Darkmoon Faire needs this NPC!


For Wowable’s very original transmog match idea called the WoWable’s Marvelous ‘Moggation Match #1



They asked:

If your character lived/worked on the Darkmoon Faire, what would be his/her occupation?



So, here is an exclusive view into what Alunaria spends her day on, when she visits the Darkmoon Faire!


Note (or warning): I got carried away.





See, those, that know Alunaria well, also knows, she does not care much for the Darkmoon Faire. At all. Whatsoever.

Well it has it’s good sides but most of all, she cannot stand the music there!





You’ll find her walking the streets of the Faire. Even from far away, you’d notice her odd choice of weapon.

Not the branch of the Mother Tree, she cherishes so much and always carries with her…


A sharp edged halberd now sits strapped to her back instead.






How odd, you think to yourself.

Which kind of attack can be the reason for such a weapon choice to defend herself with at the Faire?

With an alert look, she spots you from far away.

“You are not from around here!”, she says.

You can’t help but wonder…What is this all about?






So you follow her, way behind the bright colored lights…






Deep into the woods.

Suddenly she grabs you, and pulls you with her, out of sight!






For a moment, you think she might harm you, as the reaches for her halberd, but fortunately she begins to explain herself…In a very passionate manner.






“I’m sorry about that, but they follow my every move here, those greedy Goblins, and they all want a share of the profit, if they ever find out, what it is that I do!”, she tells you.






“You too, hate the music of this Faire, don’t you? I can see it in your eyes. I know! It’s absolutely horrific! No matter which scene you go to, or where you decide to hang around, it’s awful!”, she says.

“That is why, I have invented this portable Jazzy Jukebox!”






For the first time, you really take a moment to notice, what it is, she is wearing.

Around her head is some kind of mechanical device, yet adorned with fur in all the right places, making it comfortable to wear. You see earplugs connected to it too.

“Come closer”, she says.

And you do. Because, why not?

You are allowed to try on the earplugs. You hear music in them! Nightsong. Canticle of Sacrifice. Jaina´s Homeland. The list goes on and on.

You notice her shoulderpads are two large loudspeakers, attached to the headpiece, which you can turn on and off, in case you rather want to use those instead of the earplugs.






She takes you to a dark corner of the Faire, but it has such a cheerful and charismatic atmosphere surrounding it, and the music there, well that is entirely your choice; since the transportable Jazzy Jukebox has a full list of all the World of Warcraft soundstracks there ever was.







So there you have it…That is what Alunaria does at the Darkmoon Faire. You obviously want a copy of that invention, because it is truly genius.

It’s like the Jukebox in your Garrison. Only better. Transportable. Usable everywhere. And with all the songs you like. So no matter if you are fishing, or on Argus, no matter if you or your battle pets are fighting (seriously, that music needs variety by now) you can listen to whatever you want! What’s not to love?


“The cost? Oh, it’s about the same as one of those gross Spider Mounts…” she mentions, casually, then chuckles a tad to herself because, let’s face it, gross Spider Mount, or this?  Hardly a tough choice.


So you buy it…Only, you can’t! The item is locked behind a quest chain!

Oh, no.

But fear not. It’s a short one. Without time gating. Gosh, is this Legion? You double check. It is. You suspect it might be a bug, so you hurry up and read the quest text.


“Please go deep into the woods and fetch me the most awesome potion, there ever was.”, it states.

Nothing more. You grumble. Most awesome potion, what the heck is that. Luckily Alunaria has placed signs everywhere with directions on them.






You find a shady NPC in the middle of the woods. Alunaria suddenly appears, and starts clapping her hands together. This must be it! You can’t believe it.

Is that all it took? Inky Black Potion…The quest states, that you have to buy nothing less than 999.

But upon delivery, Alunaria informs you, that she only just wanted 1, and you get to keep the rest, because she already has plenty. Hm.






You rush back through the woods…But you make sure to swing by the happy Orca, that occasionally swims close to the dock, because, one has to smile early and often, doesn’t one 😉






And now you find her. You finally unlocked your very own Alunaria the Jazzy Jukebox Dealer. Congratulations and enjoy all of the music the World of Warcraft has to offer no matter the time and place!

DM NPC.jpg






I got carried away…

Not very Darkmoon-y, this transmog, but inspiration got a hold of me, so yeah. (I really do wish a transportable Jukebox existed)

It was fun to make anyway, so thank you Princess of the Mists and Lord of Icecrown over at Wowable for that 🙂





I wish all of you a very enjoyable week 🙂

11 thoughts on “Darkmoon Faire needs this NPC!

  1. I had so much fun reading this 😀

    And the idea of the Moggation Match is exactly seeing all kinds of ideas, a Darkmoon inspired transmog and occupation doesn’t require any colour set, it can be all one wants it to be 😀

    As for that gadget, wow. I would definitely spend gold on that instead of the “horrible spider mount” hehehe

    The best I can do while your NPC is not on the game, is recommend the engineering gadget that allows you to put music scrolls (made with inscription) and play those songs. They can only hold one scroll at a time, ex: if it has “Lament of the Highborne” and you want other song, you have to put the other song scroll, removing the previous song.


    Everyone is doing such nice wonderful for this Match, we are very happy ☺️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hah, well I am glad you found it entertaining! Maybe I should send the idea to Blizzard and ask for a share of the profit 😉

      Ah yeah, that engineer gadget indeed. Oh, it’s just not the same you know? But till then, I have youtube and the soundtracks on CDs 🙂 But thank you!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. This was fun! I love Darkmoon Faire myself, and the music makes me happy. Except, I’d love to have the two bands that play there get new songs. I’d buy new songs from your girl for those any day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why, thank you…Someone? 😉 Oh, yes that would be quite neat! Or if one as audience could ask for specific songs to be played, that’d be cool too! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to leavel me a note! Maybe some day you might be able to purchase those songs 😉


  3. Ahahahaha! That was awesome.

    I actually do like the music of the Faire, though… in limited doses. I usually leave my sound on for the first two or three alts who run through the Faire, then hit mute for all the rest. And after I made my post, I thought that perhaps a good Faire occupation for my Night Elf Mage (who is a musician in her backstory) would be one of the people in the Faire band — not the rock groups, the band that plays the background music…

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Oh my, that’s brilliant. 😀
    Darkmoon Faire never sounded better! There should be some jazz tunes, too?
    I suppose I am a bit gnome-damaged as I like the original music. In small doses at least 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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