The tale of the Wandering Worgen – A short story by Zeshio and Alunaria


During Brewfest I challenged all of you for a good old ram race.


While we are on that ram race; Care to make it interesting?


Who ever is able to bring in the most coins from one race, wins!


If you win, you get to pick, whereever I swim off to next on my “Let’s swim” adventures;

there are no limits – want to find out what is at the bottom of that ocean you cannot reach yourself, I’ll try for you!

Or want a place explored in depth, wherever that may be? You got it. Just win!

If I win, what do you have to offer me? Nothing but our imagination is the limit 🙂




Zeshio was brave enough to step up and join in, and was the one who got closest.

First with 28 tokens, later with 30 tokens. Well fought, Zeshio!



Zeshio brew.jpg



But, oh…Despite his best efforts, I won, with 36 tokens.

And so, he had to pay the price, and bravely went to Argus, completely smashed and ran around until he fell off!

He kindly told the story with a lot of great screenshots on Twitter, but they sure deserve a post for them all, so here it is, brought together with my inspiration along the way.

I hope you all enjoy it – and Zeshio, I sure hope I caught it right 🙂







The tale of the Wandering Worgen





…Come and sit down, a story you will hear

The tale of a worgen, he – who had no fear.



With courage he stood up against the mightiest of ram racers

Alunaria, was her name, a pure legend amongst gamers.




30 Brewfest tokens – 15 laps he could manage

But oh, he never once realized his disadvantage.






Alunaria showed no mercy, 18 laps she overcame

And so, her price, she would soon come to claim.






A trip around Argus, as drunk as can be

The brave Worgen had to endure, navigating is the key







With honor he stood tall, drank as much as he could

At least the tune around him was still cheerful and good.

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He drank so much, he thought he saw an illusion

To everyone around him, he caused a lot of confusion.






As smashed as can be, he could hardly walk straight

To the sky he then looked, staring up at his fate.






“Argus!”, He yelled, while he made his way there

He wondered to himself, what is with this blurry air?






Maneuvering around the Vindicaar was not the easiest of things

He wished so much for Blizzard to just grant him wings.






To the shattered grounds of Argus, he made his way down

Countless of demons in his way, and no safe paths around.

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Oh, his stomach was ill, on foot he had to get by

He wondered to himself, what happened to his ability to fly?

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He began to stumble and could no longer see

And all of a sudden he felt so carefree.






So lost in his thoughts, staring at the long fall ahead

Suddenly something started whispering, a voice, inside his head.






“You can fly!”, the voice said, “You earned it already.”

“Check your Achievements – Pathfinder, jumping is no longer deadly!”






The poor Worgen, so very disillusioned he had become

After all, he had wings once, but now they were gone.






While he fell he thought to himself, “What a pretty sight.”

Oh, such a gruesome faith, is there no more story left to write?

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(…And this is where the screenshots from Zeshio ends, so the words will have to carry you through the rest of the story. I just couldn’t let it end there!)






But look up, gosh, Alunaria, appeared out of nowhere

To save our brave Worgen, of course she would show care!




Through the magical of druidism, Alunaria could somehow still fly

Swiftly she soared down to save him “You will not die”.





…”You silly Worgen”, she said, while she gently ruffled his fur

“Never do this again, you caused quite a stir”.




Sound asleep on her wings, what an adventure he had

She carried him home, grateful it didn’t end bad.




The next day they got together, quickly they both agreed

Flying must come to Argus, we are all in such need.




So no more drunken Worgens will ever fall to their death

In attempt to find their way, and just catch their breath.




From all the demons, but most of all, from just travelling around

A pain to maneuver, a solution must be found




But let us look forward, overcome even the landscape on Argus

Without wings, all together, as we march towards Antorus!






Thank you for the inspiration, Zeshio and for the tour, I had a blast 🙂


Happy Monday everyone 🙂

13 thoughts on “The tale of the Wandering Worgen – A short story by Zeshio and Alunaria

    1. So glad it was to your liking! Not always easy to know exactly the meaning behind pictures others have taken 🙂

      But yours told a story on their own so easy to go with it.

      Hah yes, that wishing we had flying twist kinda surprised me as I was writing it! 🙂 Totally fits 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. What a wonderful story! Feels a bit old fashioned children’s story. Is not the usual wow beat, for sure. Great collaboration 😀
    I am a little puzzled about Alunaria could fly there. Or do I misunderstand it?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for saying and for reading it all 🙂

      Yes, Alunaria could fly there – but the story and screenshots ended where Zeshio jumps down.

      I just could not let it end there.

      And the whole flying on-Argus perspective sort of suddenly appeared in the story as I was writing it, and I had to find a way to save Zeshio, so flying it was! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  2. This was such an amazing idea! Great screenshots too! Reminds me when I decide to get my characters drunk while fishing, but I wouldn’t dare to do much more while in that state 😛 maybe I’ll be adventurous

    PS: gratzz for being able to rhyme!!!! I did it once (for the Halloween post I think, about the Headless Horseman) and it was so hard

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot for revisiting the story, Princess 🙂

      Hah, I can still recall my very first time getting drunk in the game. I had no idea it was a thing, and when I saw my whole screen turn into a blurr, and unable to walk or fly straight, I just bursted out in high laughter 😀

      Thank you! It’s not easy at all, as you know (You did well too!). The rhymes takes me even longer then editting screenshots. Thanks a lot 🙂


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