War of the Thorns: When the story of a game is not in it

As someone who cares deeply about immersion in a game, the War of the Thorns has left me so disappointed. I had another post in the making about the event, but it turned into such a rant, that I cancelled it, because my site is normally a joyful place.

However, since wowhead released an insight into the novella, that will come with the Collector’s Edition, it has ignited my need to address this subject again, and so I will.

You can find the info on wowhead here.



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I play Alliance. Night Elf. I see the in game events and stories from this side, and this side alone – except perhaps a few YouTube visits to follow the Horde development. After the burning of Teldrassil, my will to log in and play has suddenly gone from ultra-super-mega hyped for Battle for Azeroth to none existing.

I have given it some days to reflect upon, but it was not until the insight into the novella Elegy, that I realized, what troubles me the most.

See, I knew the burning of Teldrassil was coming. We all knew, right? I was well prepared for that. It was not exactly spoiler-alerted at BlizzCon. And even if I felt upset by it, I could always toggle on an earlier version of the game, right? (Although it is not the same) Yet still, it left me feeling as above.

At first, I thought the reason for me feeling this way, was caused by losing the home of all my Night Elves (I only play that race), it was losing a lot of the levelling zones I played through, since I began in August 2005.

But I now realize, it is the way, it is being told, that really adds to this frustration.



To my Night Elf in game, the burning of Teldrassil was heart wrenching. Granted.

But the story told in game has so many holes, compared to what we read in the novella, that it is bizarre.

I am not asking for a cinematic in game. I am not entitled to ANYTHING AT ALL. I just play the game, and if I do not like it, I can quit. I get it.

I know, that Blizzard have other people from “above” breathing down their necks, pushing them to release unfinished stuff.

But would it have taken SO much more development power, to at least add a few emotes explaining where Tyrande was, while the burning of Teldrassil took place? Explaining the thoughts that ran through her head? Explain the turmoil she went through, from a distance?

I would even have settled for a simple Kaldorei NPC in Stormwind, that merely had a few things in /say, to let us know, once we arrive in Stormwind. But there is nothing. Nothing at all.

All we see is Tyrande suddenly popping up to save Malfurion, using her bow to threaten Saurfang (while in the novella, that also goes down completely different), and then she uses the Hearthstone Anduin has given her, to get back to Stormwind.

As a player, after desperately trying to save the civilians of Darnassus, having to portal to Stormwind, only to deliver the quest to Anduin (What is the reason for not speaking with Tyrande?) is bizarre, because it is followed of the fact, that…

Malfurion suddenly is back at 100% health (from 1%)

Both he and Tyrande has not gotten a single line of dialogue, when you try to speak with them. They are not even placed in a way, that shows Tyrande trying to mend his wounds. They just stand there.

There is no reaction from the two of them. Nothing shows us their sorrow at all. You could argue, they are leaders, and should have a certain professional pose, but come on. We are heroes, that have aided them so much over the years, you’d think we have gone pass that by now.

This, is what irritates me the most. I have visited them daily since Wednesday, because a part of me believed, it would have to be a bug. But nothing.



It makes this whole event feel so strange, and it really hinders the immersion, on a disturbing level.

It is times like these, I wish I was better with words in English. But you have to settle for the explanation I try to give, when I compare WoW to a movie.

If I am going to watch a movie, where I have to rely on external sources to get it told, to get even crucial important facts (that changes the whole meaning of the story) – to even understand it, it is not a good movie.

If I watch a movie, where I first get told 5 minutes in “real time”, then the movie skips the next 10 minutes, and I see the next 5 from a different perspective, then it skips important facts of the ongoing events, then it skips back. It is not a good movie.

And if the whole plot of the movie will not make sense until way down the line, and the instructor asks you to just “wait and see”, it is not a good movie.

Not to me. And reading the novella has granted me the clarity I needed, in order to see what is troubling me the most.

This event seems unfinished. You can argue, it is indeed NOT finished. It is only just getting started.

But as I stated above, good story telling does not hinder immersion in the way, we see it in the game right now.


I find it such a shame. It could have been so great.

I love reading lore about World of Warcraft. I look forward to the novellas. But some of what is told in them, should have been in the game. Not next week, not in six months. Now.

Again, and I cannot stress this enough; I am not asking for cinematics. I am not even asking for cool in game effects. I am just asking for a consistent story to be told, without the need to minimize my game, and get it told elsewhere.

One simple NPC in Stormwind to catch us up with nothing but a few lines in /Say or /Emote would have been enough.


Books, movies, interviews, wowhead, You Tube, Twitter, you name it.

It can all be used to enhance our in-game experience.

But we should not rely on it, for the story to make sense.


Thank you for reading through my entire post. I hope it does not come off as a completely rant; I genuinely tried to address this as best and constructive as I could.


I know this subject divides us.

What’s your view?


Happy week to everyone 🙂

41 thoughts on “War of the Thorns: When the story of a game is not in it

  1. Well, I admit that I prefer history to be told in the game itself. Still, Blizzard chooses to use multiple sources now, and this could give more insights on character thoughts.

    It hasn’t started now. In the wake of WoD, the whole story of Garrosh trial, preparing his escape and the escape itself was presented through a War Crimes book. In game, we’ve dealt with the result: as Garrosh already had Iron Horde, prepared to take down Mannoroth and building a portal. We never got in-game development of Kairozdormu – we’ve only collected bits from Timeless Isle for him to hear him say “Fascinating!”, and we learnt that he was responsible for Garrosh only during WoD ring questline.

    I think it’s not necessarily bad, I just want these stories to be accessible free of charge as a part of the major lore. It also reminds me about my rant of hiding plot behind mythic raiding – like we never knew the end of Cho’gall, but we actually killed him in Highmaul (mytthic raiders, that is).

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    1. The short stories of the Collector’s Edition will be free online.

      The novel we had to purchase, “Before the Storm”, was a nice story, but didn’t really alter anything in game to my knowledge. I’m curious if they’ll ever mention the events of the novel in the game or if it was a one-off thing.

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    2. Yes, I am all for more insight on character thoughts. As long as it is not something we rely on – something that will hinder the story if we do not read/watch it.

      Yes, I realize that too; it has not started yet. I just really think, a simple NPC explaining a few things to us in /Say would not have been that hard to do. Or Tyrande or Malfurion capable of at least saying a single sentence to us.

      I heard about that of Garrosh (I stopped playing before MoP came out, because I, back then at least, didn’t cherish the idea of Pandaren in WoW – I thought it was an Aprils fool!) But I can recall reading an article about it. Such a shame!

      Yeah, I hear what you are saying. I do believe the novellas will be available free of charge, but when they are of this much importance to understand the story for us, already at this point, I think they should have been made available weeks ago.

      Ah yes, the Cho’gall and mythic only. I said it before, and I will again; I really wish there was some kind of spectator mode in LFG. One where I could get the story told, and no loot afterwards- Just a story mode. I would love that.

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  2. You are not ranting! I think your points are valid. It is sloppy storytelling, it is not like a story where you get glimpses of a bigger world, ancient myths etc (as it has been before, and certainly e.g. in Tolkien’s books).

    If we need to read in a book to get a reasonable picture of a game story, that is lousy. One thing is for Alliance player to consider/guess/be puzzled by/ Sylvanas actions (“We all knew her to be that!” or “Is she really just a simple murderer?” etc). Another is to have Mal and Tyrande be incomprehensibe. Tyrande in Legion seems sometimes like a emo with too many hormones, and now even more so. But I think it is not the whole story. At least we could, say, interact with Tyrande in Storwind, and she says that she had to do what she did, and she cannot say any more at the moment. Or Mal just shaking his head and being in deep sorrow. Or something like that. Many players are disappointed at those two, and so would many elves in the world. Even a snotty response from Tyrande would be something.

    As I said before, Blizzard has probably rushed things, as also can be seen by the amount of bugs, the like which has not been seen since vanilla, I think. And new bugs in every update. E.g. Darkmoon Faire profession quests do not give skill up atm. Blizzard development and testing seems to not be able to keep up to the “storytellers” at the same company. It’s shoddy, it is sloppy. Who cares if expansion comes Aug 18 or Sept 23? They just announced the date too early it seems.

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    1. Thank you. I think so too, obviously. Yes, exactly, I am fine with not knowing what goes on on the Horde side, as Alliance. That would be natural. (Actually, where were we during the burning of Teldrassil, exactly?)

      I hear you. It’s a shame. Tyrande and Malfurion is not the easiest couple to feel empathy towards. Just see how they reacted /didn’t react towards Illidan in the end. I try to make another story up in my mind instead.

      I know! It would not take that much development power to have a few simple things in /say, to make it all make more sense. It is ALL I am asking for. If it comes on Wednesday, fine, but it is too late. It hinders immersion and storytelling.

      You are probably very right – this had to get released, no matter the state it is in. Because of how little I get to play, I am fairly easy to please, normally. Just look at my Patch 8.0 – appreciation thread. “New bear form walk, neat! I am happy”. So I rarely encounter too many bugs. But by the sound of it, it does sound as if this patch broke alot.

      The scaling and preparation for the expansion is probably to blame; it’s likely not easy to “turn a ton of buttons” without some kind of domino effect, if that makes sense.

      I know! I think the expansion could have come way later, but that is me – the minority.

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      1. I like when they release during the darker part of the year 🙂
        To clarify what I wrote above, it is not the developers fault, they are probably doing as much as they can.

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  3. I completely agree they need to do better in how they balance things moving forward in both what they need to tell in game and what is ok to leave to their external media. Further they need more work on how they release the story in game so that it flows better week on week. Far to often things have ended abrupty lacking any cohesive follow up in this pre-patch.

    Gnomecore’s response above though points to how far story and it’s delivery has come for the game. There was a time, as you know, even before Cho’gall the story was so gated, vague and disjointed through all media sources that Blizzard had to retcon many things to redirect Warcraft to the narrative they are trying to convey. Writing and delivering a great story can be difficult in any singular medium and telling a long sweeping saga in a video game can be even more so, especially when telling it through mixed media.

    Hopefully the more reasonded voices like yours in this post will be heard or seen by Blizzard and they will continue to improve on how they tell their tales moving forward. It’s quite healthy to have a good rant or express our frustrations, in a positive manner, as it is to share our joy. It helps us all grow and learn.

    From what I have heard the story flows better in the actual expansion if that helps. Fingers crossed! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for chipping in 🙂 You are right. I have been wondering, if it’s timegating, that is the true enemy right now.

      Yeah, it is sometimes good to look back and see how far it all has come. Makes one appreciate it more.

      Again. One NPC in the game, or Malfurion or Tyrande offering a sentence or two. It’s all I asked.

      Hopefully so. I try to be constructive. But I also know, that pleasing all players is not possible. I mostly play for the story though, so this subject has really felt like a small downfall to me.

      Oh, you heard that? Fingers crossed for sure, then 🙂

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  4. Not much I could add to what you expressed so well, and what others have said. It’s like getting a brand new car with tons of great feature and gadgets, but they don’t give you the owners manual, or getting a box with all the ingredients for a fancy dinner, but no recipe

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  5. My view? I think that we have seen parts one and two only and that we’ll see part three tomorrow; it is unfinished because they chopped up the sequence. I don’t know what tomorrow’s story will be but we might see Malfurion talking then. Or we might not, it is kind of like the film broke in the middle of the movie and that it will start up again in a second or two. And then we have the expansion itself where we will get more story. But that is just my view.

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    1. I try to think of it that way too; I just, gosh. One simple NPC to explain a few things, or Tyrande willing to share a sentence or two. It seems way too, is the word, abrupt? Hindering so much. I sees no reason to chop it all up like this – But I imagine those thirsty for content disagree. And ironically enough, that player segment probably does not care one bit about the story!

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  6. The thing that stings the most is how STUPID they seem to think we are with the ham-fisted in-game writing and the ham-fisted attempts to hand-wave away our legitimate concern and confusion.

    But even the thing they did here would have worked so much better if they’d just give them better lines in-game. How about:

    TYRANDE: Champion, I must take my love to safety. Meet me at the World Tree!

    SAURFANG: If you go to the Tree, you will die.

    TYRANDE: Then I will die with honor. (oooo, snap!)

    Three freaking lines of dialog, and nobody’d be pissing on Tyrande for fleeing the scene. Well, probably somebody, but nobody of consequence.

    This is what happens when Kosak goes to another team, I swear.

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    1. Counterpoint:

      Sylvanas wants Malfurion dead. If Tyrande takes him to the World Tree, which is about to be occupied by Sylvanas… she will kill him. Why would Tyrande take him to his death?

      Tyrande didn’t think the tree would be burned. She didn’t expect a massacre. She expected Horde occupation, and she cant help free her people if she’s imprisoned there too.

      What am I missing?

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      1. I don’t mean for her to take him to the world tree. She had the Hearthstone to Stormwind, but they had a portal open from Stormwind to Tedrassil – this is known in-game. I wouldn’t expect her to take him to a war zone, no. Drop him off, then back through the portal in Stormwind Keep.

        My read of her is that she expected to make a stand at the tree. Why would she send us to our death, as well? No, we went there to help evacuate and defect, same as she could have done after dropping off her dude.

        Without giving too much away, the novella kinda does track with that. Which is one reason the dialog change would work so much better.

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      2. Yes, that! As far as I can understand though, keeping a portal open requires far more, than what we do in the game.

        Sending us to our deaths was very odd, actually, now you mention it :/ She could easily have followed us then…I guess, because story? Though it makes little sense, you are right.

        Sorry, when you say “it does track with that”, what does it mean? English is not my first language; some expressions are lost – could you clarify, please? 🙂


      3. That is a fair point too. It just appears as if Malfurion’s wounds were taking care of the very second he went through the portal (When we arrive, he is fully back to life)

        If a few more details from the novella had made it into the game, the player base might have had more empathy towards Tyrande’s choice. I am working on a piece that will reflect that.

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      4. Yeah, there’s no doubt the suspension of disbelief is required for these things. Moreso than ever as the game ages. I’m curious how they’ll clean everything up next week when this event is no longer available.

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      5. Oh, the event won’t even be available after next week? I didn’t even know that. So all level 110 players will instantly see Teldrassil burn without doing the quest line? I do wonder, if it will continue to burn or, be nothing but a small tree stump eventually… 😥

        Odd, I didn’t even consider this as pre-patch material, similar to what we saw before Legion. It does not feel the same at all.


      6. When I say “it tracks with” a thing, it means that the two are in agreement, more or less. So basically saying that what I’m suggesting agrees with what I know of the novella (from a summary).

        I would not have thought you weren’t a native English speaker from your writing skill. 🙂 My apologies for the confusion.

        I see that the two novellas have been made available as PDFs today. Hard to say if that was the plan, or if they moved the schedule up to try to, um, put out a few fires. (TOO SOON, GRIMMY)

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      7. Ahh, I see, thank you for the clarification, that makes sense then 🙂 Aw, not to worry! It’s those expressions that are the hardest in any foreign language, I imagine.

        Yeah, part of me thinks that too; that the release of those novels as well as cinematic (and the interview with defending their storytelling) was not planned to air like that…

        Hah, we will never look at the Headless Horseman burning things the same again, will we!


    2. Oh, I would have loved that too.

      I know.

      Malfurion was back up to full health the very second we stepped through the portal anyway… 😦 So many flaws and lose ends.

      Ohh, yeah, you can sense that big of a difference compared to when Kosak was on the team, or?


  7. As a long time human player, I remember when Sylvanas destroyed Soutshore. As a vanilla player, I spent a LOT of time questing, fighting, and fishing in Southshore. I’ll never forget you.

    Others seemed shocked that she burned the tree. I knew she had it in her all along.

    I hope you find a way to forgive Blizzard for what sounds like an easy enough problem to fix. Some in game dialogue? It’s a reasonable request and I hope they find a way to implement it in the future for more content. Remember, though, they’re doing a lot of this for the very first time, including the amazing stuff like the “Old Soldier” cinematic; a launch cinematic quality video that is full of good storytelling and emotional pull.

    Maybe this isn’t the best way to tell the story, but honestly we’re getting so much story that I am in awe as a lover of lore. In the old days we got walls of text and sometimes, if we were lucky, a patch cinematic.

    This isn’t something they have fine tuned for years and are messing up on just now. They’re working on something crazy, interwoven, and wow! Just look at how in less than 72 hours they made the Horde lose hope, then reignited it with the Old Soldier video! It’s impressive, even if it’s not the way we want the story told in the future.

    If anything, the main thing I’m sad about is how cruel and aggressive the “fans” have been toward Blizzard this last week. The writers and developers work endlessly to produce this content for us and one “Warbringer” cinematic was all it took to escalate to death threats and twitter harassment.

    There was no honor in it, fanbase.

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    1. Aw yes. I go way back too. What memories.

      Thank you for understanding. I think so too; A few lines of dialogue when one goes to Malfurion and Tyrande would make way more sense than have them stand there as the older versions of their model, unmoved by what just happened.

      You are right. All new beginnings are hard. I am just surprised, that not ONE on their team thought about this. I mean, you’d think they have some kind of internal play testing through the quest, not only to discover bugs, but to be sure it “flows” well.

      You are very right; things have changed and a lot more story is being told. Cinematics was not a thing back in Vanilla either.

      It is impressive, I just think they are aiming at the wrong target, so to speak. So the horde needed reigniting? I look forward to a cinematic with the Kaldorei then – because they sure are in need too.

      Yes, I agree there; I try to be constructive myself, but I have heard and read a lot of pure anger towards the staff of Blizzard and other players. That is very sad. But death threats even? I have not seen that, that is absolutely horrific and uncalled for :/

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      1. I am really crossing my fingers that we might see another high quality cinematic that focuses on Tyrande… namely how she suppressed her Night Elf savagery when she joined the Alliance and it has nearly ruined her people. I want to see her go rage mode like WC3!!!

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      2. Me too, for sure. I would love that too. That was actually my first thought, when I saw the Saurfang one – it was, “Can’t wait for the one with Tyrande”. I will be so very sad, if we just see Anduin/Genn leading the next part.


  8. Oh, Alu 😦
    I’ve been trying to catch you online to cheer you up a bit. Princess and I spent many hours relaxing idly near our tiny lake in Teldrassil.

    Yeah, I prefer to have more in game, and I still think that the Age of Mythology type “in game wiki”would be amazing (I loved right clicking that little “i” and getting a whole page of info 🙂 ) but I like having more story elements outside of it as well. These have great value to avid lore seekers and to new players as well.
    One learns a lot about the history of each expansion with a few pages from the Chronicles, which then makes one see the questlines and zones with knowledgeable eyes.

    I do have to say this: who really breathes down the necks of Blizzard’s Devs?
    Because, and trust me on this, it’s not “from above”. It’s not the greedy figure with dolar signs on his eyes smoking a cigar.
    It’s US (Not literally us, and the nice blogger family – which I’ve been saying for thte past year that I wish the rest would take a page from our behaviour. Us as in player base in general) With our hateful tweets and toxic forum posts and constant ranting and rambling and demanding the world.

    Before Blizzcon there were all these voices “OMG, I want to play as Highmontain or Nightborne. Blizz, make it happen, its very simple, they use the same skeleton as others, etc etc”.

    When they announced Allied Races remember what happened? A shit show! More than half the community was either a) saying the choices were stupid, b) demanding other races, c) criticising Blizz saying these races were only reskins (some even making elaborate conspiracy theories regarding MAU), d) jumping on that stupid High Elf mess, or e) all of the above.

    Same thing with content. I remember well the truckload of videos and posts filled with Suramar hate – “F you, Blizz, this zone is a waste of time” and so on. Did you know that not that many players had even interest in doing the Insurrection questline and only did it to unlock the allied race? Which is silly, because it is an amazing questline, where we progress in leading a rebellion.

    The other week I mentioned the removed content in Stormheim (And for those out there who say that the “viking” content is just filler- The vrykul’s importance to the history and understanding the origin of humans have been a key point since Wrath. And the adaptation of several civilisation’s mythologies into WoW’s own myths and gods was a cool idea). Back to my point, Graymane vs Sylvanas. We fight when he attacks her ships, we help make our way to the Vault and stop her from getting the Lantern.
    Did you not know there was a larger questline, with more detail and explaining what happened to Genn after being shot with her magical arrow? There was, but it was removed. Why? Because the playerbase wanted the zones to take less time.

    On WoD, on Gorgrond – one of the most fascinating zones lorewise- the questline feels bland and incomplete. Why? Because alpha and beta players complained about “Orc Fatigue” (Im not joking, this was their complaint). Complaining about too many orcs on an Orc centric expansion in their own world? Lol.
    And that is also why instead of seeing a ton of Iron Horde, their huge armies and so on, we see very few of them around, because it was removed too.

    Players will get angry if they dont get a patch with content every 2 months. I think it is ridiculous to have the first raid open in early september, but if Blizz hadnt made that call, the forums and tweeter would have rained down fire and brimstone.

    The voices to make things faster and quicker have been louder. The voices that always ask for more, and when they get it it’s never good enough.

    Some people are already saying that Gamescon this August should have a preview of the first BfA patch. Why!? I havent even played the content available at the start, why would I want to be already seeing what is next?

    And maybe those voices would be quieter if we took our reasoning to the official forums. It would take a thick skin, and patience, but at least OUR side would be there.
    And I get it, it is scary. Which is why a lot of players like us, who could be called casuals, avoid the forums and why newer players take one look at them and get a bad impression of the community when their are nearly bullied for daring to ask a thing like “Im thinking about playing X, what spec do you think is most fun and why?”.

    Maybe it is time we got heard too.

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    1. Aww, some cheering up would be so welcome right now. But yes, I am not in the game these days, only taking a few screenshots and stubbornly visiting Tyrande every day.

      I would adore that in game wiki too. There is an addon that used to do that, a little bit at least, giving some info on the places you went. (I never got around to try it, and it’s outdated now)

      Yes, I agree, it enhances ones gaming experience so much, knowing more of the zones and quest lines, and characters.

      You do not think the pressure is from above at all? I imagine the player base have a role to play in it too, and that is good to keep in mind. How I just wish that Blizzard would stop listening to that player segment then. Because it’s the same segment that do not care one bit about the story too.

      So where do Blizzard compromise, who do they put on the top of their “which player segment to please first?” list?

      Without social media, I wonder how the game would look today. Less options for all the demands, hateful tweets and what not then.

      I know. Demanding Allied Races are an ongoing subject, and it goes on for Battle for Azeroth too. I remember back when Vul..Vulpera? Was datamined. The very second, people started asking for them to be Allied Races. I hate the idea of Allied Races! (I never asked for it, just for the record. But I have not complained that they are in the game. I just don’t play them) Anyway… 🙂

      I did not know that, no. I imagine those players are the same segment as above; not reading the quest text or caring about the story.

      I imagine the insurrection quest line is even better now, since it’s all available straight away.

      I had no idea that was removed, no. What a huge shame 😦 It is beyond me, why Blizzard has this player segment as one they want to please so badly. No matter what they will throw at them, they will never be satisfied anyway. I wonder how big of a portion of paying customers they make up for?

      Are we such a minority today?

      Orc Fatigue? I did not hear that. Lol and sigh, indeed. How bizarre to complain about. It does not take long before these buzzwords have a life of their own.

      I know! I feel that is ridiculous too! It’s so fast. Like, isn’t there a ton of stuff to do in the game already, before getting ready for raiding? Then again, if you plan to play all day long, you probably end up with little to do, around early September?

      It is very sad, that it has changed into this. I much rather wait for quality. I never minded the “lull” other people speak of. I’ve said it before and I will say it again; I will never, ever run out of things to do in the game.

      Hah, what, Gamescon and new patch? That is probably what will happen 😦 It’s so soon. What a shame, to not be able to “rest and enjoy” the new expansion and how they made it air, before they have to take on the next thing.

      Maybe you are right about that. I just feel, as if our voice is drowned out, because we are so few. But maybe that is given up. Or maybe it is the younger audience of players, that are the loudest today, but also those that, in the end, will pay more money for micro-transactions etc. Where the rest of us, the older crowd, might not be the best investment for Blizzard in the long run.

      I hear you; I have spotted those responses too. It takes so little, before someone is shot down for asking a simple question on the forum. I guess part of the reason I started this blog was to avoid that. But as a result, I spend my time on my blog, and never on the forum. I am sure, that if I devoted as much time to the official forums as I do to my blog, I could change the world (!). But it sure would be draining and not giving at all. Because, I have also noticed a tendency to not even thank the person who offers a response to your request there…I do not know about you, but ungratefulness is a thing that really makes me sad.

      Oh, gosh, this response got long.

      It is time, you are right. If I have a surplus of time later in life, I can devote it to the forums. But then my blog will suffer. And so will my gaming. How to balance.

      Any advice? 🙂


  9. I had this same argument with a froend of mine the other day. After learning of the novellas and watching the Old Soldier cinematic I was complaining the same things you are here. We got into a little debate and my friend boiled it down to this. He likes reading books and I must hate reading them because I complained that story was left out. I just had to sigh and move on.

    I have grown tired of things like that having no representation in game. Or in this case, it even alters the events a little bit from what we see in game.

    The main focus and drawing in of this story is the game. And the main narrative should be entirely present in some form through the game. The books/comics/videos should really only ever expand on the game and remain entirely supplementary.

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    1. I understand, why you chose to sigh and move on!

      Yes, that is my biggest concern too; It is so different than what we see in game. We rely on it, to understand the story.

      I play for the story too, it is my biggest reason to play WoW. Thank you for chipping in, Grimgrog – what keeps you busy in the game, these days? 🙂 (Since you do not have a blog I can follow, I want to ask! 😉 )


      1. Haha. In game I have a couple things that I am doing to keep active.

        I am working on becoming best friends with all the tillers. I love that they each add something to the farm so I am trying to get them all before the expansion.

        I really want my warrior to have all the transmog from the order hall. So I am slowly chipping away at getting exalted with nightfallen on that character.

        I need the blazing drake from dragon soul to finish the awake the drakes achievement and get myself the green drake mount. So if I am up for it I will run an alt through Dragon Soul. However I get tired if doing that over and over, and I tried sharing a lockout with the group finder tool, but I think Blizzard doesnt allow it to happen anymore. Theres only so many times I can do spine of deathwing in a week XD

        Other than those 3, if I get bored of running around suramar and have no desire to run dragon soul I will hop on an alt and test out one spec I havent looked at yet or try to clean and prepare their bags for BFA. Just recently I went through each alt and tried to set up at least one transmog appearance to fly into BFA with.

        Also since I run mostly with all gnomes, most of them male, I went through and tried to make sure each ones facial hair and hairstyles were different from each other. Turned out I used the same facial hair on like 4 characters and the same hair color for a couple of them too.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂 Awww, I’d genuinely adore to see your adventures on a blog (Sorry I shall stop now..! :p )

        Oh, the Tillers. I cherished those quests so much. It’s just so peaceful there. If you are looking for those reputation items hidden in the dirt, be sure to check out this post; There is a screenshot showing how an easy adjustment to in game settings can make it easier:


        I used it specifically when doing Tillers 🙂

        Oh, yeah, that set is worth getting, I understand.

        You are right; I feel the same way about that Raid. It feels so long. Coupled with RNG…Fast burnout.

        Ah, I cleaned bags recently too, and was feeling pretty good about it 🙂

        Hehe, I always have the same Night Elven face on all my characters 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha. Reading all these blogs and stuff I get the feelings to try it out too!

        Thanks for the tip and link. I shall try this out later today! Yea a couple of my faces were the same too. I kept my mage and my warlock the same and in my mind they are brothers that survived Gnomeregan. I’ve used up all the male options now. Luckily my newest alt, gnome priest is a female. There are so many options for looks!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. That sounds promising 🙂 WordPress is the way to go! 😀 It can be intimidating at first, one just has to take one step at the time.

        Aw, thats a nice idea, thinking of how your characters might be related.

        Yes the new models sure put in some facial expressions to the Gnomes too. About time!


  10. I’ve felt this way since they killed Cairne off-screen. It is also the reason I have tried to keep up with the books ever since before launches. Having said that yes I wish more was shown in game, but I also think that they could do a hell of a lot more out of game. My love of the game comes from the story, and I’e always wanted to see Blizzard push the boundaries of ways that story is told – similar to how lucasfilm did with Star Wars before Disney bought it, their expanded universe was a magnificent beast that kept me wanting more.

    But no, still not forgiven for killing Carien off-screen and that was what 4 ? 5? expansions past

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jod 🙂

      I can relate to that for sure. Mine too; I play for the story most of all. Oh, how did they handle the Star Wars universe to make you keep wanting more? (Sorry I’m not that much into that, yet)

      I understand! Some things cannot be forgiven.


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