One week without Addons…Epic fail


Yes. I admit it. I gave up. Me. Giving up. That is normally NOT up my alley.

In fact, if there is one thing, I rarely do, it’s giving up.

But this? Gosh. NO Addons whatsoever for an entire week?

Well, let’s just see what it meant for my gameplay, shall we…



Here I list the Addons, I grew to miss tremendously from the very first day. (In no particular order)




Deadly Boss Mods – Raids


Okay then. I had to do a few LFRs. Of course.

Some raids went quite okay. Mostly every raid I have been doing for a few times, since I can remember the abilities to look for, by now…





…But newer raids, and Argus World Boss did not go so well! I totally forgot to turn away and as a result I got Mindcontrolled. Hah.

I am sure if I had spend just a few minutes refreshing, what this boss does, I would have been fine. And why didn’t I do that, really? I normally refresh my memory and read up on boss fights. I guess running with Addons has made even me adapt some kind of “Ah, DBM will tell me, if there is something important to be aware of…” attitude.

Try harder, Alunaria.

But as a Healer, starting at health bars, it sure is nice with an Addon to warn me about things.




Doing old raids made me miss Deadly Boss Mods too. I had no idea when which phase would happen. Granted, most kills are instant, but it’s still nice with an overview.





When does the boss become active again, and when is the next phase..? No timers, no clue.





Garrison Mission Manager – Class Halls and Garrisons



Oh, how much I rely on an Addon to help me determine which Champions to select for which mission! I was clueless at first, hah.




Also I had no idea, that it was an Addon, that made me able to click my Class Hall icon and get connected to my Garrison as well. What do you know…





Rematch – Pet Battles



Wow, ok. I never realized, just how priceless the Addon Rematch is for Pet Battles. Again, I was clueless! Which pets to use when, where did all my “saved teams” go, and that neat easy to access function for XP, Safari hat and what not. Must have.





Silent World Quests – Smoother gameplay




Gosh, look at that UI even. Anyway.

Silent World Quests is a very nice Addon for those, who want to get rid of all those “popups” on the screen, whenever you fly by an area. I missed it!

I find World Quests popups to be very distracting and not at all a joy, so this Addon sure is back to stay for me.





Immersion – Questing




I really missed my Questing Addon too. I like to have my quest text in the middle of the screen in a more “dialogue” kinda of way. Immersion does that.





Handy Notes – Treasures and Rares




Right, very clean map, I’ll give you that, but how I missed Handy Notes telling me, where all the rares and treasures are.

I was so lost. I have a lot of Handy Notes Addons for a lot of different stuff, since my short term memory is quite rubbish, so without this, I had to postpone my Candy Bucket search too.

If there is one thing I want to prevent, its the constant tabbing from WoW to Wowhead etc. (I only have one monitor, so)





World Quest Group Finder – Finding Groups




Granted, the standard UI for finding groups is quite okay, but I still missed World Quest Group Finder. It just saves me a click or two.





Grid – Healing



Right, here is the Addon I missed the most by far. There is no comparison.

Being able to track HoTs, debuffs, aggro and what not, in a decent way, is a must for me.

And the standard UI just ain’t cutting it. It has come a long way! But it’s just not good enough.

Missing Grid was what caused me to give up on this week, more than any other Addon.





Random Addons

(That I decided to reinstall after this week)




Busy and Away

An Addon that tells people, when I am afk, even with BattleNet whispers (normally, it just works for normal whispers).

This is just nice for me to have, as I am often afk sorting work, laundry, what not, and this way, people know, I’m not just being rude, not answering!




Tells me what caused the death of a player. Handy feature, if you use it right.


King Kong Frame Fader

Ok, this one. Super nice. This week actually made me discover it by coinsidence!

It keeps your UI intact, so no bugs, but all it does is, that it can fade it, make it more transparent.

I adore it. My newest Addon. Lots of options, in and outside of combat and the likes.

I find the action bars to be far too “colourful” compared to the rest of the game, and I can remember my buttons and have macros for most things anyway, so no real reason to have my Action bars, “right there in my face”. It can fade pretty much anything in your UI.

So I now play like this:








English is not my first language, so sometimes, I’m not entirely sure how to spell a word. This is where this Addon comes in handy; it’s basically an in game dictionary.




Pops up whenever a rare spawn is nearby (from MoP and beyond) Handy! (Is there one for the older world too, actually?)



Personal Loot Helper

Cute little Addon that tells me, when I loot an item in a raid, that I do not need, and that is an upgrade for someone else.

Nice for helping out others πŸ™‚ (Just be sure to toggle off the message in raid, so you don’t end up spamming the raid chat. You can have it set to just inform yourself)



Quest Plates

Really nice Addon, that adds a small “box” to the side of the mobs frame, so you can see, how many of a Quest item /kills etc. you need to loot from them.


See the “1” next to the mob in the far right side of the screenshot.



Sell Junk

One button sells all grey items. Time saver. Yes, please.





There you have it, pretty much. I find inspiration reading about other peoples Addons, so I hope this might have been helpful to someone out there πŸ™‚


I’m saddened by the fact, I had to give up on this week.

But it really made me realize, how grateful I am, for those people that keep working on the Addons, we all need so much, in order to fine tune our game play.




Have you shown appreciation to your favorite Addon Author today? πŸ™‚




I do think, that overall though, the encounters in WoW are beginning to be too complex for their own good. That new fight in the Antorus raid…Seriously?

Maybe as a result of Addons telling us what to do?



The titel of this post reminded me of a video, that really brought a smile to my face years ago.

Treat yourself and spend 2 minutes watching it, it is worth it, I guarantee!




Happy evening everyone πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “One week without Addons…Epic fail

  1. Oh boy! What was your goal for not having the addons dear? I don’t think I can’t live without addons in game especially these days. I have used and much more addons of compilations and minimalistic user interface I twink just to cater my needs of my play style since pre-bc. It’s like having a cellphone that I can’t live without now. LOL! (but you know that feeling).

    I understand if you give up. I can’t blame you. But if there is anything I would still say encourage you “DON’T give up yet!” if you haven’t reach your goal. But playing without addons I get your point.

    Like in Boss fights, we shouldn’t rely too much on that with DBM addon we players should know all boss fights or at least the basic mechanics to it to be able to defeat the boss in game. If you rely in DBM just to move out of standing in fire, gosh a player like that needs to do 101 basic raiding lessons, and really?! its common sense and having an initiative haha!

    Anyway, I know it wasn’t all fun without the addons but we learned a lot from it. I remember not having addons before because my computer just lag and all and I was a Holy priest then it was sooo hard without Grid + Clique that alone I almost give up, at MoP i decided to go shadow priest instead haha!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ever since I discovered mouse-over macro’s, healing’s been my favorite role by far. It’s a shame it’s not integrated into the game automatically somehow.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, mouse-over macros are super nice! Like that new feature a few patches ago that makes you place Effloresence and any other “target the ground to place an AoE effect” spells instant. (Instead of the click spell, click ground). Just such a smoother gameplay with those “little” things πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, misses AmerPriest πŸ™‚ Ah, I had no particular goal, just wanted to see how it would be like!

      I look forward to a post on your interface πŸ™‚

      Yeah I know the feeling!

      Aw, well thank you for the support, I am stubborn and would have seen it through the rest of the week but the joy in the game got drastically reduced, so not worth it.

      Yeah, you are right about relying on DBM. As a healer, I sometimes struggle with both monitoring aggro on others, heals, and what not, while at the same time keeping myself safe! Thats where DBM comes in handy. But the warnings in it are many. Perhaps one can fine tune it to warn less.

      Oh, gosh yes, healing without Grid for me is tough, I understand πŸ™‚


  2. Oh no!
    I use some add ons, but such a long list just stress me out! Trying out, configuring etc. Maybe I should try some. I wouldn’t ever install Sell Junk, though. Because I have some old stuff in bags that I just have for… memory. Some of which are grey quality. Like my leatherworker still has a Salt Shaker. Useless, can’t display it, but then I am a hoarder. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, easy there πŸ™‚ I entirely hear you, Addons that require a tun of setting up leaves me discouraged. Most I have are just download, work, voila.

      That sell trash Addon CAN be risky for sure! Luckily, everytime you sell stuff, you get a full list in chat mentioned by the Addon and can buy it back IF there was an error.

      Once a hoarder..? πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I feel like I’m pretty minimalist about addons to begin with, but the only ones I think I absolutely could not live without would be Grid & Clique. I’ve healed for so long using that pair of addons that I don’t know if I could figure out how to do it without them — and I find them quite useful when I’m doing group content with my other characters, too.

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  4. That garrison mission manager sounded interesting. I haven’t tried that yet.

    I like to use Storyline for my quests. Not only does it move the quest text to the center, but it shows both character models in dialogue and it makes the quest text much larger.

    Wow, that video was amazing. πŸ˜€ Had me laughing pretty hard.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I wish you luck with it. I really like that Class Hall Mission manager πŸ™‚

      Storyline is one of my favorites for questing too, because it does exactly that indeed.

      I am glad someone took the time and watched the video, thank you so much! I knew it would make you laugh, it’s simply brilliant, right πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by πŸ™‚ Yes, I agree. Well some Addons are just not nessesary. I think one can easily just crowd the interface far too much, too!

      You are mostly into Star Wars Galaxies, I see, or? πŸ™‚


    1. You are very right about that πŸ™‚ And it made me discover a great AddOn that replaced a few others, and really helps me immerse as well, so, all in all, worth it πŸ™‚


  5. I know that I can’t live without my addons and have at least ten running most of the time – hehe, yeah, one day they will invent an addon that does it all for you but that would really take the fun out of it for me. LOL, one of the next things you might want to try is running around and leveling w/o using any of your hard-earned heirlooms – that does make a difference too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yes I imagine that. I have little time for alts, sadly, but I bet its a nicer experience not to blast through the levels all the time πŸ™‚


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