War of the Thorns – Chapter 1: Are you feeling it?


I need to get something off my chest. Maybe it’ll just be for the future me, when I read this blog 10 years from now, so I know what was going on behind the scenes. But hey. Let’s see.




I finally had an hour to play and, though very reluctant, I went to defend my Kalimdor. My forests. my Darkshore. My Teldrassil.

I am normally great at immersing myself, cherishing the quest lines and stories told, and I easily get carried away. Yet this. War of Thorns – Chapter 1.

I’m not feeling it. At all.

Granted, I know how it ends, and I hate that, so that might play a role. But we just spent the last expansion, Legion, standing somewhat, at least a little united, the Horde and the Alliance, a shared enemy.

I cherished my Class Hall, a new place for us Druids to unite, just as Moonglade. Always sacred.

I still look back with fondness to Vanilla, where Druids used to salute each other, and never attack another Druid.



What happened? What is causing the Horde to follow Sylvanas, without questions, suddenly wanting to rid the world of Malfurion? To secure the Azerite? I hate that word. Azerite. We do not even know what it is. It’s sacred, since it’s coming from Azeroth and the enormous damage done to her already. Yet we do not know it’s potential.

The new War Mode granting honor. But I see no honor in this.

All is fair in love and war, I get that, but where is the memory of the latest expansion and it’s story development? Why is Malfurion just “there”?




Killing Wisps, really?



Druids killing Druids?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s me. I just feel so disconnected to the story right now. Not feeling it. I hope the next chapter might help. A part of me wonders, if waiting to do the quests until all the chapters are released, would be better.

Easier to immerse without the timegating. Hm.

Maybe I got too spoiled with cinematics, that I have started to need those in order to feel involved? That surely can’t be it.



How about you guys?

Thanks for the input in advance. πŸ™‚ At times like this, I wish we could have some kind of chat function on WordPress.

Happy day, everyone πŸ™‚ And For the Alliance, naturally, of course, despite it all! For Azeroth. For Teldrassil.



Loving the new Night Elf NPC armor, in style with the classic cinematic from Vanilla days. For more positive things about 8.0, this is the place to go!

43 thoughts on “War of the Thorns – Chapter 1: Are you feeling it?

  1. I keep telling myself that this is only first part of a much larger story. I’m definitely not feeling it (on either Horde or Alliance) and I’m not even a druid so I imagine it feels ever worse for you.
    I guess we need to trust Blizzard that they know what they’re doing and it will make sense eventually. That’s my hope πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m not feeling it at all. The overarching story of Horde v Alliance should be done especially coming out of an expac where we worked so closely with each other. Even making the allied races choose a faction was dumb, they should have been like the Panda because how do you make an entire race which worked closely with both sides pick just one, but I digress .
    I don’t often accuse Blizz of sloppy writing but the first chapter of War of Thorns is… what Tauren in their right mind would agree to attack Druids and nature and Malfurion, yet there were Tauren there.
    This faction conflict is an old idea from Warcraft’s past and while it might be leading into another greater story, its still a bad move.

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    1. I agree with that; it does feel a little weird returning to Suramar now too – I mean, shouldn’t there have been a change for the Alliance, then?

      I know! Exactly. I noticed that too. I am puzzled by the lack of info on what happened with our Artifacts as well, just as you last post stated. I expected another quest this week, showing what the effect of them “overloading” has resulted in.

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  3. Sylvanas is an aggressor, and her “pre-emptive strike” explanation is but an excuse. She’s always been a murderous bitch (Gilneas, Hillsbrad, etc.), and my Hordies feel no honor in following her into elven peaceful lands.

    Legion has never been about factions. The only faction action (lol, a rhyme) we’ve seen is a suicidal attack on Broken Shore which lost us a king and a warchief.

    Genn and Sylvanas were about personal business in Stormheim. Elves in Suramar came to solve their family business with distant kin. Factions and regular armies were NOT present in Legion and they did NOT work together to repel the threat. Class order halls are pretty small groups of rational individuals, and the only reason they came to life is that the major forces, the Alliance and the Horde, first failed, then held a grudge of titanic proportions against each other.

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  4. I’m totally feeling the “Malfurion must die”, but that’s about it. The rest is kinda ‘meeh’ and even though I hope there will be a twist in the end, I doubt it and fear Blizzard just goes with the “Horde is evil hurr durr” and another warchief ends up (even more) dead.
    Even worse is what’s happening with the fanbase. Some people get really nasty over this and attack people, I dread checking social media lately.
    Well, I hope it’s not the Horde’s fault that Teldrassil burns in the end, but either way people won’t like it and will still blame Sylvanas/Horde for being aggressors

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      1. I try to avoid them as well and started to block people who are getting nasty, don’t need to see people like this around ever again

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    1. I suspect there’s a lot more at play here. We’ve known Sylvanas is evil for years. Everyone know it. Horde and Alliance.

      I think Blizzard assumed there would be more shock from the Horde players when Vol’jin put her in charge in the first place. She has to be like… the worst possible choice. If anything, way too many people were like, yeah I’m okay with this lol.

      But I also think Vol’jin knew something… something the LOA told him that made him realize Sylvanas had to be the leader of the Horde for what was coming. I fully expect that to come up in BfA. While I don’t expect Sylvanas to become a goody good hero any time soon, if she does finally give her life, I fully expect it to be in the act of saving her people, which is really all anyone can ask for from their leaders.

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      1. You could very well be right about that. I heard and interview with Blizzard, where they revealed, that they are writing the story of the expansion with the next two expansions in mind! Curious to see where it all brings us.

        But gosh, the death of more leaders? Who will fill their shoes? So many unanswered questions. Exciting times.

        I would like to have that kind of “twist”. As in, I am a fan of bad guys, as long as I can get just a little bit “on board” with their reasons.

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    2. He is not my favorite either, especially not after the way he and Tyrande treated Illidan in the end. Goodness, really? I have not been to the official forums or social media lately. It’s that bad? How sad.

      I hope so too. I really want a more complex reasoning behind it all; one that makes me feel just a tad more empathy towards Sylvanas’ decision.

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      1. I avoid the official forums since forever, but it’s sadly on twitter too. I’ve only seen a few things myself (very disgusting comparsions to WW2 for example), but some people I follow have been attacked and insulted. It’s gross.

        Would love to see that too. Let’s hope and see what happens, I guess 😦

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      2. That is horrific to hear. Urgh. Those young children/ people, who has not been taught that words matter. Anonymity of the internet…What a horrible comparison. That’s way out of line.

        Yes, fingers crossed, for sure πŸ™‚


  5. I’m joining you on ‘not really liking this story’ bench. I’m not a huge pvp fan and I enjoyed the bit of friendly gesture that could pass between the two factions, not just in the last expansion but even out in the world previous. Yet now it’s just upsetting to not want to be PVP (I’d just be constantly dead anyhow) but also to see druid getting killed right next to where I’m questing. I know that its supposed to make me wanna turn on that PVP and avenge the needless killing and hate the horde but at the same time I know they are just having to follow their questlines too. 😦

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    1. Me too, I feel that exact same way. I guess I just want world peace.

      Urgh, I know. It was upsetting somehow indeed. War mode is not for me either, but I could really feel myself being fuelled a great deal. into wanting to stop the meaningless slaughter, when I quested yesterday.

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  6. I think, for myself, time gating is a big annoyance. I vote waiting for the events to be fully unlocked so that you can experience this all together.

    From a storyline perspective, any Alliance member can tell you this was coming. The Horde have been fighting the Night Elves in Ashenvale for years. When they just wanted wood they were willing to kill for it… now they want the empowered life blood of the unborn titan world soul? They’ll do anything to get it.

    As to the Azerite… the last time our world soul suffered a great wound the well of eternity was what was left behind. So, think of Azerite as pure, if a little congealed, power. The Kal’dorei used the well of eternity to build a global civilization. I imagine Sylvanas wants to do the same with Azerite… but this time… everyone serves her!

    I’m actually super excited to see where this goes.

    I know a lot of players feel like the war between the Horde and the Alliance should be “resolved”, but honestly we’ve never been friends. We fight in Ashenvale, we nearly wiped each other out in Mists of Pandaria… the only thing that keeps us from killing each other is a big baddie and we just took down the biggest baddie we could find.

    Now it’s time to secure our homeland. Once and for all!


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    1. I feel that same way too. Maybe I will do that. Originally I wanted to do the quests as soon as I could – to be able to experience it firsthand myself before spoilers catch up with me, but you are right; timegating really hinders.

      Hm, you are right about that, thank you for the clarification there.

      Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am excited too! Maybe the reason for me feeling this way is just as much timegating as it is storytelling.

      It is time.

      Attack for the goddess!

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  7. I feel the same. I have not liked this faction war idea since they announced it, even though I am excited for the expansion. I really hope they find a way to resolve it and leave the war behind for good by the end of BFA.

    The timegating of these chapters is I think making me lose hype rather than build it too. It might actually just be better to leave and come back a week or less before the expansion and then complete the war of thorns stuff.

    And here we have the horde very much being an aggressor, burning the forest and all that. I only have done it once but I believe Sylvanas says its to remove an alliance stronghold so they can’t access the Azerite as easily? I guess its technically following up on the fighting in Silithus over the Azerite.

    Despite all that, I am eager to see the burning and the siege.

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    1. Hey Grimgrog, I have seen you around other blogs lately, you are so active. I tried to search to see if you had a blog I could follow, am I in luck? πŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by my Avenue, that’s for sure πŸ™‚ Good to hear someone elses view on things.

      Yes, that is my biggest hope too. I like it way more when we fight side by side, at least a little bit.

      Like, that nod Sylvanas and Varian gave each other during the start of Legion-cinematic? I loved that. A little respect, yet still, of course, cautious. Great moment for me.

      You are spot on! That is just foolish of Blizzard, really. I feel that way too. Like, ok, hype starting to build…Bam. Quests stops, no explanation, no “Great, Alunaria. Please continue to aid us in our defense during this critical time”. They could have added a small dialogue like that; that would have made more sense with the “nothing but WQs to do for 6 days” if that makes sense.

      I much rather have all the quests rolled out, so I can do them in my own time, without these unnatural pauses. But oh well. Can’t please every player segment there is. I imagine it’s to “cater” to those that burn through content faster than the rest of us, and this slows them down. But at what price?

      Losing hype is one of the worst things! I might do just that, leave it, and do it once it’s all available. Just I worry of spoilers everywhere.

      Yes, you are right, it is. Yeah, good point. See, because it’s been months since we did Silithus, it feels disconnected and not just a follow up assault. Good thing to keep in mind, thank you. πŸ™‚

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      1. Haha I have a lot of free time in the mornings. I used to browse reddit but the vitriol on there gets taxing after a bit. And I found a blog of somebody going through legion and fell in love with it. Then I found more blogs through comments and such. I’ve been opened to a new world!

        I do not have a blog yet, I’ve entertained the thought. But for now I’m a reader and trying to be semiactive commenter!

        I think I wont he waiting until they are all available as I’d run into spoilers and all that. So I will probably trudge along too haha.

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      2. Hah, I do the same thing. When I first started my own blog, I had no idea of the large community here either – now I almost blog more than I game, because I want to read so many other blogs I follow.

        I hope you’ll find the inspiration to start your own place, if you will find joy in that πŸ™‚ There is (used to be) a every second week- kind of blogging challenge before the lull of Legion, where we all gathered to write about the same topic.

        You can find it here: https://zandcindersblogchallenge.wordpress.com/

        For some new bloggers, it can be a great way to “jump in” πŸ™‚

        I know what you mean- I’m so torn on that; wait and get a better, more flowing experience in game when doing all the quests together, and risk tons of spoilers, knowing it all beforehand then. Or do it now, and just sulk over the timegating, hah πŸ™‚

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  8. The real world around me seems to be filling up with expressed hatred, to see it even remotely echoed in my fantasy game sucks a bit.
    If I were to guess, the Devs asked the question, “what made vanilla so fun?” and some guy said, “man, I loved the crossroads and the barrens chat and fighting” so they say, “that’s right! lets recreate that, it was so fun” but, while I did not play at that time, I believe players did the crossroads because there was nothing else to do in the game; so they made up their own game. One without context or story or lore or venom. Gather and fight using the tools given to the class because that would be fun, especially when there is nothing else to do.

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    1. “The real world around me seems to be filling up with expressed hatred, to see it even remotely echoed in my fantasy game sucks a bit.”
      This is an amazing point. I’ve never realised this before but it does bother me that we are now fighting against each other and I don’t understand why, it feels so stupid and unnecessary, and it does resemble the world around me, so much hate without any proper reason. We don’t even get a conversation, we just start fighting.
      Now I’m sad 😦

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    2. That is a sad, but true observation. No need for reality to rule our fantasy,

      I think you are right about that. I often think of the Classic servers, and something inside me wonders, if Blizzard are trying to make Current seem just a liiiitle more Classic, so once those playing Classic are getting bored, they might want to see what Current is all about, you know?

      I had such a good time doing Crossroad mayhem fights, but I guess it’s walking a fine line, trying to implement things from the past like that.

      I hope somewhere, the Blizzard staff is sitting saying “Just you wait and see, it will all make sense :)” Fingers crossed.

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  9. I’ve been running my maxed out characters through this routine and it does make me feel a bit depressed with the whole thing. Sure, I know the storyline and what is going to happen, however, I started out playing Alliance in 2005 – oh, the feels I had with pre-patch were just unbelievable. I actually had to take a couple of hours away from the game to sort it out before I went back. I will have to admit that I don’t feel nearly as bad as I did with Cataclysm destroying all of my favorite haunts.

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    1. Hey, how wonderful to see you back πŸ™‚ I hope the game and RL has treated you well recently? It’s been a while.

      Aw, yes, gosh, I imagine that, having to do it multiple times too. I did read one can skip it on alts, somehow? I’m not sure how though, I just have one character doing it.

      I hear what you are saying. No doubt. Cataclysm really hit me hard too. It still does, when I visit Auberdine. Gubber Blump, where are you?

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  10. I have multiple 110s and there is a way to skip the whole thing and get to the World Quests – when you’re talking to etiher faction leader, it gives you an option to skip by hitting “I’ve heard this story before” and it takes you straight through to Dark Shore to do the World Quests. πŸ™‚

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  11. I really think this event is a victim of Blizzard’s desire to split up content to keep a drip feed going. This first week event (from the Alliance perspective, haven’t done Horde yet) is just dull. It doesn’t feel particularly interesting, at this point in game it’s unclear why we’re so fired up to fight each other and the world quests themselves aren’t particularly exciting. I’m hopeful that next week is better, but so far I’m disappointed in this pre-launch event, by a lot.

    At least the third week seems like it will be the Battle for Lordaeron, which is better from a gameplay perspective!

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    1. That is a good point, and a sad one too. You are right. I do not feel engaged at all, either. Hopefully so, but that splitting up content is getting in the way, I can see that quite clearly now. Shame!

      Oh? Yeah, hopefully so!


  12. There have been a few moments playing the Alliance I have felt it but the jarring stop to week one and the odd decision to have shared world quests with the ‘enemy’ have really pulled me out of the story they are telling. On the Horde side it felt like a nightmare…kill Malfurion? destroy ancients!?…

    I play druid on Horde as well as for my main on Alliance and from a druid perspective in the Horde nothing felt right! There is just no way any druid would agree to do what has been asked of them by Sylvanas just to capture Teldrassil. I spent the entire time in the week one quest on my Horde druid wishing I could opt out of what she was doing.

    I am still looking forward to how things play out but I am not feeling the overall story Blizzard is telling at the moment.

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    1. Wildeheart, so wonderful to see you again – Hope the game and life has been kind to you since last time πŸ™‚ I still have a few pets who would love to get adopted by you!

      I hear what you are saying, and agree entirely. It’s horrific. I could not play a Horde Druid at all now. I know. Sometimes I feel so limited in WoW – my character not having any kind of free choice.

      Me neither. Fingers crossed for improvement.

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