For the Classic Community


If you are not into Classic servers, then you can easily skip this post and come back tomorrow for part 2 of The things in between πŸ™‚




Dear Classic Community

The joy was almost indescribable this Blizzcon.

Let’s think back, watch this video again, and be grateful.




Remember the joy we felt. The joy many of us still remember to feel.



There are some, sadly, a lot (or maybe just those that yell the most), that suddenly started losing it.

It was not my intention to dive into such a debate here, but gosh.

Here Blizzard is announcing something, we have been hoping for, for years – some even for a whole decade.

And it turns into a workload bigger than they ever imagined.

Every official post on the matter fuels the fire, no matter how it is worded, and Blizzard do not seem to be able to win on this one, no matter which step they take.


So I am asking you, Classic Community.




Take a step back.


Blizzard decided to actually turn to us for help in figuring out, how this Classic Server will look.


Please think about this; if Battle for Azeroth was announced this way –

β€œHey guys, we have this amazing expansion planned, what do you think, everything is up in the air, and we want you to have lots of influence.”

– people would go crazy on the forums too, thinking they had so much influence on how it would shape up to be.

But Blizzard do not announce expansions this way. They are in charge.


So please.

Take a step back. And if you must, use your time to submit constructive feedback. Keep it short.


And if you still have time?


How about saying thank you. Show your appreciation, your gratitude.

How about sending a real letter to Blizzard?




Or how about sending a bowl of Cookies and Cream ice-cream for J. Allen Brack, because that ice-cream lead up to the announcement was simply brilliant.





Or how about sending Blizzard some homemade confetti with encouraging words, they can shower themselves in, when they feel disheartened by all the split opinions and demands, during what appears to be an enormous workload ahead of them.

Call be a fangirl. It’s fine.

But here, we actually witness Blizzard doing exactly, what most of you have been asking for, for so long;

communicate, participate and listen.


Do not make them regret it.


And relax. They got this.


Even if it won’t be 100% identical, with how the game was back then?



You will still get to save Sharpbeak again…



You will still get to experience the world without World Quests



Gubber Blump will still be there to teach you how to fish…



You will still get to go back, even though in a time capsule, to the time, where videos like this was made…



You will still get to play to the original music

Classic music.jpg



You will still be able to take on the Dragons of Nightmare…(You can even do that in the game right now as part of World of Warcraft’s 13. anniversary!)



And, most importantly, you will still have plenty of caves (without maps!) that you can get lost in…



Things will be fine.


After all, things look a lot better now, than just a month ago, right?



Have an awesome Thursday everyone πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “For the Classic Community

  1. What a wonderful post. ❀ I think the easiest way for Blizz to do this is to recreate the original game as much as possible. With progression etc. Because once they start making "improvement" then there will be call for other "improvements", and so on. Except for obvious ones like server stability. And those bl**dy caves, they were so frustrating. Frustration was part of the game, too. It wasn't a bug it was a feature… πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked it so β™₯ Yes I agree with you there; at least start from scratch and then work up the way from there, and only accept feedback from those actually playing on the Classic servers.

      They were indeed a feature! I think I gained several levels just fighting my way out of the Banethil Barrow Den… πŸ™‚


  2. There should be a warning before the stationary photo, i’m too weak when it comes to buying stationary stuff πŸ˜€

    Before i opened this post, i opened the same WoW soundtracks video you put in your post, what beautiful coincidence, as for the feedback, i’m going to do something i never did before, write in the forums, i’ll just say “thank you for making this”, i want to show other players, email is not enough here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hah, sorry, what? The stationary stuff? You mean the things I made and sent to Blizzard, or? πŸ™‚

      What a coinsidence indeed! Oh, that makes me very happy to hear; that more people will show their thanks to Blizzard and share some positive thoughts. We have to drown out those “loud minority negative” people πŸ™‚


      1. Any kind of pen and papers, any kind of art stuff, i just love all of it, when i go shopping i try hard not to walk in notebooks section, not even for “just looking” because at the end of the section i will have 2 or 3 notebooks i did not want to buy πŸ˜€

        Of course i’m kidding about the warning πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

  3. This is a lovely post! I’m so excited and happy about the classic server announcement. I wish everyone could be more grateful and less about this news. I guess all the strong feelings show just how much people care about this topic at least. Time for me to send the folks at Blizzard some words of encouragement and gratitude!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for saying πŸ™‚ Me too! But yeah. People sure are very passionate about this projekt!

      Oh, that sounds lovely, thank you so much, encouragement and gratitude goes such a long way πŸ™‚


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