Have you ever really noticed…The waters of Suramar


Oh, finally I am back and make time for another ocean adventure. 🙂

One that has been sitting on my list for months and months, even.

So let’s just get started and dive straight into…




The waters of Suramar


In particular the area near Jandvik, when you swim past the questing area.

Because, have you ever really noticed…


The gorgeous colours of the underwater area close to the coast…?



Or the amount of details on the bottom of the sea..?



Just how perfect this place is to play Hide and Seek..?



Or how about the fact that, when you swim close to the Sea Turtles down there, they actually change direction to swim around you..? Much like the NPCs does in Dalaran.



Did you swim further to the east, and notice how the entire atmosphere change..?



And did you notice all the remains of enormous sea creatures..?



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Did you ever swim alongside the rays long enough to notice the way they move in the water..?

And did you notice their funny looking smiles from underneath? 🙂



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Do you also make sure to stop by and say hi to the Sea Lions from time to time?



This slideshow requires JavaScript.




…Okay, this one was not intentional. Those sharks freak me out – Look at that flexible neck!



It just ambushed me as I was screenshotting. Keepin’ it cool, though, with time to pose for the camera and all.



…That was just a few of the details of the ocean of Suramar just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed 🙂


Okay, this next part is a little whacky, but I have come across two toys to help me swim further than I ever have before.

One is the Darkmoon Cannon (WHY is it not a real Toy!?), and the other one is Falling Flame.

They both shoot me far into the distance, faster than I can swim, so I figured, they could give me a head start, as I was attempting to make a piece on…


Let’s swim from the Broken Isles to Eastern Kingdom!


We start here…



And the goal is to end up near Tirisfall Glades. Okay.


This is just, where the Fatigue Bar starts ticking down…



Ever wondered what an Orca building a cannon looks like?



And off we go…




Falling Flame activated too…



And back to Orca…



As soon as the Fatigue Bar ends, I have to use every single HoT I have in order to survive.



I made it quite far..!



…But not far enough.

At all.




Aww…I didn’t hit an invisble wall though, that’s new. And I came across this odd looking stream. I do not know what that can be!



What a sight. Very odd that it appears as if I did not die from downing this time. Because I sure did.



I carry a Mourning Glory with me, which makes a flower appear near my corpse…Nice detail it is above the water. 🙂



Oh, well. I guess the distance was too far, and I was too optimistic. Next time!


I wish you all a joyful day and hope, that this will encourage you to stop and notice the details in depth, while we all wait for Battle for Azeroth 🙂



Oh, my, it’s a tiny visit by the Seacrew!





17 thoughts on “Have you ever really noticed…The waters of Suramar

  1. Another amazing post on the series 😀

    Have you done the questline that leads to the underwater cave in Darkmoon Faire?

    I hope the new expansion brings us lots of new underwater places to explore. I still need to explore under the sea in Suramar, there may be something new around there.

    The secret questline for Kosumoth the Hungerer took me to some amazing underwater places, one of which was guarded by a massive shark (who was friendly, fortunately)

    Great use of the toys to get a head start 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so 🙂 Yes, yes I have done that. Neat little hidden thing there 😀

      Me too, I hope that so much. But if I could wish for one thing, it’s that the continents would not be seperate from each other. I just cherish being able to swim everywhere, from one place to another. It makes the world seem more united. I was so excited when the swim from Vashj’ir to Dun Morogh was successul.

      Yes, gosh, those hidden places; I never noticed those when I was levelling.

      Thank you, I thought it was a clever way to get a head start too! But I wonder, if I should swim first, then use them when the Fatigue Bar almost starts ticking in. Hmmm. Optimizing the distance.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your posts! I’m glad you’re back. What a serene swim through the seas of Suramar! There’s always so much detail that the majority of players don’t even get to see. I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words 🙂

      I know, right? I really appreciate those areas in the game; a little away from all the questing hubs, where one can just go exploring, for no reason.


  3. Happy to see you back Alunaria! Hope everything is going great.
    As far as exploring Azeroth myself, I’ve let my blog intimidate me away from it (sent a note to your blog just now with more info). I should really take some time for myself and explore on my own time.
    I’ve been in that area of Suramar water a little bit for the beginning of the Balance of Power questline and the Vrykrul quests in that area. Have you seen the aquarium in Suramar city? It’s just east of the main gate, along the wall.
    I heard recently that dolphins are going to be a new druid water form in BfA. That should be interesting.
    Those sea turtles sound awesome, I’m gonna head over there right after I finish reading this.
    I didn’t even know those sea rays existed. Whoa, the detail on them is intense.
    Good old WotLK sea lions. 🙂 Nice selfie.
    These ocean adventures are so fun! Thanks for continuing the series.
    Looking forward to following your blog into BfA! Until next time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, very happy to be back! Sorry for the slow response; still a lot on my plate.

      Aww, I shall check my mail asap, thank you for the headsup 🙂 I hope you’ll find lots of moments of joy, exploring on your own.

      Oh, hmm, I am not sure I have seen that in Suramar. Thank you for the info, I shall check it out.

      Yes 😀 I heard that too. I look forward to try it out, being a dolphin. But I cannot imagine that instead of an Orca. But I shall see how it moves in the water.

      Aw, thank you for your sweet words. I cherish the ocean adventures too. It was what got me started on blogging too, back then 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Glad to see you back! How are your grandparents doing?

    So much pretty! I’m glad that Vashj’ir happened in Cataclysm because it’s such a pretty zone (even if questing there is a pain) and because it allowed the devs to make all these lovely underwater art assets that they’ve been re-using to great effect ever since!

    I went exploring in the ocean behind the ruins where the Enigmatic quest happens in Highmountain one day just for kicks and found a lot of fun stuff down there, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for asking. Slowly improving. But a fracture in the hip/pelvis at that age will take months to recover from. It’s not easy when your loved ones shows such clear signs of getting older and more fragile.

      Yes, I agree. All things in moderation, too. At first, I almost felt some kind of claustrophobic, being down in the ocean in Vashj’ir for weeks! But now, just once in a while, it’s awesome. The ambience sound there is so soothing.

      Oh, yeah! Highmountain waters are packed with detail too 🙂


  5. I love the Suramar water sub-zone and hope they continue to do these. Vash’jir was/is such a beautiful and amazing place to explore and I have always hoped Blizzard would continue make more. Azuregale Bay seemed like their way of continuing that type of content but in a size that wouldn’t stress out the player to much like Vash’jir seemed to do for many.

    The one flower on the surface was such a brilliant touch. I love those impossible to script moments! It would be curious if this journey would be more feasible in BfA as by where you ended it seems very close to where they have placed Kul’tiras!

    And of course so very glad to see you back Alunaria! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that would be nice; I do like the underwater zones too – mostly those that have a lot of attention to detail, but without any quests in the area. It leaves more inspiration for exploring, I find it 🙂

      Impossible to script moments – neat saying! Oooh, really? Oh my, I cannot wait to try swimming there, then! Only one of my attempts to swim has been successfull so far, and that’s from Vashj”ir and to Dun Morogh. But that was a great one, too.

      Thank you, glad to be back! Still a lot to take care of IRL but slowly back. Thanks again ♥

      Liked by 1 person

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