Game on: One week without Addons


Yes, every now and again, it’s time for a different challenge here!


And it’s been a long while since my last quirky one – where I went through a whole week without doing a single World Quest or daily. (The Tale of “She Who Said No To World Quests”,        Day 1 without World Quests: The withdrawal is real,       Day 2 without World Quests: Gone fishin’,     One week without World Quests: Completed!)


So who’s with me on this next challenge? 😉


Marathal over at Deezwurds caused me to think more about, how dependent we have become in game, when it comes to Addons.


Sometimes I wonder if Addons make the game harder for us, as in, the more Addons we get to “play the game” for us, the harder Blizzard might have to actually make the game, in order for it to be a challenge.


Here I am thinking mostly about raiding on a more serious level. But I might come to another conclusion once this week is over.


I am not a raider anymore, I sadly havent got time for it. When I read a blogpost such as Calling on WoW over at Coffee, Cakes and Crits, I get reminded of how much I miss it. But hey, even LFR must have some things, that are important to pay attention to, and that I might miss, if Deadly Boss Mods are not around to tell me.

Or if Grid is not around to help me keep track of my HoTs. How’s the standard frames these days?

Exciting times!

Or my Addons that helps with completing missions…Tracking treasures…Rares…Gosh. Now I am already having second thoughts. (I just have one monitor and do what I can to avoid all the flickering around to wowhead and what not)

But, oh well! This week I shall say hello to the standard UI. And goodbye to so many of my quality life AddOns. I wonder, which one I will miss the most? And which ones I can do without? Will I even last an entire week?



How about you – which Addon would you miss the most?




Happy evening to you all. Game on! 🙂

27 thoughts on “Game on: One week without Addons

  1. Well, the answer to that question is…..none. I don’t use addons. I don’t like the idea, and the possibility of having them cause problems or malfunction helps me keep away from them. I really dislike the idea of changing the game’s interface.

    This is just my opinion, and I have nothing against people who use all the addons they want (I strongly believe this: you pay for the game, play it however you enjoy the most 😀 ), but I think that the best way to see who shines, is giving everyone the same tools, and see what they make of it. If something was truly needed, Blizzard would add it. [Hear that, Blizzard? Maybe give me an option to increase the buff icon sizes on my frames]

    I think a lot of people came to get too used to having 300 addons for everything. I recognise they make a TON of things a lot easier. But most of us already work and have to worry about every single tiny detail in life, all the more reasons to enjoy the game without making it a chore. I could never play with some interfaces I’ve seen, between all the charts and things, you can barely see the game xD

    As for the standard interface on WoW, you can customise it to a certain extent. I changed mine for 5 man dungeons on my healers, to show the HP percentage, and so I could see the atonement buff when healing on my disc priest. Granted, its a tiny icon on the bottom right corner of each team members rectangle, but it helps a lot 🙂

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    1. I understand what you mean. The AddOns I use often minimize the standard UI in a way, or hide it completely. I like the minimalistic look a lot.

      Gosh yes! I am now playing with the standard UI frames; the buff icons are so small.

      Me neither; those kind of interfaces are so cluttered. I sometimes play with the interface hidden completely.

      Yes I am just beginning to fiddle around with the frames. I find that the AddOn I miss the most is Grid, because I have several HoTs to keep track of and the standard frames just aint cutting it for me!

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    2. Hey 🙂 I do not mean to lure you in at all, but I came across this and thought of you:

      I have NOT tried it myself, still in the contest with myself this week, and maybe you remain with a “no addon rule”, which I fully support! Just thought I’d mention it anyway, since it does seem very lightweight and in support of the original UI already 🙂


  2. Oh, I forgot to say this. There are times…when Im playing with one of my healers….that I feel an urge to /yell : Go install he GTFO addon, to stop standing in the fire 😂

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      1. Apparently it just warns in the middle of the deed. Still, would be a godsend for healers out there if some players started using it

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      2. Aha I see. Oh, yes, for sure. Hm, maybe I should look into that one instead of DBM for the future…Less warnings, more need to stay tuned to the environment.

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  3. Oh man, I don’t know that I could pull that off! I like the standard WoW Ui, and I appreciate that the developers have put time into adding things to it to make it feel more fully-featured, but I have played so long with Elv UI now that it feels weird and alien when I use the stock interface! I really use those features more for healing, though – I could maybe get away with the stock UI for tanking, but even then I’d need DBM warnings at least a bit for taunt swaps – maybe. I’m sure I could adapt, but it would be rough!

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    1. It IS difficult, I admit that. I’m already struggling! As a Healer, I just have so much trouble keeping track of my HoTs without Grid. Gosh. Harder than I thought. It IS rough!

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  4. I have no addons for UI. I do use DBM for raid (max once a week on normal, nothing hardcore). NPC-scan. And I installed Handynotes just to find Halloween buckets on map easier… Shame on lazy me…. That’s about it atm.
    An old pet peeve of mine is to remove possibility to use addons and macros in instanced pvp. It’s like sport. You usually do not allow players to have computers on them for navigation, tracking, alert systems etc. /endrant
    Good luck with your addon free week! 😀

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    1. Yes, what an awesome time to do a no Addons- week. LF Halloween buckets. Lol sigh 😛

      That’d be awesome, having all on equal terms in instanced PvP! I remember back in Vanilla, where you could not even see the name of the spell that a mob would cast. Good times 🙂

      Thank you!

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  5. I tried changing the whole UI once, fun but too much work, i wish Blizzard make skins engine for their game and provide different skins, the defualt UI is ok but i wish for a cleaner look, better fonts, change the color of the interface a little.

    Currently i use just 2 addons, one for character panel where Blizzard removed many states information to simplify the interface, the other is an addon for the option blizzard removed from options panel, removing both won’t be a problem, just a small annoyance 🙂


  6. I enjoy my add-ons and it would really take the fun out for me – treasures would be harder to find and I must have my shinnies. I used to use Carbonite back in the day because I couldn’t find my body on the map half the time. 😀

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  7. I will actually going to post my thoughts in my blog about my addons and what interface i use. Maybe even post a video about it. There’s nothing wrong if you use them or not, But I always find a away to costumized it so i don’t have to use too many. I learned my lesson on that. Anyway, I will post my interface and addons tmr. Glad you survived without using them. =)

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    1. I’ll look forward to read it on your blog 🙂

      I did not survive it though, I just started on it. Still 5 more days to go. I don’t think I will make it, hah… 🙂

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  8. I can do fairly well without addons. When 7.2 went live I dragged my feet for almost a week before I updated mine, and when I’m questing with my sister I’ll turn off all my addons so I have the same interface as her (she’s pretty new to the game).

    The most important one for me is “Clique”, which I use as a healer for mouseover macros. I love having most of my mistweaver monk heals bound to “mouse1”, “mouse2”, “shift-mouse1”, and “shift-mouse2”, and then I can simple click on their frame for easy healing.

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  9. I’m with Lord of Icecrown on this one. I don’t use (nor have I ever used) addons. I don’t want to risk having them crashing the game and, also, I want as much free screen as possible to admire the view and to get a better feeling of what’s happening. I admit that there are some pretty cool ones out there that I would like to use, but I want to be as original as possible. And I just can’t understand some people that occupy their whole screen with addons, you can’t see anything!!! That makes me cringe with rage, I mean, you are playing the most perfect game in the world (to me) and you’re not seeing a thing? Bah.

    But a few addons, now that I can understand 🙂 If they were Blizzard-official, I would probably get a couple… well, some aesthetic/secundary ones at least xD

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    1. I entirely hear you! I do want to raise awareness though, that there are some AddOns that actually hide some of the interface or makes it smaller, so you can immerse yourself even more 🙂

      In particular one called Immersive. It has a ton of options and you can select whatever you want to be hidden and when. I adore it. Sometimes I play almost without anything else than chat.


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