The World of Warcraft “You’re wrong!”- Challenge

Let’s have a Challenge!

Hopefully it will breed some positive thinking (Is that a correct expression even?).


I hope you will participate. And be at your best behaviour 😉


Basic rules are…


You mention something you dislike about World of Warcraft right now. It can be aaanything, anything at all.

Someone else then has to tell you, that you are wrong, and explain why the thing you mention is actually good for the game and the players.

Then they proceed and list a thing they dislike about the game, and await for the positive spin on that from someone else. And so on.


As an example:


“I hate the Azerite Necklace and how we cannot interact with it at all, like we could with the Legion Artifact Weapon.”


And answer to that could be:


“But my darling Alunaria, you could not be more wrong. The Azerite Necklace is genius, and it’s great, because we no longer have to chase AP endlessly, or click AP 100 times a day.”



Don’t make it too tough to argue 😉

And add rainbows and unicorns for fun, if you want. You can exaggerate for chuckles to get your point across too.

This is meant as a little, lighthearted sidekick post, because we all would love to have a positive mindset about things in the game, right? After all, we play it for enjoyment, and negativity rarely changes anything.

Some even say it’s a choice. I want to be more positive, and who knows, maybe this post will rub off on your mindset too. And mine 🙂

If not many respond, I will just have a monologue, I don’t mind! I’ll challenge myself every day then. You are more than welcome to do that yourself as well! :p



Alright, I will start easy.


“I hate how there is so much to do in WoW these days, I always feel as if I never finish anything!”


If no one responds within 24 hours to a statement, I will do it on my own!


The more positive spins the better though.



Enjoy your weekend and thanks so much for participating 🙂



87 thoughts on “The World of Warcraft “You’re wrong!”- Challenge

    1. Good question!

      Yeah, try to pick the most recent statement; or, in case a statement goes “un-positive-spinned” (totally a word) pick that.

      Mess is fun too!

      But the idea is one positive spin pr statement. Like, I see Gnomecore already swooped in with a statement of his own. You can positive spin that now.

      If it gets confusing, just do a @Wisteria, for example, so we know who you respond to. Or include the statement in your answer 🙂

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  1. “I hate how there is so much to do in WoW these days, I always feel as if I never finish anything!”
    – But hey, isn’t it the normal state of affairs in the beginning of every expansion? 🙂 You’d wish you had things to do during lull!

    My complaint:
    “I hate how island expeditions lack any stories”.

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    1. Stories are just distraction. Island expeditions exist purely for senseless hurried farming, on a weekly schedule. Players are not their for fun, it is for work. Which I think Blizzard has implemented wonderfully.

      My complaint: “To many bugs in BfA!”. Just annoying bugs, none have even a wiff of charm. Like e.g. the old vanilla “boat leaves passengers hanging in mid air” had.

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    2. Lack any stories? My goodness, pull up a couple of fluffy kittens and I will shed light on what you are not seeing.

      One simply needs to look at the island as a Scooby Do mystery. These poor hapless souls, how did they get stuck in a hole, why are there 4 shovels laying about when there are only 3 rescuers. Why, of course it was really Old man Wilkerson dressed as a Hozen pirate. There is a ton of back story there, we are just missing out on it because we are in such a rush to complete it all.

      Now if you want to talk about something that is wrong, take a look at Shadowpriests. In a game with millions of players, who many that I have seen at least, have expressed how they have a great deal of social anxiety, and many have mental health issues, why in the world would you create a resource of Insanity and talk it up as the player building it to a point they go insane and allow the forces of the old gods to control them.

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      1. Your statement about Shadow Priests was missed, I think!

        “But dear Marathal, do you not see? Blizzard has to crush your class, so everyone will stop playing it. Shadow Priests are -the- key to solving what lurks in the shadows in BfA. So the more horrible playstyle you have, the better. Insanity must be kept at bay! It’s all for the greater good!”

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      2. But I don’t want to save the world or be the hero. Have you heard the comments made from that Dagger I had to carry around for two years? It’s secretly a serial killer.

        Oh, and let’s talk about having to spend two years stuck with only a knife to transmog while all the cool classes got to parade around with cool staves, swords, and axes. I couldn’t even carry a pointed stick.

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    3. Island expeditions do have story teasers in them, on the form of quest items you pick up as loot. One of such items, details how we didnt kill Helya and she is still alive. Another makes a long awaited reference to the Dragon Isles.
      I think we are in for good things in the future 🙂

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  2. Correction: I post my complaint in new thread:
    My complaint: “To many bugs in BfA!”. Just annoying bugs, none have even a wiff of charm. Like e.g. the old vanilla “boat leaves passengers hanging in mid air” had.

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    1. It’s true there are several bugs in BFA, but bugs have always been part of the game and blzz is pretty good about fixing them. Sometimes bugs give the game life and a little bit of wackyness. Take things like how you used to glitch onto the dancing troll village or for to the memorial site to one of the devs underneath Orgrimmar.

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      1. Memorial site below Orgrimmar? Never heard of that. But then I am mainly Alliance player.
        I agree out in the world bugs can be interesting. But e.g. lately guild window (roster) and even guild chat has been very buggy at times. That sort of bug I never saw before and find them bordering on the pathetic imho.

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  3. Fist weapons still aren’t mogable with other 1 handers and since I am talking about visual customization, there should be more customization options for character creation ie more beards skins, straight backs. Lastly, weapon placement, we should get to decide if we carry them on out backs or hips.

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    1. As for weapon placement, it’s good that two-handed swords are not ploughing the ground which would be the case with wearing them on your hips. Then all the Azeroth would be like a farm field, and your mount would break a leg 🙂

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  4. Great stuff, guys, hah 🙂 Don’t forget to leave a new stament after you have positive spinned something!

    I have one:

    I hate Quilltop with a passion. That cave system in Stormsong is the worst in the history of WoW, and I think, that just being near it should grant you a button that lets you eat all the chocolate cake you want, because you deserved it!

    What’s so good about Quilltop!?

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    1. What is good about it? Why that’s an easy one. Because as a Horde player I don’t need to go in there of course.

      Now if you want to talk about annoying places have you been around the pyramid complex in Zandalar? Who thought stairs were a good thing in game. Stairs, so many stairs, it’s like an MC Esher bad dream.

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      1. Actually, it was recently revealed, how serious Blizzard are when it comes to addressing feedback.

        Back in Vanilla, a player filed a complaint saying, that he found Thousand Needles to be “too flat and not pointy enough”. So they made sure that never happens again.

        Also the stairs are good for my health, I need the exercise after all the chocolate cake I just ate at Quilltop. :p

        But how about that armor in Battle for Azeroth?

        Why must I wear pants and a shirt as a leather wearer, why can’t I wear a robe and a kilt?!

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    1. You have to play catch up in order to play the game, did you never watch the South Park episode?! First you do a bunch of stuff, and THEN you play the game!

      Also buying flying would result in more Wow Token sales. Blizzard would hate that 😀

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    1. As a main tank, I will say it makes sense to learn to run the dungeons quickly. If you don’t you won’t get invited to any Mythic+. It’s good that the tanks want to succeed, but hard to argue that the dungeons are just a speed run with tanks that usually don’t have an actual clue how to be tanky and use, their cooldowns. I swear I’m trying to spin it positively.

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    2. I think you are unlucky with groups, but in any case, you can always queue with friends and take your time 🙂
      Bad speedy players exist on all instances (used to be way worse before 7.3.5, when tanks could nearly pull entire dungeons and live), but such is a risk of random groups Im afraid.
      Even on mythic +, on every group I make, I always make sure everyone knows that my goal isnt to upgrade my key and get the extra treasure chest, my goal is us having fun. If we make the timer, good job, if not, no worries. I also make sure to add on group description, in the times we’re missing a person, that I couldnt care less about raider scores or something silly like “/w your favourite animal”.

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      1. You are right, the frequency of the Road Runners are less today, actually. To be fair I run less too. I had a goal to do one Dungeon a day at the start, to get into a pattern. Maybe a tad too ambitious.

        Hah I love that, that probably attracts the right kind of player too, that favourite animal one 🙂 Orca, Orca, pick me 😀

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      2. Same goes for Islands. So far Ive done most islands with friends at we have a blast. We coordinate on voice and have a laugh.
        And wanna know the best part? We dont need to rush them. Ive explored every single island that has appeared on the weekly rotations so far to the point of knowing the paths and hidden things well.

        And I have never rushed it. We take our time, explore, do a couple of ambushes on the enemy team, explore more.
        Some people dont get that they are more about treasure hunting than about mass killing and mining. And I guess that is why we get cool rewards (we dont mine at all xD)

        Seriously, there is nothing better than making one’s own group to avoid people who are in a hurry, or charts/score fanatics 🙂

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  5. I hate how dependent people are on Raider.IO and Achievements. You can’t get the achievement for the raid if nobody will invite you because you don’t have the achievement, and it only takes 1 out of a 5 man group to ruin your IO status. Gear never equaled skill before and IO/chieves don’t equal skill now, especially since you can buy it all.

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    1. Man, that one is tough to put on the positive spinning wheel…Hm.

      Well, isn’t it better to have that in place, instead of people insisting to inspect your gear on the stairs in Ironforge? That would be at risk for being considered violating today!

      At least today, that system makes sure to only invite people with real life cash enough to buy the rating? :p
      Gosh, it’s not easy, this one. I try!

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  6. Ooops, I forgot to leave a new statement.

    Fun how hard it is to come up with things I hate, hah. Good sign.

    I’m still not over not getting a single kilt or robe as a leather wearer /grumbles…

    Oh, my, I have it.

    “I hate the Prestige system and how it has no catch up system in place, like the AP grind. I’ll forever be behind.”

    Sorry that’s a tough one…

    I hate how we no longer has the pleasure of Khadgars puns!

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    1. Alu, do you know about the special leather kilts that are sold by vendors on old zones?
      There’s 2 or 3 of them, and the vendors have only one kilt so you need to get them quickly :p

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    2. The new Honor system rewards pvp on all characters, not just those at max level. My lowbie rogue who levels only in bgs contributes as much as my max level characters 🙂
      Also, having it shared across characters means the cosmetic rewards for artifacts are shared.
      And the first few levels require just a bit of honor, easily done with some arenas or bgs.

      I only started doing more pvp at the end of Legion, and have a nice level now, so doing it casually is quite feasible, specially with the pvp event going on this week. One year ago I thought Id never have enough marks of honor to get some super cool items, and a couple of months ago I had enough to buy things for multiple classes.

      Its never too late to get into casual pvp. Win or lose, you get honor anyway, and you progress in honor level.

      Just like most things in WoW, its just a matter of logging in, feeling like doing pvp and doing it.
      Legion provided ample opportunities with the warden towers world quests, which still give a tiny bit of honor, and BfA will probably have them eventually.

      (As for the AP grind, if you arent doing anything competitive, you can know…ignore it xD I never got stuck with the “I MUST GET AP ASAP” in Legion, and wont start it now.)

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      1. Darn, I can’t keep up, must find more things to put a positive spin on, hah.

        I actually had no idea, that you got the same kind of prestige on lower levels, neat 🙂 Thank you!

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      2. Think of it as Legion Prestige level being account wide, and every bit of honor each character gets counts.
        So if a lowbie gets honor, it goes toward your level. If a main max level gets honor, it goes towards your level.

        A catch up mechanism now would make all those who worked towards their prestige levels in Legion, which were merged and made account wide for BfA, feel like they worked for nothing.

        A system like AP for the necklace needs a catch up mechanic, otherwise a player starting after 8.1 wouldnt be able to pick and use azerite powers on new gear from new content. Honor does not. Honor doesnt block or hold back any system other than cosmetic/vanity rewards.

        Honor was made account wide, which allows anyone to do pvp with whatever character they want, instead of having to stay with a single character for all things pvp 🙂

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      3. All fair points. This thread should be renamed to The post where Lord shares his wisdom 😀 I wonder if honour and wins are easier at lower levels, like they used to be? Scaling probably changed that?

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      4. Wins can be very easy or very hard at twink levels, depending on the twinks being with you or against you xD
        But other than that, it takes around the same time to get it.
        Lower honor levels (ex. Honor level 2) take considerably less honor to complete than higher ones (ex: Honor level 10).
        Just aim for a quick bg or arena or brawl win every now and then, and you’ll go slowly but steadily towards a goal,of a better level. 🙂

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      5. Aha, I see. Hm. I’ll try to pay closer attention to the Brawls, they are usually fun 🙂 I must admit PvP has drowned in all the other things lately. All in good time.

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    1. Gosh, that’s a tough one, I wholeheartedly agree. I can still remember fondly, back when I got my Worg pup from Lower Blackrock Spire. Now pets and mounts appear just to be added for the sake of it.

      I’m doing a lousy job but spinning this positively, hah. Hm. Well, atleast, they no longer take up space in your inventory?! Can you imagine not having room for anything else? The banker would charge a whole different amount of cash for taking care of, what’s the number now even, a 1500 ish pets and mounts? The streets of Stormwind would soon suffer!

      Which one is your favorite mount and pet? 🙂

      Tough one!


      1. And there was a spider that came from around there too, wasn’t there?

        Yeah, that complaint wasn’t totally fair, though it was something I was thinking about recently. I’m over 700 pets and, as with everything I have ever collected in my life, there is the early euphoria, the joy of collecting and wanting more, then starting to get a solid collection, and then the eventual barrier you pass through after which it becomes more about the collection and completionism than finding joy in each new item you add.

        The pets I like best are the BlizzCon ones, especially Grunty and Murky, or the ones that are a bit unique. Too many spiders and months and frogs and cockroaches I guess. As for mounts, my paladin class mount that I got the old fashioned way back in the day and the griffon from the Argent Tournament. I still use that griffon as my flying mount most days.

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      2. Oh, yeah, you are right! Mother’s Milk or something, was the quest called, was it not? I have to admit, that I think I never did that in Vanilla, it was almost impossible to get a group willing to clear up to Smolderweb, get the poision and run back to the NPC, hah. And remember all those players who, with a good heart, would dispell you on your way to it? 😀 Hah, good times, thanks for the trip down memory lane 🙂

        I hear you on that. I’m not sure how to wrap my head around it and not look at the pure numbers on how many mounts and pets this game has today. Not long ago, I got an achievement for like 150 mounts (I know, I am not collection those much, RNG isn’t for me anymore) and I was like, “Wow that wasn’t a lot compared to all my friends…” but seriously, 150?! That IS a lot.

        Oh, boy, you have those BlizzCon ones? That is so cool! I haven’t gotten any of those. My favorite is probably the Worg Pup, if I had to select just one, because of the story behind it. I got it in a stealth run, with just me 🙂 The amount of adrenaline, when each pack would stop and almost spot my presence…

        Ah yeah, my Hippogryph from the Argent Tournament is easily one of my favorites too 🙂 In fact, all Hippogryphs are…Thanks for sharing 🙂


  7. New one!

    “I really dislike the scaling. I get it, it felt demotivating to out level the old zones. But when in a new expansion, I have no -Neat, I dinged, and gained more spirit and stamina and became stronger- feeling. All mobs are the same level, there are no zones, where I pull less aggro than others. For me, that levelling experience feel flat.”

    Or an easier one that might be made up a little, but this is getting hard!

    “I wish BfA was taking place under the sea, why isn’t it?! It’s the perfect setting.”


    1. “But my darling Alunaria, you could not be more wrong. Scaling is a technique that really helps Blizzard to be efficient, when it comes to making new content too. So in a way, it frees up developer time, so they can work harder on rebuilding Teldrassil!”


    2. “Oh, and as for BfA taking place under water instead, we just cannot have players singing “Under the Sea” over and over all day long. That’s why!”


    3. But this was always gonna be an expansion to “de-god mode” us. And frankly, I like feeling less powerful now, makes my experience in Legion so much more meaningful: I wielded a weapon infused with the power of Azeroth to face off against an infinite army, and sacrificed said weapon to save the world.

      After the mark of ilevel 340 you should have a really easy time walking around through any zone in BfA. Im against leveling and being able to one shot mobs in the current content.

      Also, as someone who plays on dozens of other characters, I love being able to complete old zones without getting close to zero xp, allows me to finish main stories and side quests, or even make a dangerous journey across zones to get to where I want 😀

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      1. Its just a matter of perspective and knowledge 🙂

        Negative thinking grows and multiplies, so reading a bunch of negative things ends up making one feel worse. Fortunately, positive thinking also multiplies, and the community needs more of that.

        The recent atmosphere remind me of the story of the old man doing a journey with his son and their donkey on the way to a market in a city far away. When they walked alongside the donkey, everyone called them stupid because one of them could be riding it. When they mounted it, everyone complained they were overloading the poor animal. When the son rode it and the old man walked, people called the boy lazy and inconsiderate for not letting his elder do the trip comfortably sat. When they changed and the old man rode it instead, people called him lazy and inconsiderate for not allowing his young son to spare his feet to the long trip.
        They thought and thought, and tied the donkey’s legs to carry it on their shoulders, and every single person laughed and mocked them for being fools. Near the city, the donkey kicked and they lost their balance, causing the poor animal to fall down a bridge. A wise man who had followed them said “Let it be a lesson: try to please all, and you please none.”

        Blizzard cant please all. And it seems that with BfA they implemented several systems to allow for different types of play style to try to please all, and it backfired because this is a very attached, passionate and vocal community.

        Legion got an amazing amount of hate at the start. I started after 3 months, and everyone was furious with AP, Suramar, legendaries, etc. It was an amazing expansion, but lets not look back with rose tinted glasses. Players now saying “BfA needed a zone like Suramar” when those same players were saying “Suramar is killing wow” back then.

        But do you want to know one thing, Alunaria? You would be surprised with the amount of players crying wolf, saying there is no content, that havent done half of it. Or the players who are just pissed of because casual players can easily get a nice item level. Its fun to parrot whatever streamer says, it seems. Or even people who only play with a couple of specs, claiming all classes play the same way. I’ve even seen people complaining about the RNG in loot, which is just silly because it is one of the staples in MMORPGs.

        The loudest voices aren’t necessarily the ones who are right and/or representing the community.

        I am loving BfA. I love the soundtrack, the zones, the silly side quests, exploring islands and discovering amazing bits of lore (and about that subject ,having done most of the quests of the islands loot, something bad is brewing, as if a large force is assembling). And I think more people should just try the “Let me do something I enjoy” mentality 🙂

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      2. You are very right about that. I tend to stay away from most of the official forums, and Wowhead comments; I’m under the impression, that is where the negativity mostly takes place?

        I wonder why a positive attitude often gets shot down.

        There has been a lot of commotion on a certain part of the forums lately, and after Blizzard addressed all the negative feedback and changed things, there was not a single thank you post in response. Not. One. I went ahead and made one, and got zero responses. It is a bizarre world today.

        I have never heard that story, that sums up quite well, what Blizzard have been trying to do. I do believe, that those at highest risk for “burn out” or “nothing to do” are those that play too much anyway, and those can never be pleased either way. So it’s certainly a shame, if Blizzard is trying.

        Fun, I loved Legion, also the beginning of it. But again, I was not affected by AP, Suramar or Legendaries at all, because of my playstyle.

        I’ve noticed that too. I don’t get where this behavior is coming from. A new rise in a larger player segment? We have had RNG for as long as I can remember. None repeatable quests can only go so far, too. It’s not new.

        I’m glad you are loving BfA 🙂

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      3. Because a negative attitude and rants attract a lot more likes/follows/upvotes etc.
        And because people prefer to complain instead of trying to solve their own problems. I make my own groups for nearly everything, and this way I avoid toxicity, raider io stuff. In fact, if a friend or guildie says “Oh, can I ask my friend to join us?” the only thing I’ll ask is that the person’s ilevel is the bare minimum necessary, and if the person knows tactics or needs a quick overview. And I have fun like this.

        I think with the rise and popularity of esports, a lot of players aim to be like the 1% guilds, which makes them go a bit crazy for more things so they get to be even better and a bit too foccused only on the competitive aspect. Which is an alright goal, but sometimes those players dont realize that a lot of other people have their own goals in the game, and that Blizzard cant cater to each individual.
        And changing a spec is not as easy as flipping a switch and voilá, it is fixed.

        Dont get me wrong, I have nothing against wanting to be the best in WoW, or the best in a spec. If anything, I think its good to be ambitious and have goals.
        But I have a goal too, which is to have fun. And I dont go shouting off the rooftops demanding 50 things which would make me have even more fun xD

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      4. That has always been a mystery to me. But I guess a negative post breeds more than a positive, because most find it easier to say something negative. Sad.

        Good approach you have, then 🙂

        Right, that is a factor too; the rise in being the best for every price. Also the “can’t wait for 1 second, have no patience or ability to imagine, that other’s might have different needs”.

        I make sure to write thank you for a pleasant group, if I come across it. But it’s sometimes hard to get that sentence out there, before everyone else has left. Yesterday I did an random Island Expedition, where we talked and communicated, but sadly they were gone before I could say anything.


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