The new look of Patch 7.3: Restoration Druid Animations

See, now, this is very important to me; The new animations.

Tempering with the style and look I have known for over a decade.

I have still not warmed up entirely to the new character models either. Call me rosetinted goggles-nostalgic, but the faces of Night Elves does not look the same.

I bet many care little for these things, but that is not me, no!

Anyway 🙂

I was torn when I heard of the new animations, and it was the one thing, I wanted to check out right away, as soon as Patch 7.3 arrived.

So here I want to go over all of the changes that made it to live. (Rejuvenation was planned to recieve a change too, but it got put on hold and therefor still have the same old animation as before.)


We recieved new spell animations for Wild Growth, Barkskin, Remove Corruption, Entangling Roots, Efflorescence, Moonfire, Sunfire and Swiftmend.

We also got a new combat stance.

Right, let’s dive in! I have tried to recapture on screen, how they look.





The new combat stance. Instead of just standing there, she now looks like this.



I like it.

It seems more

“I’m preparing to dodge/fight/concentrate. Also, I’m a little bad-ass too, I’ll have ya know!”

instead of the

“I look exactly the same as I always do, when I take a stroll down the road to Dolanaar, lala”





Wild Growth and Entangling Roots now share the same animation. It is somewhat odd, that they share it, since the spells are so different, but no matter.

Wild Growth does end with more leaves around, but still. Anyway.

This animation is the one, that has been put the most work into, I think, but it’s also the one with a cast time, so I guess it makes sense..

I tried to show, how she is almost reaching into the ground, pulling roots from up under her.












And this is the end of the cast of Wild Growth.

Entangling Roots is the same, just a little less ‘leafy’.




Right so. Verdict. I think the details are very stunning. The whole roots and all.

I do think that each spell should have unique animations though, when they are that different. Rooting your target is not the same as healing.

What I dislike, A LOT, though, is the outline around her. That green line all around the character halfway into the spell cast. Why, why, why. It is SO unnessesary with all that flash. No need to turn that green, really.

Please, if you feel the same way I do, submit a suggestion in game and ask them to get rid of it. I have.





Ok! Let’s check out Barkskin!

One quick motion and a stance that looks like this, for about a second or so.





I adore it. Awesome. It can be seen as a little too much kungfu-like, but if one focuses on the positive, I think it’s great.





Moonfire. This spell is now cast with the right hand in the air





Love that. Especially when you add it with Sunfire in the rotation, where she uses her left hand.




Yep, I like both, very much.





Remove Corruption now involves a more direct hand move ahead of the character, and it actually varies which hand is in motion, the right or left. It seems somewhat random, which hand she uses.










Those are nice too, I think. I would prefer a more “I must concentrate to reach out and cleanse the corruption from you” -kind of move, but ah well, it’s fine.





Efflorescence now has her casting her hands in the air.










Eh…Not a fan of this one. The hands are a little “too loose”, and it looks somewhat “blah”. Ah, well. Instant casts are not always easy to do, I imagine.





Swiftmend. She now reaches her one hand to the sky, but with her palm sort of pressed up too, if that makes sense.






Right, this is an instant cast, I really like, actually! A more stronger pose/move/arm too, compared to Efflorescence. Quick and efficient. Great. Fits the sound too. Swush.





That’s about it I think! I feel as if I forgot one…Did I? Oh, well. Remind me then, if that’s the case 🙂


How are you liking these new animations?

Please share a screenie or two, I haven’t seen the other casting animation updates to other classes yet, so I’d love to see!

Maybe once I dive more into Argus, I’ll notice them…

My one dislike overall is perhaps, that all classes, no matter the race, now have almost identical “moves” when casting.

The unique feeling of casting, depending on which race you play, should still be kept in game, and not be so identical.




By the way, I must say this.


How absolutely incredibly awesome, moving, touching and fantastic is it, to be able to look down upon Azeroth?


It was so moving during the cinematic where you travel there, to see it fade like that.

And now to walk around and see it from Argus, reminding us why we are there, and what we are fighting for…




Have a wonderful weekend, everyone 🙂

10 thoughts on “The new look of Patch 7.3: Restoration Druid Animations

  1. I don’t know if our animation for Mass Rezz has changed but I notice it now. I’ve not zoomed in yet because those are typically busy times but, it looks to me, like I am first using my right hand then my left as if I’m lifting a heavy burden up.
    Nice shots! They look really good.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your screenies and the commentary about how the animations have changed. I haven’t cycled through all my caster alts yet, but overall I’ve been noticing that spells in general feel more “flashy” and noticeable. Not sure if it’s because the effects are brighter or I’m just noticing them more because they’re different!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for saying, I really appreciate it 🙂

      Ah yeah I do think all the flash makes us notice it far more. I can’t say I’m a fan! I liked back when it was easier to tell spells apart, especially on boss fights.

      Flashing flash flash spells should be reserved for long cool downs I think.

      Ah well 🙂 Thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Good points, I’ll have to goof around on resto on my druid to see them myself!

    I logged into my priest briefly last night before raid to see, and for Disc, I like the new animations. Some of the character movements aren’t as changed, but the particle effects and such are more pronounced and there is a lot of golden sparkle. Shadowmend turning you into a shadow form as it casts is a nice touch!

    Overall, I actually like that the races are a bit more homogeneous with casting animations now – it feels like the class is a unifying discipline and makes casting spells seem like something that everyone had to learn in a similar fashion. That might also be because a lot of my casters are Worgen, and their casting animations have always been a bit odd 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so 🙂

      Oh that does sound very cool! I have noticed Priests are much more floating? And can jump when levitating, gosh.
      That is a good point actually, about the class similarities across races, thank you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Awesome spell graphics, and fantastic capture of them. I don’t know how you do it. Thanks for putting so much work into your posts ❤
    My lock hasn't had any changes afaik, but my frost mage has. I tried screenshot them but they were not good. Ice lance is performed with left or right hand, randomly. Looks great. Like a bit of two-handed ping pong without rackets. Frost nova looks great. I even checked a defensive spell on my feral druid. That looked great! Then I realise it hadn't changed. xD
    I have not payed much attention to my own spell animations. And especially for melee, they tend to drown in the general graphic fireworks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to appreciate it, you are so sweet 🙂

      It does take me a while to get just the right moment and angle of each spell animation.

      Oh, yes, I noticed that, that does look very neat with the left and right hand! It’s like with Moonfire and Sunfire. Ah, which defensive spell was that? I like how Barskin look now!

      Yeah :/ Too much graphic fireworks especially in melee these days. How I wish they would tone it down…

      Liked by 1 person

  5. It’s not just the spell animations, but the sounds! I was casting in raid and rejuv sounds so different, I thought I was casting a different spell LOL!

    I like the battle stance, though I wish I wasn’t sticking my nose in it so much. Hmm, not sure how to put a graphic into a reply, so I will just post it to show you what I mean.

    Overall I like the changes. I mean, we didn’t NEED them, but I like to look like I’m fighting instead of standing around looking… if you know what I mean!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, I know, I rely heavily on sounds too. It’s confusing when it all changes!

      I do like the battle stance as well. Oh yes, please do make a post to show me, I’d love to see 🙂

      I know what you mean! Good to have a difference between idle-walk-face and in-combat-face 😉


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