How would you play…With an hour a day?


There has never been this must dust on my blog…


At least this little guy is having a blast.


Truthfully, I have not been playing much. At all. A few times a week, at best. It is my hope, that the hype for this expansion can be re-discovered along the way, as the patches unfold, so;


“Until the hype has been restored, can I ask for your help, insight, tips and knowledge on your gaming style?”


And any shortcuts you might have found in Battle for Azeroth?

I will try to gather them all in this post. Perhaps a list is what I need! (Even though I´ll probably end up living in Darkshore from tomorrow and onwards 😉 )

You are more than welcome to include things from 8.1 as well, if you are up to date on that 🙂


Having fun, efficiently


As much as I adore to wander off and explore, swim further than any Orca has ever done before, be Shadow on a raft while fishing, I also used to like to get things done in World of Warcraft.




Check, Ding, 10 points, raise Professions, you name it. Collect things, Pets, Mounts, Gold! “Done” with this and that. It´s nice to look back on Legion and feel as if I did it all (except raids and such)

But with so little time to do it, it´s important to stay time efficient.

So how to go about it?




Like doing 1 Timewalk Dungeon for 500 Timewarped Badges and forget about the rest.

Doing just the Island Expeditions for the Azerite and nothing more?

Things like that. I used to be pretty okay at that.

But Battle for Azeroth has become an expansion that appears so unknown to me, perhaps especially because of the three Horde zones, I almost feel no connection to at all. Playing so little surely is not helping me either. (I am currently levelling an Undead, but she´s years away from being big enough to visit Zandalar.)

So if you have any helpful ideas, please share them here, and I shall be very grateful.
Thank you 🙂

I´ll try to divide it into sections. I hope others will benefit from our exchange on tips too.


The list below is my own draft – you can probably see how little I know, despite BfA being 4 months old by now. Perhaps it could even be divided into daily/weekly activities.


Gathering Currency

– such as Timewarped Badges, Pet Charms and the likes.

War ressources (Who else is short on those all the time?) = Do the Warfront Quests and sometimes Weekly Quest (20 World Quests done) for 1k War Ressources. Those generally last quite long for me (because I forget my Companion App…)

1 Timewalk Dungeon = 500 Timewarped Badges (skip the rest)

Check the Mission Table on mobile for Polished Pet Charm Missions

Do Island Expeditions for the Seafarer Dubloons.


Raising Reputation (for Flight first)


Wait until Darkmoon Faire, WoW Anniversary, Pilgrim´s Bounty, for the extra % Reputation buff

Purchase the Azeroth Contracts that grants 10 reputation with the selected faction pr. World Quest done (?)

Stick to Emmisaries – perhaps even saving two to do them at once, if they allign.


Obtaining the best gear possible (for a casual player)


Take note of the Warfront status, and participate in a win for a guaranteed item level 370 (?) Just do it once (?)

Target specific World Quests for the gear slots you are in need of. Stop at 325. (340 in 8.1?)

Do the Weekly World Boss

Settle. You don´t need the best gear anyway.


Maintaining your Heart of Azeroth necklace


Visit Magni at Friendly, Honored, Revered and Exalted for a +15 item level increase quest (Silithus)

Do…World Quests for Reputation with Champions of Azeroth? Island Expeditions for Azerite?


Participating in the Raids


Do it on Wednesday for the biggest chance of success?

Pick up the quest from Darkmoon Faire to collect 250 Grizzly Trophies “Test Your Strength? (Does it work in Raids?)

Visit Hazelnuttygames on Youtube for the best, most time efficient guide possible?



Optimizing World Quests


Get an AddOn that easily filters through, what you need. Never do one just for the pure grind of it.

Raise your reputation until Revered, then wait with the rest, until you get flight, to be as time efficient as possible.


Collecting of Pets and Mounts (And Gold)


Stick to those that are guaranteed. Stay clear of RNG ones – more so than ever, these is not for the time poor.

So essentially…Raise Reputation and farm Pet Charms? Is that all in BfA, or?

As for Gold, I do not know, really. Emmisaries?




Here…I am clueless. Professions have taken a backseat entirely in BfA.

Any tips? I have Enchanting and Tailoring. Cooking and Fishing needs love too. ‘

Maybe the best thing to do would be to skip these entirely – or is there still any benefit in having professions at all?

I´m not sure it´s worth the time and effort anymore. I kept Tailoring for RP purposes for First Aid, but everyone can use bandages, and I hardly RP anymore at all, since the Burning of Teldrassil.


Achievements (for fun)


Look into that, once you have flying. (Or play Classic, because those two things will probably happen around the same time..!)


Travelling Tips


Handy advice to easily get around in Battle for Azeroth? I guess I am quite blessed being a Druid, with access to our Emerald Dreamway.

I still have not figured out the easy way to get from Zandalar and back to Boralus – is there one?

Getting the Whistle helps a lot, of course.


Any categories I am missing?


Hm, Holidays in WoW, perhaps? I´ll include those when I get home tonight.







I just found another time efficient thing, when it comes to Warfronts; Don´t hop in to hunt rares at first, if you plan on doing the World Quests there. Do the World Quests and on the final day the Warfront rares are active, THEN do them. That way, you have already done some of them for the Quests and won´t do double work 🙂


Thank you so much in advance 🙂


On another positive note, a new blogger has found his way into my list.

Uthric Unrated

A well written, dedicated and very pleasant blogger to come across, so be sure to pay him a visit. 🙂


An updated list of Blogs I follow can be found here.


Oh, and one last thing, my blog domain now is, as simple as can be:



Anyway, Happy Holidays everyone and thank you for all the blog posts in the last month 🙂

Despite not writing much on my own blog, my activity has not dropped on all the blogs I follow.

Here´s to hoping to see many of us return to be more active in the next year. 🙂

Happy Patch Day tomorrow!


23 thoughts on “How would you play…With an hour a day?

  1. My favorite new thing has been to play my one Horde 120 without doing anything above LFR and to see how high I can get her gear (349 currently!) while doing the War Campaign and farming Honorbound rep for my last Allied Race unlock.

    Other than that, it’s been Blackrock Foundry on Mythic every reset on 7 120s for the Blackhand mount, Uldir with the guild, and then log out and play other things. If the Honorbound emissary is up for my Horde character, I do that too, but otherwise, I’m barely staying logged in, and it keeps my playtime fun. As much difficulty as I have grappling with that sometimes, I think its helped me a lot with finding the fun. My hope is that 8.2 really brings world content forward in a big way, coupled with the new raids in 8.1 adding more fun to that side of the game. I’m actually still somewhat optimistic, but cautiously so!

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    1. Well done! I sit around that too, allthough that is on my main, hah 🙂 I got lucky on some proc from the Warfront and have an item with the item level of 385, which is just bizarre to think of!

      Ah right, good idea to just use alts to farm mounts from earlier expansions. I should place one at ZG at least….

      I can relate to what you mean, I feel that way from time to time too. Less playtime means less risk for burnout, on normal cases at least.

      Good, optimism is the way to go 🙂

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  2. A pretty Forsaken, if a tad skinny! I hope she gets some nice food? Levelling cooking while levelling…. level? is essential. Professions in general are quite meh in BfA.
    The portal to Zandalar… the npc (or nearest flight master) you arrive at in Z can portal you back to Kul Tiras. Just ask him/her 🙂
    I never thought Forsaken could have such expressions. You really make Azeroth come alive. In still pictures!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehe, thank you 🙂 Oh, she does. I just made her though, but I shall remind myself to get cooking once I reach level 5, thank you 🙂 I´m playing Heirloom free, so it´ll be fun to see, what scaling has done.

      Really, a portal? I have no idea. Are they near every Flight Master on Zandalar? :O

      Me neither. It did take some time though, but I was amazed at how much expression they have too. I´m tempted to go through every single race and gender to see them all.

      Thank you so much ♥

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In Vol’dun it is flight master, in Nazmir I think it is the dwarf lady where you arrive.
        I did level a char I think at least five years ago without heirlooms. It was considerably faster than in the old days. One reason I guess being that Cataclysm made zones like quest chains. But I think there was xp boost, too. I even stopped xp at times so I could finish zones without out-levelling them.
        Looking forward to hear about your Forsaken adventures! 😀

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      2. Ooh alright, I shall keep a look out the next time I am there. Yeah it feels a lot faster compared to then, naturally. Scaling works okay, but I constantly find myself and my aggro range to be larger than I think it is! Me too 🙂

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      3. The scaling may have made the levelling slightly slower? Or maybe not. Anything is faster than vanilla, when we were out of quests and even didn’t know the way to other places 😀


  3. Thumbs up for the elephant gif, i love elephants 🙂

    I haven’t touched WoW for a while now, i’ll wait and see how 8.1 is going, i have no tips other than play other games, i’m enjoying Minecraft way too much at times it makes me forget time! maybe later i’ll find the urge to go back and play WoW, i’m really hoping they’ll not ask for LFR to unlock Allied races, that means waiting until March or more.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehe, thank you, I thought it was adorable tooo 🙂

      Ah, that makes sense. I´ve never tried Minecraft, actually. 🙂

      I cannot imagine they would ask for LFR to unlock Allied Races? But I guess it will involve some kind of grind? I have not unlocked the Dwarfs yet though, so who am I to say!


  4. That is a mighty tough question. I don’t honestly know what the answer would be. Last night saw one of our raiders cancel their sub, we had 3 people online right before a major patch, and I do not have much excitement for what is coming today. There is a great deal of old content that you can do in an hour, so there is that I guess.

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    1. Yeah, I just got reminded that too; time to play alts near ZG etc., I always wanted that mount. But then again, it´s RNG, not for time poor. Hm 🙂

      I´m not sure what to say – my guess is, that 8.2 and onwards will make the game become more alive and bring us a lot more forward than 8.1 Fingers crossed.

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  5. I have been experiencing similar feelings with the game lately. My typical log in and do stuff for an hour now is to do the arathi rares that haven’t yet dropped what I need from them, I’m down to 2 left! And I will do the world boss and warfront world boss if they drop anything that can be an upgrade since fighting them really only takes a few minutes.

    Then on Sundays and sometimes Saturdays I’ll raid with my guild cause they are still trying to get ahead of the curve and ask me to help sometimes.

    And then I’ll run some old raids for tmog. Currently working on collecting the BC raid sets.

    I’ve been meaning to do world quests for Honorbound on my horde alt but I find it hard to motivate myself to do so.

    Patch is coming and with it, leveling changes! Which is what I most look forward to. And I guess a new warfront to collect from too.

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    1. Woa, nice, 2 left!? Congratulations 🙂 Yeah I make sure to do Arathi too. Now I am going to live in Darkshore though. (surprise)

      I should divide some things into days/weekly things, some kind of overview might do me nice 🙂

      I do love all the old Class Sets, I really miss them in BfA. Good luck!

      I understand, WQs are not that engaging. I keep those to a minimum. I haven´t even done 100 since launch, I just checked. Wow.

      Yeah, the changes to the XP needed or? Have fun on Patch day, Grimgrog 🙂

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  6. Hey Alunaria! I am excited to see a new post and the new URL! Excitement!

    Your question really made me think and I have to say, in an hour… I think I’d probably just hop on and try to clear a Mythic+ within the time limit. I’m fairly excited for some story content to punch through again today, but I also know I’m going to finish it up pretty quickly and then fall back into the rhythm.

    In the meantime, I’ve been catching up on Switch games and other activities outside of Azeroth. I find absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I *am* excited to get back to raiding in January!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there! Thank you 🙂 It´s been quite some time.

      Ah, right, I see, I guess many do that, M+ is a good way to hop into some content with little time 🙂

      Oh, which games?

      Yeah, that is my experience too, sometimes. Too much of one thing is hardly good. Hardly!

      Oh, good luck in January then 🙂 The new raid sounds neat!


  7. That is a quite comprehensive list. I can’t think of anything to add to it.

    I am still doggedly trying to get that Jeweled Fishing Pole from Old Dalaran, so I usually check what Northrend Fishing Daily is up first. Then I look to see what Legion Emissary is new today and if it’s Kirin Tor, I’ll do it with Paladin, Monk, Druid, and DK. If it’s Suramar or Highmountain, I might do it — or I might not, depending on how much work I have to do and how I’m feeling. If it’s not one of those three, then I might poke at my alts Mission Tables, or I might just log off.

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    1. Hey Kam 🙂

      Oh, good luck on that Fishing Pole. They should make it drop from all daily fishing “bags”, that would be nice.

      It´s good to narrow down ones goals with limited time too. 🙂 I have some transmogs from Legion Invasions I still want to collect, I should add that to some kind of list in the making!


    1. Thank you so much for saying that 🙂 Yeah, I hope to be able to blog a little bit more now, at least I know, where I will be reporting from later today!

      I hope you are well ♥


  8. Happy holidays to you as well. All great examples! Getting back from Zandalar to Boralus is perhaps a bit easier for me as a Druid player. If my hearth is down I just pop on over to the dreamgrove and through Stormwind, back to Boralus. Couple mins tops for me.

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  9. I just found another time efficient thing, when it comes to Warfronts; Don´t hop in to hunt rares at first, if you plan on doing the World Quests there. Do the World Quests and on the final day the Warfront rares are active, THEN do them. That way, you have already done some of them for the Quests and won´t do double work 🙂


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