The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 2

Today, I want to share all the things, I liked about levelling in Battle for Azeroth.

Here goes 🙂


The sounds of the loading gun (Did you notice that?!)

How Island Expedition Quest sends us to the ‘old’ world

How NPCs during escorts are able to stealth with you. Talk about a quality of life improvement here!)

The Drustvar Zone buffs, that unlock during quests. It really made it feel like a good process

The voice overs. Maryann Strossner, you are an inspiration

The new NPC poses. Gimme!

How NPC escorts actually interact with other NPCs, when you accept their quests

The open spaces – the sense of adventure it gives

How areas you were in earlier change, when you come back and made progress

How you can climb the mountains to the very top

The storytelling (on its own, not seen together with the Faction War)

The marshmallows! (I wrote that one down a while ago, and forgot all about these, where did I see them again..?)

The ambience and music sounds. Do yourself a favor. Try an evening where you play with nothing but ambience sound. Then another evening with just the music. Really notice it.

The NPC dialogues and chit chats, as well as their accents

Multi-loot (it’s not new, but let’s not forget to appreciate it) A part of me sometimes toggle off auto loot actually, to slow myself down. Remember back in the day where you´d click each individual item and really go through, what the mob dropped?

Shared tagged loot and quest objectives

The art work – if there is one team who has overdone themselves, it’s the art department

The jokes during quests

Cutscenes staring – ME!

NPC quotes. In particular, the “Times were simpler once”.

Flynn Fairwind. How much charisma can a new character have?! I like all the fun, lighthearted talk, he does


There´s a lot more to appreciate in Battle for Azeroth, but this is what I have from my levelling experience, that I wrote down during. It sounds to have been a good adventure – and a good thing to include in this experiment 🙂


Anything I forgot to include? What is on your list?


Happy Saturday, everyone 🙂



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4 thoughts on “The “Happy Thoughts” – Experiment – Day 2

  1. I have particularly enjoyed the story on the Alliance side, circling back to the end of WC3 and bringing us face to face with the decisions Jaina made all those years ago. I am very eager to see where our relationship with Kul Tiras ends up by the end of the expansion!

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