11 thoughts on “War of the Thorns – Astranaar

  1. Beautiful as always. It really bothered me that they started the destruction all the way from Astranaar and went to Darnassus with it. How I hate all the fighting in Lor’danel. Lor’danel which is still trying to help refugees from Cataclysm. All those sweet protector trees and elves.

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    1. Thank you so much. I feel the exact same way. It’s not like losing Teldrassil is not hard enough as it is. Seeing Astranaar and many civilians fall too, feels almost like the final straw (right English expression?) for me. I know, precisely. They have had no rest.


    1. I know 😦 So very meaningless. I cannot imagine what will become of it.

      I do not know. Part of me suspects – maybe it’s the naive part of me – that we will see a lot of these NPCs return and a new city rebuild, but…

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  2. Ashenvale and Darkshore died for me back in Cataclysm. I loved them dearly and never could get used to them in their ‘new’ forms. For me the War of Thorns finishes what Deathwing starrted by burying them completely. I will always miss them but I will also always look to the future. Still when Classic comes it will be a nice treat to visit them again as they are forever in my heart.

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    1. I feel similar to you. That big overhaul is a very big reason to play Classic. Still though, for me, Ashenvale and it’s NPCs have come to mean a lot to me, especially since some of them, even in the newer version of Ashenvale, have been around since Vanilla.

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