Brawler’s Guild as a Healer – Last Part



TL;DR – Brawler’s Guild is fun and challenging as a healer, and now is one of the best times to do it!



I wanted to finish my posts on doing Brawler’s Guild as a Healer. (As in, complete it entirely, not just reach rank 8)


Because, if there has ever been a time to do this, it’s now!





I imagine. that many are eagerly awaiting the new patch, and the next expansion, and have more or less “finished” what they want in Legion (Not me, for the record :p)


So healers; with the best gear this expansion has to offer (at least if you stepped into Antorus), journey to the Brawler’s Guild – also known as the DPS playground (Hah.) – and prove Blizzard wrong, when they during a Q&A stated:


“Brawler’s guild is about fighting, hitting things until they die. It’s not a good fit for tanks or healers.”


Stock up on every possible buff there is to get and use, and prove them wrong! Brawler’s Guild does not scale with your gear, so while you are at your very best this expansion, take advantage of that and succeed.





And if you still struggle, do not forget the buff from a flower, you can click on in Azsuna, during the PvP World Quest “Operation Murloc Freedom – which grants you 15% increase to all stats. (I THINK. I have not tested it. But it’s supposed to persist through deaths too.)

It’s called Timeworn Songflower and the buff is called Songflower Serenade.





Originally, after I reached rank 8, I thought I was “done”, but then I discovered, that by doing the “Random Mode” fights in there, one has the chance (100% it appears) to obtain nothing less than 20, TWENTY, gorgeous lookin’ shirts!

They drop from the bag, after winning – each “boss” has a unique shirt drop.

Then you get to stroll around Dalaran showing off all of these;

Brawler shirt1




After our buff to DPS as Healers a few patches ago (or more?), this is by far doable. What you lack in DPS, you make up for in survival.

I used Feral Affinity – but shifted out and Moonfired and Sunfired during times, where I  had to run away from or dodge various things. I couldn’t spare one moment of not DPSing on some fights. (The Blind Hero was by far the toughest one. I had to use everything I had, prepot, drums, you name it.)


Be sure to spend some of the Brawler Coins on purchasing items, that makes you able to resurrect inside the Brawler’s Guild (that saves a minute of corpse running) and purchase the Bag of Chipped Dice, that enables you to do Random mode, once you are ready for that.

WoWScrnShot_010718_191016    WoWScrnShot_010718_191022




The shirts were definitely worth the effort for me; some of them really can make an outfit come together. And it’s just fun!





You get cheered on by some NPCs, when you die, there are witty comments too – and sometimes NPCs come at you, because the fight didn’t go as they wanted.





Something worth to mention too, is the fact, that the Achievement called Deck Your Collection (Season 2) is still obtainable – again, through Random Mode, and fingers crossed for coming up against the enemies you need.





That will grand you this shirt:

Brawler shirt2




There are great guides all over the internet, so I won’t write one from scratch, that’s not what I do; I just offer a few tips written more in a “down to earth” manner. 🙂

(And while we are on the subject of challenges, for those who still lack it, the Mage Tower Challenge must be far easier now than once it was introduced, so don’t forget your gorgeous artifact tint from that one)






Don’t let people bring you down


Don’t let the audience in Brawler’s Guild get you down. I had various players, who kept criticizing my “low DPS”. (Most were great though, but on some days, some players were just plain rude and spiteful)

There even is an Achievement inside (called Educated Guesser), where you have to bet, whether the player or the “monster” will win the fight.

You get a buff every time you guess correctly. If you guess wrong, the buff gets removed. If you guess correctly 10 times in a row, you get the Achievement. (I never betted against the player, when I gave that Achievement a go. That says something about attitude, does it not.)

Needless to say, I felt quite good, when their “guess counter” kept getting ruined, because they kept betting against me – and then complained, when I succeeded, despite the odds.

I didn’t give into their way of acting, I just maintained a cheerful attitude, cheered them  on, when they won. I got MY Educated Guesser Achievement by doing so..!

That serves them right.





Have a wonderful day and start of the week everyone 🙂

15 thoughts on “Brawler’s Guild as a Healer – Last Part

  1. Amazing post! Instantly marked for further reference as I plan to go brawl in the very near future. Thanks for the tip about Aszuna’s flower, I’ll make sure to get properly buffed 😉

    Congratulation on demonstrating that healers can be brawlers 😉 and also on obtaining the special shirt from « deck your collection » (you feel my jealousy?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

      Happy to hear it will help you! If you are after the shirts, do not forget to open the bags you get, after the boss is dead – because, once you have a specific shirt, that encounter happens a lot less often. Which is pretty neat, because then you have a much higher change to go up against the boss which shirt you are after 🙂 (Did that just make any sense?)

      Awww, no need for jealousy Mister Gamrok, just jump in, and you will get it too 🙂 It just takes a while for the right bosses to appear during Random Mode, that’s all. But it’s totally doable. Let me know, if you want someone cheering you on inside, I’d love to be the audience 😀

      Also I have some coins I can spend on a Spirit Healer and such if you need to get started 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I honestly expected it to take far longer, to obtain all those shirts. But once I realised it was a 100% droprate when you manage the kill, I had to keep going!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. N’aw, how sweet of you to say it that way. Thank you for reading the post in detail too /hugs 🙂 I agree. Some people. Kill them with kindness!


  2. You remind me of my druid. I’ve stuck with guardian since the Burning Crusade xpac, and I’ve never switched to another spec for longer than a day. 🙂 I get spoiled with guardian, since it makes everything else seem so squishy.

    That comment from Verah “Violet” Bustle made me lol. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hah, I imagine that. I would love to master a Guardian Druid. Sometimes I think about levelling one from scratch. Oh, gosh. I just had an idea. Highmountain Tauren Druid!

      Lol, I know, right? Some of the NPCs in there are hilarious 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome post! And good for you, about the betting part! That should show them for trying to mess with a Female Night Elf Druid 😀 Never did Brawler’s Guild but you sure made me curious about it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for reading my entire post too – I know! Some people…

      Oh, if there ever was a time to check it out, it’s now 🙂 Buff up well, and learn from scratch; if you have decent gear, you will be a tad OP to begin with, and sometimes that’s nice to start on, I think 🙂


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