think about going down to the computer room to grab my authenticator, and said nah.

    Well, once you get exalted and can work on the +10,000 rep, the rewards are decent. A few thousand gold and 370? Armor.

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    1. Yeah the gold missions have changed. I´m glad though, I hope it will put a stop the the crazy inflation, but I´m not that naive of course.

      Ouch yes, I have skipped professions all together! Too pricy!

      How unfortunate that it logs you out; I have not experienced that often. Perhaps it´s in the settings? Granted, I have Authenticator on phone, so that makes it easier.

      Oh alright? I didn´t know the Paragon Cache rewards, thank you 🙂 I heard something about pets, too?

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  2. I also like the mission table, because it is so limited in scope. Getting rep and pet charms is nice. The first char I levelled up was my lock who is enchanter. Those thingies from ench to gear up followers are very expensive. I have not bothered. I realise now I have not checked what my other chars can make from other professions. Maybe they are cheaper.

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  3. The app is a nice touch to help with missions while I’m away. I used it mostly just to get the missions done for the achievements then when I got exalted with everybody I stopped using it at all. I haven’t gotten any follower equipment because it is all very expensive to make and from what I’ve seen online, the returns just aren’t very often.

    I do however mostly like the table this expansion. It is entirely optional and unrequired for any progression. I really don’t like these styled ‘facebook games’ of sending missions or build orders and waiting for X amount of hours. So BFAs iteration is good for me.

    One thing I do wish was we could have bodyguards still, oh if I my me and Kelsey could travel the lands destroying things as a Gnome duo, that would be great!

    And the app is good for what it does! Though the social and calender tabs have been “coming soon” for a while now haha.

    I really hope they allow us to use the AH on the app one day, I loved buying and selling things on my lunch breaks or if I had downtime I’d browse the AH and buy cheap things to resell later. Also, I hope they add pet battles too one day. Turn based combat can work so perfectly on phones too.

    Wow this reply was a long one! Loving the happy experiment!

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    1. Yeah, I plan to use it to Exalted, and that´s it, too.

      Exactly, that´s how I feel too about it this expansion.

      Aw, yeah, I would love to see that bodyguard function return!

      Ah right, they were coming soon since it launched, hah.

      I´m not sure why the Auction House App no longer is around. So many people used it.

      Yep! I expect they have something huge up their sleeve when it comes to mobile games in the future too, given Blizzcon and all.

      Thank you! And I am loving long replies, so, win win! 😀


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