War of the Thorns – Chapter 2: Arriving in Stormwind

Where does one go from here, after such a horrific event last night..?

I am not sure. I’m not as great with words and analyzing as the rest of you guys.

A few of todays great blog posts include Marathal, Gnomecore and Kaylriene – Thank you, guys 🙂

For now, I just want to lend my aid to those in need, the refugees in Stormwind.

I have begun visiting places, that are bound to look different after Chapter 2 of War of Thorns.

My journey to Stormwind showed, that a lot of Darnassian and Gilnean Refugees are found around the city now (Grimmtooth spotted that). They all appear so sad, many of them are crying. I can relate.



Outside of Stormwind.



A Stormwind City Clerk is answering questions from the refugees (not known to players what they are saying though)



Tyrande and Malfurion still are not saying anything, not even a word.



Inside the Cathedral though, you find Mia Greymane (Not fully healed yet) mending the wounds of survivors.




I wish Blizzard would add a few World Quests, that could involve aiding the refugees in Stormwind. Lend your healing skills to Mia Greymane in the Cathedral.

That would be great to do now.

Something to keep us going until next Wednesday, right?

It does not have to be much or be complex, just a simple – “tend to 5 refugees today” – kind of quest? Make them some food, take care of their children while they rest, heal them. You know? Perhaps I could even play the part as one of those refugees.

Look at me,


I surely have gone mad! (Send help now!)



At the docks, that used to be where you went to board the ship to Darnassus, Perrin Moontear now stands, offering you a portal to Darkshore instead.



Not everyone is caught up with recent events though…!



They are taking good care of the sabers, that made it through.

Our Quartermasters are now in Stormwind.

Druids are helping the Ancients.

And our Owl Trainer has made it to the city as well…


Yet still…This haunts me.



I hope the remaining citizens of Darnassus and Teldrassil will show up soon.

Mathrengyl Bearwalker, I am still searching for you.



Have you spotted anywhere else, that has changed?



I hope to have more time tomorrow!

And to have lots of positive energy and all that soon again – I realize this post lacks a certain of the usual Alunaria-flair! (That’s allowed to say, right?)

Anyway, still wishing you a joyful Thursday evening and night 🙂

18 thoughts on “War of the Thorns – Chapter 2: Arriving in Stormwind

    1. And it wouldn’t take to much effort to drop ole Khadgar in Stormwind to tell you something like,

      Champion, your efforts were not in vain. Yes, we have lost something precious and dear to all our hearts, and many lives were lost in the battle, but I managed to save all those you were unable to aide. Fear not, no innocent lives were lost. There is a great evil in the shadows, I fear this may only be the beginning of a much larger conflict.

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      1. That is a fantastic idea! Why has that not been implemented 😦 Just an NPC telling us that. That would help a lot. Tyrande, say something!

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  1. World quests is something i wish to see more in the old world, without the need to destroy the zones of course, some zones i know so well i can do questing in them without thinking or reading quest text, i even wrote a post in the forums saying that leveling problem is not the pace but the content, i don’t mind slow but the same thing again and again? i prefer change.

    I’m hoping the Worgen take back their city soon and heal it, offer a refuge for any night elf, that will be a nice touch.

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    1. I hear you on that. I guess it is tricky to enable a World Quest in an old zone and still keeping it low level. Like with Darkshore right now.

      Aw that would be a nice touch indeed.


  2. It’s good they got refuge in Stormwind. On the other hand, does it not seem the Alliance is sort of giving up on Kalimdor? :/
    Simple healing dailies, even for a limited time, is a great idea. Maybe including have to sit down by a patient’s side for a minimum time. So much running around. But I guess players would stack/overlap and it would look messy.

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    1. It does seem that way 😦 And is in line with what we saw at BlizzCon (I think?) where each continent turns into a colour, Kalimdor turns red for the Horde, Eastern Kingdom blue for the Alliance. Let’s switch…

      Aw, that is such a sweet idea, Wis. One could even have a small dialogue version when sitting by the patient’s side.

      It could be phased to avoid overcrowdedness (totally a word)

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      1. Yes, let’s switch. I always liked Kalimdor more. Already in Cataclysm the balance was changed in some places. E.g. Ashenvale became more hordish (I still miss the old Ashenvale).
        Phasing would work. Maybe a new type of quest. Sit and not only listen (no fast click-through!), but also have to say something.

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      2. I agree. A thought occured to me last night. Ashenvale. Astranaar…Did we lose all our NPCs there too..? 😦

        Yes, no fast clicking, I think so too. I twould be a nice thing to do.

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  3. I had no idea there were refugees there. I had assumed blizz would not do anything with them. Thats nice to see them still alive at least.

    With 3 races without a home, maybe 4 since it seems void elves are exiled, and an expansion with focus on the factions. I am hoping, probably in vain, they pay attention to the individual races in each faction a little bit.

    Give Gnomes, Night Elves, Gilneans homes. They dint have to be full fledged cities either. But a town would be nice. Akin to the goblins in Azshara. They built that fun little harbor town with a giant cannon aimed at stormwind. And they have the rocket public transportation system throughout the zone.

    Please don’t ignore all the races!!

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    1. Yes, it is a nice touch that they are there. At least the world does not just go on without any aftermath.

      That is a great hope you have, Grimgrog. I hope so too. It would be a great way to kick of a new expansion after BfA, though I hate to wait so long for it to happen.

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