When is the last time you picked up a friend?

While waiting for the bus today, something made me wonder.

In game, back in the ol’ days, I often added new friends to my friend list.

I met them in the strangest places, all around Azeroth.

Most of them are still on my friend list today. Sadly not many play actively. Still, I keep them around, just in case, so I will never miss a “has come online” message, should that day come.

But I also made new friends along the way in Legion.

Great friends.

Friends I would miss deeply if our paths would go in different directions.

They made their way into my friend list and heart, often after a Dungeon run, a joined quest, or by having a transmog I simply have to comment on. We chat a bit, and within a few moments, it’s easy to establish, if our minds think alike. Some even make their way through Twitter or blogging, so thank you for that 🙂


Some friends I do not group with often, others I group with all the time. Some I chat a lot with, others on occasions. It’s not always easy to get playing times to align. But they are there for me, and I for them, be it simply to just share a moment of joy of something we come across.



But what about real life?

Rarely have I ‘picked up a friend’ in the same way there.

Granted, walking up to someone and tell them, they look mighty fine in their gear today, asking if they want to come with you to the store to get some milk for the quest giver at home, might be considered a tad odd out there in the real world.

And that is sad, really. People’s instant reaction to interaction with strangers is often suspicion.

If I pass by an elderly woman, who struggles to carry her groceries, and I offer to help her, she thinks I am going to rob her.

In game, little interaction is needed compared to back then, too.

An entire Dungeon can run its course from start to finish, without as much as a “Hello”.

So what does it take to ‘pick up a friend’ today?

In game it’s easier, because we can be so anonymous. We feel we have little to lose.

In the real world, not so much; it’s far more difficult.

What got me thinking about this, was a woman I met, while waiting for the bus. She needed directions and info on how to get to a certain place, which train to take and so forth, and we chatted until the bus came, and when we got off, we exchanged smiles, she thanked me again, and I wished her a safe journey.

That was it. Within the little time we spent together, I could easily establish we hit it off. So why didn’t I just ask her, if she was new in town, and offered her a tour sometime? My group of friends are a tight knit bunch, and I would love to have more.

We are so busy today, minding our own business. No time for empathy, little time for an open mind, and so afraid to leave ourselves vulnerable.

The last friend I ‘picked up’ in the real world was over five years ago. She sat at the counter in a grocery store, and I must have seen and small-talked with her for months. One day she tells me, this would be her last week working there, since she would return to her studies.

I am grateful today, that she told me, because it gave me the nudge I needed, to build up the courage and ask her, if she was looking for a friend. She thought I was very brave.

Today, five years later, we are still very great friends.

We even have children around the same age now. We are both busy with our families, but when we get together, it feels as if we have known each other for decades, and I am so glad I left myself vulnerable back then.




Argus is upon us.

Let today be the day, you open yourself up to the possiblity of a long lasting friendship. If you want, of course. Quality above quantity.

Pack your bags with compliments and throw them around with generousity.

What do you have to lose?


Azeroth, stay safe. I leave you in the hands of the Cenarion Circle.


Background try



Happy Patch day everyone 🙂

10 thoughts on “When is the last time you picked up a friend?

  1. Oh this is tough. I have lost so many friends to just growing apart over the years. I can’t say that I really have any. My life is so solidly booked with work, helping my inlaws in their 80’s with food shopping, cleaning, and some cooking, taking care of my own home, spending time with my wife, we are both normally exhausted at the end of the day and I’m asleep by 10pm. I don’t know what kind of a friend I would be. I don’t have the time. Certainly don’t have the money to go out to bars or even a movie. Life changes as you get older.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hear you. One can easily feel overwhelmed with all the tasks a life throws at you.

      I guess it also matters a great deal, if we are introverts or extroverts; where we are able to regain energy. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Honestly? i avoid making friends in the game because i know they will make leaving the game hard, i don’t join guilds for the same reason, i try to be friendly with everyone, but keep distance.

    In real life i’m so comfortable with being on my own, so much i can’t imagine being with other people for a long time, my “friends” are people i meet once or twice a year, meet in a coffee shop for 2 hours, since we don’t meet much we talk a lot about everything 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Always honesty, thank you for a brave answer 🙂

      I do understand, if I imagine some of those I play with would quit, I might too.

      Whatever works for us, each to their own – I imagine there is lots of catching up to do once you do get together then 🙂


  3. My brother talks about this a lot, about how that as we get older it is harder to make friends. He met his across-the-yard neighbor and worked at it: they go fishing now and I can’t imagine my brother in a boat! But, you have to work at friends. Our world is now much more cosmopolitan and we have little in common with our next door neighbors: where once we all worked at the same factory or plant, our easy connections and common ground are gone. Imagine if our communities still attended church!
    In game we have at least the tentative connection of our common pursuits and I think it is easier to find a comrade for at least the short term. As I think about it now, having read your post, I think I worry about becoming someone’s resource rather than a valued friend!

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    1. What a story about your brother, thank you for sharing that 🙂

      You are very right, it does take work to maintain a friendship. Good observations regarding where we used to have a lot in common has changed over the years too.

      Oh yes, the church as well!

      That worry is certainly understandable; I do remember back in the ol’ days, some would stick to you like glue, just to “get stuff and help plzzzz”. Better sort out those, so one ends up with quality 🙂


  4. There is much food for thought here. I feel it is hard to make friends. For different reasons, and getting harder with age. I am even in wow not trying much anymore. I left the game for long periods, and so did most wow friends. Or left permanently. And the cross realm thing makes it feel less like a community. Maybe community is mostly in guilds these days? And also outside the game, as in blogs! The web in general (such as private blogs, websites, forums) might have more permanence than a more limited thing like a game server/world.
    I love the story of how you made real friends with the lady working in the grocery store 🙂
    In general, I guess making friends usually happens in a common context, such as school, work, church or other community/organisation?

    As always, very nice screenies. I particularly like the one from Uldum. It gave me a chuckle. WoW has room for the serious times, and the lighthearted times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I understand what you mean. Yes, the cross realms certainly plays a role too, sadly. A large role, I think. Guilds matters a lot more these days perhaps.
      Thank you so for saying, it did take courage to like, do a “Looking For Friend” 😉 in the grocery store!
      Right, common interest matters a huge deal too!
      Thank you lots, hah yes, why NOT sit on a seasaw in a big desert 🙂

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